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January 12, 1999 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-01-12

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The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, January 12, 1999- 7





Poetryam and Cultral Gatering
Time: 7:00pm
Locato. Uniersy-Club, MiciganUion
Contact Saladin Amed
734.936.1055, saamed@umicbedu
Sponsors: Arab-American
Anti-Discrimination Cmmittee
The Gspel at Cloleees
Toe800 pm.
Location Pwer Center
Contact Unversty Muscal Scetc 734.764.2538 or
800.221.1229, umstn@umch.edu
Sponsors: Unierity Musical Sciey, Oice fthe
Associate Proost for Academic Affairs, Lila Walace
Readers Digest Audiences for the Perorming Arts Network,
ND Bank, and media partner WEM, 89.1 FM
IdentleL: A Pulcaion on boaand llneul
Copies wilt be aailable beginninganuary 18.
Location: Dtice ot Academic Muticultural
Initiatios, Center for Ar-American and Arican
Studies, Women Studies Program, and Hille
Contact: Racet Edeman
734.827.1651, redelman@umic.edu
Sponsor: Idntities
NIkon. Kuumba Trup
Time: 9:0-9:3am
Location: Schol ot Education
Contact: Lorelie Vargas
34.764.563, ataie@umich.edu
Sponsors: School ot Education, Schol oScil Wok,
and the MLK Symposium Planning Committee
Our Friend, Martin
Animated Fim Screening
Time: 9:4-10:4am
Location: Scoot Edcation
Contact: Lorlie Vargas
734.764.7563, ataie@umich.edu
Sponsors: The Schooo Edcation, The SchooloScial
Work, and the Dffice oAcademic Muliculuralnitiaties
On the Verge e a NewMlennum. STAD!
Rverend D. Martin LuterKigJr.
Memorial Lecture
Niki Gioanni, speaker
Time 10:00am
Location: Hill Auditorium
Contact: Damn Williams
734.9361055, damonw@umicheda
ponsor: MLK Sympsium Planning Committee
The Mosac Theater Group
locatiun: School ot Edcation
Contact: Lorelie Vargas
734.764.7563, atalie@umich.edu
Sponsors: The SchoofEducation, The Schol oSocial
Work, and the MLK Sympsium Planning Committee
LK Day Mach
Time 11:30am'
Following Niki Gioanns keynote address
Location: 2105, Michigan Union
Contact: Jessica Curtin
734.763.3241, daap@umich.ed
Sponsors: United or Eqality and Affirmateectin,
and the Peace and Justice Commissin othe Michiga
Student Assmbly
Suzuki Youh VioliniststorPuanaduslce
Tme 12:00pm
ollowng Nikki Gioannis keynote addres
oatio: Hill Auditorium
Contact: Sandra Dnziger
734.998.8504, sndrad@umich.edu
Sponsors: Parents, faculty members, and aumi
Detrit StoryNvng's Role-play and Strytelllg
Toe 100-300pm and 400-53pm
Location. Kessler Room, Michigan League
Contact: Adrea Krthease
734.936.1055, adreamk@umich.edu

iiponsors: The 1999 MLII Symposium Planning Committee,
tie Shol o Education, and the School Sociad Work
Note: The program is iotergoneratlooal aeddsle
for &A0t ch#lden and ado/I to partic ae.
Recrultmeet/Rtetentton o Faculty, Studentsaril
Staff from Underrepresented Groupsoto Mechanical
Engineering and Applied Mechanics (MEAU)
Panel Discussion by Derrick Scott,
lames Barber, and Douglas liennedy
Location: 2211 GG Brown
Contact: Elijah Kannatey-Asibu, Jr.
Al34.936.0400, asiho@umich.edu
Sponsor: Depatment of Mechanical
Engineering and Appled Mechanics
Health Sciences MK Keynote Address
Prosetation by Dean (NoreenCark
Thne 12:00pm
Location: Dow Auditorium at the
Towly Center, UniersitylHospital
Contact: Patricio Sherman
734.641.1911, trisbsri'umichedu
onsors: The Scbools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursng
blic Hbealth, ScilWok, the Colege ofPhannumg
Tacngd the U-Mtiospitals and Heath Center
dtngothe Brem C Mfge Service Prejee
Time1:0pm to 6:O0pm
Location: Kickoff at 1600 ChemistryBuikding
Contact: 734.936.24537, cplkietoumich.ede
Sponsors: Proec SERVE and the MIXSympeaiu.
Planning Cemmittee
"The Peepie and Teir Sky: Arican Sky'Tale
Planetarium Show
TimeLOO p.m.
ation: Planetarium, Exhibit Museum of Natrallllsle
Ruthen Museums Bldg.
Contact: Matthew links, 734.647.1381,
Sponsors: Exhibit Museum of Natural Ilioty, and the
Office of the Associate Provest for Academic Affainr
Note Tickets are $3.25/adolts, $3/ senoas and children
12 and under.
StandL Uift Every VWeund Sin
ation: Rackham Amphitheater
Contact: Monica Johnson
734.763.1317, rooniutoumich edo


ponsors WomenotClrTask Foce,
nd Dffhce oEquity & Dvroeroy Serrces
Maneand Cmpa"yWL, 9 FM.
lo: 12:00.:30pm
tan: Michigan Union
tat: Gloria Taylor
34.936.1055, gtzfomicb edu
- 1999 MXSyposorPlaningCemleN Black
lnter Network, Black Student Union,
lack Crek Assciation, thelaional Sciety o
lack Enginers and Pi Psi frateritylnerpeeuted
umnentary Fimo & Discussion
caion: Roomn 4 (Main Floor), Mihigan Lage
734.764.519, ayettm9nmib mu
so: Ofice oEquity & Diersity Serices
hat IlDr. lWs Dream?
ecure with &A Sesio witbohnette Cole
e 1:30pm
tin: Hale Auditorium, School olBusness
ntact: Dois Sanord
34.936.3515, occasiosccmaii be.umch ede
sin: School ot Busness
alerng the Sciences
Himr with Discussion
me 1:3pm-3:3pm
tow: 3735 Central Campus Recreation Building
tact: Bruce Watkins
34.647.2698, bawaftmic.der
nsors.: Diision of inesioll,
nd the Paul Roesn Ceter
are by Ronald Mincy
rw 1:30pm-3:3pm
ion: 140 Lorch Ha, Ahwitb Auditorium
ntact: Gerald Pierre
34764.7508, gstpier@ownicheda
rr: Schools of Pbic Policy and Law, the Program
Poerty, and the Undecass and Public Pocy
rme 2:O0pm-4-.0pns
tion: Michigan Union Ballroom
tact: Martin L Kntt
34.764.9361, mlkdayomich.edu
cars: The Library Inormation Tchnlg
ion, and the Scheolo Inormation
uem byllobrt Adeggison
rme: 2:0pm
lion: East Hi, Room 1360
act: Karen . Smith
34.997.0418, hesmithfat.sa.michedu
sin: Mathematics Department
the ergevet a NeMllnnimStad!
alogeewitie Hae Whitney
unew Z00pe-33pm
tion: Kellog Auditorium, School of Dentistry
Cntact: Patti Eddlrmon
734.763.3337. tishs~oumich.edu
Spesor: Shool of Dentistry Muliclural
ffairs Committee
AddnroalntlVilsn-Portrayals ofEmanipton
hithe th Century Sculpture
Gallmyialoge with Margaret Rnt
lime a3Opm
Ltaen: U-M Museum of Art
Cnact: Margaret Root
Spesors Hiotyyol Art Department
Uban Edcatin: Issues and Implcatios
Pae Discussion with Dr. Gloria ladson-Bilngs,
DrKris Gutierre, Dr. Haney Drra, and M Ray Johnson
Tme. 2:30pm
calion: Witney Auditoriom, School o Edcation
ntac: Damon Williams
~34.936.1055, damomoamich.edu
pnsr:MLK Syposim Planning Committee,
Fndhe School of Education

Aran American Chorale Music
Sne the CMiviights Movement
Prormance and Lecture
Time 3:00pm
Lction: Rackham Auditorium
Cotact: Faye Burton
734.764.0506, tayeh~umich.edu
Sponsors: Black Arts Council, Schedl ot Music,
adProtessor/ Adviser WillisPatterson
tletus and the Dream: A Student Tribute
Prsnation by Student Athletes
rime 3:O0pm-4:3Opm
Lction: Cliff Keen Arena
Cnact: April Boylms
734.647.1250, apriljb~umichr.edu
Spee: University of Michigan Athletic Departmet
and student athletes.
CneEngagement In a Diverse Democratic
. Get~etting Students toStand
Pnel ofFaculty and Students
men 3:00pm43Opm
Leaion: KalamazoonRoom, Michigan League
Cnact: Jeffreyttoward
134.647.7402, jpkoward~uich.edu
posmCenter for Community Service and Learning,
Mihigan leadershp Initiatives, and W.K Kelogg
tbA Stand:An Opmn Debate
*Affirmative Action
blic Diaogue
imw 3:00pm
Location: Angell Hall
(ontact: Sanj*eGupta
734.761.7735, sanguptafpsc.lsa.emich.eda
pesrAcademicslfor Affirmatie Action
rod Social Justice

m.y - -- _____________

Cu Realy GoingOn?
ogineering Student Form
row: 3:3pm5.3pm
Location: Est Room, Perpnt Commes
Cnact: Charley Llyd
734.763.3863, loptenginumich eu
Location: Angell Hall Auditoriom
Cntact: Lee Ann Richey
734.327.050, ieennr@emich.edu
,eensor: Mlticutural Afairs Committee
ouiuces Wll he heard Stdens' Intervention
ne U.Lwuit at the Vetersiy et Michigan
Paeof Attorneys and Stdents
ton: 21050B, Michigan Union
13.330.5073, jcrtin@amich.edu
nor.United for Eqality and Affirmatie
ion for Intevening Organiation, BAM N,
edother student inteenors
ochee by Honorable Cnstance Baer Mtley
row: 4:38 p.m.
ation: Uniersity of Michigan Law Schol, Rm. 250
Huchins (State and Mnoe Stet
tac: CharlttelJohnso, 734.615.0019, chjumich.edu
poss: Uniersity o Michigan Lw School and
aloges tee Diversity
RhScinces ML Pane Dcusion
nelotfaculty and Students
mwit 53pi-7:30pir
ion: Alumni Center
:Patricia Sherman
734.647.1911, triss~umcedu
se: The Schools of Dentistry, Medicine, Nursing,
Pblic Heath, Social Wrk,the College o Pharmacy
adthe U-M Hspitals and Heath Cetem
Fireside Cht Discussion with ames Duderstdt
10mw. :00pm
Loction: BursleyffaIl/MLK Lounge (West Side
Cnac: William Johnson
734.763.3994, wilyhn@engin.umich.edu
sporm: The Burley Famiy
"The Gospel at clnes"
limw 8:00 p.m.
Ltiow: PowerCenter
Cotact University Musical Society, 734.764.2538 or
80.221.1229 umsti@umichedu
sponos: Unversity Muscat Society, Office o the
Asoiate Provost for Academic Affairs, Lila Wallace
eaders Digest Audiences forhe Performing Arts Network,
MI Bank, and media partner WEMU, 0.1 FM
Images o Identitis Presents..
ime 8:00pm
Lction: Michigan League Underground
Cotac: Tifany Cain
734.998.0941, tcain~umich.edu
spom: Michigan League Programming Board
Cuturn Bus
Field Trip
Tme: Three half-day, morning tours.
;Contact: Judy Crcelius
34.647.9085, judihtc@umich.edu
Sponsor: Ofce othe Vice President for Research,
Tchnology Managemen Office, and the Division
it Research Development and Administration
lte: fthiseent Is NOmled to staff of the above
mentioed offices
nris tips willalso be offrrrnianuay 23 and 29.
hysican Leadership i the Civil Rights
Movemet-Hutsrlle, Alabama 1962
LecturhySonnie Hereord
riwe: 8:00am-gO0am
Location: Mental Child Heath Center Auditorium
Cntact: Terecek.liner
34.544.3212, joiner@umich.edu

Sponsor: The Departmenteof Pediatrics
StudentsfEngaged hICommunity
Poster Pruetation
0mw 1000am-6Oapm
Lcation: Michigan Leaue Bathoom
CAotact: Sandra Gregerman
734.998,9381, sgregr@umich.edu
Sponsor. Colleeof Litemature, Scince andlthe Arts
the F:ghiftoOWeeAfflorieieAction-
Where DogWe fGoFrem Mre?
Pesentation and Discussion
1mw: 400pm
Lcation: Parker Room, Michigan Union
eontact: Jessica Curtin
313.330.5073, bamn@iimich.edu
Spoiisor. The CoitoniteDefend AfirinativeeAction
by Any Means Necessary
tuentoshIthe COlMMA"y.
k Celebrat
Student Panel Presentation
aed lectuebyoDean Patricia Garin
lowe: 400pm.5-30pin
Lcation: Vandenberg Room, Michigan League
Catact: Sandra Gregerman
34.998.9381, sgreger@umich .du
Sponsor: Collegeeof Literature, Sciece and the Arts
rme: 7:30pm
ocahion: Mendelssohn Theatre, Michigan League
Contact Almea Korthase
134936.1055, ndmamk@emich.edu
jeonsor1999 MLSymposium Planning Committee

brced Mediw OOMatlcullurt a IntF
Nurhoshop and Discussio
Ne: 30pm&0p
Location: Michigan Union, Room 2105A
Contact: Moniqee Plaza
734.668.1378, mplaza~umich.edu
Sponser. Mioed Initiative
taclstw Is Istem the Solution?
Lectur and Dialogueewith Saleem Nhalid
rmw: 7:00pm
Location: Pendleton Room, Michigan Union
Contact: Diba Rub
734.213.3155, dibalumich.edu
Sponsor: Muslim Students Association

TeManig Behind the ance for
Mter Earth/Ann Aror Pow Wow
Film and Discussion, Shannon Martin, speaker
mie 3:00pm-5:Otpm
Lcatiow. Student Activities Building,
Maize & Blue Auditorium
Contact: Edith M. Betcher
734.763.4123, emcb~umich edu
Sponsor: Office of Finacialid
Blrafast Optics
Lecture y Athonyohson
ime: 4:10pm
Location: 340 West Hall
otact: Eline Sima
734.936.0657, moneeumicherl
Spisors: Physics Department,
end CUOS Visiting Fellows Program
1989 Midwestern Indian
American Students.Conference
me: 12:00pm
Location: Michigan Union Pendletn Rom
Cotact: Aani Shedh
734.764.7767, sheha@omich.edu
Sponsor: Indian American Student Association
Ntw: Conference .111 ronmfrom fday,)omar22
throogSendayianary 24. Reg~stati sa qokuotire
Transportatien and Seciet
Smac with Thoms Walker
me: 12:O0pm-2O0pm
Location: Michigan Union, Peeton Resin
otac: Jonathan Levine
734.763.0039, jeine~emih.edo
Sponsors: Gmeat Lakes Cnter for Trck and Trasit
Research, Transportation Rseach Institute, and
Uran and Regional Plannig Program
Success Strateiestor Mienrties
the 21 st Century Businesoworld
Panel Discussion
Timw, 2:Opm4:Opm
Lcatiow: Room 1276, Shoed of Business
Contact: Marcus Hars
~34.763.0648, harriom@umich.edu
S posou Ernst & Yong LIP
Thlrsttor Waters: Cutural Identiies
f the People and Artists et Carriacn
Art Elhit
Time 4:00pm-7:O0pm
Location: CAAS Gallery and Rom 209, West Hall
Contact: Shawn K. Aexander
734.332.0329, aleohh@umich.edu
Sponsors: Cnter for Ao-American & Arican Studies,
Michigan Associationutf Blck Graduate Students,
and Caribean Peoples Assciation
Lecture by Otis Hndersoo
1110: 4:00pm-5:O0pm
Location: Oliphant-Marshall Auditorium
Contact Jennier Scuff
734.647.3199, jenjazz4umich.edu
ponsors: Department otOphthalmology
isionsuof DiverityTeam
Ncriciandoel Lenzw El Art Ltion
Caressig the Canas Ltinoirt)
rtEhibit and Reception
Bmw: 9:O0am-9:Opm Daily
Loation: Trotter Huse
Cntact: Cynthia Ramire
34.647.3873, rarirecumih eda
posos: LSPA and La Vux Meicans
1Rot ~ w Thehbtnw ruurminaylS
"3dAmmul 1999 M~wesern IdlanAmercan Stdete
mw 1200 p.m.
Lctn:Michigan Unin, Peddeton Room
Cotc:Aani Sheth, 734.764.767, sitha~omih.edu
SpnorIndian American Student Association
'The Peope ad Their S f t N OTaes"
Panetarium Show

Timw: 12:38 p.m. and 3:38 p.m.
Locatiow: Planetarium, Exhibit Museum of Natural History,
Rntheen Museums Bldg.
Contact: Matthew Linke, 734.647.1381,
Sponsors: Exhibit Museum of Natural History, and the
Ofice of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
lute Tickets are $3.25/adulls, $3/seniems, and the
children 12 and under.

AN...Ltinoa Leadership:
Past, Presont & Future
Pnel Discussion with Maro Manuel Vasque,
U-M faculty, and Student Leaders
ime: 3:00pm-5:00pm
Lcation: Cesar Chavez Lounge Moser-Jordan
Contact: Veronica Sachez
734.332.6056, rnnysan@umih.edu
Sponome Aianza
"The People and Their Sy: Afrian Sy Tales"
Planetarium Show
ime 3:00 p.m.
Location: Planetarium, Exhibit Musum of Natural History,
Ruthven Museums Bldg.
Cntact: Matthew Like, 34.647.31,
Sponsors: Meuom of Natural History, and the Office of the
Associate Provost tor Academic Affairs
Note Tickets are $3.25/adults, $3/sniors, and the chil
dre 12 and under.
"3rd Annual 1999 Midwestern Indian American Students
Time 12:00 p.m.
Location: Michigan Union, Pendleton Room
Contact: Avani Sheth, 734.764.7767, shetha@umich.edu
Sponsor: Indian American Student Association
yng the Systems. Lawyers and Racial Justice
Panel Discussion
ime 4:00pm
Location: Room 250, Hutchins Hall
Contact: Chung-Han Lee
734.913.4912, chunglee@umich.edu
Sponsor: Michiganlounal of Race and Law
Moving Beyond the Retonic:
Affirmative Action and Education
Lecture y Tot Shawefollowed by
a Panel Discussion with Students
ime: 6:00pm
Location: Rackham Amphitheater
Contact: Damon Williams
34.936.1055, damoow~umich.edu
Sponsors: MLK Sympsium Planning Committee
and The Black Law Students Association
"Theo People and Their Sky: Arican Sky Tales"
Planetarium Show
tme: 1230 p.m. and 3:30 p.m.
Location: Planetarium, Exhibit Musum of Natural History,
tuthven Museums Bldg.
Contact: Matthew Linke, 734.647.1381,
Sponsors: Ehibit Museum of Natural History, and the
ffice of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
ote ickets are $3.25/adults, $3/seniors, and the
children 12 and under.
e Shall Overcome
Concert y the Msaic Singers
rie: 1:00pm
Location: Residential College Auditorium
Contact: Kate Mendeloff
734.647.4354, mendeof@umich.edu
Sponsors: Residential College Drama Concentration,
ast Quadrangle, and Residential College Diersity
"The People and Ther Sy: African Sky Tales"
ilanetarium Show
rme: 3:00 p.m.
Location: Planetarium, Ehibit Musem uoNatural History,
Ruthven Museums Bldg.

Contact: Matthew Linke, 734.64.1381,
Sponsors: Exhihit Museum of Natural History, and the
Iffice of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs
tote. Tickets are $3.25/adults, $3/soriors, and the
:hildren 12 and under


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