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March 03, 1995 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1995-03-03

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r- The Michigan Daily - Friday, March 3, 1995

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and physical evidence against him.
"He was frustrated by being kept in
a state of limbo," said Washtenaw
County Assistant Public Defender
David Lankford. "He wanted person-
ally to speak. Now that he's being
arraigned, I can see no reason to have
another press conference.
"I anticipate another round of pre-
trial publicity - pretty much starting
now," Lankford said. "There had been
a round in the first couple of weeks in
January which more or less died down.

I do think that we're going to see pretty
intense scrutiny between now and well,
realistically, from now on out."
The court also advised Mitchell at
the arraignment as to the possible ac-
tions the court might take if he is con-
victed of sexual assault.
Parker said, "If you're bound over
to circuit court for trial, you will be
required to undergo testing for vene-
real disease, hepatitis-B infection, and
for the presence of HIV antibodies, if
the judge determines there is reason to
believe the violation involves sexual
penetration or exposure to a bodily
fluid of yourself."

Charges were not brought in the
most recent attack due to lack of DNA
evidence on the victim - leading the
police to suspect a condom was used.
However, the woman's necklace in the
incident was missing after the attack.
Mitchell pawned a gold necklace in
Ypsilanti similar to the victim's, but
she could not positively identify the
jewelry as her own.
DNA evidence will likely play a
crucial role in deciding Mitchell's in-
nocence or guilt. Two weeks ago, a
judge granted the defense's motion to
hire an independent expert to conduct
further DNA tests on Mitchell's blood

samples. Lankford said he already has
the name of an expert in mind.
"I have talked with him," Lankford
said. "I believe he's very honest and
straightforward. I feel that we can work
well together. I want somebody who's
On the advice of his attorney,
Mitchell has declined repeatedly to
be interviewed by The Michigan
"My opinion is real simple,"
Lankford said. "I wish (the media)
would disappear for a while, so I can
do my job without the unnecessary

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Committee OKs state abortion choice
States could opt out of providing Medicaid-funded abortions for victims of
rape and incest under a measure approved yesterday by the House Appropria-
tions Committee.
As part of a GOP spending cuts package, the panel voted 33-21 -largely
along Republican-Democratic party lines -- to reverse the Clinton
administration's policy of mandating that states use Medicaid funds to pa for
abortions for poor women who have been victims of violence.
"All over this country, persons who are involved in state funding have been
petitioning the Clinton administration, urging it to correct this misinterpreta-
tion," Rep. Ernest J. Istook (R-Okla.) said of the proposal.
Istook said the administration had misread a 1993 law adding rape and
incest to saving the life of the mother as exceptions to an 18-year-old
prohibition on the use of federal funds to pay for abortions.
But opponents called Istook's measure a major rollback of abortion rights
aimed at those who are most vulnerable.
"States' rights are just a smokescreen to hide the fact that this amendment
would deny poor women who are victims of rape and incest the right to an*
abortion," said Rep. Nita Lowey (D-N.Y.).


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Maid cross-examined
in O.J. Simpson trial
Calm under relentless cross-ex-
amination, the Salvadoran maid O.J.
Simpson is depending on for an alibi
admitted yesterday she is fuzzy about
exact dates and times but denied her
testimony was being scripted by his
Asked by Deputy District Attor-
ney Christopher Darden if she met
with Simpson's attorneys on a court

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break, Rosa Lopez said she had, but
they didn't tell her what to say.
Through an interpreter, the Span-
ish-speaking witness said, "Wetalked
about my always telling the truth,
Darden let out a loud guffaw and
was admonished by Superior Court
Judge Lance Ito. The judge ordered
Darden's reaction stricken from the
videotape record being made of
Lopez's testimony for possible later
viewing by the"jury.
Lopez, who worked next door to
Simpson's estate, is the only witness
* R ',. ND.T,.'.E.
Marines finish U.N.
Somalia withdrawal
Guns trained to the rear, U.S.
Marines backed into the sea yester-
day with the remnants of a multina-
tional force that fed thousands of So-
malis but failed to conquer chaos.
The Marines escorted the final
U.N. forces from Mogadishu's shores,
a quiet end to a two-year intervention
that began with a televised invasion
and ultimately cost $2 billion and the
lives of more than 100 peacekeepers.
The last peacekeepers were hur-
ried to off-shore battleships. The move
of 1,500 American and 350 Italian
marines from a small beach cove back
to their ships was expected to take
most of the night.
American Marines landed Mon-
day to protect the evacuation of 2,400
Pakistani and Bangladeshi peacekeep-
ers, the last in a multinational force
that once totaled 38,000 troops from
21 countries.
The withdrawal was delayed sev-
eral hours when a ferry chartered to
pick up the Pakistanis was rammed
by a tugboat, damaging its cargo doors.
Also U.S. Marines shot at least two
Somali militiamen who fired atAmeri-
cans from a pickup truck yesterday.
Despite its failure to solve
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y w w
Italian statesman
faces Mafia charges
Opening a case that could eclipse
recent Italian corruption scandals, a
judge indicted former Premier Giulio
Andreotti on yesterday for allegedly
consorting with the Mafia.
Andreotti, Italy's leading postwar
statesman, is the most senior political 0
figure to face Mafia charges and the
wrath of the nation's backlash against
the underworld.
Prosecutors have portrayed the
seven-time premier as a Mafia pro-
tector who led a conspiracy of favor-
trading during some of the mob's
bloodiest years in the 1970s and '80s.
- Andreotti says the charges are based
on a vendetta against him by Mafia
turncoats and former political allies.
"I face with bitterness an unfair
trial," said Andreotti, who did not
attend yesterday's six-hour hearing.
If convicted, Andreotti could face
up to 20 years in prison, according to
Italian news reports.
- From Daily wire services


who places Simpson's white Bronco
on the street outside his house at the
hour prosecutors contend he was kill-
ing his ex-wife and her friend two
miles away, speeding back and forth
in the same vehicle.
Physicists isolate 'top 0
quark' at Fermi
In what some scientists say could
be the last hurrah for groundbreaking
U.S. research into the fundamental
nature of matter, physicists announced
yesterday they have isolated the long-
theorized subatomic particle known
as the "top quark."
The breakthrough came from twc4
teams of physicists working at the
Fermi National Laboratory's particle
accelerator to isolate the last of six
tiny building blocks of matter.
"There was this one piece of the
puzzle missing," said Stanford Uni-
versity physicist Michael Peskin. "You
know what shape it is and you know
where it goes, but you're not satisfied
until you can put it in the right place."9
Somalia's political problems, the
multinational intervention did end the
widespread starvation that, together
with war and disease, killed 350,000
Somalis in 1992.

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