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April 01, 1994 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-04-01

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4 The Michigan Daily - Friday, April 1, 1994

(ibe £idpign 1ta1

'These attacks on Hillary Clinton have less to do with
Whitewater ... and more to do with her effective advocacy of
an issue this country cares about - health care.'
--opined in a full-page ad in Tuesday's edition of the New York Times

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Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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by students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
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Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the opinion of a majority of the Daily's editorial board.
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E ach year at this time m
heavily on the minds of
dents. Hash Bashers of all s
invade campus the first week
the praises of the hemp pla
truths they spout off abou
correct, but they are also sla
should be legal, but not for
National Organization for
Marijuana Laws (NORML)
1Marijuana is a variety of
containing the chemical tet
iol (THC), a psychoactive
ingested impedes the funct
rqtransmitters in the brain. I
that causes the feeling of bei
use marijuana to get high, m
use alcohol to get drunk. Whi
shiilar, THC is recognized f
being less addictive. Yet pot
i1fthe United States since th
Today, while alcohol rer
regulated, the government sp
dollars cracking down on ti
underground marijuana trade
truly being wasted.
Instead of dumping Amer
ifto a bottomless pit, we beli
fient should legalize mariju
regulate its distribution for p
ticn. Under such a plan, ma
xypuld produce their produ
same way tobacco farmers d
would be made available to t
the strict control of a body
alcohol control board and wot
nied by a hefty federal tax.

arijuana weighs Economically, this would lift the burden
f University stu- of trying to eradicate the evil of marijuana
shapes and sizes while bringing in sizeable income from the
of April, singing so-called sin tax. This money could be ear-
nt. Some of the marked for drug education and health care.
t marijuana are In addition, use of the drug in the workplace
nted. Marijuana would be heavily restricted. Professional
the reasons the associations would have to define strict
the Reform of ethical standards for their members.
would have us If our government is willing to allow the
consumption of alcohol, then why is it so
E the hemp plant hesitant to let people smoke pot? By labeling
rahydrocannab- pot an illicit drug-in the same category with
drug that when crack cocaine rather than Crown Royal -
tioning of neu- the government has attacked an unnecessary
t is this reaction stigma to marijuana use. Alcohol and mar-
ng high. People juana are similar yet the government accepts
:uch like people one "high" and not another.
le the effects are Although we support the previous rea-
by physicians as soning for marijuana legalization, the people
has been illegal who organize Hash Bash present a more
e 1930s. elliptical argument. They would have us be-
mains legal and lieve that legalizing pot will practically save
ends millions of the world.
he billion-dollar Members of NORML argue that man-
. This money is juana-or more specifically, hemp-ought
to be legalized for a variety of reasons. They
ica's tax dollars include hemp's use for paper, rope and en-
eve the govern- ergy. But very little pro-hemp propaganda
ana and strictly is centered around the real reason they want
ublic consump- pot legalized - so that they can get high.
rijuana growers Students should go to Hash Bash and
ct much in the watch --or participate if they choose. Either
lo. This product way it is a spectacle, and it is generally a lot
he public under of fun. But don't let the smoke over the Diag
similar to the Saturday cloud NORML members' bogus.
uldbe accompa- arguments. Pot should be legal-but they're
too stoned to figure out why.




C a
s 1

W*A C C4 are l





........... 4"


Proof of a crisis

O n Monday, the Census Bureau released
health insurance statistics that cover the
period of February 1990 through September
1992. A striking 25 percent of Americans
went without any health coverage for at least
a piiod of one month - proving once again
thatthe health care crisis is a dangerous and
wholly real phenomenon.
Considering such statistics, it is impos-
sile to disregard the public's clamoring for
universal coverage. People desire, and need,
the comfort and safety of knowing that they
will not be cornered into a situation where
they are forced to either quit their job and turn
torledicaid, or go without necessary care.
Tie Census figures revealed that those be-
tween the age of 18 and 24 are the most likely
to'be without coverage, and only half of the
members of this group are insured. From this,
the number of people who lack heath cover-
age decreases by age, but it doesn't drop off
substantially until it hits the elderly, who are
eligible for Medicare.
-However, the most distressing and prob-
lematic concern stems from the proven corre-
lation between poverty, unemployment and
lack of health insurance. The Census figures
ree the dogs
Last Friday, the Daily Editorial Board had
a visitor. His name was Rex Jr., and he
was a cocker spaniel. To say the least, we
were quite surprised by this fuzzy little
creature's guest appearance at one of our bi-
weely meetings. And yet, surprise melted
into respect, as the relationship we began.to
forge with him sent us on an intellectual roller
coaster ride that has culminated in this edito-
rial, in ourpassionate plea: FREE THEDOGS.
Many balk at this proposal. The entrenched
have grown accustomed to claims of dog
being man's best friend. Young boys find
dogs to be a wholly useful vehicle for taking
out their sexual frustrations on. Young women
find dogs to be hearty companions that can
duly replace the young boys that are dis-
tracted by their does. And voung does. of

indicate that about 13 percent of employed
individuals lacked coverage, while the num-
ber hovered around 40 percent for those with-
out jobs.
For those below the poverty level, almost
50 percent go without coverage. Clearly this
web of despondency is difficult, if not almost
impossible, for a poverty stricken family to
break. The absence, loss or unavailability of
jobs translates into the loss of health insur-
ance as a benefit. Then, one is dependent on
the unrealistic option of direct payment for
care. Families living in such conditions should
never be forced to make the choice of sacrific-
ing basic human and social necessities for
health care coverage - it should be a right
that such care is available. A comprehensive
national strategy to alleviate this web of pov-
erty is badly needed.
Without a doubt, the issue of national
health care demands inunediate action. Each
of us might argue for specific plans or meth-
odologies as the health care debate intensi-
fies. However, the central tenants of univer-
sal access and universal coverage must not be
lost or obscured, for they are of the highest
role of the household head.)
Dog-owners argue that their pets are quite
happy, and that if the dogs were freed, they
would not live very long. There is some merit
to this argument. However, after having one's
genitalia removed, as we were shocked to
learn is a common procedure that domesticized
dogs are forced to endure, anything seems
like bliss. The neutered and the spayed may
be all smiles on the outside, but they are in
fact merely a shell of an animal. Their most
immediate and most natural instincts for
procreation have been squashed, and what
follows may seem like a life of obsequious
bliss, but it is really only slavery.
This Editorial Board says freedom over
There is one more important point that is

Bowen should have
To the Daily:
I am writing in response to
Eugene Bowen's article in
Wednesday's Daily (3/23/94).
I would like to address the
quote "Stereotypes have been
so deeply ingrained in the
American society that after
centuries of slavery,
sharecropping and
subjugation, no Congressional
act or judicial decision will
ever stop the stereotyping of
Blacks, and each of us,
including Blacks, are guilty of
accepting stereotypes -
usually unintentionally." If
Mr. Bowen is for destroying
the stereotypes that have been
"deeply ingrained" in
American culture, then why
does he basically state that no
law or judicial decision will
ever put an end to this
stereotyping? Maybe I am
misinterpreting what he has to
say, but why would you want
to convey ideas of
hopelessness about something
you are fighting for? I am also
glad Mr. Bowen realizes that
he does tend to over analyze
the movies he mentioned. I
would like to know if he
actually thinks the director
intentionally picked a Black
man to be the bad guy on
purpose. And as far as
children picking up
stereotypes from movies and
TV; the parent is the main
influence in the child's
younger years, so guide them
through these stereotypes, but
do not think for them. Let
them LEARN what is the
truth, let them search through
the shades of grey and come
to their own conclusions
about what is real and what is
Engineering junior
Don't judge artists
solely on artwork
To the Daily:
This letter is in response to
Todd Beeby's letter on March
24. Mr. Beeby claims that
Guisewite is "flighty" because
of the issues she chooses to
address in her cartoon;
namely, "dieting," "dating,"
and "mid-life crisis." Not only
does Mr. Beeby trivialize
these very real problems, he
makes a judgement of the
artist based only on her
Besides, jokes at
commencement might be
more appropriate than any of
us realize, so lighten up.
LSA senior
Try harder next year


have matured.
Mr. Jalen Rose, I ask you,
where were you during the
NCAA tournament? At a
time when Michigan needed
someone to step up - you
were nowhere to be found.
You ducked out of the
limelight and became just
another player with a lot of
potential. You showed once
again what your immature,
lackadaisical nonchalance can
Mr. Howard and Mr. Rose,
there is no doubt you know
what it takes to win an NCAA
Championship. Take on the
challenge and take care of
some unfinished business next
year. The NBA promises
money, but it also promises
that you'll never get one last
chance at your college dream.
Engineering junior
'U' needs to be
consistent with policies
To the Daily:
The recent non-disclosure
of the "expunged records" of
individuals disciplined under
the Statement of Student
Rights and Responsibilities is
yet another instance in which
the University is in danger of
contradicting itself. The
University must be consistent
with its own rules and
regulations it imposes on its
students and on itself.
Another instance in which
the University does not follow
its own guidelines is apparent
in the ROTC program. The
ROTC program follows
similar eligibility guidelines
as those prescribed by the
full-time armed forces. Under
the "don't ask, don't tell"
policy, an openly gay
individual is denied
participation. While the
University sanctions the
ROTC program, it maintains
that the University is a liberal
campus via the
Nondiscrimination Policy
"The University of
Michigan is committed to a
policy of nondiscrimination
and equal opportunity for all
persons regardless of race,
sex, color, religion, creed,
national origin or ancestry,
age, marital status, sexual
orientation, disability or
Vietnam-era veteran status in
employment, education
programs and activities, and
Under the
Nondiscrimination Policy
Statement, the University
should reexamine the ability
of the ROTC program to offer
"equal opportunity" in light of
the "don't ask, don't tell"
policy. Because of this policy,
a handful of universities,
including Harvard, have
already recognized the
incongruity of the ROTC

Take pride in being
To the Daily:
This letter is in response to
Jason Lichtstein's editorial,
"Notes from Belarus" (3/24/
Jason, I agree with you that
we all must study and
understand the past in order to
learn for the future. Two
historical events of profound
importance leap to my mind
-- The Holocaust and
American slavery. We must
understand the philosophies
and the thought processes that
allowed two "enlightened"
nations to fall so low, so that
we might never witness such
shameful events again.
However, I disagree with
you that we, as Jews are
wrong in believing in the
"melting pot myth," or that the
"perniciousness of a capitalist
ethic [has de-emphasized]
what it means to be human"
- or Jewish for that matter.
It's true that Jews
shouldn't feel so cozy in
America that they forget their
roots because in Nazi
Germany, even people who
were one-eighth Jewish in
ancestry were sent to the
camps. Nor should the
Blacks get too cozy with the
KKK and neo-Nazis still
running around. But so long
as we are keeping an eye out
for danger, we should take
pride in being American and
pursuing the American
dream. I am a human being
first and a Jew second
(although I hope my grandma
doesn't read this). Human
beings have certain needs,
including the need for an
environment which allows
them the freedom to chase
their dreams and speak their
minds. Capitalism doesn't
dehumanize, it is the logical
extension of the principle
that humans have the right to
trade freely and exchange
value for value without
having their property taken
by force by the government
or other individuals. What
could be more moral or
"human" than having the
freedom to try and provide
good living for yourself and
your family? Furthermore, I
believe wholeheartedly in the
melting pot. What has drawn
millions of immigrants,
ourselves included, from all
over the world to America's
shores has been that in
America, people are free.
Free from government
oppression and gang rule.
I am happy and proud to
live in America and thankful
for the freedom I have to
pursue all of my dreams to
the extent of my abilities and
good fortune. I will continue
to keep an eye out for threats
to the Jewish and other
communities, but all the

State rape
Recently, I got a phone call from
Roy Romer, my state's Governor and
Chief Embezzler. Without his
knowledge, I secretly recorded our
graft-infested conversation, which I
will refer to as "Tapwater." Here isal
excerpt from our little talk:
G&C.E.: Jeremy, I realize that
you are extremely busy furthering
your education, but I was (this word
deleted) you could find it in your
heart to write a (this word deleted) or
two about your state, the place your
parents call Home. We could really
use the (this word deleted) publicity,
what with the all of the fuc(this letter
deleted)ing bad press we've receive
I immediately grasped the
importance of this call. One, I would
never, ever receive another parking
ticket in my home state, and two, I had
something to write about this week.
I'm sure that everyone knows, but
in case you didn't, let me fill you in:
Soy de Colorado. Of course, the fi
question on your mind is: "What
detergent do you use for your dishes?"
Sunlight. The second is probably
something like, "Do you ski?"
Answer: don't judge a state by its
rumors. The most common of which
is that everyone from Colorado must
automatically be able to win the gold
in the downhill slalom.
Let me dispel this myth once an
for all. No, I do not ski -there are n
mountains in Colorado. Whoeversaid
there werewas playing a cruel jokeon
you. Switzerland has mountains.
Colorado, on the other hand, has
lots of lakes. In fact, we have so much
water that our state was close to being
nicknamed, "Land of lots of water."
It's not uncommon formy friendsand
Itogowater-skiing,jetskiing, boating
fishing, synchronized swimmin
parasailing and shark-bobbing, all in
the same afternoon.
Before Igoon, allow me to provide
a brief history of my state. Colorado,
or "land of colos," was founded in
1963 by a guy with an "M" in his last
name. As the story goes, this guy was
on his way West, when he got tired.
While he was resting, he decided that
he had better do somnethinr
constructive with his time, so he
founded my state. Every Aprilst,
Coloradoans keep this proud tradition
alive by dropping whatever they are
doing and founding something. Of
course, this has led to a number of
lawsuits, as surgeons would quit in
the middle of surgeries, airline pilots
would let go of the controls, prostitutes
would stop in the middle of thei
tricks, etc. But enough about history.
Colorado's night life is second
only to Poland's. When the lights go
out, boy, watch yourself -there is a
whole plethora of things to do (three),
themostpopularof which are bowling
and cow-tipping. Hide your jealousy,
New York.
Yet do not say that Colorado has
no culture. No. Don't even think about
it. Colorado isjust brimmingwith th
stuff. Why, just the other day, I
happened to overhear some Person
talking about my state:
Person: Colorado isjustbrimming
with culture.
We have our own museum, filled

with "ert," made by real "ertists."
True, you probably haven't heard of
Jean-Claude Monet, Pablo Ficasso,
and Vincent Van A-Go-Go, but I'
telling you - they're gonna be big.
Besides, the place has free parking,
which makes it cool.
As is our restaurant. One of my
favorite pastimes is to order "our
capital's omelet," rather than "The
Denver Omelet." This is because I
have the gift of humor. The waitresses
always look atcme as if I'm stoned, to
which I will add, "And could you
bring me a glass of bong water?" This
really confuses them.
Colorado is also very liberal. Just
look at Amendment 2, or the "anti-
gay" amendment. Yep. That was
certainly passed by a bunch of people
wearing Birkenstocks and hemp sacks
for t-shirts. When I go home, and this
is no joke, many of my friends
comment about how I've become a
"freak" because I wear cut-off jeans
and I listen to that "alternative crap."
Garth Brooks is second only to Jesus
in my state. Give it up already.
Colorado is about as liberal as Jerry
Now, true, Colorado does have
"sports," such as iogging, tennis, and






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