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March 17, 2000 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-03-17

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2 - The Michigan Daily'- Friday, March 17, 2000


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House members and their budget will be "much
closer to the governor's recommendation" of a 2.5
percent increase across the board, which he said is
consistent with inflation rates.
House hearings will include some efforts to
keep tuition low, Truscott said, "but we're also
looking at schools that are trying to cut their
The subcommittee's replacement of the budget's tier
system - which had grouped schools based on enroll-
ment and other factors - with a floor funding level of
$4,500 met no opposition in the full appropriations

committee, Schwarz said.
But Truscott said the governor is "disappointed"
in the stipulation."We hope that we can get that rein-
stituted," Truscott said.
"I think that the governor is concerned with the
supplemental appropriations bill," Schwarz said.
But that bill only contains "some university
The supplemental bill allots $290 million to
various parts of the budget and would add an
extra 3 percent to the University for technological
"It's about $200 million too much," Truscott said.
"There will be significant vetoes if it reaches the
governor's desk in that form," he said.

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by committee Republi
Republicans had origi
posed a $400 million inc
last year. Democrats hadr
S675 million increasec
Republican NSF figures."
good that one of the hous
gress recognize the imp
basic research," Katterman
"We're thinking that b
are going to be in pretty c
ment" about basic researc
Katterman said, adding th
budget is still in the pr
remains difficult to gues
final outcone for budge
will be.
The House of Repres
passed the budget Wednes
leaving some Democrats w
cation spending. "The R
pretty much voted down al
***** ***** *
The Unified Min
Mechanical Engil
"The Changing
of Engineeri
The 1999-2000 2nd1
UMME Banqu
March 18,20
Michigan Unio
Anderson Roor
6-8 PM
COST: $5.00
kid~owuIn engIn.uf

While pleased with the committee's recommenda-
tion, University officials are aware that changes may
take place.
"This bill was passed overwhelmingly" by the full
appropriations committee, University Vice President
for Government Relations Cynthia Wilbanks said.
"But I certainly expect the House will have a differ-
ent view."
"This really is the first step in a long process,"
said Michigan Student Assembly President Bram
Elias, adding that even if the budget does pass as
the committee recommended, "it is up to the
administration to see that the funding from the
state is translated into a smaller increase in
the key Democratic amendments,"
said Chuck Fant, press secretary for
U.S. Rep. John Spratt (D-S.C.), the
cans and ranking member of the House Com-
mittee on the Budget.
nally pro- Despite increases in basic research
rease from budget allocations, Democrats said
proposed a they are not satisfied with other provi-
on top of sions that provide for student finan-
It's always cial aid.
es of Con- U.S. Rep Lynn Rivers (D-Ann
ortance of Arbor), a member of the budget com-
said. mittee, said that in terms of higher
oth houses education spending - not related to
lose agree- research - things have remained sta-
h funding, tic.
at the final Rivers said there is an ongoing par-
ocess and tisan struggle between the federal
s what the government and privately backed
t spending loans. Rivers added that the different
loans receive varying support depend-
sentatives ing on the party in the White House.
sday night, Director of the University Office of
ary of edu- Financial Aid Pam Fowler said she
epublicans could not comment on the House
most all of budget.
***** Continued from Page 1
oity students through the tragedy.
nieers He also said that after the police
make a final report on the incident,
Ferris State could take action against
Face any involved students. He added that
F KCL was the only underground fra-
rig" ternity of which he is aware.
Providing alcohol that results in the
Annual death of a minor carries a penalty of
et up to 10 years in prison. In a written
statement, Public Safety Director
00 Kevin Courtney said charges would
be pressed.
in- The death coincides with the
release of a Harvard School of Public
m Health study earlier this week report-
ing that binge drinking has increased
on college campuses.
According to the study, 23 percent
of college students across the coun-
try said they had been "frequent"
binge drinkers, with 44 percent say-
ing they had participated in binge
iih led drinking, the Harvard Crimson
* reported.
At the University of Michigan, a
study last October revealed that 45
percent of students said they have
participated in binge drinking.
The study defines binge drinking as
four or more drinks in a row for
females and five or more in a row for

Saliva, urine tests could warn of cancer
WASHINGTON - One day a routine urine test may enable your doctor to
check for bladder cancer and screenings could warn of some cancers in the head
or neck.
Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have developed what may become a
simple new set of tests for some forms of cancer. David Sidransky even sees a
day when some people could get routine tests for lung fluids to see if cancero
Sidransky and a team of researchers found that in cancer patients, changes in
human cells called mitochondria detected body fluids associated with the cancer
site. They reported their findings in today's edition of the jornal. "They're onto
something useful ... an improved way of diagnosing cancer," said Garth Ander-
son, a senior researcher at Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, N.Y.
Anderson, who was not part of the research team, noted that the findings could
help physicians treating cancer patients who want to see if the disease has
returned after therapy.
The Johns Hopkins group has been studying cell changes associated with can-
cer for several years, but detecting cancer-related changes in the cell nucleus
proved "very challenging," Sidransky said in a telephone interview.
"So the breakthrough here was basically a fundamental change from the
nuclear mutations to mitochondrial mutations,' he explained.



McCain supporters
doubtful o alliance
WASHINGTON - John McCain's
supporters are accusing George W.
Bush of showing little respect for the
senator and his political reform agenda,
saying "macho talk" has killed hopes
for an early alliance that could be vital
to Bush's prospects in November.
The Texan and his advisers scram-
bled yesterday to explain the
remarks he made in an interview
with The New York Times, fearing
the fallout could further alienate
McCain and his independent-minded
Reminded that the Arizona senator
helped produce record turnouts in the
Republican presidential primaries,
Bush told the newspaper, "Well, then,
how come he didn't win?" Asked
whether McCain had raised his con-
sciousness about reform, the Texas
governor replied, "No, he didn't
change my views."
Trying to make amends, Bush said
yesterday in Illinois, "I appreciate the
hard campaign that John McCain

waged. He ran a good race. He high-
lighted the need for reform, and I
appreciate the ideas that he brought
forth in the campaign."
Bush has said he won't embrace
McCain's plan to ban unlimited,
unregulated "soft money," but argu
that there is common ground on othW
reform measures.
Vermont bil would
allow gay marriage
MONTPELIER, Vt. - The Ver-
mont House moved toward approv-
ing historic legislation yesterday
allowing gays to form "civil
unions" that would carry many of
the benefits -- and burdens -
The bill takes Vermont to the
very edge of recognizing gay mar-
riage. It if passes, Vermont will
have gone further than any other
state in recognizing same-sex
The legislation has the support of
Democratic Gov. Howard Dean and
is also expected to win Senate


i 1m~~yl il 11

Pakistani killer to
receive grisly death
ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - One of
history's most prolific killers will be
executed in the same grisly way he
dispatched his young victims -
strangled with an iron chain, hacked
into 100 pieces and dissolved in a vat
of acid.
So decreed Judge Allah Baksh
Ranja yesterday, when he sentenced
42-year-old Javed Iqbal to death fol-
lowing his conviction for the rape,
murder and obliteration of 100 boys
and young men. The judge also sen-
tenced Iqbal to 700 years in prison
- seven years for each body he con-
fessed to dissolving in acid. The
judge said Iqbal should be choked to
death for each of those he killed.
"lqbal should be strangulated
through iron chain ... in the presence
of the legal heirs of the deceased,"
Ranja said in his order. "His body
should be cut into 100 pieces and
should be put into a drum containing
the acid according to modus operandi

adopted by the accused."
The sentencing follows months of
horror in a case that could end in the
same macabre fashion in which it
began. lqbal's spectacular confer
sions of chopping up his victim,
dunking them in acid and pouring
their remains into the gutters of the
central Pakistani city of Lahore
brought parents from around that city
searching for their missing children.
Europe Central Bank
raises interest rate
PARIS -- Europe's central bank
yesterday raised its key short-term
interest rate, in a move that helps set
the stage for another rise in U.S. rates
next week.
The European Central Bank
increased its benchmark rate from
3.25 percent to 3.5 percent, citing the
need to rein in inflation caused by the
continent's ongoing boomlet and by
higher oil prices.
- Compiledfivm Daily wire reports.

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