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November 01, 1994 - Image 12

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-11-01

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12 - The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, November 1, 1994

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infuriated Republicans and appear to
be helping create momentum for some
Oliver North's Senate race in Vir-
ginia has created deep intraparty rift
and attracted the most national atten-
tion. The number of North's GOP
critics grew last week to include
Nancy Reagan, who asserted the
former national security aide had lied
to her husband about the Iran-Contra
affair and couldn't tell fact from fan-
But the North dispute, which has
focused on his character and fitness
for office, is less significant than the
two mayoral desertions and others
that reflect a split between GOP mod-
erates and conservatives.
"What you have here are a bunch
of Republicans who basically are say-
ing 'we don't want any government.'
And a major part of the Republican
Party won't go that far,' said Tony
Coelho, senior advicer to the Demo-
cratic National Committee.
He said the officials who have
jumped the fence of challenged GOP
tenents foreshadow the problems the
party will face reconciling its factions
in the 1996 presidential campaign.
Haley Barbour, chairman of the
Republican National Committee,
attributed the two mayoral endorse-
ments to local feuds, alliances and
cash flows. "Some officials want
to have more state and federal
money out into their city budgets,"
he said.

Continued from page 1.
from the ground or from the air,"
Bentsen said. The Secret Service re-
portedly would like to see part of Penn-
sylvania Avenue closed off for security
reasons. Bentsen said yesterday, "The
review will take into account the need
to keep the White House as open and
accessible to the public, consistent with
the needs to protect not only our presi-
dent and his family, but also protect
one of the foremost symbols of the
United States and what this nation
stands for."
Wearing a black polo shirt and
black jeans, Duran only uttered his
name when U.S. Magistrate Deborah
Robinson asked for itduring yesterday's
Assistant U.S. Attorney John
Finnegan asked that Duran undergo a
30-day psychiatric evaluation, citing
concerns from a handwritten note found
in the ex-soldier's truck.
Finnegan and Holder would not
comment on the contents of the letter.
Law enforcement sources yesterday
said the letter differs from a note they
also found.
Duran's public defender, Leigh
Kenny, balked at a 30-day evaluation
for her client. Robinson instead or-
dered Duran to submit to a 24-hour
examination by the District of Colum-
bia Department of Social Services.
Holder stressed that the examina-
tion is to determine whether Duran
understands the charges against him
and is able to assist his lawyer, not to
measure whether he is insane.

White House studying vulnerability.

Public access
may have to be
further restricted
Los Angeles Times
WASHINGTON -Treasury Sec-
retary Lloyd Bentsen said yesterday
that the Clinton administration is re-
sponding to Saturday's shooting at
the White House by reviewing "every
aspect of how the White House com-
plex could be attacked - from the air
or from the ground," and acknowl-
edged that public access might have
to be further restricted.
At a news briefing, Bentsen said
recommendations will be made by
early next year for upgrading secu-
rity, such as possibly closing off the
two-block stretch of Pennsylvania
Avenue that runs in front of the man-
sion or stationing more guards on the
Bentsen's remarks came as a fed-
eral magistrate ordered Francisco
Martin Duran, who is charged with
raking the White House with bullets
Saturday, to undergo psychiatric test-
ing to determine if he is mentally
competent to stand trial.
Magistrate Deborah Robinson is-
sued her ruling at the request of fed-
eral prosecutors, who said the con-
tents of handwritten notes found in
Duran's pickup truck suggested the

Whit. Hose scurity
White House security has been under review since Sept. 12, when a small
plane crashed on the grounds. Saturday's shooting again pointed out the
system's weak links, A look at the security now in place:
clinton was watching Oval
television here at the
l~ timeonf th e honetino------ --------8

the press, etc., have sidewalk. People often
special entrances. press up against the
Visitors must pass fence to see the White
security checks. Dogs House. Motion sensors
check every vehicle and cameras detect
entering the grounds, intruders, and guards
sniffing for bombs. patrol the grounds.
precautionary move was needed to
ensure a fair trial. Duran fired 20 to 30
rounds from a semi-automatic assault
rifle Saturday afternoon while stand-
ing on a Pennsylvania Avenue side-
walk in front of the White House.
Administration officials acknowl-
edged that a review of security proce-
dures, which began after the Sept. 12
crash of a light plane on the White

Surroundings What's next
Sharpshooters are stationed The Secret Service
on the rooftop. Airspace would like to expand
around downtown security perimeters,
Washington, D.C.,;is perhaps blocking off
restricted. Streets are Pennsylvania Avenue
blocked to traffic when the to traffic. Clinton
president's motorcade resists this option,
passes. The president's fearing the White
path in and out of the White House would be cut
House is frequently varied. off from the public.
House south lawn, now centers on a
sensitive question that long has been
avoided: whether the president's
house should, after two centuries, be
put out of reach of the public - at the
cost of dimming its status as a leading
symbol of the nation's democracy
and detracting from a prime experi-
ence of visitors to the capital city.
"The review will examine what-

ever means might be available, in-
cluding state-of-the-art technology,
to better protect the White House and
our national leaders," Bentsen told
Asked how security needs could
be balanced with the public's desire
for access to the national landmark
Bentsen said, "Well, obviously yoi
can't have a totally open White
.'You have to achieve a balance
insofar as making it as accessible as
you can to the American people and
in turn giving the protection that's
necessary for this nation's leaders and
their families." He announced he was
appointing an outside advisory com-
mittee to assist in the review.
The panel will include William H.
Webster, former director of the FBI
and CIA; David Jones, retired Air Force
general and former chairman of the
Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Judith Rodin,
a psychologist and president of the
University of Pennsylvania.
At his court hearing, Duran, a husky
man dressed in a black polo shirt and
black jeans, was asked only for hi*
name as he stood in the heavily guarded
courtroom. He made no statement, and
will officially enter a plea later this
Under U.S. law, if Duran were
judged to be incapable of understand-
ing the proceedings or aiding his at-
torney, he could not be tried unless he
underwent psychiatric treatment.

With a week to go, Clinton campaigns for Pa. senator -

The Washington Post
PITTSBURGH - President
Clinton embarked yesterday on a fi-
nal week of campaigning before the
midterm elections, joining forces with
one of the Senate's most endangered
Democratic incumbents, Sen. Harris
Wofford (Pa.), to warn of an impend-
ing Republican assault on Social Se-
curity benefits.
In rallies at Philadelphia's City
hall and the Pittsburgh convention
center, Clinton and Wofford struck
the same theme, emphasizing that
Wofford's Republican opponent, Rep.
Rick Santorum, had proposed raising
the eligibility age for collecting So-
cial Security benefits.
"My opponent says delay Social
Security until you're at least 70,"
Wofford told the Philadelphia rally.

"I say, not while I'm in the Senate."
Clinton said the Republicans'
"Contract with America" would re-
quire Social Security cuts of $2,000
per person annually and Medicare
cuts of $1,800 a year in order to
achieve the promised balanced bud-
get and tax cuts. "That's $3,600 a year
out of the most vulnerable people in
this country. ...That is wrong, and we
must not allow it to happen," Clinton
said. "So I say to you, say no to this
radical attack on Social Security."
Wofford has begun running com-
mercials that focus on the Social Se-
curity issue, and the Democratic Na-
tional Committee yesterday unveiled
a $750,000 ad campaign hammering
away at the Social Security issue. The
party billed this as a response to GOP
ads about a White House memo list-

ing cuts in Social Security and Medi-
care as budgetary options.
"Republican leader Newt Gingrich
once proposed phasing out Social Secu-
rity," one ad says. "Ollie North just called
Social Security 'a gag,' also proposing its
phase-out.... Now Republicans across
America have signed a radical new con-
tract that could cut Social Security ben-
efits by almost $2,000 a year."
North recently suggested that So-
cial Security be made voluntary, a
step that senior citizens groups say
would destroy the current system.
Gingrich in 1986 proposed phasing
out the existing Social Security pro-
gram, but has since renounced that
position. The $2,000 figure is based
on Democratic calculations of how
much entitlement programs would
have to be cut to balance the budget

under the Republicans' proposed
"Contract with America."
In taking on Republicans on the
Social Security issue, Clinton and the
Democrats open themselves to poten-
tial criticism. A recently leaked memo
by their own budget director, Alice
Rivlin, outlined a package of poten-
tial cuts in Social Security, such as
capping benefits of wealthier recipi-
ents, increasing the retirement age
and reducing cost-of-living adjust-
ments. But the president and his top
advisers insist he has no plans to take
any of those steps.
Haley Barbour, Republican National
Committee chairman, called the ads "a
desperate attempt to change the subject.
Democrats may think these scare tac-
tics will work on Halloween, but people
see through the Big Lie campaign."

President Clinton gestures to the crowd with U.S. Sen. Harris Wofford (D- 4
Pa.) at a campaign rally where Clinton asked for support for Wofford's re-
election in Pittsburgh yesterday. Clinton also took the opportunity to criticize
the Republicans' "Contract with America."

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