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November 19, 1999 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-11-19

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Friday, November 19, 1999

cbe Sitbguu nagl

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Edited and managed by
students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the
Daily's editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not necessarily reflect
the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

out of bu s

A big shout-out to ETfor keeping it
am taking a break from my regularly The perfect balance is a movie like "El." in
scheduled unpredictability to discuss a which the selective inclusion of brand-name
very important issue. products like PEZ, Coke and Speak-'n-Spell
The issue has recently been brought to pub- keep the story believable, the characters easy
lic attention by Adam Wilson, a sophomore in to relate to and the scenes true to life (except
the College of for that part about the extraterrestrial )
Engineering. In a letter Non-news stories in the paper work the
to the editor, he shares same way. The selectiv e and purposeful use of
his concern that cer- a friend's name andor characteristics can ben-
tain columnists use efit a story. Referring to actual people and
their column space to actual things is a reminder that the author is
promote themselves 'human and that the story is real.
and their friends If my intentions were to promote myself
("Columnists promote yand n friends in the newspaper, I wouldn't
selves, friends," even try to disguise it as a story. It would be a
11 3 99). He cites my cross between the 'U' mail section of the
10/22199 column Daily's classified ads and a day's worth of
("Killing centipedes posters in Angell Hall. It would be personal
for world peace") as a Jennifer messages, inside jokes, propaganda. It would
major example, and Strauss be like it was in Res Rep Summer Troupe
asks if we can "get 1999, when we (Josh, Geeta, Ben, Dia, Cliff,
some more obvious Dayna, Eric, Vipul, Kellee and 1) would slip
'friend' plugs in a references to our friends into the orientation
campus publication." skits if we knew that they would be watching.
By "campus publication," he is clearly In the hypothetical event that I would be
referring to the Daily and not Michigan using my column space for such obvious
Engineer, which has been known to blatantly 'friend' plugs, I would give a big shout out to
promote alumni and friends who have made a my housemates (Jen, Mira, Ashleigh, Betsy,
difference in the field of engineering. Stacey, Deborah and Rachel), who are all
In response to Wilson's (rhetorical) ques- rock and roll princesses, and I would even
tion, I would say yes, that we could probably mention their last names (Roth, Freilich,
fit some obvious 'friend' plugs in the Daily, if Gersh. Wagner, Schwartz, Bass and
he continues to insist. Karabenick).
Promoting friends in campus publications I would break the news that we need an
is very similar to promoting products in immediate or winter sublet because Demmy
movies. Noticeable merchandise plugs in a moved out, and I would tell anyone interested
movie can be distracting and annoying (have to call Rachel at (734) 623-2353.
you seen "Big Daddy"?). Equally bad are the If I wanted to promote myself, I would
low-budget movies that go out of their way point out that I am much cuter in real life than
not to feature any brand names. In these, the I am in this picture, which was taken by Daily
cans that are covered in construction paper photographer David Rochkind, who is my
and labeled "Cola" become just as distracting next-door neighbor.
as obvious merchandise plugs. I would make another next-door neighbor

Prayer has no place in public schools

thi Steve Krieger) very happy by mentioning
that EnAct, the Universit 's emironmental
action group, meets exerv Wednesday in the
\vISA Chambers (3909 Michigan Union) at 8
I would recommend checking out Sugar
Pill tonight at the Blind Pig. which I would go
to even if I wasn't friends with the lead singer.
I would tell everyone to sign up for
Alternative Spring Break, not only because I
did it last year and loved it, but because my
friends Eric. Jen, Joel, David and Sharlene are
five of this year's site leaders. I would also
suggest filling out those applications quickly
(from the web at
mon ww miedo. -'mst'n'e seve). because the
deadline is today.
I would express my gratitude to the girl
who was sitting next to me at the library yes-
terday, and who kept an eye on my backpack
and computer during my countless trips to the
drinking fountain.
I would admit that I wouldn't be so protec-
tive of my belongings if Britt Framalin's lap
top hadn't recently been stolen, and I would
thank Britt for helping to remember the 'rune
on sentences rap,' which I shared with my
English class on Wednesday.
I would probably conclude this hypotheti-
cal 'friends' plug with a short list of "shout-
outs that wouldn't really have to do with any-
thing: to Adam Grant, Monica Sharma, the-
Groves High School graduating class of 1998,
the three Rachels from ASB, English-*
417.010, the Lloyd Hall Scholars Program
Grandpa Lloyd Brett and Utpal, 532 Elrr
Street, Rabbi Avraham Jacobovitz, Rory
Michaels, the 'disoriented' e-mail list, my
Russian class and the entire cast of the 1987
Lathrup Village Youtheater production of
"The Chronicles of Narnia."
- Jenni e/r Strausz can he reached over
e-mail atjstraus:aumich.ediu.-.

y et again. the Constitutional separa- Constituti
tion of church and state is being entities of
threatened as the Supreme Court reviews by using s
the debate over prayer in public schools. phones, a
Last Monday, just in time for the turn whether it
of the century, the debate over religion in violation o
public schools reopened when the high Last Fe
court agreed to review the policy on stu- studentsc
dent-led prayers at high school football resulted in
games in response to a recent case hailing school dis'
from Santa Fe, Texas. A decision is Traditi
expected by late June. tion as a n
In 1962, the Supreme Court banned not only a
teacher-led prayer in public schools. In But using
1992 the court deemed clergy-led prayers prayer is
'at public school graduation ceremonies religious b
unconstitutional. So what makes the Santa a football
Fe Independent School District think it is a specific
the exception to the rule? outsiders i
In 1995, the school district's policy Constit
allowing student-led prayers or invoca- nents of1
tions over the school's public address sys- argue that
tem at home football games and gradua- to the pra:
tion ceremonies was challenged by four seriously.
students and their parents. public add
The court decided that non-religious can make
"nonsectarian non-proselytizing" conse- Attendi
crations were acceptable at graduations, a requiren
but school football games were deemed especially
the wrong venue for broadcasting prayers. often lau
In Galveston County, Texas, where pre- should fe
game prayer is a widespread tradition, the communit
ruling provol ed a strong opposing reac- cially whe
tion. making th
The school board argues that by leav- their Cons
ing the choice of pre-game prayer to the There i
students,-the school district is not endors- prayer in
ing the iaea gnd 'thereby not violating the forced upc
U.N; unding should be u
I1XJhen Bill Clinton assumed the presi- ing healt
dency in"1993, one of his first prospectiv
actions was th& rescinding of a 1984 exec- about safe
utive order maide'y President Reagan ban- Providi
- nin y federal money from going to fam- tries is an
ily planning organizations that performed could now
or promoted sbottions in foreign countries. most of th
WI the seven years since, President Clinton zations pr
:bas never wavered in his support for a Taking aw
woman's right to choose until now. for women
Since taking control of Congress in a group i
1994, a small group of Republicans have totally ind
attempted to codify Reagan's old executive Only a
order into law using the tactic of refusing to planning o
pay back dues owed to the United Nations the promo
unless the abortion provision was agreed and that im
to. Clinton steadfastly refused to sign any other tha
U.N. dues bill with the abortion rider Parenthoo
attached, but after years of being the U.N.'s organizatii
biggest debtor the United States was in one perce
danger of loosing its seat in the U.N. services.
General Assembly. While the General The ab
Assembly seat is only symbolically impor- the budget
tant because of the U.S.'s permanent seat on ident if a f
the U.N. Security Council, its loss would be total famil
a major embarrassment. dent is ex
In response to Secretary of State deal becor
Madeline Albright's pleas to avoid such a Clinton w
humiliation, as part of this year's budget year and t
negotiations the president agreed to allow friendly to
Reagan's executive order to officially Family
become federal law. the US

This capitulation to the demands of a increased
small group of anti-choice lawmakers is a reduced th
major mistake and will be detrimental to cies and he
international efforts in family planning, Transmitt
population control and sexually transmit- of the wor
ted disease prevention. While many fami- of their v
ly planning organizations are pro-choice, amount ti
their primary focus is not on abortion, but activitiesi
preventing unwanted pregnancies in the health and

on's requirement of keeping the
church and state separate. But
chool property, such as micro-
religious prayer, regardless of
is led by students, qualifies as a
f the First Amendment.
bruary, school officials and six
challenged the policy, which
more stringent policies for the
onal pre-game words of inspira-
neans to invoke school spirit is
cceptable, but are often helpful.
school property to lead a public
unfair for students of varying
)eliefs. Forcing all spectators at
game to listen to the prayers of
religion makes people feel likej
n their own communities.
utional matters aside, propo-
pre-football game prayer may
no one is being forced to listen
yer as it is broadcast or take it
But it is difficult not to hear a
tress system broadcast, and this
people uncomfortable.
ng football games, although not
nent, is very much part of life,
in Texas, where players are
ded as local heroes. Nobody
el uncomfortable in their own
y or among their peers, espe-
n the law specifies the very acts
iem uneasy are a violation of
titutional rights.
s nothing wrong with pre-game
a private venue. But when it is
n students action must be taken.
th care and information to
e mothers and educating people
ng these services in poor coun-
incredibly important task that
v be severely curtailed because
e largest family planning organi-
omote a woman's right of choice.
ay this vital source of health care
in third world countries because
deologues is against abortion is
small portion on any family
)rganization's funds are used for
tion or performing of abortions
ioney can be raised from sources
in the government. Planned
d, the biggest family planning
on for example, uses less than
nt of its total budget on abortion
ortion provision, as agreed to in
deal, can be waived by the pres-
inancial penalty is taken from the
ly planning funds and the presi-
pected to invoke the waiver if the
nes law. The problem with that is
ill only be president for another
he next president might not be as
wards abortion rights as he is.
planning programs funded by
government have dramatically

the use of contraceptives,
he number of unwanted pregnan-
elped slow the spread of Sexually
ed Diseases in many poor regions
id. To take away the funds for all
work because of the miniscule
hey spend on abortion related
is absurd and dangerous to the
d well being of countless women



Letter ignored
important evidence
of global warming
Glenn Kelly's letter ("Climate con-
cerns should be addressed voluntarily,"
11/12/99). raised some issues that need to
be addressed. Kelly's letter was written in
response to the Ozone Action Coalition's
campaign for the University to divest
from members of the Global Climate
Coalition - specifically, GM, Mdbil and
Exxon. This is part of a nationwide cam-
paign"targeting the GCC, including cam-
paigns on campuses such as Stanford,
UCLA and the University of Washington.
Kelly, executive director of the GCC,
doesn't seem to give students of the
University enough credit, nor does his
organization. Apparently they didn't
think that we would realize that his letter
glossed over the issues.
They didn't think we would be con-
cerned that he failed to address the over-
whelming body of evidence presented
against the GCC in the article. No men-
tion is made of the 2400 scientists from
the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on
Climate Change) and the 2,600 scientists,
including over 20 from the 'U,' that say
that global warming is a fact.
This is quite dissimilar from the
GCC's assertions. They claim that there is
simply not enough evidence to make such
a statement, in fact there may be evidence
to the opposite effect. Unfortunately.
these statements are based on the research
of an isolated few scientists, mostly
known climate-change skeptics, whose
research is typically not reviewed by their
Similarly, the 2,500 economists,
including 6 Noble Laureates, are not dis-
cussed. These experts have stated that
there are policies that can be implement-
ed to slow global warming without harm-
ing American living standards. This is,
again, directly contrary to the statements
of the GCC. Never mentioned is the sup-
port of the 1,000 students, the 13 students
groups and the 43 professors who are
calling on the University to divest from
these corporations.
Instead, the letter seemed to be an
attempt to make the motives of the GCC
sound admirable. The Global Climate
Coalition's policy of "voluntary actions"
to reduce global warming emissions
allows corporations to continue to pro-
duce incredible amounts of greenhouse
gases, while hiding behind a few small,
voluntary actions that are frequently
For example, the GCC has praised
automakers for designing and marketing
alternative energy vehicles, but makes no
mention of how few of these are truly
sold. They are able to improve their pub-
lic image by mentioning such actions, but
continue to mislead the public by not pro-
viding sales information.
We will be the first to applaud these
corporations for the steps that they have
taken, however these token voluntary
_. _ _A .. - .i.... .,,t..

(rT SA




Welfare recipients
should be tested for


drug use

This letter is in response to Scott
Hunter's column on stereotypes ("Welfare
and drugs - A lesson in stereotypes,"
1115/99). Hunter speaks in stereotypes
himself, but doesn't realize it. He speaks
in broad generalizations and never men-
tions any politicians who might have spo-
ken against this bill. I wish that he actual-
ly looked at both sides of the argument,
rather thanafromhis side alone.Then, he
makes an untrue stereotype that the law-
makers made this law, as well as others,
"because it was based on false stereo-
Let me make a stereotype on my own
behalf, and this is sarcasm. Scott Hunter is
just another black man calling everybody
racist. Now see howdstupid that sounds.
Let me go farther, and attempt to back up
my own opinion like he has. Many
African-Americans are the first to shout
racist at anybody else. This is shown by
the fact that those people who are against
affirmative action will not speak up.
Hunter also makes intelligent compar-
isons which he thinks are stupid. He sug-
gests a comparison of "administering drug
tests to each student who applied for a stu-
dent loan." I would not mind this. They
have another method of doing this called
grades. If a person is doing too much dope
in college, his grades probably go down.
Then, he suggests testing "your parents or
grandparentsybefore forking over their
social security checks." This is kind of
funny' If the people are old enough to col-
lect social security and have made enough
money in their lifetime to be able to keep
their house, eat and do drugs from just
their social security, let them.
Personally, I like the bill of testing wel-
fare recipients for drugs. I do not want to
pay somebody who is close to my age to
sit around doing drugs, when I could be
doing the same thing. I do not mind giving
out welfare, in fact I am all for it for short
periods of time. However, if somebody
uses it as a constant and primary mean of

h a u need
people who apply truly need it for a while,.
and I am glad to give, as long as it is only"
for a little while. Next time, I hope that
Hunter, and anybody else writing,-:..
columns, will look at both sidesof t*
issue and try to present both sides. not
bash one and love the other,
Bush, Connerly are
not anti-diversity
I was dismayed reading Jeffrey Kosseff's
column on Wednesday stating that Jeb Bush
and Ward Connerly "have fought vigorously
to halt diversity" ("Leadership transcends.
political affiliation" 11/17/99). People can be..
against affirmative action, while still pro-
moting other methods to encourage diversity.
Without agreeing or disagreeing with the.
actions of the two men who were criticized, I
feel it is unfair to say that they have "fought
vigorously to halt diversity" just because
they do not support affirmative action.
Bush's recent Top 20 percent initiatives.
strikingly similar to the 10 percent plan f
Texas whose creators freely admit is in place
not to raise (or keep) academic standards, but
solely to increase diversity. Connerly oppos-
es affirmative action because he feels
minorities are capable of being accepted on
their own merit and he does not want themto
feel they were admitted for reasons other
than theirfown achievements. While they
may not favor affirmative action, they dog
favor diversity; they are just trying new ways
of achieving it.
MSA campaign
tactics are shallow
On the second day of voting for MSA
elections I received four candy suckers Mn'
my way through the Diag. How appropriate.-

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