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October 23, 1998 - Image 18

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The Michigan Daily, 1998-10-23
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October , 1998,-1ootball Saturday# The Michigan, Daily ,d9



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Michigan offense too powerful

By Jim Rose
Daily Spors Editor
Here we go again.
Jarious Jackson and Donovan
McNabb, in all likelihood, have been on
the TVs and VCRs in Bloomington this
past week.
And why not? With the way those
two option quarterbacks handled
Michigan earlier this season,,there's no
reason to think Indiana coach Cam
Cameron & Co. won't be looking for
every hint they can find for today's game
in Ann Arbor.
Three games into the conference sea-
son, Indiana, and not Michigan, owes its
success to a freshman quarterback. He's
smart, he's fast, he's all the rage - and,
wouldn't you know it, he just happens to
run the option. Just Michigan's luck.
So here we go again. In a week that's
usually a breather - usually the gear-up
win that leads into the crucial stretch of
the Big Ten schedule - the Wolverines
are faced with the unenviable task of
defending Antwaan Randle El, the elec-
tric freshman whose athletic ability has
made Indiana - well, a real team.
Without further ado, let's get to the
matchups. We'll start, of course, with the
one everyone will be watching ...

Randle El runs the option, and he
runs it well. And judging from past per-
formances, Michigan's defense would
seem to he just his type.
But in reality, after a pair of early-
season disasters against the option, the
Wolverines have more than righted
themselves against the run. With the
down-linemen as healthy as they've been
all year, and Dhani Jones likely returning
from a knee injury that kept him out of
action last week, Michigan's defense
should be jumping.
And if anything's certain, it's this:
The Wolverines are just dying to prove
that they can, after all, stop the option.
Having said all that, Randle El will
still run like the wind.
Here's where the Wolverines could
be most vulnerable. Like the rush
defense, the secondary has made strides.
Unfortunately, many of those strides
have been in pursuit of runaway
Actually, that's too harsh. Everyone
sees that D'Wayne Bates caught eight
passes last week against the Wolverines,
but few remember that once the game
progressed to crunch time, the secondary
tightened up. Bates didn't catch a single

pass in the fourth quarter.
But, with 189 yards passing per
game, Randle El has consistently made
run-wary defenses pay. And you can bet
that Michigan, with its option history in
mind, will be stacking the line.
With Marcus Ray still out of action,
today's game will be a serious test for the
likes of Andre Weathers, James Whitley
and the safeties. All, no doubt, have
something to prove.
Having said all that, Randle El will
pass to his heart's content.
This is starting to sound familiar
Here's where it changes. With the old
In the prequel to the Mud Bowl,
Justin Fargas slipped, slithered and
slopped his way to 130 yards last week
in what Lloyd Carr termed "one of the
finest performances" he'd seen by a
freshman at Michigan.
More encouraging, at least to Carr,
was the fact that Fargas didn't fumble.
And with slasher Clarence Williams
catching passes out of the backfield, the
Wolverines might just be able to do with-
out heavy hitter Anthony Thomas for
one more week.
Thomas is still questionable, but his

Fargas gets the start after an impressive perfor-
mance against Northwestern. Michigan's depth is
too much for the Hoosiers.
Edge: Michigan
----------------------------------- -------------------
Hoosiers have one option: Randle
El. He might be enough to counter
an entire defense.
Edge: Even
----- ----- ----- ------------------- ---
Once again, Randle El's the main man. If the option
sucks in Michigan's secondary, look out. A Paodle El
on the move is a dangerous Randle El.
Edge: Indiana
Brady's strong play should continue against an aver-
age Indiana secondary. Planet alignment suggests
that Tai Streets is due for a big game.
Edge: Michigan
_ _ - - - --- -- --. -- -'.... .I. . - . . -....- --- -- ----.
Jason Vinson: Goal-line accuracy.
Jay Feely: Upright accuracy.
Indiana's punter: No. 11 in Big Ten.
Edge: Michigan
------------------------------ ---.---------
Indiana has the option. Michigan will opt to kick off.
Michigan runs the ball. Indiana runs the baseline.
Ah, but 107,000 fans can help on defense.
Edge: Michigan


No. Player
a Gods, hersie
3 Clancy, Narlin
4 ConoroO.
5 Williams, Levron
6 Shaw, Patrick
7 Haniford, Earl
8 Schaffer, Dein
9 Spencer, 0O.
so Rndle El eutis
11 Randle El, Antwaan
12 Roders, lay
13 Enright, Syle
14 Jones, Tommy
15 Bethel, Ron
15 Taveroer,,Matt
16 Kramer, Tnrr
17 Hadan, Gibran
18 Lamar,,James
19 Graham, Derin
20 neldell, Greg
20 Mutterer Matt
21 Tucker, Maurice
22 Wallace, Sharroii
23 Browning,nyroe
24 Floyd, Macus
24 Drummond, J.R.
25 Grubbs, Deion
2e Hogan, De'Wayne
27 Smit,1Jusin~
28 Spear, Jason
29 Ellis, Raheem
so Payne, Andy
31 Fanklin, Frankie
31 Robinson, Jeff -
33 Johnson. Glynn
34 Rodgers, Brandon
34 Kaiser, Andrew
35 Udy, Vince
37 Evans, Jake
38 McGrath, Michael
50 Muffti, icyle
40 Gall, Chris
41 Jensen, Greg
42 Parish, Ruoert
45 Dotson. Jerry
44 Ballou, David

Pos. Ht. Wt. Etig
WR 510 173 Sa.
cB 510 191 So.
W 6-2 171 So.
WO es63 202 So,
S 5-11 190 Jr
QB 6-2 210 So.
Whip 61 231 Fr,
CB 511 185 So.
Co 153 r.
QB 510 177 Fr.
QB 611 1 .
FB 60 235 Fr.
QB 6-4 215 Fr,
WR 6-2 190 Fr.
TE 6-1 220 So.
wR 6-3 203 Jr.
QB 65 225 Fr.
LB 6-1 220 Jr.
WR 5-10 177 So.
S 60 188 Fr.
K 5.1 146 Fr.
CB 511 185 Fr.
Co 508 176 F,
WR 60 172 So.
tB 5-9 183 So.
P 6-2 204 Fr.
RB 5-9 189 So.
RB 6.0 217 So.
R/COSBB 200 Fr
FB 511 230 Jr.
WR 5-11 171 Fr.
K 510ill187 So.
B 5-1 20 0Jr
LB 63 205 Fr.
RB 58 192 So.
S 63 21S F,.
FB 61 208 Fr.
Whip 61 229 Jr.
K 510 170 Fr.
1S5.1 189isor.
1 5 191 Fr.
FB 61 233 Sr.
D 5-8 172 So.
18 61 220 Jr.
LB 6-0 216J r,
Ft 60 235 So.

Bobay, Bryan
KraSt. Patrick
Hagan, Drew
Rials, Matt
Golebiowski, Steven
Goodman, Josin
Scaletta. Mike
Gorman, Jamarkus
Mallory. Patrick
Shields, Brady
Allen B.J.
McWlliams, Jason
Goodi,on 0,
Gecina, Brad
Oseft. Garon
Abbs. nrevor
Stealy. 1as0n
Myler, A.C.
Cantwell, Jay
Conley, Breandon
Snyder, Matt
Broyles, James
Frink. Jamil
Czap, Jason
naylor, Bret
DeMar Enoch
Johnson, Jeremy
Mandina, Pail
Ehosara, Pita
Gregory, Damian
DeArmond, Nate
Miller, Chad
Robeen, Craig
Baumgarten. Doug
Brandt, Bobby
Capen, Tim
Maxwell, Randy
Davis, Chris
Anthony, Stephen
Mntzer, Sterling
Osika. Craig
Mobley. Aaron
Abruzzo, Nick
tasmussen, Koop
Ogunleye ,Adewale
Brown, Tony
Nelson, Sean
Braoei Gordon
Wiiams. Aaron

DT 61 266 Sr.
P 510 187 Jr.
K/P 61 202 Fr.
LB 60 0 211 Fr.
1.0 63 220 Soy.
LB0 5-10 200 Fr,
G 64 295 Fr,.
C/G 6-3 27D So
1.0 62 236 Sr.
DT 61 260 Sr.
G 65 340 Fr.
LB 62 210 Fr.
G 62 300 Fr.
10 62 224 J.
T 6-7 281 Fr
C 67 270 Fr
G 64 3081,r.
G 64 305 Fr.
G 64 251 Fr.
LB 5-11 200 So
Cd 63 280Jr.
G - 306 So
DT 6-4 250 Fr.
DI 6-3 250 Jr.
T 68 300Fr.
T 6.5 31S F,.
T 66 288 Jr.
DE 64 235 F,.
on 64 266 So.
n 65 295lJr.
DT -3 301 Jr.
G 64 296 Fr.
C 64 2691,r.
T 65 3091.
T 6-7 297 Jr
TE 6-7 240 Fr
WR 509 167 Fr.
7E 63 243 Jr.
WR 6-3 215 Jr
FB 64 235 Fr.
T 67 249 Fr.
7E 65 248 Fr.
DB 510 195 Jr.
DE 66 261 So.
01. 63 249 Fr.
DE 65 260 Jr.
Whip 62 240 So.
DE 6-3 235 Fr.
Dn 62 260 Jr,
DE 64 250 So.
DE 65 263 Sr.

Relax, it'sonly
y our future we're
t aki ng ut.
Voted "Best Test Prep in Ann Arbor"
by The Michigan Daily "Best of Ann Arbor 1998" readership poll
lTest names are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
The world leader in test prep

presence would stack the deck even fur-
ther in Michigan's favor. Not that it mat-
ters. The Hoosiers are respectable
against the run, allowing 134 yards each
game, but that doesn't matter, either.
With its offensive line clicking, few
teams can bang with Michigan up front.
Indiana isn't one of them.
Back in August and September,
many people might have projected this

game as a potential freshman vs. fresh-
man matchup behind center. Tom Brady,
however, was probably not one of those
people. The junior has been as steady as
steady can be, guiding Michigan's
offense and improving with each game.
Although last weekend's Sigma
Alpha Epsilon-like field conditions
helped a couple of Brady's passes wob-
ble more than a burn outside The Blue
Front, one statistic was themost glaring
of all: Zero interceptions.
If nothing else, Brady took care of
the ball. And his team followed his lead.
Jerame Tuman's timing on that sneaky
delayed dump over the line of scrim-
mage is impeccable, and Williams flash-
ing out of the backfield has become one
of Brady's most reliable fallback targets.
But come to think of it, we haven't heard
much from Tai Streets lately. Expect that
to change this weekend.
Although senior linebacker Jabar
Robinson leads the conference with four
interceptions, the Hoosiers' leader in the
secondary is Randle El - Curtis Randle
El, that is - the older brother of the
quarterback. Curtis earns points by way
of association, but that's about it.
Indiana's secondary is in trouble if
Brady controls the ball the way he has in
recent weeks.
Another turnover-free performance
See MATCHUPS, Page 5

The 1998 Indiana schedule
Date Team Site Oct. 17 Iowa Bloomington
Sept. 12 W. Michigan Bloomington Oct. 24 Michigan Ann Arbor
Sept. 19 Kentucky Lexington Oct. 31 Ohio State Bloomington
Sept. 26 Cincinnati Cincinnati Nov. 7 Illinois Champaign
Oc.t 3 Wisconsin Bloomington Nov. 14 Minnesota Bloomington
Oct. 10 Michigan State East Lansing Nov. 21 Purdue W Lafayette
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