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December 13, 1999 - Image 13

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-12-13

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The Michigan Daily - Monday. December 13, 1999 - III

Persian Gulf War. The growth of
ky. The O.J. Simpson trial.
e death of Princess Diana. All

The last in a seven-part series
chroniding the
University of
a Michigan

not orb

1991: A soldier cries
as he sits on an
airplane next to a
body bag containing
his friend'sremains.
The conflict in the
Persian Gulf leaves
148 Americans dead.

ke a




Pandora's box


1993: A fireerupts from the Branch
Davidian complex in WacoTexas.
Eighty-one cult members, including
extremist leader David Koresh, die.

Ten rules. In the March 27, 1989 edition of the Daily, he said,
"I don't think any coach at Michigan would do anything like
Before the baseball scandal, nobody thought a Michigan
coach would do anything like that. But Middaugh opened
Pandora's Box, and it wouldn't close anytime soon.
Ten years have gone by. Michigan has won national titles in
men's swimming and diving, football, basketball, men's gym-
nastics and two in ice hockey. 1
Ten years have gone by. Michigan has fired a basketball
coach amidst an NCAA investigation, forced a football coach
to resign after a drunken incident at a restaurant, had a hockey
coach arrested in another drunken incident and seen a wrestler
die while trying to make weight. After having three athletic
directors between 1921 and 1988. Michigan is on its fourth in
1 years.
So what happened? Canham places much of the blame on
Duderstadt, who took over in 1988, just as Canham was leaving.
"It wasn't out of control until he took over," Canham said.
"He confused control with management. He was managing, he
wasn't controlling."
Canham, who spent a good portion of his tenure working
under former University President Harold Shapiro, had never
encountered that problem before.
"We had a very good relationship with the Athletic
Department," Shapiro said. "It did have a lot of autonomy but
never misused it in any serious way. I always felt good about
the relationship."
Duderstadt pointed to the evolving climate of college athlet-
ics for his increased involvement in the department.
"It was a time of great change in college sports, with inter-
collegiate athletics being pulled closer to universities,"
Duderstadt said. "The old guard, folks like Don Canham,
never understood this and will complain about it to the end."
By hovering over the department, Canham and Schembechler
felt, Duderstadt added unnecessary scrutiny. Schembechler and
Canham both felt that incidents were blown up, especially for-
mer Michigan football coach Gary Moeller's resignation.
After getting into a fight in a Southfield bar while drunk
before the 1995 season, Moeller was asked to resign. He did.
"The truth of the matter is, no matter how you add it up, it
was a one-night affair," Schembechler said. "I've known the
man better than anybody. That's not like him."
Said Duderstadt: "I really was not heavily involved. In the
end, the decisions about how to deal with this were made by
the athletic director, Joe Roberson."
Roberson could not be reached for comment.
In addition to increased administrative involvement, the ath-
letic department had to deal with another new source of scruti-
ny: investigative reporting.
In the wake of Watergate, investigative journalism emerged
in the '70s and thrived in the '80s. In the sports world, it
bloomed somewhat later, but by the late '80s and '90s, jour-
nalists were scouring athletic departments' budgets and teams.
"My first year as athletic director, we found a clothing store
in town who was giving clothes to players and a movie house
that gave free passes to players after every win," Canham said.

1994: John Travolta
makes his
comeback in
Quetin Tarantino's
winning cult film,.
"Pulp iction," also
starring Uma
Thurman and
Samuel L. Jackson.

Bud Middaugh (right) put together some of Michigan's best
baseball teams, but he cheated to do It.
"We put a stop to it. told the Big Ten, and that was that."
Now, 30 years later. the players would be suspended and the
team could be put on probation.
"The great scrutiny of intercollegiate athletics came in the
'90s," Schembechler said. "The coach was more able to run his
program in the manner in which he thought best in the '70s
and '80s than he can in the '90s. There are many more people
looking over the coaches shoulder."
Duderstadt agrees with Schembechler and Canham, but sees
the added scrutiny as a plus, a signal of societies' changing values.
"A candid look at Michigan athletics will reveal very little
difference over the last several decades," Duderstadt said.
"What has changed is a far more aggressive and investigative
attitude on the part of the press, who seem themselves less as
boosters and more as investigators of college sports.
"Although our most serious violation occurred during
Canham's last years in the 1980s, there were numerous less
serious incidents in earlier years. The primary differences in
the 1990s was that we felt compelled to self-report and inves-
tigate the incidents when they occurred, rather than sweep
them under the rug," Duderstadt said.
In 1998, Tom Goss stepped into the athletic director's role and
sent a message: He fired basketball coach Steve Fisher. The
NCAA was investigating Fisher's program, and, even though it
only proved minor violations, it reeked of wrongdoing.
In more two years in charge, Goss has grabbed the reigns
and pulled them tight. His objective is clear: He's trying to
clean up Michigan's name.
Goss was handed a department in shambles that had suffered
a decade of instability and scandal. In 1989, Bud Middaugh
opened Pandora's Box. Now, as the Athletic Department enters
the new millennium, Goss has the task of closing it.
Id like to Since almost half of basic research is con-
aily Editor ducted on college campuses, it is only logical
regarding that some of this research be conducted at a
the front quality university such as ours. Being
approached to perform any research is a com-
ming, one pliment to a university, not an evil.
le impres- The opponents of military research on
tle, sarcas- campus reveal their ignorance when they sug-
the article. gest that such research has no benefit to soci-
npus for all ety. Once the military has proven these new
Rapoport avenues of technology sound and workable,
d panaceas private firms then apply this technology
y. towards the production of consumer good and
a reception services ...
Wednesday, Is there anything more moral, ethical, or
he impres- Christian than sacrificing your time, energy, or
s thinking, possibly your life to defend you country and
ses a sense those you love?
red his dis- I can think of nothing else.
ar without
n, let's give PETER FORD
ge him.

1994: More than
30 years in prison
and fighting for
the end of
apartheid in South
Africa, Nelson
Mandela is
triumphantly as
South Africa's first
black president.

1995: Surrounded by his attor-
neys, football great 0.]. Simpson
is found not guilty of murder-
ing his ex-wife Nicole Brown
and her friend Ron Goldman.

1995:108 people.
die when a
catastrophic bomb
blast rips through:
the Murrah
Federal Building i"
Oklahoma City on
April 19.

May 9, 1917- A good many students are
at present wondering how they can best "do
their bit" for the country for the country dur-
ing the next few months. While some may
decided to work on the farm owing to
tir lack of knowledge of any other trade or
profession. I would like to call attention to
Another field of labor which is urgently in
need of men at the present time.
It is perhaps generally known that the sub-
marine campaign is making serious inroads
into the merchant shipping of the world, and
the most immediate way in which the United
States can help at the present time, is in the
building of ships to carry supplies to our
I would suggest therefore, that those of our
students who have not already arranged for
work during the summer should look into this
field before deciding.

house. Such a circumstance would make it
impossible for us to meet our required pay-
ments. Right now we are just making both
ends meet. What will happen if two years of
our income is cut down by practically one-
third? The inevitable result would be disband-
We are, therefore, strongly opposed to the
deferred rushing plan, for we feel that it would
not only put us, but many other fraternities, off
the campus.
Pins shouldn't
Dec. 18, 1941 - The first case of war
hysteria on the part of an organized group in
this country occurred last week, when,
according to Sunday's Daily, the Chinese
students at this and other universities decid-
ed to wear buttons informing everyone of

Sept. 8 1967 - We wou
express our disapproval of (Da
Roger) Rapoport's biased article
President-designate Fleming on
page of the Sept. 6 Daily.
Without having met Mr. Fle
would receive a very unfavorab
sion of the man through the sub
tic innuendoes which permeatet
Mr. Fleming has been on the cam
of 48 hours, and already Mr.
expects that he instantly devisee
to all problems of the University
Having met Mr. Fleming at a
in his honor at South Quad on V
we feel that Mr. Fleming gives t
sion of being frank, logical in hi
unassuming, and that he possess
of humor ... In fact, he volunteer
approval of the Vietnamese w
being asked ... Please gentlemen
the man a chance before we judi

1997: As the rock
group Nirvana is
at the height of its
popularity, lead
singer Kurt Cobain
saddens many fans
by shooting
himself in April.


Military research
protesters ignorant

racially motivated
Feb. 9, 1990 - The Daily's article con-
cerning Minister Louis Farrakhan's visit to
Michigan State University (2/5/90) contained
a few major errors that must be addressed.

1999: Bill Clinton's
g ersonal life
becomesp ublic as
former White
House intern
Monica Lewin'sky's
affair with the
presidentleads to
his impeachment.

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