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January 29, 1999 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-01-29

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8'"- The Michigan Dolly - - Today, January 29, 1999 I'm chubby, my mom's chubby, my daddy's chubby, even my dog's chubby. One day mom said, "Chubby, why don't you smile?" And 1 said, Mom, this one's for you"I



RC Players to present scenes

'H.A. 3' still rockin' and rolli~n-'
To find out all the exciting details about the 14-month anniversary of "Home Alone 3," hold your Danily up to a mirror.

By Jonni Glenn
Daily Arts Writer
The selection of scenes from a popu-
lar film and Broadway musical may
draw more attention to this weekend's
"Evening of Scenes" RC Players, the
residential college theatre group, puts
on the event once a semester to show-
case the group's talent.

Evening of
East Quad
Tonight and tomorrow
at 8 p.m.

The five scenes
come from works
such as the musi-
cal "Rent" and
the film "Chasing
Amy." The event
will also feature a
scene from Neil
Simon's "The
Odd. Couple:
Female Version"
an adaptation of
the movie. "I
hope that when
people see that
we have more

Boheme' where the characters sing
about their young, independent
lifestyle in the Village of New York
City. "The scene from 'Rent' is really
good," Katzman said. The cast mem-
bers "look like they're having a lot of
Other scenes in the event have sur-
prises in store. This performance of
"The Odd Couple: Female Version"
features a special twist, Katzman said.
The other scenes include "The Death
of Trotsky" written by famous play-
wright David Ives and "Hold for
RC Players uses "Evening of
Scenes" to find more interested stu-
dents to participate in future shows.
The fall semester's event proved suc-
cessful in that respect, Katzman said.
This weekend's "Evening of Scenes,"
the third of its kind, features one more
scene than the previous show and
almost twice as many people.
About a third of the 30 cast members
from "Evening of Scenes" never per-
formed with RC Players before. Four
of the five scene directors are also new
to the organization. "I think definitely
it's great that we have these four new
directors who are getting some experi-
ence before-they try for a bigger pro-
duction," Katzman said.
"Evening of Scenes" offers these

students a way to focus on the learning
experience. "RC Players was created
and came about because there aren't a
lot of theatre groups in the university
that are willing to take a chance on new
faces'" Katzman said. "This is a way to
welcome them in without the actors or
the directors having to make a huge
RC Players, which is open to any
interested student, gives non-Theatre
majors the opportunity to participate in
shows. "It's mostly people whose pri-
mary interest is not theatre, but they
still want to get involved in theatrical
productions," Katzman said.
Holding the "Evening of Scenes"
also garners attention for RC Players'
other shows. Forty-five students audi-
tioned for "God" by Woody Allen,
which will be the next RC Players per-
formance. Normally around 20 people
try out for the shows, Katzman said.
Added interest helps case the chal-
lenges of incorporating the scenes into
one show, since more people are con-
tributing to the group effort. "I think
the fun part is taking all these little
pieces and seeing them come together
in one big show you never could have
imagined," Katzman said. "Each of the
actors and directors brings something
different to the show, so each scene is

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well-known work being presented that
it'll spark their interest, and hopefully
they'll come see the show'" said RC
Players publicist Becky Katzman.
Craig Von Kempen directs the scene
where Holden accompanies his unin-
terested crush. Alyssa to the bar in
"Chasing Amy." The scene from
"Rent" consists of the song "La Vie

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FOX debuts new animated family comedy

I . -I

By Dikran Ornekian
Daily Arts Writer
Animated shows appear to be the "in" thing these
days. Within in the past few weeks, not one but three
new animated sitcoms have popped up in prime-time
line-ups. Three weeks ago, Fox introduced "The PJ's'"
then earlier this week UPN released "Dilbert" and
now Fox strikes again with "Family Guy'" a show
heavily influenced by another of Fox's own animated
series - "The Simpsons"
To say that "Family Guy" is merely influenced by
"The Simnpsons" is something of an understatement.
At times it appears as nothing more than a
"Simpsons" clone. The "star" of the show, Peter (Seth
McFarlane), is an overweight, somewhat stupid, alco-
hol loving, negligent worker, whose simple-minded
schemes get him into trouble, despite his good inten-
tions. Sound familiar ? It should, for all intent purpos-
es Peter is Homer Simpson, just without the charm
that has made Homer an American icon.
The similarities don't end there. Peter has a house-
wife that, like Marge Simpson, serves as the moral
conscience of the family. Most of the jokes that occur
in this pilot episode, from the satire of "The Brady
Bunch" to a jab at Hitler, are all very "Simpsonesque."

This is not entirely a bad thing, but since much of the
humor appears obviously derived from another show,
it makes many of its jokes seem stale.
The pilot episode involves Peter losing his job (on
account of his gross negligence), which then leads
him to commit welfare fraud, while trying to keep his
wife from finding out. Along the way, he seeks advice
from his best friend, Brian
;~(McFarlane), a talking dog.
Brian gets much more- screen
Family time than he deserves, and it
Family makes the show drag on. As
Guy humorous as a talking dog may
sound, Brian simply does not
Fox evoke laughter. This "dog with
Sunday, after the an attitude" consistently tries to
Super Bowl be sarcastic and it never works.
Three children make up the
rest of the family in "Family
Guy." While Chris (Seth Green),
the 13-year-old, obnoxious,
seemingly brain dead older son
doesn't have much screen time in this first episode, his
character has potential. His sister Meg, the self con-
scious, teenaged daughter who, more than anything in

the world wants collagen lip implants is, if anything, a
bit annoyinig -but nowhere near as annoying as B
One character may be able to pull "Family Guy'Wt
of mediocrity - the young baby, Stewie (Alex
Borstein). Stewie isn't just a Maggie Simpson-like,
pacifier-sucking pacifist. Instead he is a diabolical,
deviant little boy - a genius hell-bent on taking over
the world. Unfortunately for him, his over nurturing
mother keeps getting in his way by, confiscating his
evil inventions.
This makes little Stewie angry and when Stewie
gets angry - Stewie kills. Stewie's antics give the
show gets most of its laughs as his mother says to lb.L
"Why don't you go play in the other room?" he co~d-
ly replies, "Why don't you burn in hell?" For now,..it
seems the show's future success lies on his sma~ll
At times, "Family Guy" can be a funny show, and
there are even a few Stewieless moments that may elic-
it a few snickers, especially a John MaddenlSuper
Bowl satire. That said, "Family Guy" is at its best in the
few moments when it attempts to be more than a mere
"Simpsons" clone and strives for a bit of originality.
While the show isn't on par with the upper echlo )f
animated sitcoms, it definitely has potential.



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Why, you may ask? Well, let me tell you. The word "panties" is just a word'
that simply means nothing of any significance except a stupid little four-year
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but in all honesty, it's such a turn-off; I'm telling you with as much honesty as,
I can muster. And while some of you think that this is such a "subjective" ide-
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women find "panties" a disgraceful word to the annals of the English langua
Because we support you in your romantic endeavors, I thought that I'd fill y
in: Underwear is a far better term than the "p-word." Stay away. You're better
off that way. Good Luck!
- Kristin Long

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