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January 22, 1997 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1997-01-22

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4 -The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, January 22, 1997
Ann Arbor, MI rt = 6NOTABLE QUOTABLE An ope Tr
420 Maynard Street RONNIE GLASSBERG 'But let us never forget, the greatest progress we t
Ann Arbor, MI 48109 Editor in Chief have made and the greatest progress we have yet to esident
Edited and managed by ADRIENNE JANNEY to make is in the human heart.' Bollinger
Edte an aae yADINEJNE ear Mr. President,
students at the ZACHARY M. RAIMI - President Clinton, delivering his second inaugural address D realize that you have a daunting
University of Michigan Editorial Page Editors task in front of you. In a few weeks
you will have to take the reins of a
Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of the majority of the Daily's editorial board. All Jim LASSER SHARP AS TOAST huge, prestigious university. You
other articles, letters and cartoons do not necessarily reflect the opinion of The Michigan Daily. have to take responsibility for more
than 35,000 stu-
Rom THE DAILY dents, a massive
S 3E HAVIN A DREAM budget and a
3 board of regents
k., that is, due to
Fareedoni to hide ,)rudnth
R tohideproblems sur-
cP7 rounding the
FOLA amendments foster secrecy rmore ski
ast Wednesday, Gov. John Engler late procedure. In the past, parties appealed tish than Chuck
signed a bill restricting public access FOIA denials with a lawyer directly through son at a pJson
to documents under the Freedom of circuit court. The new guidelines will allow \ Apathy is hardly MILLER
Information Act. Michigan House Bill parties to channel initial appeals through , CS a new trend
4849, scheduled to take effect later this internal administrative bodies before going among people of my generation, so I
j a won't waste our time with quotes from
year, contains a provision that will no to court. "Slacker" or Oasis lyrics. There is,
longer require public institutions to offer a At the University, initial appeals will go however, a feeling of discontent in the
reason when choosing to deny FOIA before the Board of Regents. The new r student body regarding your position.
requests. The old law required public agen- appellate guidelines may ultimately hinder More specifically, no one cares.
requsts agn- ltimtel hiderDuring the reign of former Preside
cies to explain their decision to withhold the appeals process. Parties opposing FOIA James Duderstadt, the University prey
letters of recommendation and references. denials will unlikely elicit a different dency became a cold and autocratic
Under the new law, university FOIA offi- response from an internal body of the same institution, with back-door deals and
cers may reject document requests without institution that already denied their request. campus politics. Yet for all of
explanation. The legislation undermines the The interior organization often will have the LETTERS TO E ardry and alleged chicanery, the average
spirit of public institutions. same interests as the institution-at-large; that a teacher telling African homelessness. Lack of full- meathead on the street really didn't even
Michigan's latest information access hence, it will have the same ruling. Death American children that they time jobs that pay a living notice. I think I speak for quite a few
restrictions close one of the public's few A better approach to the FOIA appellate coercion, not are using improper English wage, the elimination of wel- students when I say that we could have
will somehow harm the fare and social services and, had Francis the Talking Mule running
windows onto collegiate presidential procedure would parallel the process prac- with dignity child's self esteem. Don't above all, the need of the show for the last eight years and it
K earches. Neither the students, who presi- ticed in Florida, where initial appeals go '~6"'7 teachers tell "white" students employers to be able to point wouldn't have spilled too much beerO
ential searches directly affect, nor the immediately to trial court in an expedited they are using improper to the homeless threateningly this side of State Street.
communities, whose taxes fund public u- system. Appeals from the trial court travel To THE DAILY: grammar when they use it? before they drop our wages This is not to say that your job is
You assert that the prima- And, isn't youth the period of another notch - these are easy. The president is expected to be
versities, will have guaranteed access to immediately to the appeals court, enabling ry reason to legalize physi- time when human beings are the true causes of homeless- on top of dozens of issues daily and
information about candidates or selection parties to obtain a final ruling within a few cian-assisted suicides is to most capable of learning sev- ness. Homelessness is institu- when the fit hits the shan, you are
procedures. The new law comes on the days. Another favorable procedure prac- allow professionals the eral languages? Yes, it is true tionalized in America, as are expecte4to not only clean it up, but do
heels of legislation passed at the end of the ticed in some states brings initial appeals opportunity to establish valid that the parents of many racism, sexism and anti-les- it in su a way that it seems like you
guidelines ("Granting liber- inner-city African Americans bian/gay bigotry. enjoy it The commanding officer is
Michigan Legislature's 88th session that before a governor-appointed non-court ty," 1/15/97). speak improper English, or The Ann Arbor City respon jble for whatever happens on
relaxes the terms of the Open Meetings Act, panel; challengers do not need lawyers. This The fact is that the pre- Ebonics. Council's main "concern" for his watch, even if it includes covering
making meetings for presidential searches process makes appeals more accessible for requisites for broad-based But, children spend most the homeless has been con- the mistakes of career administrato
less visible to the public rivate citizens, who often lack the finan- implementation of assisted of the day at school where, cern to keep them out of the Bu s far as the nuts and bolts of your
suicide are not in place. First, hopefully, they will be sight of aspiring Wolverines job go, most students, including myself,
Together, these new guidelines consti- cial resources to obtain legal counsel. It also according to physician sur- exposed primarily to proper and their parents. So, it was are in a purplish haze about the entire
tute a trend toward increased confidentiali- allows parties without vested interest to veys clinical expertise in English. Children will also not surprising when, recently, affair. Issues like hospital privatization
ty of public university operations. Such evaluate FOIA cases. Both of these proce- terms of pain management, watch TV, listen to the radio the council ignored six and other practical matters are distant at
depression diagnosis and sur- and if we're lucky, read months of requests by the best in the minds of most students, and
secrecy will undoubtedly cast suspicion dures prove superior to the process outlined vival prediction is lacking. books. Most of the subject homeless for the abandoned really only matter to Michigan Student
onto selection processes and erode trust by the new law. Second, the autonomy matter presented in these armory on Ann Street and Aembly resume jockeys and tightly
between the public universities and their The state's latest measure to revise the patients already have by way media will be in proper instead announced plans to wound Daily staffers.
surrounding communities. For the FOIA appellate procedure and to limit public of advance directives and English. It is a shame that turn the site over to a devel- Ouderstadt concerned himself
Universitymaintaining a healthy relation- access to documents effective precludes the requests for pain control is some misguided individuals oper for 10 more high-priced nost exclusively with these affa
g y y P not exercised or respected. are suggesting that African condos. At this point, the 4nd consequently was about as popu r
ship with the community is essential to pre- public from gaining insight into important Finally, the economic American children are either National Women's Rights and recognized on campus as Pat
serve the many organizations and services it university actions. The University should not pressures on terminally ill too "sensitive" to have their Organizing Coalition joined Buchanan at a Cinco de Mayo party.
"operates in conjunction with Ann Arbor. operate under a closed-door system and patients are such that with grammar corrected in school forces with homeless leaders To most students, you are a figure
the offering of assisted sui- or worse: African Americans to create the Homeless Power head. You can't cut our tuition, break
The new amendment couples document- should forge an open, honest relationship cide the pressure to submit to lack the language-learning Union. HPU has built an
release restrictions with a revamped appel- with its students and the community. it would be inordinate. capacity the children of so independent campaign in What we are looking
Without a level playing many other races seem to Ann Arbor to fight for power for is a face to attach
field for health care, there have. for the homeless and their
will be no dignity in assisted As a minority student supporters - centering to the bureaucracy.
suicide, only coercion. We myself, I have to put up with around the demand of
want to incite good care of individuals stating I only got "Armory for the Homeless!" up the price-gouging bookstore
Court m ust overturn unannounced searches the dying among health pro- here by a "quota." I am We are determined that monopoly or lower the puritanical
fessionals, not killing. Why offended that now someone is the Armory will be a home- drinking age in the city limits of Ann
reaking and entering is a crime - freedom. Soon officials could be busting extend unsatisfactory clinical trying to say that certain less shelter. Our marches of Arbor. On issues that would make you
unless it's perpetrated by the local down the doors of tax evaders and traffic skills and insufficient health minorities are not only get- 80 to 100 people to the last most popular with the student body,
. care provision to a new realm ting ahead in life by a quota, two council meetings, culmi- you probably can't do anything. Sorry,
b police. Recently, the Wisconsin Supreme violators because they might hide their tax before we've rectified inade- but that certain minorities nating in the council's fright- but we're kind of fickle that way.
- Court gave police officers the right to enter forms or their car keys. Eventually, the quacies in the current one? lack the language-leaming ened shutdown of its own But we are easily impressed. And we

houses unannounced for all drug searches. Fourth Amendment might become a dust capacities so common in meeting earlier this month, tend to have short attention ans.
This ruling violates the privacy rights mark on an old law book. ROSEMARY QUIGLEY "other" races. We need to end have not dented the determi- These are your aces in the hole. If you
LAW SCHOOL this crap. If grade-school nation of the council to fun- have a notion to win some brwi
bequeathed upon all citizens. Law enforce- Fortunately, the U.S. Supreme Court has teachers are doing their job tion as the mouthpiece of points with John Q. Wolverine on nw
ment officers, like all other visitors, should agreed to hear an appeal of the Wisconsin right to begin with, it doesn't business interests. We must street, it's really not all that hard.
have to knock before entering. case. It is imperative that the Court over- English over matter what is spoken in a rely on our own power. What we are looking for is a face to
In 1995, the U.S. Supreme Court, in a turns this ruling. Knocking not only satis- child's home! African, Latin, Neither HPU, NWROC attach to the bureaucracy. A regular
. . Ebonics Asian and white Americans nor the Washtenaw County guy as our commander in chief.
unanimous decision, ruled that officers fies a basic rght and courtesy -- usually, it all have the capacity to learn Shelter Association have the Students here are used to feeling like
must observe the knock-and-announce rule is the most advisable course of action. Most proper English. The sooner funds or the intention to pur- Alex from "A Clockwork Orange;" that
2 as a general principle. But it left lower- states require it on the grounds that it pro- TO THE DAILY: they are exposed to proper chase and fund our new shel- is to say, small and tightly catalogued.
court judges to determine exactly when to tects privacy, prevents the destruction of I normally wrte you to English, the sooner they will ter - it must be paid for by We squeeze into lecture halls with
attack and otherwise belittle learn it. the city. The new shelter will sometimea more than 100 other itu-
make exceptions. The lower-court judges property and, most important, reduces the the Michigan Student not be a warehousing site, dents. We are numbers to our prof
K have not wisely used this power; the risk of violence. Assembly. Today, however, I CARLOs E. HERNANDEZ but will be under the democ- sors, checkbooks to the financial
Wisconsin case provides a perfect example Moreover, the Court should take this must speak out about some- LSA SENIOR ratic control of HPU. HPU office, nuisances to our academic coun-
o g l thing more outrageous than will consider all counter pro- selors, suckers for avaricious landlords
of its abuse. opportunity to set more specific guidelines the MSA napoleans - posals by the Ann Arbor Cty and prisoners of the dormitory system.
Steiney Richards was arrested on New on police searches. Sometimes a no-knock Ebonics. To put this letter Council as insincere until It can be disheartening to realize that
puhefol- presented in writing to the you are paying a king's ransom to be'
Year's Eve in 1991. Milwaukee plice broke search might be necessary. For instance, into context, imagine the fol- Ann Arbor peetdi rtn ote yuaepyn igsrno ob
into his hotel room without knocking and when knocking would lead to imminent lowing so called languages: elected representatives of treated like the University is doing you
found cocaine in Richards' possession. The danger to human life or escape of a danger- Latbonics (Latin/a English), HP so t any offer cn be a fa e om bu tiesident is
~state, high court ruled that knock require- ous suspect, it is best to waive certain rights Hlbns(ililysheltercosdrdadvtdnby W tweatfomurpsints
English), Japbonics (Japanese the membership. Current not an able administrator, PR man or
ments were "no longer valid in today's drug for safety purposes. Nevertheless, these English), or Amerspan rumored proposals of sites by fund raiser, although these things an
culture." It further stressed that the emer- cases require careful and individual exami- (American Spanish). To ThE DAILY: the Metro Airport are reject- important. We whnt Frank*
situation officers face in drug nation. No state should waive the rights of You see, the argument I At the night shelter on W. ed outright. Roosevelt. We want someone who
gency g have been hearing is that Huron Street in Ann Arbor, From its inception, HPU makes us believe that our money is
overrides homeowners' traditional right to an entire class of suspects. Ebonics is a distinct and pri- homeless people are ware- has jointly fought around going to a friendly, sensible organiza-
privacy. The court made no distinction Drugs provide law enforcement officers mary language of many inner- housed side-by-side on mat- related demands of "Cops tion rather than the faceless sausage
between recreational drug users and power- with a new set of challenges. Large quanti- city African Americans. It has tresses that line the floor. Out of the Ann Arbor machine from The Wall.
even been suggested that it is They have to compete for Schools!" and "Drop the Typically, the only time the average
fll drug dealers. ties can be stored in very small locations. rooted in their traditional the use of four showers and Charges against the Ann student sees the president is at gradua-
The Wisconsin court failed to closely Dealers can be difficult to catch. Out of African culture and language. three sinks, and must be in Arbor Eight!" with NWROC tion ceremonies or other such somber
examine the most fundamental of U.S. legal understandable frustration, Wisconsin This is wishful thinking of the by 8:30 p.m. and out by 7 and its youth and high school and compulsory functions. No good.
documents - the Constitution. The Fourth police have sought and gained the right to worst kind. First of all, a.m. No food is served at the supporters. Go to the home football games, sit
Aen tbans u able searches work o e the Constitution. Africans did not speak shelter, and at the beginning Schools should be institu- the student section and throw m
Amendment b unreasonae outse English of any kind, be it poor of every day, each person's tions of learning, under the mallows at Joe Patemo (or at least at
and seizures. Police argue that the Court Although no-knock searches may be or perfect grammar. The belongings must be stowed in control of those who learn the camera guy). Go to hockey games
should exempt drugs, since criminals can more convenient in apprehending suspects, slaves spoke English and the a garbage bag to prevent their and teach there, not brutal and tell the opposing goalie he sucks.
quickly dispose of or hide the illegal mate- they cause a deterioration of privacy rights. Africans spoke different tribal things from being thrown out. lockdowns to keep youth Stop by a dorm cafeteria every once in
ril.IfteCur em ta rumn hseaete ido bscrghste languages. Despite these horrible "under control.' No persecu- a while and have a really bad meal with.
rials. If the Court deems that argument These are the kind of basic rghts the Subsequently, Africans, conditions, many of Ann tion of anti-racists who drove a table full of freshmen. Go to Ashley's
yalid, and makes the exception, it would Supreme Court protects in any circum- many being slaves, picked up Arbor's homeless population the Ku Klux Klan from Ann on a Saturday night and hoist a few.
6egin to chip away at a basic American stance. the basics, i.e. "Ebonics" of are even worse off- some Arbor streets on June 22, The president has pretty nice digs
English, just as members of cannot even get a spot at the 1996! over there on South University. One
++ ~other races have done for filled-to-over-capacity night We intend to build a party a month, maybe two ever
centuries. How mmy people shelter, and they must spend mass, militant, integrated month and a half, and you could inry
} I Uf '. have spoken with someone the night on the streets in civil rights movement, inde- tute a Department of Public Sa
just learning how to speak sub-zero weather. Decent pendent of the Democrats conscription law for all sophomores
English? Have you ever housing is a right in a civi- and Republicans, that binds without a peep of protest. Never
, thought the individual's poor lized society, not a privilege! together the struggles of the underestimate the power of a few beers
grammar was a new lan- Homelessness in capitalist homeless, youth, blacks and or some chicken nuggets to soften the
guage? Do you think first- society is not caused by indi- other minorities, women, les- blow of a tuition hike.
year Spanish students who vidual problems of alco- bians and gay men to fight Let me raise the first glass. Here's
j ", ++ fail to conjugate Spanish holism, drug abuse or mental for independent power in the best of luck to you sir, as the new
I 1J verbs are speaking illness. society. super of the asylum.
"Amerspan?" Rather, these problems -James Miller can be reach
Yet the inherent danger in are caused and exacerbated JESSICA CURTIN over e-mail at jamespm@umich.e
y f. this whole issue is the idea by extreme poverty and LSA SENIOR
5 E I

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