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February 27, 1998 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1998-02-27

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8 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, February 27, 1998


Guttermouth chuckles into Shelter4

By Cohn Bartos
Daily Arts Writer
If you take a name like Guttermouth, you'd guess
that a band with such a name probably acts kind of
rude and obnoxious and speaks with the eloquence
and tact of a drunk truck driver. You'd be right on the
ball if you were talking about this band.
Guttermouth, another Southern California export,
is a five-piece band where band members basically
made their reputation with their totally un-P.C.
observations on life and a fun spirit that recalls the
beginnings of punk, when bands weren't careful
about what they said and weren't out to impress any-
one. Vocalist Mark "Half-Empty" Adkins, guitarist
Eric Davis, drummer Capt. Jares T. Nunn, guitarist
Mr. Scott Sheldon and bassist Steve Rapp fuse the
intensity of hyper-speed punk music with the lyrics
and rhyming schemes of a bathroom stall wall.
"We do write very juvenile," Adkins said in a
recent phone interview. "We know it, but that's how
we write. We don't put too much thought into it ...
We clown around; it's non-stop."
During the span of seven years and four full-length
records, Guttermouth's made .at least a few jaws
drop. Even the band's latest record, "Musical
Monkey," is chock full of more words of wisdom
including a commentary on how punkers take them-

selves too seriously ("Baker's Dozen").
"When I first got into this punk stuff at 14, there
was punk ... not like today's hardcore who all have
their little rulebooks and dress codes and whatever
- weird New York stuff," Adkins said. "The
hardcore bands were the ones that were way more
aggressive like Black Flag and the Dead Kennedys
everyone was the same"
"Now its so separated. It's
kinda bothersome that every-
one has to have their own
Guttermouth genre of music and claim
they're from a certain area."
The Shelter Adkins particularly can't
Tomorrow at 6 p.m. understand the whole concept
of straight-edge. "They're not
getting anything accom-
plished, No. 1. And they all
grow out of it, number two,"
Adkins said.
"My parents, they were
totally down for their stuff but
they grew out of it. Everybody
does. They try to change everything while they're
young, then they graduate from college or whatever,
get married, buy a house, and forget about every-
thing. I think we're one of the few bands that sees

thai. We'ri or. likc reali-ns
Another song "Abort Mission," deals with vegats.
The band photo on "Musical Monkey" is cven a
hamburger. "It's the best tour food. I et two or three
a day, and we've gotten into it with veyn mnd vege-
tarian bands before, ictailly isifiihts and stuff
because our diets didn't match and they get rW
upset about it
Guttertiotith's careful about where it play,, too.
"They could send us to Casper, Wyoming, but
10cowboys are going to show up and vandalize your
car, which happened to us in a smll town injcltas
before, where we didn't belong ... it was really ugly"
Adkins said.
So, as you can see, the boys are just making
friends all over the place. And this new found popu-
larity going to make Guttermiouth as big as the Spice
Girls, correct? Not if Adkins is right "You need
good looks and talent. One more strike and wQ're
definitely out"A
Guttermouth might not make the Top 20, but it
will make you chuckle. Check the band out, ilong
with old school jokesters Toy Dolls and Detroit's
own favorite ska outfit, Telegraph. [lave a blast,
have a beer and get a preview of the new
Guttermouth live album, due to be released in a cou-
ple of months.

Members of Guttermouth challenge any norm which music audiences may expect.

'Boy' saves
Friday night
on ABC
By Jie Lin
For the Dily
Yes, February sweeps month,the
dompetition ofthe airwaves, has arrived
yet again and will last until March 4.
We wait and qluestiont: Who will walk
iiway with the crown this tite?
Last year during November sweeps,
ABC came in
dead last in the
war of the three
BOy Meets big networks with
the peacock net-
World work, NBC cad-
*-ing the way.
ABc In other words,
Tonight at 8:30 and ABC is in desper-
9:30 p.m. ate need of a wiii-
"Boy Meets
World" does its
part iicontribut-
nI to February
sweeps by airing
two brand new episodes on Friday night
as part of its T(IF lineup.
"lii first episode, called "Tornt
Between Two Lovers." is the basic stor
O boy meets girl, boy falls in love with
girl and boy breaks up with girl. After
seeing each other through thick and thin,
fong time lovers Cory Matthews (Ben
Savage) and topanga Lawrence
(Danielle Fishell) have decided to call it

uvenile plot cripples 'Tribe'

1 - 'J

Jennifer Love Hewitt guest stars as Jennifer Love Pfefferman tonight on ABC.

quits after Cory admits to having cheat-
ed on her.
The two actually broke rip on
Valentine's Day in an earlier episode.
Topanga got a hold of a letter meant for
Cory .and reads about Iris kiss with
Lauren (Linda Cardellini) at a ski
In tonight's episode, the two try to
patch things up. but find out that mak-
ing up is harder than breaking up, espe-
cially with a third party involved. The
two have to work through a lot of con-
fusion. misunderstandings and broken
in the second episode of the eveningi,
"Party of Five" regular Jennifer Love
Hewitt guest stars in "And Then There
Was Shawn." 1er character Jennifer
Lov e 'fefferman, is a suspect inl the mur-
der spree that takes place at John Adams
High School. Students and teachers are
trning up dead left and right.
I-ow did ABC get Jennifer Love
Hewitt, i rising star in Hollywood, to

make a special appearance? She just
happens to be the girlfriend of Will
Friedle who plays Eric Matthews,
Cory's older and better looking brother,
err the show.
Now into his fifth season playing the
adorable Cory Matthews, Ben Savage
has wormed his way into our hearts
playing a regular teenager juggling
school, family and a relationship. While
this is a common premise for the show,
Savage has created quite a name for
himself playing Cory.
Savage follows in his older brother's
(Fred Savage of "The Wonder Years"
fame) footsteps; he is made for the role
of a teenage boy struggling with adoles-
cence. Just as we couldn't resist the
charms of Kevin Arnold then, we cant
resist the charms of Cory Matthews now.
Until Savage outgrows hits lovable
character like his brother did, "Boy
Meets World" will be around on the
TGIF lineup, fully entertaining its audi-

By Gerard Cohen-Vrignaud it takes no great genius to figure tt
Daily Arts Writer that when you have a single father-1m1 a
Does the prospect of seeing Richard Dreyfuss wearingjust a sassy blond woman you'"e going to hise
loin cloth and colorful body paint turn you on? If so, Kappendo r ai element of romance. Krippend it
"Krippendorf'sTribe," an inane and moderately funny comedy, Tribe seduces Micelli, gets her drunk, dre sscs
will provide you with plenty of kicks. her like a native and then tapes their pt-
Teeming with juvenile humor, "Krippendorfs Tribe" is a making so he can produce a video show-
film that attempts to be touching and funny at once. But the At Brarwood and in" the Shelnikedmu Tribe's matingrit
movie achieves neither; the cliches of the plot cripple ahowcase
"Krippendorf." At this point, one might suggest th't a
The film stars Richard Dreyfuss as anthropologist James person like Krippendorf should not be
Krippendorf, a recently widowed father with three kids, his raising children. A man who lies,'lies
"tribe." Krippendorf has a research grant designed to be used some more and then seduces a wtait
for research into the discovery of a new tribe in New Guinea. and tapes them in the act is in despefate
But instead, he uses it to raise his children. need of psychological help.
Krippendorfs children are supposed to Somehow, the process of inventing a tribe and lying to the
be lovably dysfunctional. But they're not nation brings the professor and hits children together. As
so much lovable as they are stereotypes. expected, the mute younger child speaks up at tr erid
Just as predictable as the children f to defend his father, so transforni l
Krippendorf himself is unable to has he been by the whole charade.
communicate to them, falling r Ain't that a wonderful message'
asleep watching videos of a trip It's certainly no Oscar-winning
with his wife and children to New performance, but Dreyfuss is passable-as
Guinea. Krippendorf. Eilan, living up to the hype,
What can bring together this dysfunctionalis surprisingly engaging as the ambitiolts
family? The answer comes in the form of career woman.
Krippendorf's colleague Veronica Micelli (Jenna The best performance comes from Lily
Efmran). She informs Krippendorf that he is supposed Tomlin as Krippendorf's professional nemesis
to deliver a speech on the "undiscovered tribe" in New Prof. Ruth Allen. Tomlin is catty and wicked just
Guinea. Distressingly enough, all of the money enough to make us root for the ele
from the grant has been spent on his children. Krippendorf
The professor's answer to the problem is to For all the stupidity of the plot,
make up the existence of the Shelmikedmu -'Krippendorf's Tbribe is at times funny.
Tribe. When he finds out he must provide There are circumcision jokes and prims
visual evidence of the tribe, Krippendorf sheathes. Crude as they may be, they oten
involves hits children in the lie, dressing work. So, if one is able to ignore the
them up as tribal members and filming abysmal character development and a
them involved in arcane back-yard rit- Courtesy of Touchstone Pictures suspect storyline, it might be possible
uals Richard Dreyfuss gives Jenna Elfman a lift. to laugh at the jokes.

Comic Opera Guild presents
Feb. 26 - 28 & Mar.1 matinee 1
Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre
Tickets: SKR Classical Records, 539 E. Liberty
Mendelssohn Box Office (763-1085)

Proyas' disturbing 'Dark City' delves into futuristic film noii

Continued from Page 5
Just when Murdock feels he cannot pos-
sibly get more confused, he receives a call
from someone named Dr.Schreber(Kiefer
Sutherland) telling him to get out of there.
Before he could ask any questions, the
good doctor tells Murdock that the
Strangers are coming to get him, and he
should leave, post haste. Murdock doesn't
know much at this point, but he knows not
to look a gift horse in the mouth. After lie
successfully avoids the Strangers, lie
spends the rest of the fni piecing togeth-
er the mystery that is his life.

The mystery comes together nicely, as
a good puzzle should; the audience finds
the clues as the characters do which is a
nice touch. Clues come from different
places: Dr. Schreber, Murdock's wife
Emma (the stunning Jennfier Connelly)
and Bumstead (William Hurt), a cop
modeled afterthe great film cops of the of
the film noir era. All the clues have some-
thing to do with who he is, and more sig-
nificantly, who those pesky strangers are.
The Strangers are a hybrid between
Death and Nosferatu - they are rather
supernatural and have the white skin that
Michael Jackson could have after a few
more operations. To top it off they have

the power of Tuning. the ability to con-
trol people and objects with their minds.
As the Stranger in charge of capturing
Murdock, Mr. Hand (Richard O'Brien)
is one of the most ghostly, creepy char-
acters in recent cinematic history.
O'Brien is the last guy who you would
like to run into in a dark alley. His surre-
al face and eerily soothing voice are rem-
iniscent of Hannibal Lechter.
The story has but one fault, and unfor-
tunately, it lies in the climax. The scene
is laughable, which is usually not the
intention of a drama s ending. The movie
suddenly switches from a film noir with
a sci-fi background to a cheesy sci-fi
thriller. But one cannot allow the conclu-
sion to ruin what is two hours of quality
With such recent films as "L.A.
Confidential" "Palmetto" and now "Dark
City," could Hollywood be headed back
toward the popular film noir of old? Let's



Jennifer Connelly vamps her way
through "Dark City.
hope so. "Dark City" is triumphant in
goal to entertain and mystify the audience
with a great story and breathtakinig rimaes

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