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March 04, 1994 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1994-03-04

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Friday, March 4, 1994

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'(To show) in a very, very graphic way what happens if the
kind of attitudes expressed at Kean College are left
-New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman
on free showings of the film "Schindler's List" at Trenton State

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Hartford: VP for whom?
M aureen A. Hartford has now served erupting." Hartford has effectively placed
nearly half of her five-year contract as a premium on "free speech."
vice president for student affairs. After sup- And then she worked tirelessly to insti-
porting a series of essentially anti-student tute a non-academic code of conduct. As-
measures and proposals, followed by con- serting the absolute need for such a code,
sistently refusing to oppose the regents or she worked to expand its jurisdiction, en-
fellow administrators on any issue, a serious compassing as many "crimes" as possible.
rethinking of her role and tenure is neces- Next, Hartford worked to implement
sary. If Hartford is to serve the second half the alcohol policy, whereby drunk stu-
of her contract, it simply cannot be the dents can be given penalties - up to ex-
same as the first. pulsion - from the University.
Hartford rode in on a wave of optimism She fired Housing Director Bob
when she first came to the University in Hughes, a 30-year veteran of the Univer-
January 1992 replacing Mary Ann Swain, sity, under the transparent facade of reas-
another supposedly pro-student administra- signment.
tor. However, Swain ignored student input When Regent Deane Baker displayed his
in pushing through the Union access policy homophobia, regarding advertisements be-
and other restrictive rpeasures. ing displayed in East Quad, where was
Then came Hartford who, among other Hartford? Why didn't she speak out against
things, pledged to revitalize the then-Stu- this? It is easy to have meetings with groups,
dent Services office. She stayed in South smile and say I agree. It takes guts to stand
0uad, attended classes and even went to up to bigotry, even when it happens to be
parties to experience what it is like to be a coming from the mouth of your boss.
student. Unfortunately, her actions were When the regents raised tuition by al-
mere poses and her words proved to be most 10 percent, where was Hartford? Did
rhetoric. she discuss the fact that for the many stu-
First, she decried the students leading the dents who get little financial aid and must
protests against deputization as "violent work long hours to pay their way, even a
thugs," and worked to get the University to $500-a-year increase is too much.
prosecute them. She doesn't eat dorm meals anymore.
Furthermore, she has worked to imple- She eats catered lunches with administra-
ment the Diag policy, a policy which under tive colleagues and regents on china with
the guise of place, time and manner restric- silver. There is little to suggest that Hart-
tions seeks to roundly restrict certain points ford will be any more sympathetic to, or
of view from being expressed. Under this aware of, student concerns in the future.
policy, groups wishing to gather on the She'll meet with hand-picked students and
Diag to freely exchange ideas must first MSA members, simply as a courtesy. In-
obtain permits from the University. In the evitably, students will be ineffective in
case of the Hash Bash, the Ann Arbor bringing about long-term institutional
chapter of the National Organization for changes.
the Reform of Marijuana Laws had to pay Hartford has remained isolated far too
an outrageous fee for police security, as a long - only she can decide whether she
hedge against "potential violence from will listen to legitimate student concerns.
Hebmron Mass mgivarue
It is time for Israel to give up the occupied territories

CAPER C y 1!



Police erred in their
I am writing in response
to everyone downing Shonte
Peoples for his actions that
took place Sunday night.
There are many unanswered
questions that no one is
addressing. Put yourself in
his shoes. You are sleeping
late at night when you are
awoken by your alarm
telling you that someone is
breaking into your car. You
look out to see three
unidentified men inside of
your truck. You tell some
one to call 911 (which he
did, not knowing that they
were police officers). Then
you go and protect your
property the best way you
know how. Realistically
when you call the cops as
everyone says he should
have done, they will not get
there in a hurry. They ask
you all kinds of questions
before they come. By that
time your car is gone. Also,
in the violent world we live
in they could have shot him
for trying to interfere with
the robbery. Also, his car
had been burglarized
before. Everyone saying he
is wrong is a hypocrite. If
you saw someone in your
home or car, messing with
something of yours, you
would protect it. Maybe not
in that fashion, but in some
manner. Lastly, I have some

questions. What were they
doing in his truck in the first
place? To enter his truck
they would have to let him
know they were inside it.
The police do not have the
right to enter anyone's
property like that without a
search warrant. I have not
heard one thing about a
search warrant. Also, if
someone is shooting at you
it is hard to hear people
yelling at you. Why didn't
the police put two and two
together? If he is shooting at
them and calling 911 then
he does not know that those
men were officers. Why
were they there at three in
the morning? All I have to
say is keep your head up,
Shonte, and disregard these
hypocrites, because they can
not judge without being
judged also, and everybody
has done something wrong
in their lives.
University alum
No special rights for
To the Daily:
In regards to your front
page story on the so-called
"anti-gay amendment," I
would respond by claiming
that you misrepresent the
reasoning behind the ballot
proposal. I am of the
opinion that one need not
be prejudiced against
homosexuals in order to
support an initiative like the
one cited in your article. I

would support such an
initiative, and I do not
consider myself to be
prejudiced against gay men
and women. I feel that the
militant gay rights
organizations on campus and
across the country think that
homosexual men and
women should be afforded
rights above and beyond
those granted by our
Constitution. Citizens of this
nation who happen to be
homosexual enjoy the same
rights as all other citizens
who are heterosexual. I feel
that no one should be given
special rights above those
given to ordinary citizens.
Making such a choice does
not give the chooser a claim
to minority status, as
proposed by the initiative. I
feel that the true reasoning
behind this ballot initiative is
to ensure that allcitizens of
this, state are treated the
same, with no citizens being
afforded special rights based
on characteristics that are
within their control. Some
may argue that I am
condoning discrimination
against homosexuals - I am
not. I would counter by
stating that no one could
know if a person was
homosexual unless they
were told as much by the
gay person. This is very
much different from
discrimination based on skin
color, which is impossible to
Engineering junior

As most of you know, because in
all likelihood you follow every aspec
of my life, I have just returned from
a much-deserved trip to Acapulco.
It was much-deserved because not
everyone can handle a rigorous nine-
credit schedule. Anyway, I was this
close (place your index finger and
thumb about a quarter-inch apart)
to pulling a Ken Kesey and staying
in Mexico, changing my name to
Enrique and subsiding off of Pepto
Bismol and Coronas. Yet two thing
forced me to return: 1) my daily
sponge bath with Inga, and 2) lunch
at the Union.
Eating at the Union is fun
because it does not solely consist of
consuming food. No. This is too
easy. Rather, lunch at the Union is
an ... adventure. Before I explain,
allow me to define the word
"adventure," according to Webster
adventure (ad-ven'cher) n. 1. A
hazardous undertaking.
Keep this definition in mind as I
take you through the routine that
many will undoubtedly find familiar,
and others simply try to erase from
their memories:
Step 1: Stand in line - The first
time I stood in line to get a burger,
I thought that Disneyland had
opened a new ride in the Union. 'rI
fact, this is a ploy stolen from the
Evil Communists: make the
prisoners wait so long that they will
consume just about anything,
including a "milkshake" (this is
misleading, as it implies the use of
Once you are ready to order, go
to Step 2.
Step 2: Ordering - This is my
favorite Step, but be careful, as it i
easy to slip up here. There are two
ways that a person may take your
Way 1: "Hi, can I help you?"
Do not trust this person. This
person is obviously a psychology
major donning a Little Caesar's
outfit, attempting to learn
something about your personality
that you probably do not want
known. Go to thednext register.
Way 2: "What do want?"
This person can be trusted.
Next, order your food. Realize
that what you order will look
absolutely nothing like the pictures,
and that the word "fries" on the
menu should read "fry." Ask for
meat from the container without
the skull and crossbones printed on
the side (usually reserved for faculty
members). If you like your burge
cooked a certain way, be sure to use
the correct terminology:






Vengeance - revenge - avengeance: a
hideous cycle of murder and senseless
death. It is not news to anyone acquainted
with the history of Middle East politics that
as we speak, far-right militants, both Jew-
ish and Muslim, are out to subvert and
sabotage the multilateral peace talks -
talks that will eventually lead to the estab-
lishment of a zone of mutual peace and
stability in one of the most contentious
regions in the world. These espousers of
hate cannot and should not be allowed to
derail the negotiations. All those involved,
both Palestinian and Israeli, should see to
it that the most valuable goal of peaceful
coexistence is actualized.
But this world of ours is a savage one. On
the Jewish holiday of Purim and the second
Sabbath of Ramadan, Dr. Baruch
Goldstein, an American-born Israeli set-
tler and a member of the Kach party - a
political group committed to ridding Arab
infidels from the Holy Land - forced his
way into the Tomb of the Patriarchs, a
mosque in Hebron, and fired his assault
rifle into the crowd of worshippers, killing
40 or more and injuring 150. And just
Tuesday, four Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn
were attacked in an apparent act of revenge
for the Ramadan killings.
Goldstein's horrific and grotesque act
has stunned the international community,
outraged Palestinians , and now has jeopar-
dized the fragile peace process. A chance
for peace has been critically threatened by
the obsessions of a militant, pathological
fanatic. Israeli Prime Minister lambasted
this man and his actions as an affront to
"Judaism and Zionism. As an Israeli, I am
ashamed of this deed."
Goldstein, as a fervent adherent of Rabbi
Meir Kahane, who was assassinated in 1990,
and the followers of his hate-inspiring rheto-
ric, must be fully repudiated by both the
state of Israel and all political parties in
Israel. Those groups and organizations that
continue to preach and practice hate and
violence against Arabs must be disbanded
immediately. Leaders of these groups en-
courage murder - and the soap box should

Israeli Defense Force, in a coordinated ef-
fort to deal with violent settler groups con-
gregated in the Occupied Territories. Also,
within the context of the ongoing peace
talks, the 120,000 Israeli settlers in the Oc-
cupied Territories should resettle elsewhere
in the legal state of Israel. And after all of
this, if settler-Palestinian violent continues
unabated and protests and riots escalate, it
may be necessary to call for a U.N. peace-
keeping force to be deployed in the West
Bank to inject calm into the area.
The actors in the peace process must
not give in to the violent rages of the right.
The attainment of a lasting and just peace
in the Middle East is of paramount impor-
tance so as to avoid more blood loss, injus-
tice and carnage. The Hebron Massacre
only too poignantly illustrates the hate, the
hateful motivations to kill and the need for
those concerned about peace to act deci-
sively to bring about a solution to the loss of
human life.
The PLO, Syria, Lebanon and Jordan
should heed President Clinton's call for a
continuation of negotiations in Washing-
ton, and although these Arab nations have
every right to express outrage at this des-
picable horror, more is at stake. Reason-
able discourse and debate is essential, from
all sides, to reach an agreement (building
on the original agreement of principles
signed last year) - one in which the Arab
nations along Israel's borders establish dip-
lomatic relations with the Jewish state and
recognize its right to exist, Israel renounces
all claims to the Occupied Territories of
Gaza and the. West Bank, and both sides
agree to a peace agreement.
The time is now for courageous change
in the Middle East. The Palestinian and
Israeli people can no longer afford the
death, destruction, riots, imprisonments
and chaos of occupation. The people of
Israel should recognize this logic, and do
all within its power to free Gaza and Hebron
and give the Palestinians the fundamental
right of self-determination. In the name of
justice, the Israeli and Palestinian people
have suffered long enough - retribution
is lrwna rn-.t Tn the PanA w m tnvp faith1


If you say

You will get
yesterday's medium

'Coming of Age' without alcohol

I will be celebrating my
21st birthday come
Tuesday, but the date will
not bear the same
significance to me as it
does most of my peers.
My 21st birthday will
mean renewing my driver's
license, being with friends,
parcels from family
members. But it will not
mean a "Coming of Age"
with my first drink.
You see, I don't drink
- never have and probably
never will. When I feel
adventurous or daring, I
look to other ways of
satisfying my curiosity. My
religion, Islam, forbids me
from consuming alcohol,
but I doubt I would be
interested in drinking even
if I were not a Muslim.
This is not to say that
alcohol consumption is
wrong for everyone, but I
have been able to note its
negative effects through
others' experiences.
My first memory of the
glamorization of alcohol
came through soap operas.
I would snuggle next to my

these recurring situations.
As I grew older and
more fond of sports, I
would watch Monday
Night Football (we are a
big ABC family).
Interspersed between
touchdowns by O.J.
Simpson were beer
commercials that glorified
beer's alleged side effects.
I call it the loser-
commercial-type. Some
man would be sitting by
himself on a beach. The
moment he clicked open a
beer can, long-legged
women in bikinis flocked
to him as though new life
were breathed into his
looks and personality. If
this man were truly
attractive to women, he
would not have to be
concerned with the image
of holding a beer can or
drinking; and if women
were truly attracted to him,
it should not be because of
his drinking habits.
Maybe I'm different
from others, but I never
enjoyed those commercials.
I cannot even admit to
slipping a laugh at the
popular Spuds MacKenzie

the back of my mind I
always questioned it.
And then came my
junior year of high school. I
can still hear the principal's
voice over the P.A. four
years later. The 1991 class
had just lost one of its
members. I never really
knew her, but had chatted
with her during one of my
classes every now and then.
She was smart from what I
knew, a role model to
many. After a party, she
accepted a ride with
someone who was drunk"
because she could not find
another ride. Sadly, the ride
for her ended before she
made it home.
My class pulled together
for her, her family and
close friends. At the
funeral, sorrow
overwhelmed us, even
those of us who were
merely acquaintances.
While she stood as a well-
admired person, she stood
as a symbol of the tragedy
drinking and driving can
College has brought
other outlooks as well. I
have friends who have been
r~rm .r znrla*

Eating at the Union is a good
deal, as one can usually get lunch
for under $15 (without a drink, o
Now I realize that you are
hungry, and at this point you are
seriously considering cannibalism.
But wait. First you must play the
Entree Plus game. Go to Step 3
Step 3: The Entree Plus game -
This game was invented by my great
grandfather in 1896, and has been
passed down through the
generations. Odds are that you will
pass it on to your kids, too. First, ask
the friendly employee if they accept
Entree Plus, because, of course,
you would never actually pay for
the food you are about to eat. Then
ask to see one of their pamphlets on
nutrition. And while they're at it,
could they explain it to you? Next,
tell them you will not leave the line
until they clarify the rules of skeet
shooting. Olympic rules. The
Olympic rules of 1964. Finally,
fumble through your purse/wallet,
pulling out every card you have
except your Entree Plus. If you
have the time, after taking out each
card ask, "Is this my Entree Plus?"
Remember, play this game only
if there is a big line behind you, so
that more people can appreciate its
humor. They will laugh and laugh.
You are a very funny person, they
will tell you. Pat yourself on the
back, and go to Step 4.
Step 4: Finding a seat - The
lottery for seats is held every
'Monday, 2310 Mason Hall. Many
of you are unaware of this, and
spend most of your hour searching






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