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January 18, 1996 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1996-01-18

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The Michigan Daily - Wu4e.,, kc. - Thursday, January 18, 1996 -39

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Sound and Fury
last month's winter com-
mencement ceremony to
sho.W their disapproval of the
University's decision tobestow anhon-
.orary degree on Detroit Free Press pub-
lisher Neal Shine. Yet, I believe Mr.
Shine deserves this high honor. For 40
years he has been a pioneer in the jour-
nalism field. He began his career as a
copy boy at the Free Press and worked
his way up to the paper's top position.
is committment to the community is
trong; he lovesjournalism andhe loves
But with newspaper employees in
the middle of a bitter strike, which is six
months old this week, the University's
timing was inappropriate. (Doubly in-
appropriate is the fact that the Univer-
sity chose to honor a journalism leader
at the same time it gutted its own jour-
nalism curriculum). The protesters de-
serve praise tor their courage, convic-
*ion and refusal to be complacent in the
nidst of controversy.
It's gotten to the point in this strike
where neither side seems right any-
more. Compromise and rationality are
antiquated concepts in the labor con-
',lict. In fact, this is no longer a conflict,
but a war in which casualties are grow-
ing more and more apparent. The De-
troit Newspaper Agency (DNA) is a
business, arid its aim is to turn a profit.
When the agency saw that it could use
tspowerand money to break the unions,
it did exactly that. It's revolting, and it
underscores a fundamentally objection-
able element of our society, but to the
bubiness minds of the DNA, it made
Equally objectionable, however, was
'he union's response to the DNA's
power and wealth. The DNA was mak-
-ng offers that it deemed "fair," but that
e unions would have no part of. Com-
r6mise became a non-issue, and the
picket lines became battle zones. Police
officers, bystanders, replacement work-
ers and private property became casual-
'ties in the war zone. A teen-ager dliv-
ering papers was hit in the face with a
brick. Replacement workers were in-
timidated and threatened. Tires were
slashed, windows were smashed. And
in this fashion, the unions became as
tad as the corporate monolith that was
'oppressing them.
Now, half a year later, the Detroit
Newspapers are making less money and
putting out a mediocre product. Strik-
ing workers are struggling to make ends
'meet. There have been no winners.
Unfortunately, I don't think this strike
will ever end because I don't think the
'DNA has an ounce of respect left for the
unions. Since the side with the most
'money usually wins in this society, the
NA doesn't have to be fair. They can
break the union apart. Perhaps they
;cannot crush the spirit of the union
members, but I imagine your spirit be-
comes malleable when you haven't had
a paycheck for months.
And what I find even more sad is that
, lot of people began this strike with
high hopes and good intentions. The
triking workers only wanted what they
it they deserved. When that seemed
"oo much to ask for, you can see why
rustration and irrationality set in.
I ronically, that's why I still have re-

spect for Mr. Shine. To a lesser extent,
he too is a victim in this war. Mr. Shine
certainly didn't want his career to end
on such a sour note, and I believe that
right now he is seriously torn between
his love for his community and profes-
sion, and the mandate of capitalism that
makes profit a top priority. I have a gut
*eeling that if he could step in and end
this mess he would. But he's not in
power alone, and one can only specu-
late what he would do if he was.
Shine is the most high-profile mem-
ber of the newspaper administration
,team. That's why the public outcry
.against him has been so fierce. That's
why 30 protesters refused to be quiet as
he received his degree. Shine couldn't
ondemn the action. Instead he pointed
ut that he has spent his "life injournal-
4ism defending people's right to express
themselves to society."
So perhaps the University's decision
was questionable. This was hardly the
time to honor Shine. But I believe Shine
was also unfairly targeted as public en-

Staff Picks: Top 10 Albums
of 1995
Brian A. Gnatt
1. Smashing Pumpkins, "Mellon Col-
lie and the Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
With more than two hours of music,
"Melon Collie" isoverwhelming andover-
bearing, but within two discs of Billy
Corgan's whining lies an album of sub-
stantive material, especially compared to
the majority ofjunk released in '95.
2. Oasis, "(What's the Story) Morning
Glory" (Epic)
With more musical diversity and attitude,
Oasis proved they could pull offat least two
excellent records withoutkilling each other.
3. Rancid, "... And Out Come the
Wolves" (Epitaph)
Despite their mainstream success,
Rancid is truly one of the best punk and
otherwise bands of today. This album
brought them back to the Operation Ivy
and ska days, and worked gloriously.
4. The Artist Formerly Known as
Prince, "The Gold Experience" (Warner
The album is the Purple One's best in
years, and with a song like "Pussy Con-
trol," how could you go wrong?
5. Wax, "13 Unlucky Numbers"
Major label debut captures the band's
wild energy for an all-out fun record.
6. Echobelly, "On" (Epic)
Syrupy sweet melodies and delicious
vocals make "On" a simply luscious
/. Kocket prom the Crypt, "Scream,
Dracula, Scream" (Interscope)
Rough guitar licks,juicy horns and raw
power is the perfect combination for an
awesome record.
8. Voodoo Glow Skulls, "Firme" (Epi-
Cal ska-punkers' Epitaph debut is the
Glow Skulls best album to date.
9. Matthew Sweet,"100% Fun" (Zoo)
Oh, Matthew. One of the nicest guys in
rock 'n'roll recorded one of the nicest
albums of the year.
10. Supersuckers, "The Sacrilicious
Sounds of the Supersuckers" (Sub Pop)
Greasy licks and untapped craziness
helped the Supersuckers to create a wild
motor metal classic.
Dave Snyder
1. Matthew Sweet,"100% Fun" (Zoo)
Dorky and frustrated as ever, Sweet
makes the most genui ne pop music around.
2. Marillion, "Afraid Of Sunlight" (El
3. Lori Carson,"Where It Goes"(Rest-
4. King Crimson, "Thrak" (Virgin)
5. Teenage Fanclub, "Grand Prix"
6. Alex Chilton, "A Man Called De-
struction" (Ardent Records)
7. Sugar, "Besides" (Rykodisk)
8. Peter Hammill, "The Peel Sessions"
(Strange Fruit)
9. Jethro Tull, "Roots to Branches"
10. The Foremen, "Folk Heroes" (Re-
Thomas Crowley
1. Supergrass,"IShouldCoco" (Capitol)
The year's best debut, the year's best
record. A condensation of all the ele-
ments that made 1995 such a good year,
musically. Made me feel excited about
being young again.
2. Echobelly, "On" (Epic)
3. Oasis, "(What's The Story) Morn-
ing Glory?" (Epic)
4. The Boo Radleys, "Wake Up!"
5. Radiohead, "The Bends" (Capitol)
6. Blur, "The Great Escape" (Virgin)
7. Shane MacGowan and The Popes,
"The Snake" (ZTT/Warner Bros.)
8. Black Grape, "It's Great When
You're Straight... Yeah!" (Radioactive)

9. Chris lsaak, "Forever Blue" (Re-
10. The Chieftains, "The Long Black
Veil" (RCA Victor)
Ted Watts
1. Therapy?, "Infernal Love" (A&M)
2. Love 666, "American Revolution"
(Amphetamine Reptile)
3. Foetus, "Gash" (Columbia)
4. Faith No More, "King For A Day,
Fool For A Lifetime" (Slash/Reprise)
5. Six Finger Satellite, "Severe Expo-
sure" (Sub Pop)
6. Mr. Bungle, "Disco Volante"

7. Marilyn Manson,"Smells Like Chil-
dren" (nothing/Interscope)
8. Prick, "Prick" (nothing/Interseope)
9. Earth, "Phase 3 Thrones and Domin-
ions" (Sub Pop)
10. X-Cops, "You Have the Right to
Remain Silent ..." (Metal Blade)
Therapy?'s "Infernal Love" wasn't re-
leased in the United States. It will be
coming out domestically soon, though.
Note that number seven is not even an LP,
because there weren't enough good LPs
that came out last year to fill a top 10 list.
Tyler Brubaker
1. Matthew Sweet ,"100% Fun" (Zoo)
Everybody loves the "I hate the world
and everything sucks" lyrics/bubblegum
pop melodies combo, and nobody does it
better than Sweet.
2. TheJayhawks, "Tomorowthe Green
Grass" (American)
3. Buffalo Tom, "Sleepy Eyed"
4. Neil Young, "Mirror Ball" (Reprise)
5. Pearl Jam, "Mirkin Ball" (Epic)
6. Smashing Pumpkins, "Melon Collie
and the Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
7. Foo Fighters, "Foo Fighters" (Capitol)
8. The Bucket, "Jams and Preserves"
9. Silverchair, "Frogstomp," Bush,
"Sixteen Stone"
I'd like to thank every band who came in
five years too late on the Seattle revolution.
If there was no bad music, we'd have noth-
ing to measure the good stuff against.
Jeffrey Dinsmore
1. Jack Logan, "Bulk" (Grand Royal)
Right upthere with "The Beatles"("The
White Album") as the best double album
ever recorded. A mechanic from Athens,
Ga., Logan recorded more than 600
songs with his buddies in his garage be-
fore being discovered. This album has it
all - blues, country, indie-rock - all
with the kind of heart and sincerity that is
seldom seen in today's music world.
2. Steve Earle,"Train 'aComin"'(Win-
ter Harvest)
3. Tricky, "Maxinquaye" (Island)
4. Ben Lee,"Grandpaw Would"(Grand
5. Moby, "Everything is Wrong"
6. 01' Dirty Bastard, "Return to the 36
7. Bjork, "Post" (Elektra)
8. Eskimo, "Der Shrimpkin" (Prawn
9. Massive Attack, "Protection" (Virgin)
10. Jeffrey D., "The World's Most
Beautiful Songs as Performed by Jeffrey
D." (Angry White Guy)
David Cook
1. Radiohead, "The Bends" (Capitol)
Hands-down, the most undenated of'95.
2. Foo Fighters, "Foo Fighters" (Capi-
3. Larry Goldings,"Whatever itTakes"
(Warner Bros.)
4. Presidents of the United States of
America, "Presidents ofthe United States
of America" (Columbia)
5. James Carter, "The Real Quietstorm"
6. Smashing Pumpkins, "Melon Collie
and the Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
7. Pharcyde,"Labcabincalifornia"(De-
licious Vinyl)
8. Lenny Kravitz, "Circus" (Virgin)
9. Everclear,"Sparkle and Fade"(Capi-
10. Green Day, "Insomniac"(Reprise)
Lise Harwin
1. Rancid, "...And Out Come the
Wolves" (Epitaph)
2. Foo Fighters, "Foo Fighters" (Capi-
3. Everclear, "Sparkle and Fade"(Capi-
4. Red Hot Chili Peppers, "One Hot

Minute" (Warner Bros.)
5. Matthew Sweet, "100% Fun" (Zoo)
6. Elastica, "Elastica" (DGC)
7. Catherine Wheel, "Happy Days"
8. Charm Farm, "Pervert" (PRA)
Ella de Leon
1.TheJayhawks,"Tomorrow the Greer
Grass" (American)
2. Son Volt, "Trace" (Warner Bros.)
3. Morphine, "yes" (Rykodisc)
4. Ani DiFranco, "Not a Pretty Girl"
(Righteous Babe)
5. PJ Harvey, "To Bring You My Love"
6. Oasis, "(What's the Story) Morning
Glory?" (Epic)
7. Bruce Springsteen, "The Ghost of
Tom Joad" (Columbia)

8. Elastica, "Elastica" (DGC)
9. Matthew Sweet, "100% Fun" (Zoo)
10. Emmylou Harris, "Wrecking Ball"
Kim Howitt
1. 01' Dirty Bastard, "Return to the 39
Chambers" (Elektra)
One of the greatest vocalists ofthe 20th
2. Pharcyde,"Labcabincalifornia" (De-
licious Vinyl)
3. Method Man, "Tical" (Def Jam)
4. D'Angelo, "Brown Sugar" (EM I)
5. Shazzy G,"The Green-Eyed Bandit
Catches Wreck" (Dilsnik)
The most underrated album of '95. If
you can find this album, it's the best thing
you could do for your record collection.
6. Today is the Day, "Will Power"
(Amphetamine Reptile)
7. GZA/Genius, "Liquid Swords"
8. "Casino" soundtrack (MCA)
9. Mobb Deep, "The Infamous" (Loud
10. Raekwon, "Only Built for Cuban
Linx" (Loud Records)
Eugene Bowen
1. Tupac Shakur, "Me Against the
World" (Interseope)
2PAC has his deepest, most sincere mo-
ments on this album. He earns mad props.
2. Raekwon the Chef, "Only Built 4
Cuban Linx" (RCA)
3. Kirk Franklin and the Family,
"Christmas" (GospoCentric, Inc.)
4. "Waiting to Exhale" soundtrack,
5. Onyx,"All We Got Iz Us" (DefJam)
6. Brian McKnight,"I Remember You"
7. Count Bass-D, "Pre-Life Crisis"
8. D'Angelo, "Brown Sugar"'(EMI)
9. Erick Sermon, "Double or Nothing"
(Rush Associated Labels)
10. Tina Moore, "Tina Moore" (Scotti
Shannon O'Neill
1. Heather Nova, "Oyster" (Big Cat/
2. Sunny Day Real Estate, "Sunny Day
Real Estate" (Sub Pop)
3. Smashing Pumpkins, "Mellon Col-
lie and The Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
4. Hazel,"Are YouGoing To Eat That?"
(Sub Pop)
5. Bjork, "Post" (Elektra)
6. Velvet Underground, "Peel Slowly
And See" (Polydor/Chronicles)
7. PJ Harvey,"To Bring You My Love"
8. Seam,"Are You Driving MeCrazy?"
(Touch and Go)
9. Chris Isaak, "Forever Blue" (Re-
Mark Carlson
1. Smashing Pumpkins, "Mellon Col-
lie and the Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
Big suprise, huh? Yeah, Billy's been
more whiney and bitchy than ever (e.g.
"We're a much bigger band than we're
given credit for, blah, blah, blab,
waaahhh!), but the fact remains that this
album is a wonderful piece ofrock music.
2. Teenage Fanclub, "Grand Prix"
3. The Artist Formerly Known As

We may need "Protection" from the mesmerizing sounds of Massive Attack.

Prince, "The Gold Experience" (Warner
4. Matthew Sweet, "100% Fun" (Zoo)
5. PJ Harvey, "To Bring You My Love"
6. All, "Pummel" (Interscope)
7. Wayne Kramer, "The Hard Stuff'
8. The Brothers Grimm, "Going Cow-
9. Sunny Day Real Estate, (Sub Pop)
10. The Bucket, "Jams and Preserves"
Jennifer Buckley
1. Son Volt, "Trace" (Warner Bros.)
On the road with Jay Farrar. The year's
most deeply felt and deeply moving album.
2. PJ Harvey, "To Bring You My Love"
3. Emmylou Harris, "Wrecking Ball"
4. Elastica, "Elastica" (DGC)
5. The Jayhawks,"Tomorrow the Green
Grass" (American)
6. Bruce Springsteen, "The Ghost of
Tom Joad" (Columbia)
7. Morphine, "yes" (Rykodisc)
8. Ani DiFranco, "Not a Pretty Girl"
(Righteous Babe)
9. Oasis, "(What's the Story) Morning
Glory?" (Epic)
10. John Hiatt, "Walk On" (Capitol)
Heather Phares
1. Supergrass, "I Should Coco" (Capitol)

2. Pavement, "Wowee Zowee"(Mata-
3. Blur, "The Great Escape" (Virgin)
4. Bjork, "Post" (Elektra)
5. Oasis, "(What's the Story) Morning
Glory?" (Epic)
6. Boo Radleys, "Wake Up!" (Colum-
bia), Mercury Rev, "See You On the
Other Side" (Columbia)
8. Helium, "The Dirt ofLuck" (Matador)
9. Tricky, "Maxinquaye" (Island)
10. Throwing Muses, "University"
(Sire), PJ Harvey, "To Bring You My
Love" (Island)
12. Elastica, (DGC), The Amps,
"Pacer" (Elektra)
Kari Jones
1.311, "311" (Capricorn)
2.Joan Osborne, "Relish" (Blue Go-
3.Smashing Pumpkins, "Melon Co~lie
and the Infinite Sadness" (Virgin)
4. Bjork, "Post" (Elektra)
5. Sarah McLachlan, "The Freedom
Sessions" (Arista)
6. Tricky, "Maxinquaye" (Island)'x
7. Rancid, "... And Out Come 4he
Wolves" (Epitaph)
8. Boss Hog, "Boss Hog" (Geffen
9. Pharcyde, "Labcabincalifornia" (Pe-
licious Vinyl)
10. The Velvet Underground, "Ikel
Slowly and See" (Polydor/Chronicles)
And as soon as I sell enough plastna,
I'm even gonna' buy me my own copy!

..+C7 UP T 1 !' am .... -* *-1

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