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April 20, 1998 - Image 16

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The Michigan Daily, 1998-04-20

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16 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, April 20, 1998


Seniors Say Thanks!
Presented by the Alumni Association

To: "Je-per" Molano
From: Melissa Jugo
Thank you so much for helping me from
day 1! You are a wonderful friend and I
wanted to tell you how much I appreci-
ate you!
Love, Melissa
To: DK (my stargazer)
From: Jenny Godb
Thank ou r your iendship -
Peabo y's, atimore, trips to Meijer...
To: CN (mon petit poutine)
From: Jenny Godby
Thank you fur being there for all the fraz-
zled la e-nght calls. Te amo.
To: Ray Coleman
From: Stephanie Schultz
Ray, you made going to college worth-
while. I can't even imagine a ife with-
out you. You understand when I had
late group meetings and homework and
were always there for me. Thank you
and I love you.
To: Angela Lueking
From: David Cabral
To the Corn Queen of Nebraska,
Once you reach the top of the mountain,
remember to roll down it. I love you so
much. From David.
To: Kisha Daniels, bud
From: Daphne Burgida
Thanks for being the GREATESTfriend
ever! I will miss getting in troub e with
you! I was a sheep... Love ya!
To: The girls of 857
From: Jennifer Kosutic
These past four years have been the most
satisfying and memorable years of my
ife. Iwantto thank all ofyou for mak-
ing those memories so special. I will
miss you!
Love always, JK

To: JanisDinnel
From: Scott Sizemore
Janis, thanks so much for your friendship
during my years here. You took the time to
help meout even when you didn't have it. I
can't tell you how much your friendship has
meant to me. Thanks! P.S. You'd better
write! :)
To: Ellen Chien
From: Kevin Rochford
I'm so happy that the co-leader on the other
side of the court became my best friend.
From Cali/ABC to NY(PD)?, Star Buffet to
"Super Thursday," through all the memo-
ries, laughs, and tears, you've put a smile in
my hear. Thank you Ellen.
Love and smiles always, Kevin
From: Cory Lott
Saying Good-bye doesn't mean I'm for et-
tig . eace out to: 3rd Ghetto, MM AC,
3r Nasty, Res. Staff, studying, worthwhile
classes, Markley, Mo, , Uiion parties, my
ex, "friends," my "real" friends, my money
that paid for this, the best time of my life.
Thanks to everyone and everythiig that has
touched me!
To: Sarika Bhatnagar
From Rakhi Shah
Sarika, I don't even know where start. I can't
believe that there are going to be no TB lunch
dates next year! I am going to miss them. I
wish you the best of luck in your senior year!
Since you will be a senior, dcxpect lots of
visits, okay? : ) Thanks for all the good
times we shared. Iam goiig to miss ya next
year. Love, Rakhi : )
To: Charlotte Benke & Stephanie
Schultz, friends; Chem. Engineering
From: Lisa Keyser
Ladies, thank you for all the good times we
had. I will always remember the woo-woo
and the scenic Mount Everest. I could not
have made it to where I am without you.
Good luck in the future; you never knox'
iwhat adventures it may hold.

To: Rakhi, Nimisha, Sarika, Sonia,
Meenakshi, and Sunita
From: Sareeka Dayal
A girls best friends will always be a girl's
best friends. My college memories begin and
end with you. I love you guys. Rakhi,
December 2nd is where it alt started...you and
Nimisha have been there since the begining.
Damage control!
To: Erin, Charlotte, Lisa
From: Stephanie Schultz
College is much more than books, home-
work, and classes. It is an experience. My
college experience was great because of you
guys. Yurfriendship has helped me
through bad classes, professors that must be
insane, late night meetings, and dorm prob-
lems. 1lam lucky to have you as my friends.
To: Poochie
From: Rakhi Shah
Poochie, I know you hate that name. I will
come up with a new one - I promise! Thank
you for beinga part of my life for the past 4
years. Words cannot describe how much I
care about you and love you. I know next
year is going tobe hard but I know we can
do it. EL FYOU!!!!
Love always and forever, Snuffy
To: Dale Lawrence
From: Celeste A. Headlee
These have been two very difficult years for
both of us, and ou have been like a rock
through it all. would notbe who I am, or
where I am, without you. Thank you for you
unwavering support and love.
Ich Liebe Dich, Mein Schatz
To: Stephanie S. & Lisa K.
From: Charlotte Benke
Thank you for the BEST spring break ever!
You saw me at my best (Razzoo's) and worst
(Alien Baby) and you stood by me the whole
time! From Mt. Everest to Woo-Woo Land
and Papaya Valley, you will always be in my
heart and somedoy, in my wedding! Luv ya!

To: Baharat
From: Sareeka Dayal
If I had to choose one person who has made
my last year at this university the most
inemorable, it would be you. Thank you for
your friendship, supporf, strength, and belief
to ine. I an confident about the future...
To: Nicole Miller, Jessita Kudrick, Lisa
La Mastro, Abbey Apt. E
From: Julie Guith
Thank you girls for creating such wonderful
memories for me. Our senior year will
alwaysbe a special memory because of our
laughs, our long talks and our love lives!! I
love you guys - you are the best!!
To: My friends at Michigan
From: Rakhi Shah
To my friends at Michigan, especially
Amy, San jayMichelle, Geeta, Gita,
Sanjay,NeeDavid, Nimisha, Sui,
Ashley, Meenakshi, Althea, Christine,
Janae, and everyone else I am forgetting:
The past 4 years have been incredible.
Thank you for all the memories. I hope
each and every one of your dreams come
true. Take care and keep in touch! Love,
Rakhi : )
To: Kelley
From: Krista Antczak
Thank you for the M SU football week-ends,
"hey, You at the...," Top Gun, Greektown on
St. Patty's, trips to Kalaiiazoo um. Adrian,
birthdays (yours, mine, Sharon's), trips to
State, taco laf and cheerio stories, pints of
Ben & Jerry, hockey games, and nights spent
talking about everything and nothig.
Thani, Krista
To: Shawn Reiser
From: Todd Gladis
Dear Shawn,
I just wanted to stop and reflect on the four
years of love and support you have gisven ne
over our careers atM ichigan. You have been
my inspiration to succeed in all ofomy future
endeavors. With all respect, thank you.
Go Blue! '98 Todd Gladis

To: Daphne Burgida
From: Kisha Daniels
Bur ida! You're the best. It's been fun & I
wish you much success.
I was a coi... Love ya!!
From: Nirav Shah
I want to send a special thank you to all of
m friends who made these last four years
o rgettable. I also want to personally
thank Terry, MB, and ohn, in the OGL, who
have been invaluable friends and advisors.
Last, but not least, thanks Mom and Dad for
To: Yvonne Lim
From: Rakhi Shah
Vonners, I can't believe the days of the lean,
mean, green, keen fighting machine are over!
School next year won't be the same. .. wo
our big studying (procrastination) sessions
at the'librar, late nithI TB runs, and prayer
services in the car! Texpect a visit so we can
check out the ambience of the KY TB
(remember Toronto). Love Rakhi :)

To: Nadia and Erica
From: Sareeka Dayal
Thank you for all of your support
during the days of U PS. ai so
pud f racmplishiii'its.
Because of you, my leadership experi-
ence was unforgettable.
To: Garett Gould
From: Julie Guith
Go Green, Go Blue! Thank you for
always listening, caring artd mking
me laugh. I love you Gouldini! Go
To: Calvin Huicang
From: Rakhi Shah
Cal, the p ast two years have been lots
of fun! I told myself that since this
was a public message - I had to be nic
to you! Trust mei t's hard! :)
Anyways, I wanted to say Good Luck
next year, and try to keei sone u'amen
for the other men of this world! Keep
i touch! Love, Rocko : )


To: Sareeka Dayal To: Julie Postma
From: Rakhi Shah From: Steven J. Bednarski
Sar; Four years ago When I walked into the Julie has always been there for me.
1st IASA intg, Ididin't know I would find She's incredibly supportive, works
one of my best friends. Thanks for al'the hard, but alwaysfoiund time to pat
good tines ... laughm crying, talking, those on the back far doing a little
shopp but most all fr beiig you. Goad extra. She has been an incredible
luck at Anderson, I wish you all the best. asset in my life the last 3 years and
Loze, Rak : ) willmissher a to :<


To: Carrie Rubenstein
From: Jennifer Richards
To my BE. as your girls would say. Until we
are within shouting distance again, you will
be deeply missed everyday. As our worlds
have combined into one, I have loved more,
learned more, and lied more than I ever
would have without you.
I love you. Jennifer

To: Ken and Sharon
From: Krista Antczak
I don't really know how to say thank
you for everything you have one for
me. Your love and support is very
much appreciated and it greatly
enriched im college experience at
U of M Thankrou
-Love Always, Kris


FA A 3 A

To: Kerry Yurewicz, GSI
From: James Berry
Thank you to genetics GSI Kerry
Yurewicz for meeting on a Sunday after-
noon for (ma hours cb help me prepare for
the exam the next day!

To: Edward Burnett, Trotter House
Facility Coordinator
From: Tesenga Sha'Duncan
Ed, from the day that I arrived on campus
until the day I leave you have been and contin-
ue to be a blessing to me. I thank God that he
put you in my path, and I pray that you con-
tinue to prosper in everythiig you do.
Sincerely, Tesenga Sha'Duncan

To: Peter Alt, Facility Manager To: Susan Gow, Undergraduate Student
From: Stephanie Schultz Advisor
Thank ou Pete for giving me a great From: Giuseppe Cusumano
studen job. You are a great boss and a Thank you for being here for me throughout
great friend. I would not be able to make myfur year experience at the University of
it through college without your help. Michigan. You helped me make important
decisions in which I didn't have the knowledge
or experience to make myself. You were enthu-
siastic and supportive of my accomplishments
and provided me with a positive outlook in the

To: Pat Materka
From: Melissa Jugo
You are the greatest mentor in the whole
world! I want to thank you for being there for
me these pastfew years. Your guidance,
patience, and wisdom have helped meso
much. I will miss you!
Love, Melissa
To: Lori Isom, PhD, Asst. Professor,
Pharmacology Dept.
From: Laura'Mattei
Lori, I can't begin to describe how much
working with you has meant to me. Thank
you so much for welcoming me into your lab
and gii mg me the chance to work with such
svone r people. I will never forget all you
have done for me. Thank you Lori
To: Maria Dorantes, Spanish Lecturer
From: Faizah Shabazz
Maria, I would like to thank you for being a
very su pportive advisor. You were cheennig
forise wiien I needed you. You are more than
an advisor, you are afriend. Thank you.

To: Fiona, Richard, Corinne, Amy, and
Dan, Faculty and GSI's in Organizational
Psychology Department
From: Sareeka Doyal
This area of learning has been extremely bene-
ficial to me. Thank you for all of your uid-
anice and su pport suer the yeoros!Ysuur hard
awork and dedication have made our educa-
tional experience one that we can be proud of!
From: Patrick Holcomb
A special thanks to Andy Lawlor. Thanks for
all your help and advice. Youreforts have
enriched ny experience at the Uiiersiyof
Michigan Busimess School and provided me
with many skills for my future.

From: Laurie Barringer
I would just like to thank some of the excel-
lent instructors who made sure that I
received a good education as well as some
lessons in ife. Some of these people include
Reg Williams (psych), Judy Wismont (mater-
nity), Maureen Thompson (critical care), and
Gail Gerding (community). Because of all of
you I si a better person. Thank you.
To: Valerie Suslow, you were responsible for
my first impression of the Michigan Business
School. Your energy and dedicalion are
To Joel Kahn, thank you for taking such a
personal interest in your students. Your
class, negotiations, is one of the best.
To Helen Fox, Professor, English Comp.
From: Charlita Daniels
Helen: To you I oze you my writing skills, a
large part of my people skills (Face 2 Face),
and my best experience at U-M. Thank you
for the encouragement, the recommendatins,
and the sinceri . I will always have endless
praise for the E B!
Sincerely, Charlita

To: Dental Hygiene Faculty
From: Dental Hygiene Class of 1998
A big THANKS Is all of the dedicated
and hard working people that instruct-
ed us over the past three years! Your
hard work and dedication have made
our educational experience one that we
can be proud of!
To: Marty Johnson, Graduate
Student Research Assistant,
Environmental Engineering
From: David Cabral
Dear Marty, thanks for being such a
constant source of inspiration and
motivation! Good luck with your
studies. From Dave....
To: Eric Mann, Lecturer
From: Jennifer Richards
I will always call you my teacher.
You have truly taught the important
things. The time and energy you
iivested into us will always be
remembered. Thank you.



To: Helen Olson, Academic advisor,
From: Patti Radakovich
I would like to thank Helen Olson for
helping me nd a way to receive two
degrees infaur years, one of them a BBA
no less. anks for your help when
everyone else told me it couldn't be done.
You re the best!

To: Carla Sinopoli, Professor of
From: Patti adakovich
Professor Sinapoli- Thanks for helpisug sue
make sure that I had all the classes far my
concentration, giving me the Smithsonian
contacts, and spporting me in getting a
double major. You made college'ife alittle
less stressful- thanks!

To: Robin D. Stephens MSW, JD,
Academic Advisor
From: Charlita Daniels
Robin: When we first discussed nis career
goals you told me I should go to astern. I
said, 'NO WAY!" Four years later Iam glad
I didn't if only for the wonderful advice, sup-
port, and encouragement. You are a person I
will always admire and surely neuer farget!
Always, Charlita

To: David Williams, Professor
From: Daphne Burgida
Thank you so much fr being the greatest teacher, mentor, advisor, friend ever!

To: Mary Jo Frank, staff
From: Jennifer Richards
Thank you r your words of wisdom, your thoughtfulness, and your kindness over the last two
years. Your advice has been my savimg grace. I ve come a long way since the physics disaster.
Thank You.

To: Professor Robert Cox
From: Erin Haddix
Thank you for making learning for the sake of learning fun again. Your dinosaurslgeolo-
gy class was so much fun. Good luck in the future.

"m® 0 =Eel J14

To: My Parents and Grandparents
From: Jenny Godby
Thank you for making this possible - I
hope you know how much you mean to
To: Mom & Dad
From: Laura A. Pylat
Well, you two, I'm nally done...thanks
for making it possible!
From: Gregor Strazar
Ob zakljucku studia bi se rad zahvalil
predvsem svojim s/arsem za vso pod-
poro. Zahvala gre tudi Pozavarovalnici
Sava za kritje solnine - kmalu nasviden-
je! Gregor

From: Kevin To: Nucie and Tadara, Mother and Sister
To mom and dad, all the people of leaders '96, From: Tameka Arnold
Fiona's Lab, SAPAC, kerseylwilliams, the You have been there far me through thick and
emsler, and all the ULChappelites, unionites, thin, providing help financially, with day care
"Live" plaers, and everyone that's shared a and with love. Thank you for everything girls.
smile and hasgh... Thanks for everything. You know I love ya!!
Have a nice day! Kevin

From: Nicole Miller
Mom & Dad: Thanks for giving me the most
important things F-re,m education.
Bonman& bE st Friends -
Thanks for the most UNFORGETTABLE
four years of true BLUE friendshi ps.
Alpha Phi: You ladies are simply the best.
JBurgess: friendship, Iam me because of
Chambers: Rock on Buddy.

To: Anne Spruit,Mother
From: aco . S pruit I
I woullike to thank my father, brother, rela-
tives, friends, and God. Fuzould like to extend
a special thank you to my mother. She has
taught me a lot about life and people, sacrifced
many things, and always been with me. Sho's
my mam imispiration and reason I'm here.

To: Elisabeth, wife
From: Sam Valenzuela
Thank you Elisabeth for uprooting yourself
from your Arizona home to come to the
Michigan climate, for working hard and pay-
ing the bills that I generated, for understand-
ing the demands and stresses this degree put
on us, and most of all, thank you for always
being there and for your unconditional love.
To: Jeremy, husband
From: Kelly Buckingham
My special person that I really want to thank
is mn husband Jeremy. He has been part of
my bfcso lolg now, I don't know what I
would do without him!!! He has really sup-
ported me throughout not only school but
every minute we have had. I love you!!!

To: Mom, Dad, and Valerie
From: Lisa La Mastro
My four years spent at UM have been mem-
orable.iwvr without your kind
thoughts, reliable advice, and words of wis-
dom, I would never have made it through the
tough times college lfe often presented.
Thank youfor your love and support. Ilam
goisg tomissaurdearl y,'bullI know usher-
everl am and whatever do, you will all be
behind me 100%. I love you. GO BLUE!
Love, Lisa

To: Mom, Dad, Grandma, and many
From: Pamela Kalte
My Michigan diploma is testimon of
your fai encouragemen t; it is the resu t of
humily, faih, friendshipand love. I
know t t lam blessed, and I always
thank God for all of you.
To: Tim and Donna Guith, Parents
From: Julie Guith
Thank you for all of your support
through the years, your friendship and
yaiur love.You mean the world to me. I
hove you!


From: Lisa Ingall
Mom, Daniel, & Casey: for you constant support, encouragement, and love;
Amit: for listening, loving me, and counting down;
Mike: for always holping me find the humor in Chem.E;
Everyone else: for making the past four years my happiest and mostfulfilling yet. I love you all, and good luck!!

To: Anyone you may have met in college
From: or Eaton
Reevess..416 Hamilton...1501 Washtenaw...1361 WC..my WB friends...my DSB friends...Cancun...Florida...Vegas...Engineering to nothing
to Kinesiology...the single life...the "married" life (my Emmy)...I will never forge you all!! I love you Mom, Kevin, and Snuffy! I did it


The Alumni Association congratulates the Class of 1998 upon their graduation.
You join 400,000 other alumni as "Leaders & Best!" Good luck in all your future endeavors.
Go Blue!



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