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October 08, 1999 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-10-08

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Friday, October 8, 1999

Ulbe Ā£tigtm &itI

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
daily. letters@umich.edu
Edited and managed by
students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editors

When studying is
eI'calv should be studying right nOw.
'm in one of those open study carrels
in the South stacks of the Graduate
Librarv. I would recommend this as the
perfect setting in which to et work done,

Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the
Dai/y s editorial hoard. A// other articles, letters and cartoons do not necessarily reflect
the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

assuming t\ wo condi-
tions are met':
Condition l: You,
have to feel like
doine work.
Condition ; 2You
cannot have a song
in your head.
Since I don't
exactly feel like
doing work and I
have had a great
song stuck in my
head all day, I am
not getting much
done. I've been on
the same page in my
English coursepack
for two hours, while

Maturity please?
Students should not retaliate for vandalism

boring, read the writing on the wall


cially works in the autumn. when you
feel the coldness of the air filling your
lunes, the magic of exhale and the calm
that comes after taking a deep breath,
and you wonder if it could have possibly
felt the same way years ago.
Or, um. maybe it's just me.
Anywav, I started to get the feeling
about this place when I leaned back in
mv chair to stretch. I looked up, mid-
stretch, still humming Ben Harper, to
find that someone had written. "I am
going to get an A on my econ exam," in
messy handwriting on the wall behind
rn e
I looked more closely around the room
and realized that every hidden surface is
covered in writing. There is graffiti on
the back of the door, the vents of the
heater, the underside of the bulletin
board. On the heating vents alone, there
are 163 messages (okay, so I counted ...
it's not like I'm getting any work done).
"Mv Last Final!" says one message. It
is dated, "4-30-80,"
"I'm 21t!!!" says another. "12/14/92."
There are also the classic graffiti lines,
like: "Justin + Valerie 4-ever," "I want
Susie," and "CL loves DN, BT, RJ and
Then there's "I love mathematical
proofs." There's one from 1990 that says,
"I miss California."
There is one written in the corner, with
a special little symbol, and the inscrip-
tion: J Joe, Matt, Bri, Dave 1986-? friends
until the day we die.

I Nxonder iif Joe, Matt, Bri and Dave
remember their promise. I wonder if the
girl with the messy handwriting ended up
getting an A on her econ exam. I wonder
how much time she spent in this room,
studying. I wonder if that guy is still as
passionate about mathematical proof's. I
wonder if it matters anymore.
I wonder what that guy did for his 21st
birthday. I wonder what he's doing now. I
wonder if that girl still misses California.
I wonder where she's living. I wonder if
it's here. I wonder if that guy still wants


ew things last 101 years. Yet through the
power of football and geographic loca-
tion, the University of Michigan and
Michigan State University have managed to
maintain their century-old rivalry. This year's
competition soured on Tuesday when the 'M'
in the center of the Diag was painted green
and graffiti was spray painted on the Harlan
Hatcher Graduate Library and area garbage
cans. The damage was by no means the first
time vandalism has occurred on either cam-
pus, with vandals making destruction just as
much a tradition as the annual football game.
While acts of vandalism hurt the fun involved
with Michigan-Michigan State competition,
the University community must refrain from
taking revenge on MSU and instead cheer on
its team in a positive manner.
Rivalries like Michigan-Michigan State
can create an extremely positive situation.
Competition motivates and encourages people
to become more involved in their school,
while bringing students and members of the
University community together and uniting
them for a common cause. MSU is a natural
target - as the largest public university in
Michigan and the only other Michigan univer-
sity in the Big Ten. Much weight is also placed
upon the game's outcome; with the winner
receiving bragging rights that transfer into the
overall prestige of each university. When
rivalry turns from constructive to destructive,
the competition's energy and excitement is
lost. All gains made through this ongoing
intrastate conflict are tarnished when mem-
bers of either university community take it
upon themselves to vandalize the property of
the opposing university.

I just can't help but wonder about these


Even though destruction of University
property is directed against the entire school,
we must resist the temptation to condemn all
of Michigan State. After acts of vandalism,
students, staff and faculty are inclined to take
the destruction personally. Despite Michigan
State's enrollment of more than 40,000 stu-
dents, the tendency to view MSU as a whole,
solitary unit remains. The University commu-
nity should not frown upon Michigan State for
the negligence of a few reckless fans.
Michigan State sanctions no violence against
the University of Michigan. The graffiti's
nature is the only true evidence to even sug-
gest that anyone involved with MSU partici-
pated in the destruction. While a majority on
each side would like to see the competitive
destruction stopped, they are powerless to
control the actions of all their peers.
While students might feel unfulfilled with-
out some sort of reaction, reven-e o"
accomplishes the vandals' goal to anger the
University community. Instead, members of
the University community should take the
high road - by refraining from any acts of
vandalism while still cheering on the team.
Only in this fashion will both schools be able
to enjoy a truly great intrastate rivalry
The Michigan-Michigan State rivalry is
eagerly anticipated each year both within the
state and outside its boundaries. But the fact
that the game is so highly anticipated does not
justify acts of property damage. Members of
both universities must remember that for all
the importance placed on competition, it is still
just a game. Any attempts to heighten the
intensity through acts of vandalism only take
away from an event that needs no extra hype.

"Forev er" by Ben Harper plays on repeat
in my mind.
Like a ha/less clock with numbers, an
infinite of time .. 'Vo not the forever
/.unc on/i in the mind .
I am strumming the chords on the key-
board of my laptop.
I have a good feeling about this place.
It's like that feeling that vou get when
you're at a place of historical signifi-
cance and you are really conscious of it
-- when you stop and take a deep breath
and you actually feel the presence of
what has happened there before. It espe-

Susie, and I wonder how Justin and
Valerie feel about all of this. I wonder
how CL decided between DN, BT, RJ and
RM. I wonder if she's happy. I wonder
about that guy whose last final exam was
in 1980. 1 wonder if he's married now,
thinking about his kids' education
instead of his own ...
I'm getting goosebumps. It's the same M
effect that the carpe diem scene from
"Dead Poet's Society" has on me. The
same effect as Robin Williams standing
over roy shoulder, telling me that these
people -- the ones who wrote on the
heating vents, are not different from me.
That the world is their oyster. That they
believe they're destined for great things.
And that I should lean in and listen close-
ly as they whisper their legacy to me.
That they want me to seize the day. To
make my life extraordinary.
- .Jennifer Stra us: can be reached
over e-mail at jstrausz(umnich.edii.


At the movies

Students should support the Michigan Theater
it's Friday night. You've got a little money unbelievable number of caffeine refueling sta-
and a date in mind. What are you going to tions, a nice variety of stores and shops, as well
do? Bowl? See a concert? Play pool? Go paint as two unique movie theatres all within a few
Sparty blue? Oh, wait, the MSU marching blocks; that is, if you can scrape together
band is guarding it. And the Daily doesn't enough change from your car.
endorse that anyway. Where else can you see major movies from
How about a movie? It always comes the balcony, in an intimate theater with a
down to that. No matter what the plethora of group of your peers? The State Theater offers
options available, a movie is always the easi- something you're never going to find in a
est choice. So you jump in the car and drive chain movie theater. And it's comparatively
down to Showcase and slap your last $10 on cheap. The Michigan Theater is even more
the counter forgetting they don't offer a stu- unique.
dent discount. You don't have enough. So you Open since 1928, the Michigan Theater is
run out to your car and get enough change to a campus tradition and a landmark, as well as
pay for the movie, but you're too late. The an organization committed to bringing you
movie has already started. You didn't want to movies and shows that you won't see any-


MSU student:
Criticizing vandalism
is hypocritical
I recently read the online version of the
Michigan Daily's article entitled "MSU Fans
Vandalize diag. Grad Library'' (10/6/99).
Being an MS student myself 1can't say that
I was too disheartened about the green graffi-
ti. I was, however, amused to see the level of
hypocrisy that your paper publishes. You quot-
ed a University of Michigan student, Reza
Breakstone, as saying that the vandalism was
"childish." Reza went on to say that MSU stu-
dents must have too much time on their hands
if they can deface University of Michigan
Well, Reza, does the University of
Michigan teach you to be a hypocrite? I'm just
wondering because later, in the very same arti-
cle, you are quoted again saying that you and
some friends have a "secret plan to get
Sparty." Now who has too much rime on their
I also seem to recall an incident last year
when some University of Michigan students
threw paint balls at Sparty and the band mem-
bers who guarded him. These students caused
thousands of dollars of damage to personal
property of the band members. So when you
complain about some harmless paint on your
sidewalk, remember that the rivalry and the
"childishness" goes both ways.
Reader thinks 'U,
ought to 'relocate'
preachers on Diag
As I walked through the Diag today I said
to myself. "Self remember the days when one
could walk through the Diag, sit down and
chat with a friend, have a cigarette on the steps
of the Grad, and people watch in relative
peace and harmony." Of courise there would
be an individual convinced the world was
going to end next Tuesday, but such religious
ranting was a rarity.
This year, the aforementioned "apostles"
are out in force every single day. Wednesday I
was especially disturbed for a number of rea-
sons. As I approached the center of the Diag I
heard the song "Grease Lightning," a person
promoting Dance Marathon 2000 and a dozen
young ladies dancing. This brought a smile to
my face. The next thing I saw was a sign 12
feet by 12 feet that read, "You're all going to

' f





hell."This also brought a smile to my face, not
because I found it to be comical, butubecause
it is so ridiculous how far this Jesus Freak
movement has come. There was a point when
it was funny to hear one these Jesus Freaks
speak nonsense. Now it has just become
annoying background music.
Another problem is that in their attempt to
recruit University students into their cult, the
Ned Flanders' of the group have been so kind
as to grace us with the presence of their seven-
year-old children. Shouldn't these kids be in
school ? No, they are actually products of
home schooling that will ensure that the brain-
washed children will be preaching in the Diag
for years to come.
I am a huge supporter of free speech, but
the University must do something to relocate
these individuals so students can carry on
without being told they're going to rot in hell
due to overindulgence in booze and sex.
Service academies
offer alternative to
affirmative action
As a 1978 Michigan graduate living in
Virginia, I view the ongoing debate over the
University's affirmative action lawsuit from
a distance and with a different perspective.
I have contributed to the Michigan Annual
Giving Fund nearly every year since I grad-
uated and I am annoyed that my University
would chose to spend millions of dollars on
high-priced lawyers in a futile attempt to
defend an admissions policy that, in my
opinion, is constitutionally indefensible. I
agree that racial diversity is important to
mvii -avui * ~

prepare students for careers beyond the
campus, however this should not drive a
policy that allows less qualified students
preference in admission over more quali-
fied. I am the product of a primary and sec-
ondary urban school system which was pre-
dominately minority in enrollment and did
a less than adequate job preparing me for
the University of Michigan. While I gradu-
ated very near the top of my high school
class, I was close to being overwhelmed
academically when I arrived in Ann Arbor.
Mixing students with even less academic
preparation into the Freshman class for the
sake of being stylish does not serve either
the University nor the student.
I offer that the answer to the dilemma of
admissions based on racial diversity or
most qualified students has been available
for many decades. Ever since the services
were ordered to integrate, the Service
Academies have prepared minority students
from meager academic backgrounds for the
rigors of the Academy through the use of
preparatory schools. Students who desire
enrollment, yet are not academically quali-
fied for admission, are sent to one of these
schools for up to a year to raise their educa-
tional background to equal the admissions
standards of the college. This policy allows
the Service Academies to admit qualified
students and assure a racially diverse class.
Perhaps the Uariversity of Michigan should
hecome a leader an institute a similar pro-
cram to prepare incoming students for the
rii'ors of the University, rather than trying
to force under-qualified students into an
environment where they will feel academi-
cally frustrated and inferior. Personally, I
would prefer my financial contributions to
the University go toward educating minori-
ty students rather than lining the pockets of
some high-priced law firm.

1 Y
;*a r ~ ~



support a national theater chain anyway.
So it's back to Ann Arbor where the State
Theater is showing the same movie to accom-
modate the student budget. With the movie
paid for, you've retained car change to buy a
drink and popcorn.
Walking home, you notice the Michigan
Theater is showing an interesting independent
film in their new $4 million addition. Your date
offers to make it a double feature.
Where was this money at Showcase you
Your significant other didn't want to sup-
port a heartless national movie conglomerate
either and came to this realization after seeing
the cash drawers overflowing at Showcase.
Local theatres are part of Ann Arbor's culture.
Where else can you find two quality indepen-
dent movie theaters that offer student dis-
counts? Showcase doesn't care about stu-
Part of Ann Arbor's charm is the accessibil-
ity of so many quality independent businesses
that are tailored to the student population.
They're alternatives to the mainstream. You
can choose from a dozen or so bookstores, an

where else in Ann Arbor. It's a restored '20s
movie palace with the technology to show
movie revivals. Simply stated, it is one of the
great cultural centers of Michigan.
The Michigan Theater also gives you a
chance to get out of that movie rut with the
Ann Arbor Symphony, University Music
Society shows and host a number of other
University organizations, plays and guest
speakers. With their new addition, modeled
after the original theater, there's nothing to
stop you from seeing an independent film
while the orchestra is playing in the historic
section. They're always making improve-
ments and they want student business.
The Ann Arbor 1 & 2 closed its central
campus theater last summer and moved to
Maple and Jackson to cut costs and
increase traffic. Let's not allow the same
thing to happen to the State or the
Michigan Theater. It's up to students and
the community to realize these theaters'
uniqueness. Save some gas and a buck or
two by walking to the movies next time. It's
a lot cheaper than painting a statue blue---
and probably a lot more entertaining.

No apologies for what happened in South Korea

By Aaron Woell
Iowa State University
War is hell, especially when you are over-
whelmed by a powerful and elusive enemy as
we were during the Korean Conflict.
More than a week ago, the Associated
Press released a story describing how
American soldiers shot fleeing South Korean
civilians during the Korean War. Now, rela-
tives and survivors of the alleged massacre are
demanding not only the truth about the inci-
dent, but also the punishment of the soldiers
resnonsible as well as compensation from the

eludes the ideas of fairness and justice, and
many times compassion must be sacrificed
for expediency.
The AP report stated soldiers got orders
that read, "No refugees to cross the front line.
Fire on everyone trying to cross lines. Use dis-
cretion in case of women and children"
That order, while in apparent violation of
the utopian idea of rules of war, ignored real-
ity. Army veterans who took part in the shoot-
ing note the day before "several U.S. soldiers
were killed while trying to search a group of
refugees, as North Korean troops hiding

Warfare is a separate situation unlike any
other, and events that happen then are not sub-
ject to the rules of men.
The demands for punishment and com-
pensation reflect an unfortunate attitude that
is not at all commensurate with our actions.
American forces were deployed in the region
as a response to a North Korean incursion,
and we acted under the direction of the recent-
ly formed United Nations. It was not until suf-
ficient military might was brought to bear that
American forces were able to repel the North
Korean invaders.
-f:,.l..- + rnr {o ii ~ 4n ritr


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