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November 10, 1994 - Image 15

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-11-10

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The Michigan Daily - Weekend etc. - Thursday, November 10, 1994 - 5

osstonespartytoward us in a plaid dream
By BRIAN A. GNATT that the only thing they can expect is the unexpected."
The bad in plaid Mighty Mighty Bosstones have re- Besides their slight musical evolution, the Bosstones
turned once again, with another new and innovative al- are also growing up a bit, and may be beginning to sway
bum, and enough skanking ska to scatter anyone's brain. away from their career obsession with plaid.
'The eight man, Bostonian ska-core band is just as cutting "The records are still plaid on the inside, and we still wear
,edged as ever, spreading their unique and awesome music it, but this is the first Bosstones album that doesn't have any
,'4roughout the world. plaid on it. It still means a lot to us, and to be honest, in the
The fresh, fun and simply brilliant music is what gives beginning it didn't mean anything," Gittleman admitted.
the Bosstones their allure. As what vocalist Dicky Barrett "We consider ourselves to be musically plaid. Plaid
-humbly described earlier this year as "A good rock 'n' roll symbolizes to us unity and people coming together, much
e-band, maybe," is an understatement to say the least. The like the way 2-Tone symbolized in the late '70s, for the
hand's large and devoted fan base is enough proof that The Specials and those bands. It means a lot, but in the beginning
'{osstones are anything but your typical rock'n' roll band. it didn't mean shit. It was just to look stupid. It's still there,
This time around, the Bosstones are happy to present we still wear it, and it will always be part of what we do."
"their latest album, "Question the Answers," which was Switching toamajorlabel has exposed theBosstones to
leased last month. The album explores some new and a whole new base of fans, and also successes.
undeveloped territory by the band since their last record, "We were scared, but it worked out to be for the best,"
e major label debut "Don't Know How to Party." Barrett said. "We always want to be an independent band
46"I'm really proud of 'Question the Answers,"' bassist and we have completely independent hearts. We were afraid
Joe Gittleman said. "I see it as a change from 'Don't Know of the big rock 'n' roll machine. Mercury allowed us the
How to Party' but I don't really see it as a change overall. creative freedom we needed and asked for."
It's always a change from one album to the next, but if you Gittleman agreed. "We were really cautious going into
look and listen to all of them, you'll hear they are more it. It wasn't something wejumpedat,orreally something we
similar than you might think. It's more like our first two wanted to do. It was just that Curtis (the owner of Taang!
records than 'Don't Know How to Party."' Records) was ripping us off. We were out there busting
Either way, it is still a groundbreaking album from a our ass, and he was selling records and keeping all the
trailblazing band (the way Gittleman puts it), that was the money. We were left with no other alternative to be the
first American ska group signed to a major label. Bosstones. We had to look for someone who would
* "We just wanted to have some different textures," support us while we recorded our next record at least, and
Gittlemansaid."Thething aboutitis, weneversitdown and to pay us for the records we sell, which is something that
discuss what it's going to be like. We're willing to try Mercury does."
different things. We may be a little more willing to get out As the band releases more albums and their airplay
of the standard Bosstones formula. steadily increases, so does the popularity of the band.
"You find yourselfin the position that you're damned if "It's always bigger," Gittleman said. "Our first tour
"Vou do, and you're damned if you don't. If the album was in 1991, and it's been a steady increase in fans, which
sounded exactly like the lastone, oroneof the others, people is great. That's where I get my gratification, is seeing more
would say it sounded like the last one. If it doesn't, a lot people turning up at shows. As opposed to the record
of people are bummed out it's not what they are used to. company, and finding outhowmany records we've sold. All
hink that people that really know the Bosstones know that shit seems so intangible to me. You can't touch that


Whether or not you think Boston is cool, the Mighty Mighty Bosstones are cool. See them pronto.

and appreciate it."
"We're into touring and we're going to tour as long as
we're into it.We played 250 days out of last year, which is
a fucking lot of shows. We might scale it back a bit, but
you never know. But for now our MO's the same, it's just
tour, tour, tour."
Constant touring may be a difficult thing to do, but for
the Bosstones it's a way of life, and also a lot of fun.
"It's unbelievable to hear somebody bitch and com-
plain, who's job it is to tour around and play for an hour
every night, and get paid fairly well to do it, drink free
beer, and hang out with cool people," Gittleman said.
"They sit back and say 'It's so hard, it's so hard.' It's like,
c'mon and look at the people around you working at the
club who just came off a nine to five shift. It's just
absolutely ridiculous. I have no time for any of that shit.
"And to hear about bands who cancel tours because of
exhaustion?Exhaustion? I'm always exhausted for Christ's
sake. Exhaustion is like a rich man's affliction. People that
have to work don't have time to be exhausted. Billy Corgan,

Jesus Christ, I'm sorry you're not feeling well."
Surprisingly, the next scheduled Bosstones project is a
home video, planned for release early next year. It would
include the group's six music videos and also some live
footage of the band. "We've been shooting a lot of video
footage on tour," Gittleman said. We got a lot of stuff of
us clowning around in Europe, and want to put it together
in something kind of cool with all the videos. Maybe if we
can work it out with Taang!, the videos for 'Where'd You
Go' and 'Devil's Night Out' also."
After a bad experience with one Detroit club, the
Bosstones have been screening clubs before agreeing to
perform. "When we really started to try and look at the
places we were playing, a few really shitty venues got by
us, and it really tends to bum out a tour," Gittleman said.
"I like St. Andrew's, I think it's really cool. Harpo's was
a real fucking drag. That place sucks!"
the show ofyour life at Harpo's! No, just kidding! They'll
be at St. Andrew's Hall.. Call 961-MEL Tfor more info.

'Interview' with Anne Rice's multi-media blood-sucking 'Vampire' juggernaut

Anne Rice was mad. Notnecessar-
ily because the film adaptation of her
cult novel "Exit to Eden" was a stinker,
but because Tom Cruise was chosen to
play the lead role in her more famous
k, "Interview with the Vampire."
WThis story, which examines the
more "human side" of vampires, has
,pecome a major literary phenomenon
over the past decade. When a film
version was proposed, Rice wanted
an older, more experienced actor to
play the lead role of Lestat the vam-
pire. While she thought Daniel Day-
Lewis or Jeremy Irons would fit the
part, the producers of the film chose
euise instead.
- Unlike Rice, whose appeal is lim-
" ited to those who read her racy and
occasionally graphic novels, Cruise's
popularity has, over the past eleven
years, become universal. And he is not
the only young actor to become so
preferred. Starring with Cruise in "In-
terview with the Vampire" are two
otheryoung and talented actors-Brad
t and Christian Slater - who have
}ently become quite successful. As a
riesult, all three have been placed in a
.relatively strange, mature setting by
acting in "Vampire."
,w, -Casting decisionssuchasthesenow
favor younger actors, despite angering
some members of the entertainment

bureaucracy, such as Rice. So why
does Tom Cruise get this role, while a
more acclaimed performer such as
Jeremy Irons is left out? Cruise, Pitt,
and Slater have gradually proven
themselves to be more than just pretty
faces. They are talented performers
who are now recognized as positive
contributors to their movies.
Cruise first became popular by
dancing in his underpants in "Risky
Business" (1983). While this movie
was acclaimed for its racy comedy
and originality, Cruise was not yet
considered a strong screen presence.
In "Top Gun" (1986), however, Cruise
rocketed into the Hollywood spot-
light as a charismatic and handsome
action star. But his acting talent re-
mained hidden.
It was not until his role as the
troubled brother of an autistic man in
"Rain Man" (1988), that Cruise was
viewed as a refined and talented ac-
tor. And even though he has occa-
sionally stumbled with such failures
as "Cocktail" (1988) and "Days of
Thunder" (1990), Cruise's work has
improved, culminating in a Best Ac-
tor Academy Award nomination in
1989. His portrayal of a Vietnam War
veteran in "Born on the Fourth of
July" (1989) showed Cruise to be not
only a sex symbol who draws at the
box office, but also a skilled actor.

Likewise, Christian Slater had a
career that began in obscurity, but has
led to a major role in one of the
biggest films of the year. When "Pump
up the Volume" (1990) was released,
however, viewers saw the fine acting
ability that Slater possesses. In this
film, Slater showed versatility, as well
as a capability to express true emo-
But neither Cruise nor Slater'sjour-
neys to the high levels of Hollywood
film have been as rapid as that of Brad
Pitt. This actor, who first gained noto-
riety as a sex object in "Thelma and
Louise" (1991), has quickly become
a popular actor since. His skill was
best displayed in "A River Runs
Through it" (1992), in which he played
the rebellious young son of a fly-
fishing minister. Like Cruise and
Slater, Pitt has proven himself to be

more than just ahandsome actor-he
can act, and he does it well.
Hence, comparing these actors
with some of their contemporaries,
proves that talent really determines
the longevity and acclaim of young
performers' careers today. Why have
other promising young actors like
Patrick Swayze, Ralph Macchio and
Molly Ringwald not become as suc-
cessful as Cruise and his "Vampire"
costars? Are they any less attractive
or appealing to young audiences, even
when they play less mature charac-
These three other actors all have
good looks and can play flat charac-
ters. Nevertheless, they are not tal-
ented. One can be intrigued for a short
time by beauty, but after that, entertain-
ment only comes with quality.
Anne Rice recently discovered this

fact. After she saw an early screening
of "Vampire" (which opens this week-
end), Rice admitted that Tom Cruise
really is a fine actor. She publicly
apologized to him by writing a full-
page letter in the New York Times.
Just like the world movie audience, it
took Rice a while to discover the true
talent hidden behind Cruise's pretty
smile. And now the real question re-
mains-can he save "Vampire" from
dying like Rice's "Exit to Eden" did
earlier this fall? Cruise may be get-
ting better, but even the most skilled
of actors may not be able to accom-
plish that feat.

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