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November 03, 1999 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-11-03

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8 - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, November 3, 1999

4 s0
a Time
of' tri pe
By Patrick Lee
For the Daily
"Time of Your Life" is like a bad
trip that just never ends. The show
drags on as we watch another story-
line involving another beautiful
young sex symbol trying to be more
than just that. What were creators
Christopher Keyser and Amy
Lippman thinking when they wrote
the script for the pilot?
Maybe something along the lines
of, let's make a cute show, one with a
starwho is adorable and lovable, yet
also deep. And just who could pull
off playing this
'T role?
l None other
than Jennifer
lie of Love Hewitt,
Your Life who overnight
No Stars has become
Fon beloved of
Mondays at58rp.x teenagers every-
where. Hewitt,
who plays Sarah
Merrin, is trans-
planted from
San Francisco to
New York in
search of her
father in a spin-off of the Fox hit
drama series "Party of Five."
The opening scene begins with
Sarah at the New York airport wait-
ing for her luggage. As she twirls her
hair around her finger, Sarah sponta-
neously starts to blab her life story to
a stranger. Of course, this guy takes
Sarah's dumbwitted conversation and
openness as flirtation and proceeds
to make a graphic pass at her. The
audience sees this coming a mile
away, but she of course doesn't, in
fact she doesn't notice much of any-
As beautiful as Sarah is, how
dumb can she be? She's from San
Francisco, not some small hick town.
She should know that its not safe to
approach and talk to random men in

'NHL 2000' skates with
real players, foreign teams

NHL 2000
We want Stanley back. Fortunately.,
"NHL 2000" provides Red Wings fans
unwilling to wait for the playoffs with
their own chance to go for the Cup. Just
juice up the PlayStation, take command
of Detroit, draw up your lines and begin
the quest to bring the most-prized tro-
phy in sports back to its rightful home in
"NHL 2000" allows garners to chose
the Red Wings or any of the league's
other 27 teams (including the expansion
Atlanta Thrashers), and guide them
through the regular season and playoffs
all in search of Lord Stanley. After
selecting their team, players have the
choice of dressing their soldiers in

home. away or inaugural jerseys. The
third jersey option is a nice feature and
shows that in this particular area those
behind the game went the extra mile.
In addition, players can select from
four different All-Star teams (World,
North American, Western Conference
and Eastern Conference) or opt to be the
national team from 18 different coun-
tries, including the United States,
Canada and Russia.
While these different teams provide a
nice alternative to the normal squads,
the inclusion of a few older teams from
various eras would have been a welcome
addition. Really, who wants to play as
the English national hockey team?
The game includes all the features
that fans have come to expect - real
players, game statistics and authentic
stadiums - along with a few new ones
such as the big hit button and the ability

to taunt yoIr 'opponents after hb,-, piav
On this note. the game also carms pois
for its extended fighting sequen
which seem to break out a little ms_
often than they do in the real NIIIL -
Although t's a little difficult to g'ct
the hang of, "NHL 200(1" is a smooth
playing game that will provide chal-
lenges for everyone from first timers 4o
full-time professionals. Once ga'nl's
get the hang of skating and passini. thy
should have no problem competiny
against the computer
Not being able to score much at fits
can prove to be a little frustrating, b
players stick with it, they'll soon
lighting the lamp at will. In addittgn,
options like offsides, two line passesand
line changes can be adjusted to create a
more difficult game. So lace up yotsr
skates and see if you can cut it with the
NHUs best:
-Matthew Barret

'Dead' role is a family
affair for Arquette

Jennifer Love Hewitt leaves for the "Party" for a for much lower form of

the airport. Throughout the show, she
continues to yap at anyone who
comes near her. If this is suppose to
win the audience over and make
them love her, guess again. She
instead comes off as insipid and
A cab ride later, we find Sarah in
front of her mother's old apartment
building in the East Village. Her
mother has passed on, but used to
live there when Sarah was born and
when she was a struggling actress.
Sarah walks around the building
with a twinkle in her eye. How cute.
She meets a random stranger
named Romy (Jennifer Garner), a
struggling actress, and ends up
sleeping on her couch. Once again,
who in their right mind would stay
with a total stranger. This is New
York and its the '90s. Let's face it,
New Yorkers aren't exactly known
for their hospitality.
Moving along, Sarah magically
finds her dad, who is a rich man
involved in theater. Using her sex
appeal and by saying she's with the
band, Sarah crashes a black tie event
that her dad will be attending. In this
scene, we are not only dazzled by
Sarah's slinky dress, but also by her

singing. Which reminds me, her
album is currently on sale. In an
encounter with her dad at the urinal,
we learn that he is not her father.
What a bummer. Sarah runs away
and is left babbling, "I'm trying to
figure out who I am."
Sarah contiues on with her search.
She returns to her apartment and gets
wasted at a party in the building.
She befriends a guitarist (Jonathan
Schaech), who uses another bad
cliche and says. "You can be whoev-
er you want to be, from here on out.
Invent yourself"
Another round of drinks and a few
bad lines later, Sarah finds herself
arrested for jumping a subway turn-
stile. This hopefully will prove to be
a turning point as Sarah realizes she
doesn't want to be a' sorority girl
from the suburbs.
And to make it even worse, there is
a random guest appearance by Rosic
O'Donnell, who couldn't be anymore
In the end, Hewitt and her new life
lack character, surprise or little of
anything else. And yes, she still
sucks as a songstress. The real down-
fall of "Time of Your Life" is that it's
an utter waste of time.

The Allentown Morning Call
The role of a young woman whose
father is stricken hit close to home for
Patricia Arquette.
In the Martin Scorsese-directed
"Bringing Out the Dead," now to movie
theaters, Arquette plays Mary Burke,
whose father goes into cardiac arrest
and is rescued by an EMS paramedic
played by Nicolas Cage, Arquette's hus-
band. It's the first film the couple have
made together.
Arquette says she couldn't shake the
character of Mary. "I didn't want to
shake my character, really, because my
dad was in the hospital while we were
making this movie and my mom passed
away, like, six months before."
Arquette's father Lewis was hospital-
ized for a liver transplant when he
developed pancreatitis. "So, I had to
express something, you know. And the
character (Mary) was expressive and
nonexpressive enough in that way frus-
trated and internal. That was something
I needed to do. So, I couldn't have got-
ten rid of this character if I wanted to.
That was hard not to have a break from
it. "I'd go there (to the hospital) and my
dad would betied up and he'd try to pull
his tubes out. And then I'd go to work
and I'd have to shoot that scene. And it
was just so weird, this paralleling in my

starts to die and my dad started getting
better. So, it split off there."
Arquette says "Bringing Out the
Dead" has a "rebellious, raw punk-kind
of energy _ troublemaker energy," con-
veyed through dark humor, fast-paced
editing, swirls of color, and a rock 'n'
rap soundtrack.
"The acting is really pure in this
movie and it's so subtle: and convincing,
even though what he (Cage) is going
through is not subtle at all. I was just so
moved by his performance," says
The film's depiction of an edgy EMS
squad is not that far from what Arquette
has observed. "It's a hard business to be
in. They get paid very little. I really
thank God for those guys. Those guys
want to be heroes. And that's a, good
thing. They're like superheroes."
Chicago native Arquette identified
with her character Mary in other ways.
"I grew up in a Los Angeles neighbor-
hood like this neighborhood (New
York's Hell's Kitchen).
"Half my friends are dead you know,
strung-out, killed, shot or in jail. My
life, I was never a junkie or anything,
but my life was not all that different,
either, when I was younger. (But) I did-
n't have that kind of argumentative rela-
tionship with my parents."
A trh, nhtrG death Amnuette

Couatestoft'ara ,to:
Patricia Arquette stars as Mary in 'Dead,'
wanted to have handled differently with
"As close as we were, there's always
going to be regret about things vo
might have done differently, Just hav
to come to terms with that."
Arquette has been active in the cause
for the prevention and awareness of
women's breast cancer, which claimed
her mother's life.
"Every year it's more and more cases.
It's becoming epidemic. You really halve
to look at what's happening in our
world," says Arquette.
Arquette, 31, who has a son, Enzo, 7,
attributes the fact that she and her f
siblings are actors to the family's acting
gene. Rosanna ("Sugar Town."
"Desperately Seeking Susan"), David
("Never Been Kissed," "Scream'),
Alexis and Richmond are actors.


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