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March 06, 2000 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-03-06

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, March 6, 2000 - 7A

.Afichiguama athletes want racism
label removed from their institution

In fact, many
Michigamua's di
Continued from Page 1A most attractiv
Michigamua members continue to group.
heclare that the current members of "Michigamu,
e organization have done nothing brings together1
that could be considered racist. ent organization
"There is nothing offensive in the from all acrossc
way in which we conduct our meet- senior gymnast
ings and the things that we do up on said.
the seventh floor," Michigan senior "I'm not white,
swimmer Shannon Shakespeare student from Mex
said. were elitist I wo
"Historically I can secs how what added. "I wouldn"
was done could be considered offen- Michigamua is
sive," she added. "But things have group."
Shanged and I don't think anyone Haro claims th
ould've joined this organization if on the members
they thought it was degrading or offen- completely out o
sive to anyone." for his peers a
Continued from Page1A
expects to be a student next fall.
Route] joined the group in the tower a few days after
the occupation began and hasn't been to a class since.
Ohe said it has been hard for her to balance the need to
attend class and fight for a resolution. The bar associa-
tion requires a minimum amount of attendance, she said.
which could force her to go soon.
"The stakes are high," Routel said, adding that Law
School costs about $25,000 a year.
Although every morning she is faced with the decision
of whether to go to class, she spends many a night in the
company of SCC protesters sleeping on the hard floors
of the Union.
Students have adapted to the cramped corners of the
eventh floor, Routel said, including the "bed" she sleeps
l every night - underneath a giant moosehead in the
eastern most part of the room.
Everyone has a different space staked out. Some
sleep on thin benches lining the walls, others snooze in
the stairwells between the fourth and seventh floors.
Others lay on air mattresses and blankets on the fourth
Routel said she adjusted to the physical demands of
sleeping in the cramped room since Feb 8. During spring
break, her insomnia ended and she now gets about four
urs a sleep per day.
Although the protesters sleep and work in the tower,
the rotation system allows them time to shower and get
out of the tower. Buford said many people head home or
to residence halls to shower and clean up.

athletes stated that
versity is one of the
e features of the
a is a place that
people from differ-
s and backgrounds
campus," Michigan
Jose "LaLo" Haro
I'm an international
xico. If Michigamua
uldn't be in it," he
't make their criteria.
a multi-cultural
at the labels placed
of Michigamua are
f character for him,
nd the ideals for

which the society stands. "They
must think we have two separate
personalities," Haro said. "During
the day we work hard as students,
we work hard as athletes, we all
work hard doing things to make this
university better."
"And at night they must think we
turn into monsters or something.
The things they are saying about us
are just lies," he added. "I come
from a Mexican family with really
good values. I got my scholarship
because of my talent and my values
as a person."
Members of the athletic faction of
Michigamua said they want to see this
problem solved as soon as possible,
with all Native American artifacts put
in their proper place.

Extreme racing
Participants in a snowmobile race speed through the air and over moguls at the Otsego County Fairgrounds In Gaylord
yesterday, while 4,000 spectators look on.

Members said outside supporters have helped them to
continue their protest.
Mary Penet, an Ann Arbor resident, said she has
dropped off food to the students a few times during the
occupation including a tray of oatmeal cookies yesterday.
"What they're doing is right, while it's hard, they have
to keep going," Penet said.
Penet, who volunteers at the Ann Arbor Pow Wow,
said she has been surprised at the administration's
response to the protest.
"It's more than a space issue. It's mocking a culture,"
she said.
Larry Godfrey, a Rapid River resident, came with
Penet to show his support. Godfrey, in the area doing
construction work, said he was baffled the first time he
walked into the space formerly occupied by Michiga-
"I see no good use up there," Godfrey said. "It's stuff
you should see in the movies and cartoons."
He added that SCC students were forced into their
method of protest.
"When you get educated, and you start using this edu-
cation, they say 'wait a minute, you're not supposed to
do that,"' Godfrey said.
SNRE senior Joe Reilly - who has missed all of his
classes and midterms since the Feb. 6 takeover - said he
is now unsure if he will graduate in May.
"I haven't been able to focus on anything outside this
building," Reilly said.
Reilly said no matter when SCC leaves the tower, the
issues they are fighting for will continue.
"It's a constant struggle to open up people's conscious-
ness and to challenge people's mind," Reilly said.

Continued from Page 1A
-iblity of building new residence halls
and new science buildings - issues
currently being discussed by the
recently formed Undergraduate Com-
mission and the Information and Tech-
nology Commission.
"Both commissions are going to be
looking at these types of issues,"
Wilbanks said.
Schwarz said Bollinger expressed
some general concerns about housing,
saying that the non-University housing
stock is aging rapidly and that he does
not want the campus to become a
commuter campus.
Faculty salaries were also discussed,
Schwarz said.
Schwarz said three more meetings
are to take place before the budget
goes to the House of Representatives
Appropriations committee.
The Senate subcommittee will have
a "mark-up meeting" in Lansing
tomorrow or Wednesday. All state
schools that have yet to testify will do
so at the Ferris State University cam-
pus in Grand Rapids on Friday. The
higher education budget recommenda-
tion will be presented to the full
Appropriations committee and full
Senate next Tuesday.
At the end of the hearing in Dear-
born, Wilbanks said, Students of Color
Coalition representatives Joe Reilly
and Jujuan Buford spoke about their
occupation of the seventh floor of the
Michigan Union. SCC is protesting
Michigamua, a University group they
claim degrades Native American cul-
But Smith said the autonomous
nature of the University prevents legis-
latures from being able to take action
on the issue. There is "nothing we can
do," she said. "We can be helpful
where we can."



r -

(;OffcCpAv r~ ' rL
kI~r ACI ANfIIAIP o *f ..'',
(;~lAPMAGAII :f - f x J ;
mIUIf4GA>, f X PVfl1' pF Writmly
MIQ 11GA"^ ACA TMfIC C'$P[ I ITlo)1


Continued from Page 1A
already acclimated to the idea of a
panel. "Conceptually, it's going to be a
it and equitable process and that's
'What we've been hoping the entire
time,"he said.
But Reilly said he believes the
-administrative panel cannot be neutral.
"The tower societies have had a long
history at the Universityl he said. "The
only way a panel could make a clear
decision is if it came from a neutral
Bollinger said Reilly's accusa-
ns are false. "If it were taken as
true, it renders us incapable as an insti-
tution to deal with this in any way. It
would also lead us into a hopeless situ-
ation:'Bollinger said.
Michigan Student Assembly Vice
President Andy Coulouris said he is
glad Bollinger has attempted to
address the University community
but he hopes the panel is not an
administrative ploy to placate the
SCC. The responsibility of space
9location for student groups had
_een contested between MSA and
University administration.
"It is positive that the administiation

"It is positive that the administration is
owning up to the issue."
- Andy Coulouris
Michigan Student Assembly vice president


is owning up to the issue. I'm proud of
the work that MSA and SCC has done
to put the pressure back on the admin-
istration where it belongs," he said.
Bollinger also said the argument
that Michigamua is not an average
student group because of its close
ties with administrators is a danger-
ous path to follow.
"Many student organizations have
different connections with the Uni-
versity through faculty advising
with special kinds of relationships
with administration. We must be
very careful before we make that the
basis for foregoing the rights of stu-
dents to associate as they wish," he
SCC members met with Bollinger
on Friday but failed to reach a resolu-
tion. "The president wants us to leave
the tower. We want to leave the tower.
But we need an assurance that the Uni-

versity will follow through on the 1989
agreement, Reilly said.
Specifically, Reilly said SCC
demands Michigamua to change their
name. He sent a letter to Delgado yes-
terday requesting a response today in
regards to Michigamua changing its
name. Delgado said Michigamua
members are discussing this issue but
have not been able to fully convene due
to spring break.
He added that Michigamua has
made efforts to remove any items
degrading to Native American cul-
ture but SCC members need to con-
tact them to tell them what is
"I'm not saying they're not hurt, but
there has to be a point where the has to
be some kind of explanation. If you
stop a process because someone tells
you but you don't understand it, that's
not really healthy."








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