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September 09, 1994 - Image 23

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-09-09

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M~ci'fly friday September 9, 1994 - 7

Continued fhm ag
plicitly homosexul "Sm i
is the heterosexual iide
shoots heroin with the pr n
"Respectable" and riden ruk dx
ers on "Far Away Eyes."
As the '7Oswounddwnodh
Stones' place in hih sc y
cleaned up, Mick dvorcend dseew ad
the band seemed alitteaa los "E
tional Rescue" was the h e
"Some Girls," a thoroughly enj
but slight collection olef-ove
too You," their las album to domiat
the charts, was in the same vin bu
benefited from the incluion of Sart
Me Up" and a whole side of gorgeous
ballads, including "Waiting on a
Friend." Sensing that te ad needd
to toughen their image.tea
ered the scathing, n sr
cover" i 1983. Lacking b
the album is drenched n
semen, withouta glmmere opob
heard. Most crtcs f n t eph
sible anddgutnadai.-o-
ever, that sprecisey h so
But the publc did' sde thn:t
way, andthe band neeronmer y
recovered from h b1um.
1984, Jagger decided he wa
career and pursued it rntls w
little success. The next Stnes at
"Dirty Work," actuly bened
his bitter, off-the-cuff lyrics anog
the glossy arena-rock prdction ob
scures most of the friction between the
Glimmer Twins.

The banrd regrouped fi a98s
"Scel Wheels" an. d the ineviiable had
finallv hippened - the Stones had
ac cep ted thesr age. Jaggper an dRichards
buried ,.he hatchIet and the resuIt waxa
soiid, well-crafted alburn that niever
caught ire..
That patterm has been repeated en
the current "Voodoo Lounge." Wh i
the record is stronger and more consis-
tent than "Steel WheeL" it doesn
hav n of th ension or mean ness
a ry toe re o
A ,
Work." But natsnt wha tebns
about anymore nstead th oln
Sones are crfsetunn u
series of sold rcords for their own
pleasure. Andthat' why the press ad
Uc publk hae a asn nees o
thei musi these das not an atv
one Mos epl o pefe toha
sa_,ii sems lt. e
L o nJ'~ ave io~aa
d'.lstai h cxnInPt"ha
I. x Ljuiir, ne,~., w h I Par
I bJ Utiule i res n& LdeI

the old hits on the radio. While that's
understandable, it's also a shame be-
cautse the Stones haven't lost their
rnusica I ahilites. In fact, there's more
rewards in "Voodoo Lounge" or un-
de rratdl efforts like "Emotional Res-
i e ad "GoatsHeadSoup'thanimost
records. We just have a tendency to
take the old boys for granted nowa-
days, anid that's our fault. They might
not send sparks flying these days, but
heStones stil haven't come to the end
of theIine
Sa tSwdiani in East Lansing
w aTye acular begins at 8
p isonmero-unes from
Lenn Kravitz Tickets are still
aalbe and they'll cost anywhere
fvm $3 to $SO plus service charge;
cntc TicketMaster at (810) 645
baso ~oun. owever, he songs
heuxka~s dsere te most credit the
albu opner"Loe Is Strong" is a
ano 'hRichards' trlade-
p~ gaaabidad y Rchards that shows
oi hs ruf u expressive voice to
gma ~iect "Bad New Car" hear-
kenshac tother erly work like "'The
Siendtely and "You Godt Me
kin ' et noher track otf of
"VodoLue" that proves thadt the
Roilng 5oneswil keep music listen-
kngtorsome time.
- Ifeather Phares

Aeith Richards - the holy ghost of rock 'n' roll. The picture says it all.

Continued from page 6
Various Artists
The Lion King Soundtrack
Walt Disney Records
"The Lion King," Disney's new-
Mist animated flick, has garnered ex-
ordinary critical acclaim. Reviews
of this movie's soundtrack should be
no less impressive. This 12-cut CD
contains a variety of sung, spoken and
instrumental parts that beautifully
capture the the spirit of what made
this movie great.
"Circle of Life," performed by
Carmen Twillie, is filled with an ar-
ray of traditional African sounds
Which will uplift the stoniest of hearts.
ongs like "I Just Can't Wait to Be
King" and "Hakuna Matata," as song
by characters in the movie will defi-
nitely be popular with the kids, and
the kid at heart. Vocals are performed
by Whoopi Goldberg, Jim Cummings,
Jason Weaver, Laura Williams and a
host of others.
The soundtrack also features a
ethora of instrumentals arranged by
ans Zimmer, Mark Mancina and
Jay Rifkin, and includes some Afri-
can choral intercessions. Also, the
musical genius, Elton John, performs
three songs of which "Can You Feel
the Love Tonight," the movie's end
title, is particularly impressive.
First came the soundtrack to "The
Little Mermaid." Then soundtracks
to "Beauty and the Beast" and
laddin" made big waves. Now, we
are graced with "The Lion King"
soundtrack - truly a beautiful
complement to a beautiful movie. Buy
it, and enjoy.
- Eugene Bowen
Palace Brothers
Palace Brothers
g City
This is the latest release from the
band that wowed 'em on the second
stage of Lollapalooza with their in-
tense folk-blues stylings and enig-
matic lyrics. "Palace Brothers" offers
more of the same, a sort of hybrid

between traditional folk songs and
the X-appeal of Dinosaur Jr. and Beck
that takes a while to grow accustomed
to but eventually reveals itself as
haunting and heartfelt. Songs like
"Pushkin" and "I Am a Cinematogra-
pher" combine nonsense words and
timeless melodies to somber yet ac-
cessible effect. Though Palace Broth-
ers sometimes tries too hard to sound
rustic and down-to-earth, their strong
songwriting ability could earn them
the keys to the indie kingdom.
- Heather Phares
Cop Shoot Cop
They've got rhythm and a whole
lot more on this album. Cop Shoot
Cop has progressed musically to add
diversity and a bit more melody to
their blistering bass discography with
Barkmarket's Dave Sardy working
the studio knobs. CSC's previous al-
bums had been very experimental,
becoming more structured with their
last album, "Ask Questions Later."
This metamorphosis continues on
Frontman Tod "we don't need no
stinkin' guitar" A. has a real winner
on his hands. "Interference" plays
like the best of old CSC, with fast
engaging lyrics and a heavy beat that
sends the listener hurtling into the
experience. A similar feeling comes
from "It Only Hurts When I Breathe"
with it's entrancing refrain of "You
can give your confession tomorrow/
If you find a priest dumb enough to
believe/It only hurts when I breathe."
There's also plenty of new type stuff,
specifically some slower, more grind-
ing-yet-mellow tracks like "Two at a
Time" and "Slackjaw."
CSC has always had its strength in
being different from anything else.
And while they are still the wonderful
two bass, keyboards, samples, drums
and trumpet toting group we all love,
they've evolved yet again into a dif-
ferent, more accessible and better
sounding band. Shoot a cop for Tod.
- Ted Watts
The Glee Club
4 AD
The Glee Club are a dreamy Irish
band that follow in the tradition of the
Cocteau Twins, Siouxsie and the Ban-
shees, Echo and the Bunnymen and
many other mid- '80s goth-ethereal
bands. Although they missed the
genre's high point (about 1986-87),
the Glee Club is adept at combining
muted instrumentation with overdub-

heaven vocals to delicate, surreal ef-
They even manage to add some of
their own sound to the mix; while
singer Joanne Loughman's multi-
tracked vocals are the typically lovely,
wafting kind required of this genre,
they hover around unusually non re-
verb-drenched guitars and violins. In
fact, the band manages to occasion-
ally rock out a bit, as on "Free to
Believe" and "Drives You Away."
Most of "Mine," however, is well-
done de rigeur dream pop, like the
tracks "Need," "The Blame," and
"Bad Child's Dolly." "Mine" is an
archetypal ethereal album; those who
like this type of music will find it an
enjoyable listen.
- Heather Phares
Tony Bennett
Columbia ,
Now that the sweeping strains of
lounge music are wiping away the
last strains of grunge, and bands like
Love Jones and Combustible Edison
are generating a big buzz, Lounge as
a movement needs to find a spiritual
leader and mentor. Who better than
Tony Bennett, who has seen both sides
of popularity and combines schmaltz
and genuine sentiment like nobody's
His "Unplugged" is a solid work,
traditional enough to charm old fans
and lure in those still learning to mix
martinis and use cigarette holders.
Though his voice has deteriorated
somewhat over the years, his trade-
marked rich, mellow tones still sound
great on "It Had to Be You," "All of
You," and "Body and Soul" and his
duets with kd lang and Elvis Costello
("Moonglow" and "They Can't Take
That Away From Me" respectively)
are notable. Bennett proves that he
still has the music in him and can
teach a thing or two to the younger
- Heather Phares
Beginning through
Doctorate from U of M.
20 Years Experience.
Near Central Campus.
For More Info.

Ah, Stereolab ... the name brings to mind memories of their unbelevable show last October with the late Unrest
and of their equa y good 1993 album "T ransient Random-Noise Eursts with Announcements." Stereolab ... now it
means a successful stint on LolaJalooza's second stage and an even better new album, "Mars Audiac Quintet,"
which finds the band honing their craft and sharpeningtheir sogrting sks to produce one of the best albums of
the year. On tunes such as "Three-Dee Meodie," "Pin ong," "Seven Longers Later" and "L' Enfer Des Formes"
the glamorous Laetita Sadier and Mary Hansen weave their voices through the Moog and Farfisa-based drone of the
music for a rnellfluous, melow end. Stereolab ... are appearing at St Andrew's Hal on Sunday with Outrageous
Cherry andL f Tind doors open at 8 .. An experience not to be missed.


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