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January 29, 1999 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1999-01-29

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The Michigan Daily - Friday, January 29, 1999 - 3


Straight from the mouth of the camera

By Photo Dailydogs
Warren Zinn and
Margaret Myers and
Adriana Yugovich
Pranay Reddy, set, go! Here we
begin on our long poem
About the daily, our second home.
Laurie Mayk is the leader of this
Motley Crue. Without her, none of this
we could do.
A is for Adamy, Janet leads the
class. If you're late for a deadline,
she'll open a can of whoopass!

Next comes Chris Metinko, as an
editor he's keen and Marla can really
"Hackett," she works like a machine.
Jason Stoffer's a crime note whiz.!
And Jeff Eldridge's columns will
make you laugh hard enough to whiz.
Erin Holmes, her dad is not John,
with just one beer, she's really gone.
Sarah Lockyer reads all the letters
to the editor, we read them everyday
and they always get better.
Jim Rose, with you everyone had
beef, you could not pick a winner, I'm

sure your bookie never has grief.
Sharat Ra. . . ju! you Jewish
Cheerleader, go get my car, it's right by
the meter.
Mark Snyder - always the voice
of reason, you kept most of us out of
jail all football season.
Will Weissert and Chris Tkaczyk
there's nothing that rhymes with your
names, I'm sorry to say you've been
removed from our game.
We knew Bryan Lark wasn't just a
shot in the dark, and those Long, Long

nights with Kristin gave us a spark.
The Fine Arts of Anna Kovalszki
made the paper simply classy.
Jenny Curren, you are so sassy.
James Miller you're a New Yorker at
heart, your ability to offend is truly an art.
Nathan Ruffer, we call you Nate
Dawg, you truly shoot like a daily.dog
Kelly McKinnell, spent a semester
at sea, but now that she's back she
brings us such glee.
Adriana Yugovich might be called a
bitch. But I tend to disagree, you light

up our lives like a X-mas tree.
Margaret Myers, Absolut Fun, is
what we'd call you; you can knock back a
fifth before your work is through.
Warren Zinn, you steal every good
game, "if we wouldn't laugh we would
all go insane!"
I believe Jimmy Buffet said it
best: "Reading departure signs in
some big airports remind me of the
places I've been."
- J.B. Key West FLA. represent
Class 0'1999.

Intramural hockey team
says bus driver was mean

,,w "

By Michael Grass
Mary Markley Bureau Chief
When a University Nite Owl bus driver
didn't stop to pick up a group of eight stu-
dents early Monday morning, a series of
events unraveled, including the formation
ofa human chain across South University
Avenue to block the driver's path.
Members of the Deadwings League B
University intramural hockey team - the
eight students involved in the incident -
and Bus Operations supervisor Jim Oliver
met yesterday to clear up the incident.
The team members, all first-year stu-
dents, claim a Nite Owl bus driver refused
to pick them up at various stops.
According to a Department of Public
Safety incident log, the bus driver said she
could not pick up students at the first Nite
Owl stop because of bad road conditions,
and when she approached another stop,
the students began to hit the bus with their
hockey sticks. At that point, the bus driver
refused to let the team members on the
bus, the DPS log states.
After the team's I I p.m. hockey game
at Yost Ice Arena, LSA first-year student
Kevin Bettsteller said "all we wanted to
do was to get back to (Mary) Markley"
Residence Hall.
After their game ended around mid-
night, the Deadwings waited for the Nite
Owl at the Yost stop on Hoover Street
with bags and their hockey equipment,
members said.
Nite Owl bus 702 soon approached
but stopped about 15 seconds after
passing the students, allowing two of
the team members to get on the bus,
Bettsteller said. The remaining
Deadwings then picked up their gear
and started to walk to another Nite Owl
stop at State and Hill streets.
Members of the Deadwings suspect the

bus driver may have associated them with
a group of area residents having a snow-
ball fight nearby and not wanted them on
her bus, but the Deadwings said they were
not involved in the snow squabble.
One of the two students who got on the
bus, team manager Chris Fortunato, an
Engineering first-year student, and the
bus driver asked if he was getting on the
bus and Fortunato asked her to wait for
the rest of his teammates.
"I couldn't believe how mean she was
to me. I was so nice to her, Fortunato
said. Fortunato added that the bus driver
told him she didn't need to wait for the
rest of them and drove away.
"Apparently, she didn't want to deal
with our 'hoodlum nature,"' Bettsteller
When the bus approached them at the
corner of South State and Hill streets, they
went into the street to try to flag the Nite
Owl down, but Bettsteller and other mem-
bers said the driver "swerved" around
them, crossing the double yellow line and
driving through a flashing red light.
"It was then obvious that she didn't
want us on the bus, Bettsteller said. "We
were so angry - then it became a matter
of principle."
A few members of the Deadwings,
now angered that the Nite Owl passed
them a second time hit the bus with their.
hockey sticks. "We were just trying to get
her to stop'" LSA first-year student Ben
Erickson said.
Deadwings member Nate Greenberg,
an Engineering first-year student, said
their actions make them sound like a mob.
"The DPS report made us look like a
bunch of street rats looking for a fight,"
Greenberg said.
The morning's events culminated when
some of the Deadwings forced the bus

driver to stop the bus near the South
University Avenue Nite Owl stop outside
the Shapiro Undergraduate Library.
"So we stood shoulder to shoulder
across South (University) with our hock-
ey sticks," Bettsteller said.
According to the log, the Deadwings
members started to hit the bus again with
their hockey sticks, took off with the Nite
Owl's gas cap and began "cursing and
Greenberg and other Deadwings mem-
bers denied that they hit the bus again
with their hockey sticks. But Greenberg
admitted that many members, caught up
in their anger, began to curse and scream.
"The DPS (incident log) blew the situ-
ation way out of proportion," Greenberg
said. Greenberg said they may have
frightened the driver when they attempted
to talk with her at the South University
Avenue stop.
DPS officers arrived on the scene after
the bus driver called for assistance.
Members said one one officer said the
team members were permanently banned
from riding the Nite Owl.
Oliver said DPS does not have the
authority to ban people from the Nite
Owl. DPS spokesperson Beth Hall said
the students involved were banned from
the Nite Owl that night and no police
report was filed.
After their meeting yesterday, Oliver
and the Deadwings members said they
resolved the confusion and "everything
was agreeable ... back on page one"
Oliver said.
Bettsteller said Oliver told them he
would talk to the driver about the events
that occurred Monday morning. The bus
driver could not be reached for comment.
"We just wanted the apology and the
right to use the Nite Owl, Bettsteller said.

This is the Daily's favorite hangout, the Brown Jug. These are some random people that are eating here. One man is
reaching for his pitcher of beer.
*alyDay eniorSay alutesav
Theay ownBray ugay

yBay ef6Jay dridgeElay
Old School Holdover
udentsStay areay ixedmay onay iversityUnay
esearchray, residentPay lintonCay's peachmentimay
:Wnday aqilray anctionssay.
utBay ere'sthay oneay ingthay allay ailyDay affersstay
ovelay - theay traordinaryexay alityquay ofay theay
rownBay ugJay.
Theay ugJay, ocatedlay atay 1204 S. iversityUnay
Ave., ashay eenbay aay ailyDay trongholdsay orfay ever-
alsay earsyay
"It'say aay oodgay lacepay toay elaxray anday win-
dunay afteray theay akedNay ileMay," aidsa LSAay
eniorsay anday ailyDay anagingMay ewsNay itorEday
anetJay amayAday.
deedInay, theay ugJay ashay ttractedaay enerationsgay
9fay ailyDay tafferssay ueday otay itsay asualcay mos-
phereatay, eapchay oodfay, mokysay airay anday cerbay
"ureSay, it'say otnay ealthyhay, utbay obodynay ives-
lay oreverfay," aidsay effJay dridgeElay, LSAay eniorsay
and ormerfay ailyDay olumnistcay.

Theay rownBay ugJay's irstfay-ateray electionssay
cludeinay izzapay, pinachsay iepay, readbay icksstay
anday aay eliciousday iceay-reamcay reattay alledcay
eannieJay's reamDay.
utBay theay ugJay isn'tay nownkay ustjay orfay
ervingsay upay atelay-ightnay eatsay anday opious-
cay itheerspay ofay olsonMay. henWay theay
ailyDay ootballfay ritersway ookedlay orfay aay
ealthyhay reakfastbay, eythay urnedtay toay theay
ugJay everyay ootballfay aturdaySay inay Annay
"Weay entway erethay eforebay everyay ootballfay
amegay isthay earyay, anday theay ervicesay otgay
lowersay everyay imetay. utBay enthay againay, isay
itay eallyray portantimay etherwhay ouyay etgay eat-
whay oray itewhay oasttay?" aidsay imJay oseRay,
LSAay eniorsay anday former ailyDay ortsspay itore-
"at'sThay artpay ofay theay je ne sais quo," addeday
ranayPay eddyRay, aay usinessBay eniorsay.
-Editor.' note: This article was written in Pig Latin as
a means offurther educating the University Community.

w a

Superbowi Sunday

't0 1O"'C
h "'



AAADC to host conference

By YaeI Kohen
Daily Staff Reporter
-The Arab-American Anti-
Discrimination Committee will be
heilding a conference beginning tonight
and lasting through the weekend.
-Conference Coordinator and
Treasurer of AAADC Amer Ardati
cribed the event as "Arab-American
students' activism."
Throughtthe conference, "'we
would like to go in depth on these
topics," Ardati said, as well as get-
ting "to know each other on a per-
sonal level"
The AAADC has two goals it hopes
to accomplish this weekend. The first is
to consolidate and organize Arab-
American groups around the nation,
adding that due to the lack of commu-
ation between various Arab-
erican groups, there is a "need to

The second goal of the c
to introduce Arab-America
the public. There will be sp
various parts of the countr
speak on five key issues, sai
LSA senior.
These issues includ
activism, issues of identit
mental justice, women'si
media stereotypes and disci
By exploring issues of i
group aims to help firsta
generation immigrants to fin
between American and Arab
Ardati said.
Inreference to the wom
that will be discussed att
ence, the AAADC aimst
forum for Arabic women1
can talk about issues affe
Traditionally, Arabic cult

conservative and women's issues are
onference is very complex, Ardati said, and hope-
n issues to fully women will be able to address
eakers from them.
y who will The environmental justice aspect of
d Ardati, an the conference will deal with ethnic
neighborhoods, which involve aspects
e student of race and ethnicity conflicts, in the
y, environ- Midwest as well as the Middle East,
issues and Ardati said.
simination. The AAADC hopes to convey that
identity, the "we're people like everyone else," and
and second try to eliminate the ethnic stereotypes
nd a balance that movies. and the media portray,
bic cultures, Ardati said. Such movies include "True
Lies" and "The Siege," he said.
nen's issues The conference is not just for Arab-
the confer- Americans, but is intended to include the
to create a University and general public as well.
where they "These issues aren't exclusive,;
cting them. many other minority groups have to
ure is very deal with the same issues, Ardati said.

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What's Happening in Will Weissert's Hometown Today

"Caressing the Canvas:
Contemporary Mexican Art
(Acariciando El Lienzo: Arte
Contemtoraneo)," Sponsored by
Latino Students Psychology
Association, Trotter House.
Q "Gap Potluck Shabat Dinner and Tu
B'Seder," Sponsored Lawyers
Club. Law Quad.

Latino Students Psychology
Association, Trotter House.
Sponsored bysLatinonStudents
Psychology Association, Trotter
Q "Weekly Rummage Sale," Sponsored
b The Kiwanis Club of Ann Arbor,
Kiwanis Building, 200 S. First St.,
corner of Washington, 9 a.m-12 p.m.

Ecology Center, The Michigan
League, Vandenberg Room 2 p.m.-
Q "Caressing the Canvas:
Contemporary Mexican Art
(Acariciando El Lienzo: Arte
ontemtoraneo)," Sponsored by
Latino Students Psychology
Association, Trotter House.
U "From the Great Lakes to the Dead
Sea," Students discuss Middle
East Peace Process. Sponsored

State Street
2900 S. State
North Campus
927 Maiden Ln.

"Best Pizza In the
Big Ten"

1531 Washtenaw
753 S. Grove Rd.
a .* r*.r . .

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