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November 22, 1993 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1993-11-22

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, November 22, 1993

Uie Biditgna tai~l

420 Maynard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
Edited and managed
by students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Editorial Page Editor

2N u arJ&H r TME.PK~rE ST S
Evl.....- WE I-CVE
JoQ-sN itou ME A Tick!



Unless otherwise noted, unsigned editorials reflect the majority opinion of the Daily editorial board.
All other cartoons, articles and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

)lr uteA

lIE'S A PH AAd.Ic& 5m(~L
srtc K5 CAN H'R~T
Ot~r PLV E' S YE 5... ,}



Want MSA votes? Try Michigan Stadium

Where in the hell does one find
more than 6 percent of this
University at a time?
This in my opinion is one of the
greatest dilemmas facing MSA now
and in the future. How can an
organization claiming to represent
over 35,000 students function
effectively when nobody can
realistically find all of these
constituents at one time.
Maybe, though, everyone isn't
thinking quite hard enough. I seem to
remember about six Saturdays each
fall where at least 30,000 students
seemed to congregate in mood full of
school spirit.
We're not talking Zingerman's
here, either.
Football is the missing link for
MSA to reach out and touch its
presently distant constituency.
Football is an answer to an
organization deprived of forums to
distribute its virtues and views, as
well as an ability to reach out and ask
a student to give a damn for 10
A parallel to the communication
breakdown MSA suffers is the big
leagues of politics, Congress.
Brouhard is an LSA junior and a
member of the Daily editorial page

The only way I ever hear about
what my Congressman is doing is
when I turn on the television to
witness another Bob Packwood
scandal or happen to drive by the
groundbreaking of a useless
Highway bypass.
MSA doesn't get that kind of
exposure. Craig Greenberg, MSA
president, is just some guy who I
vaguely remember from a ancient
political science class. Brian Kight,
MSA's executive vice president,
keeps bringing visions of a Bobby
Knight look-alike throwing chairs
around the assembly. These two
images just don't cut it for voter
I need something hard, printed, on
paper perhaps, telling me who the
hell these guys, there must be
females too, are. The Beavis and
Butthead posters strewn across
campus are catchy, but they don't cut
the mustard.
Football - that thought keeps
cropping up.
Why not send an MSA voter
guide along with candidate
descriptions home with each student
with the football season ticket.
Somebody is already paying the
postage for all of these tickets to be
sent, why not add in MSA's pitch.
Every year almost 90 percent of
the University applies to receive

football tickets. MSA elections could
be held in conjunction with this
existing orgy of student participation.
Even if only half the applicants
take the time to read through the
pamphlet describing who, what and
where MSA is, they will still be
much more representative of the S
student body than their current 6
percent stranglehold on student voter,
Why hasn't this been tried in the
past? The words cooperation,
participation and action would all be
The athletic department would
say impossible, students would
apathetically shrug and MSA would:,
feel pressure to work effectively.
"Kill MSA" - an idea whose
time has come. "Fix MSA" - a plan
that those affected would fight to
avoid in favor of the status quo.
Keep slogging through the
pathetic attempt at student
government that everyone hates but
accepts, that is the fate that MSA
seems to be on course to fulfill.
Maybe someday football games
will only have 6 percent turnout too.
We care about that, though.
Therefore, it wouldn't be allowed to
MSA appears fated to track
through a very different future unless
change occurs.


Cut administrator
To the Daily:
There is, fortunately, a blindingly
simple way for President Duderstadt
and the regents to restore the morale
of the University community at large
and of Michigan taxpayers: to return
to the University the excess in the
salary increases recently awarded to
top administrators. Those resources
could then be reallocated, perhaps in
the form of support for students in
need. After all, aren't students the
main reason for a university?
Department of Classical Studies
Supercollider is
important to science
To the Daily:
I am writing with regard to your
editorial on the termination of the
superconducting supercollider (SSC),
("The big boondoggle", 10/25/93). I
am writing because I found several
statements in your editorial
misleading or dangerous.
You referred to the "ever-
increasing cost" of the SSC.
However, you failed to discuss the
sources of such cost overruns. It was
Congress that chose to build the
collider over a longer period of time,
increasing the overall cost of the
You wrote, "Spending billions of
dollars on 'basic research,'
information that has little pragmatic
value but increases base knowledge,
is something that we cannot afford at
this time." Where do you think the
"~csin, a n ii i ~n taco rm1, nrnpc

Democrat's logic
is contradictory
To the Daily:
In a speech in favor of the North
American Free Trade Agreement
(NAFTA) on Nov. 17, liberal, tax-
and-spend democrat Pat Schroeder
from Colorado claimed "20 percent
lower tariffs in Mexico on U.S.
goods will mean that people south of
the border will buy 20 percent more
American goods."
My question to such tax-raising
democrats is, shouldn't the same
logic apply to lower taxes within US
U-M College Republicans
Daily disclaimers are
To the Daily:
Beneath your guest editorials, you
often issue a disclaimer that says that
the guest editorial "does not
necessarily reflect the opinion of The
Michigan Daily." Occasionally, I've
seen a disclaimer that says that the
editorial "does not reflect the opinion
of The Michigan Daily."
Is there a difference between the
meaning of these two disclaimers? If
so, please drop the use of the latter.
Saying "we might or might not
agree" and "we don't agree" is, in my
opinion, the same as saying "we do
agree" and "we don't agree." If you
really want to be neutral on guest
editorials, don't make distinctions.
Rackham graduate student

Student Government.
I just thought that you and my
fellow LSA students would like to
know that I personally observed
these student representative hopefuls-
making multiple copies of their
campaign posters on the HP
Laserprinter at the NUBS computing
We all know that this is against
the rules and that by doing so during
an extremely busy time (there was a
wait list) not only were they wasting
student money, but also the time of
those students working on the
computers that night. My question to
you and my fellow LSA students is:
Do we really want people who
casually waste students' time and
money representing us and doling out
our fees to student groups?
LSA senior
Abortion is a right,
not an entitlemont
To the Daily:r
I would like to comment on the
poorly thought out "Abortion
funding ban deprives poor women of
choice" in the Daily (10/6/93).
I cannot believe that an intelligent,
human being came up with the
assumption that the government has
to supply abortions to whoever needs
them but cannot afford them. The
author states that abortion is a right
given to Americans. This is true. We
also have the right to remove a mole,
get braces on our teeth and buy a
People are not entitled to have an
abortion unless it is a case of rape,
incest, or endangerment to the
mother, as it should be. Why?

F the di s
Weekend etc.

Daily retracts editorial

In the Thursday, Nov. 11, 1993
edition of the Daily, a column en-
titled "Instinctive travels and the
paths and roads of rhythm," written
by Weekend etc. columnist Brian
Meeks, appeared.
A significant portion of that

In the Friday, Nov. 19, 1993
edition of the Daily, an editorial
entitled "Another MSA fiasco" was
printed. While the Daily stands by
the majority of the editorial's con-
tent, we would like to retract certain
statements in the editorial that may
have been false or misleading.
Specifically, this retraction per-
tains to two sections of the editorial.
In the editorial, the following
statement appears: "And, as MSA

day night.
The second section pertains to
LSA Student Government presiden-
tial candidate David Pava's com-
ment. The editorial reads: "Current
MSA representative and Keg Party
LSA-SG presidential candidate
David Pava said it best: 'I've never
seen such incompetence since I was
on the student council in the sev-
enth grade. I have that feeling that
something's amiss.'

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