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February 03, 2000 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 2000-02-03

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4A - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, February 3, 2000

1be Sidtgun Dafig

Pitcher interrupted: Who's really crazy?

420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Edited and managed by
students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editor

W hen Atlanta Braves pitcher John
Rocker made horrendously derogato-
ry comments in a Sports Illustrated article,
namesake jerseys received for Christmas
were returned to stores and fans called for a

Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the mj
Daily's editorial board. All other articles, letters and cartoons do not necetns 1Mie ct
the opinion of The Michigan Daily.

trade. Rocker, sus-
pended from the
team, was sent to a
therapist. With their
multimilion dollar
payhecks. competi-
ti'e nature and biceps
like suspension
cables, professional
athletes are asking to
be painted as time
bombs, capable of
anything. And Rocker
may not be the most
cheerful and tender
man on earth. But
since when is being
the anti-Christ of
political correctness a
sign of mental dis-

Under one U1
Party policy has racial implications

:h Roghg

going on here? Fortunately, the vast majori-
ty of college students must not read these
magazines, as I have yet to see someone do
yoga while CRISPing or glide on some St.
John's Wart lip balm (yes, it exists) after get-
ting a midterm back.
The message I'm getting is that feeling
sad for 30 seconds, getting pissed at my
friend or stressed out is much more "rele-
vant" than it needs to be. Feel anxious wait-
ing in line at to check e-mail in the
Fishbowl? Delve into it. What's really
wrong - what do these feelings of anxiety
symbolize? Could it be related to your older
sister always getting what she wanted, when
she wanted when you were younger? That
your parents paid more attention to her and
you're living with these scars? Marsha,
Marsha, Marsha! More likely, you just want
to give that girl who's been at the 10-min-
utes-only station for 20 minutes (15 of
which she's spent yapping with a friend) a
good smack. Look at her. She's purposeful-
ly ignoring your glares. Wench.
It's funny to think the field of psycholo-
gy was once feared and doubted, but now
Rocker's "outburst" warrants clinical exam-
ination. As every psychology major knows,
the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of
Mental Disorders - the profession's bible
- lists every mental disorder you can imag-
ine. There's been talk tossed around about
adding racism as a listing in the upcoming
revised edition. It won't happen (don't
worry John), but it's still ridiculous.
I would like to take a moment to clarify
that I do think there's something wrong with
people who are racist. But I also think
there's something wrong with that guy I
always see gleefully wearing shorts to class

as the rest of us are whimpering from the
cold and trying not to wipe out on the ice.
There's something wrong with the owners of
Backroom thinking closing their doors
before the crowd gets out of Rick's is a good
idea. The world is not exactly full of clear
thinkers - no shocker there. But John
Rocker is little more than a public relations
nightmare for the Braves. He might be
racist. He might have all sorts of deep-root-
ed issues that have nothing to do with mak-
ing fun of people with AIDS.
My real concern is that while Rocker is.
in the spotlight, thousands of Americans
with genuine mental disorders go ignored
everyday, and few seem to be aware of the
problem. Even the film version of Girl,
Interrupted, was little more than Winona
Ryder playing a seemingly sane second fid,
dIe who got scenes stolen by Angelina Jolie
the actress, Angelina Jolie the lips, Angelina
Jolie the bod.
Far from the big screen or sports section,
people are paying the price for the ignorance
surrounding the diagnosis and validity of
mental illness. From the closing of hundreds
of mental hospitals during the Reagan years
to Michigan Gov. John Engler's own correc-
tional system manifest destiny - let there
be prisons from coast to coast of the mitten!
- many genuinely ill people end up on the
street or in jail. With therapists making at
least $85 a shot and mental health coverage
by medical insurance plans weak at best,
being crazy is a pretty exclusive club.
Rocker's a curveball, not a screwball. Why
aren't we taking care of people who actual-
ly need the help?
-Emily Achenbaum can be reached
via e-mail at emilvlsa@umich.edu.



The Michigan Union has a set of strict
guidelines on how parties must be
run on its premises - guidelines that
have created controversy. These guide-
lines are designed to ensure the safety of
students and the facilities, and yet critics
are calling them discriminatory.
Although the policies themselves are
not inherently racist, it appears their
enforcement is. During parties which are
made mostly of whites, many of the rules
areroutinely broken. But these rules are
strictly and overzealously enforced dur-
ing many minorities' parties.
The rules that tend to be bent the most
for white students are the use of wrist-
bands and Department of Public Safety
presence. Once a certain number of par-
ticipants has been reached, the Union
requires the use of wristbands to deter-
mine the number of persons present, so
that the established room capacity is not
broken. This rule is enforced at minority
parties far more frequently than white
Additionally, the Union requires that
parties of a certain size have a DPS pres-
ence - which perhaps unintentionally
targets minority organizations. After all,
there is a lack of minority Greek housing
on campus. Although there are a few
houses, most minority parties are forced
to make use of the Union. White fraterni-
ties and sotorities do not have this prob-

lem, thanks to an abundance of private
These houses are not run by the
University, and thus are not required to
have DPS present - at least until some-
one phones in a complaint. Minority
organizations are automatically faced
with DPS involvement because they have
no where else to go.
Equal enforcement of all rules for all
parties is key. But due to the lack of
minority Greek housing, DPS should be
completely removed from the equation.
There is no reason for having DPS offi-
cers stationed at any events - the events
should be private.
DPS can certainly still be called in if
complaints are made or trouble occurs,
just as they can be at any other party.
Mishaps and altercations do occur at
Union events from time to time, but they
should not be anticipated, only corrected
as they occur.
The University is not responsible for
what occurs at Greek and other organiza-
tions' events. Union parties are in fact
under the University's responsibility if
DPS is removed from Union parties,
groups must sign a waiver in order to free
the University of responsibility for
events at the Union. Participants in these
events must show maturity and responsi-
bility for their own actions if the Union is
to trust them with their own security

Therapy and anti-depressants are
becoming a panacea for all ills, real or not.
In our society's over-reactionary eyes, it
seems like every natural human feeling can
be misconstrued into a personality flaw or
nuisance. I can't even read many women's
magazines anymore - the be-your-own
therapist with positive thought, aromathera-
py candles and pressure-point foot rubs.
Even Cosmo - who steers clear of sap and
goes straight for the smut - is throwing
articles on how to paint your office (to alle-
viate boss-related angst) right next to their
classic blow-job technique fare. What is



Faith effort

B y an over
U.S. Hou
the Date Rape
Tesday. The
butyrate, or G
same federal
heroin and co
recreational u
a federally co
bat the use of
Although the
certainly com
this legislation
Rape is on
destructive vi
rights. Date ra
because thex
victims' trust
GHB, or any
this offense fu
ousness of th
weapon. The
commit date
social probl
But this ac
vide preventio
ly creates the
sions do not a
causes of date
ty make wom
isra knee-jerk
position effec
tral chemical
alle actions o
: In classify
drug, Congre
"var on drug.
Decades of p
of money hav
tive approach
unmitiyated fi

legislation alone won't stop dt rp
rwhelming vote of 339-2, the buttresses several :onsiderab wore
ise of Representatives passed social ills, ranging from generang a cr-m
e Control and Prevention Act inal culture to the incarceration of other-
law makes gamma hydroxy- wise law-abiding persons to the uncermin-
HB, a Schedule I drug - the ing of the legal structure that perpetuates
classification attached to this faulty system. The proibitive
caine. While GHB does have approach to drugs simply does not work,
ses, the purpose of making it Despite all the effort devoted to the feder-
ntrolled substance is to com- al government's anti-drug program, drug
'the drug in date rape crimes. use continues unabated. There is no reason
intentions of Congress are to believe that the drug war will be any
mendable, their approach in more effective when waged agains GHB
n is misdirected. and even less reason to feel that ciiminal-
te of the most fundamentally izing GHB will lead to a decline in date
olations of a person's human rape.
ape is particularly deplorable Clearly, there have to be more effective
perpetrators also breach the steps that can be taken i fighting date
and friendship. The use of rape. Our elected officials should spend
other substance, to commit less time speaking out about te ills of
urther compounds the insidi- drugs and more time educating on volence
e act - the drug becomes a against women. All of society needs to
use of drugs and alcohol to focus not only on changing men's attitudes
rape is certainly a serious towards women, but also on informing
,m worthy of government women of the rights they have and the dan-
gers they face.
t does little to nothing to pro- A fraction of the money that will be
)n of date rape: The law mere- spent in vain trying to eradicate GlIB from
illusion of security. Its provi- the national landscape could be more pro-
ddress the underlying societal ductive if used for an a dvertisi ampaign
rape, nor do they in actuali- to make people aware of how rists
en any safer. As such, the act use the drug to facilitate their crimes In
reaction by lawmakers whose cases where GHB is used to commit ra
tively blames a morally neu- the model can be taken from lawspn which
substance for the unaccept- other violent crimes are treated more sen-.
f culpable individuals. ously when a gun is used.
ping GHB as a Schedule I Date rape is a serious cim tha needs
ss is simply expanding the to be dealt with, both in indiidal o n
's," perhaps the most flawed es and at the broader so ia le' and
initiative in recent history. Congress is definitely correct i
olicy and incalculable sums address this critical issue. But the Date
e clearly shown the prohibi- Rape Control and Prevention Act is a mni-
of the war on drugs to be an guided approach that will only amplify t:h
aihire. Its fundamental logic unsound and ineffective war on drug. and

Fans disappoint at
MSU game
I'm writing to vent my frustration about
Tuesday night's crowd at the Michigan-
Michigan State basketball game. I would be
willing to wager that I have been to more
Michigan sporting events than any other stu-
dent on this campus, and I can honestly say
that Tuesday night's crowd was the worst
crowd I have ever seen. When I say it was the
worst, I'm not referring to the attendance. The
attendance was very good. I'm referring to the
spirit and pride.
I was offended that the MSU fans, the vis-
iting fans, made more noise than our fans did.
Their presence was felt before the tip-off, and
it continued through the game, as renditions
of the MSU fight song could be heard from
the top rows of Crisler Arena. Each time
Michigan made a fight for the lead and a lift
rom the crowd would be helpful, there
seemed to be nothing but a dull roar coming
fr the Crisler rafters. I know that last year's
ame was the same, as MSU fans drowned
out the Michigan crowd, But why, then, did it
happen again this year? Was there not enough
Pride "mong the fans.?
Personally. I put most of the blame on the
students. "~Maize Rage" is supposed to be the
second coming of the "Cameron Crazies
but to say the least, it is far from it. When
MSU fans got loud. Michigan fans (especial-
ly students) should have gotten louder.
Instead, we just sat quietly and listened as
MSU fans rang out with "Fight. fight, rah
team fight. victory for MSU." The loudest
the "Maize Rage" got was a chant of "alco-
hol alcoholic" when Mateen Cleaves
epped to the free throw line. That ""cheer"
was an embarrassment to our University. I
df in ly remember when MSU fans mocked
Rob rt Traylor by bringing buckets of KFC
ch iken to their home games. or times when
ther made signs saying "Remedial
Rob inson" to mock out Rumeal Robinson's
aning disability. The MSU students embar-
ras.,d themselves terribly those nights. We
sod ner sink to their level again.
We seem to have become content with
Michigan athletics. Crowds at Crisler and the
ig :ouse have become quieter, and the


intimidation factor seems to be lacking. We
have lost sight of just how special our athlet-
ic programs are. Just take a look at the Sear's
Cup, an award that is based on success in all
sports. Michigan is second in the country. It
is time that we as fans and students show our
pride again, and through relentless, good-
spirited crowd support, show our athletic
teams just how thankful and lucky we are to
have them.
Freeman shouldn't
bash 'The Jug'
In the Jan. 28 issue of the Daily, Rick
Freeman, a.k.a. "Daily Monkey Boy," decided
to bash The Brown Jug, an Ann Arbor institu-
tion since the Great Depression. As a regular
patron of the "Old Jug" and a current employ-
ee of the Jug, I deem it necessary to respond
to Freeman's ranting.
Before the Jug closed for renovations I
was a regular customer and enjoyed the $3
Happy Hour pitchers and $1 Kamikaze
shots. I even had my picture taken with
Lance the Transvestite, a Jug regular for


decades. When it closed I was sad, like
"Monkey Boy," because my hangout was
When the Jug reopened in September I
got a job there and have since learned the,,.
reasons why it had to change. First and fore-'
most was shoddy electricity. The former Jug
could have burned down at any time. The
lights in the restaurant were all hooked up via
extension cord to the only power source that,
worker in the kitchen. The kitchen itself was
dirty, failed several health inspections, and
the grill had to be turned on with a pliers.
The renovations that took place at the Jug
last summer were inevitable. But the only
changes that took place were cosmetic. The
inside of the restaurant is cleaner, the food is
better, and the wait staff is a little more effi-
cient. The things we all loved about The Jug
before are still there today. The only thing
missing is the jukebox, which will come back
if enough customers lobby for it.
In conclusion, "Monkey Boy Freeman,"
do not bash a place that "you haven't set foot
in." That kind of journalism is ignorant and
obtuse. Most of the old regulars still come in"
and have a good time, maybe you and the rest
of the senior editors should stop whining and
check the place out - I'll even buy your first'

s 'f
t j
N: ...: ' .... "a.
... . . .
.,,,...ry.' $ ,





The best column ofthe millennium

ongratulations kids! We've made it
hrough the. millennium. Not only have
w cleared that January 1 st hurdle, but we now
even have an entire month behind us, and
precedent suggests that we'll be able to just
kep on going. February will be a cakewalk.
2day I can do that in my sleep. March?
rin it on. Let's see
h you ve got Fatherr
ne. W just put away
2000 years like a six-k
pack of N y Light.n
It would seem that
w as human race,.
hae beestd our old
nemnesis time. Evena
tough fi e weeks ago
w ere iretting over k
the Y2K "bug'" this
technological dooms- David
day that would expose
Lumanity as having Horn
. . , ,

keep me entertained."
Naive as we were, it was unlikely that we
would have predicted the onslaught of compa-
rable features that would follow. By
December, we became numb to those self-
important lists that took themselves to be of a
grand, cosmic importance. But the New Year
came, and the New Year went, and one would
hope that it took those awful lists with it. But I
have bad news for those of you who aren't
already in the know: VH1, the lovable big sis-
ter to MTV, can't let the damn thing go.
They've been playing their "Top 100 Songs"
countdown non-stop for about two weeks.
First of all, how do you even begin to compile
such a ranking without it being absolutely
ludicrous? Second, VH 1 needs to stop taking
their cues form RBC (Regis Broadcasting
Corporation) and find something to air besides
countdowns and fashion shows and Pop Up
Video for the countdowns and Pop Up Video
for the fashion shows (but keep the Rick
1nmec andMnti Crai.. "Rebind te si c"n

ments as a society and die.
Now we're faced with having to... uh...
face, another millennium, and start from
scratch. I got a big kick out of people making
inane comments like, "that was the best urina-
tion of the millennium!" after an early morn-
ing trip to the john on the first of January. It
seems that we ought to start compiling lists
again - whether it be best Superbowl game
(probably St. Louis and Tennessee), best
Maxim issue (probably Shannon Elizabeth), or
best urination (probably earlier today, in the
first floor Union men's bathroom, by an
anonymous LSA sophomore).
Making new lists is one course of action.
The alternative is to just let things be. Let's
just appreciate songs, and not make so much
of comparing that rubbish they're passing off
as music nowadays to the chart toppers of
2998. If you liked Toy Story 2, then that's
super. Walk away from it - it's yours. Don't
worry about it making the "Best Animated
Movies of the 21st Centurv" list. Anoreciate

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