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September 23, 1993 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1993-09-23

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4 - The Michigan Daily - Thursday, September 23, 1993

U~~be £illJu~a~

420 Maynard
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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by students at the
University of Michigan

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Sharp as Toast Rby Jim Lasser
^ - l ., ....
The beginning of the paper trail
What up. I remember when the only police know their names, and I hope to work
For those of you who don't know carsIhad to worry about were those of with you totalkabout them, and other
me, my name is Lester Kenyatta Ann Arbor's finest. And I remember things.
Spence, and I am when the Michigan Statement of Like terms such as "politically
a grad student Student Rights and Responsibilities correct" and "right-wing" and how
studying political didn't exist (as a sidenote to this, you they were created toconfuseanddivide.
science. I did my should wonder why there isn'tasimilar Like the works of Adam Smith, which
undergraduate statementofadministraorrightsand people continually quote, but don't
work here, and responsibilities). seem to understand. Andof course I'll
started in 1987. Granted, it wasnt that live. Women try to place the things thathappen here
The 'U' has were still being raped, and students in aperspective steeped in history.
changed in many were still catching hell from Ann Before we beginourjourney,Iask
ways since I TA T N Arbor's finest, theadministration, and afew things of you. FirstIask thatyou
started. The Dow Lester K. faculty members (in more ways than look at what I say with a critical eye,
Ch e mis t rySpenceone) but at least there were certain and not to simply believe anything I
building was a outlets that we could take advantage say. Think about it. Write about it (in
hole in the ground, for example. The of. And it's wrong that those outlets fact, e-mail meat "L.Kenyatta.Spence"
computer center in Angell Hall was a are closed in the name of supposed if you wantto talk tome personally). If
large empty space, and no one had student safety. thisspaceisforanything,itisdialogue
even heard of Microsoft Word, much To the incoming first-year class, as between twoormoreactivepaticipants
less of the Mac IIvx. well as to many older students, much wishing to arrive at a common
On a much more serious note, I of what I've said seems like ancient understanding.
remember when students hadfreedom history, because most of them were at I called this first piece "The
- well at least more than they have Cass or Rindge & Latin High. On a Beginning of the Paper Trail," in
now. small level, this is why I decided to reference toLaniGuinier.Notbecause
I remember when you could gig in write this column- toremind students she was all of that, even though some
any frat house you wanted to without of what went on before them- for as of her ideas are deep, but because I
being on the guest list (I didn't take we all know, those who forget their think she was taken out due to an
advantage of this particular freedom history are doomed to repeat it. unwillingness on the behalf ofcertain
much for what should be obvious Which bringsme to arelated topic. people tospeak truthfully andhonestly
reasons). Quick. Who are Denise McNair, about what's going on.
I remember being able to go to a Carole Robertson, Addie Mae Collins, I also ask you not to place me in a
party in the Michigan Union without and Cynthia Wesley? neat box by saying that I'm a leftist,
having to go in through the "Black" Because of my upbringing, I was rightist, racist, orAfrocentrist,because
door, and without having to present an pretty familiar with the movement of all you'll be doing is confusing both
ID to benign security guards. I also the 60s, which many of our parents yourself andotherswhowish toarrive
remember being able to see students participatedin (in one way or another). atTruth.
from Lansing, Ypsilanti and I alsoknew thatononehumidday in Andbeforelend,letmesaythatmy
Kalamazooat these self-same gigs. Alabama, fourgirls were killed whena pointsof viewaredue tomyparents, to
___ Birmingham church was bombed. I discussions withmy wife, the Sons of
Spence is a Rackham graduate never knew their names though. I'm Bloodand Thunder, otherfriends,and
student in political science. His willing to bet that 95 percent of you intense study. (Any mistakes, errors,
column will appear every other didn't know them either. or omissions are my fault though.)
Thursday in the Daily. There are reasons why dyou don't On thatnote ... letthe games begin.

Students do believe
in 'Higher Power'
To the Daily:
Contrary to Ian Lester's claim
that "precious few (students) can
attest to the fact that they believe in
the existence of an omnipotent
being" ("Drugs, religion offer an
escape," 9/21/93), an
overwhelming majority do, in fact,
believe in the presence of a Higher
Power. He equates being religious
with believing in God, which is
many times not the case. While his
comment about the Bible being
outdated may have merit, the Bible
has little to do with many people's
relationship with God. His
statement that religions "place the
blame on the broad shoulders of a
ubiquitous being" is in most cases
opposite of what actually occurs.
Most religions blame the sinner and
some unfortunately threaten eternal
pain for those sins.
Most people I know who use
drugs and/or alcohol aren't atheists,
but have a disease that needs to be
cured, regardless of whether or not
they believe in God. Just as cancer,
drug and alcohol addictions will
progress to kill the victim if he/she
is unwilling to seek help. If human
beings tend not to take
responsibility for their actions, it
may just be that they are not in

Ian, I hope that more love will be
directed toward you and all the
others like you who have their
blinders on. An eternal life deluged
in love should not be discredited as
unreal, it should be an experience
to enjoy now and to always look
forward to.
LSA sophomore
Sign on to the
'Friendly Revolution'
To the Daily:
Fellow students, faculty, and
members of the University
community, today I call for a
revolution of magnificent
proportion, a movement so
sweeping it could change the
character of our school and your
outlook on life. I call for the
Friendly Revolution.
What is that, you ask. Let me
explain. How many times have you
walked through the Diag and
looked around at hundreds of
students - glaring at the ground?
Perhaps you summon enough
courage to say "Hi" to a stranger
only to be greeted by a blank stare.
How one person could look another
in the eye and not even
acknowledge his oi her presence is
beyond one. But it happens all the
time, riohtere ,4at the I '

competitive school, and supposedly
everyone looks out for themselves.
Maybe it is the cold, dreary
weather. Maybe it is the pollution
from the power plant. But I think
there is more.
When many of us first came to
the 'U,' we expected a friendly,
"Midwestern" feel, and walked
around with smiles and enthusiasm.
You can still see first-year students
doing it right now. But soon, as the
smiles were greeted with stares, we
gave into our surroundings, and
started to put on "the look." In
other words, we learned not to
smile because it was the established
norm. What we must do is rise up
collectively and change the norm.
Little by little, we can spread
smiles and positive feelings across
this campus. Smiles and emotions
are contagious, so why not spread
good cheer?
This is the Friendly Revolution I
call for. It may not change the
world or help you pass a test, but it
can make this campus more
inviting and can make you a little
happier. So next time you walk to
class, take a chance: smile, say
"Hi" to a stranger, and be a part of
the Revolution!
LSA Junior

Big Ten means changes for Penn St.

A new football season is here,
bringing with it changes that could
transform some Penn State traditions.
But don't let the Gophers get you
down - football Saturdays can still
be fun if fans keep a few things in
Major change No. 1: Big Ten
What to do: Don't go crazier than
usual if the Nittany Lions win.
Being apart of the Big Ten means
the national spotlight will focus even
brighter on Penn State, so students

Being a part of the Big Ten means the national
spotlight will focus even brighter on Penn State,
so students must behave responsibly.

tion expensive.
Major change No. 2: Assigned
student seating.
What to do: Plan ahead and get
there early.
The new seating plan doesn't mean
students can't have a good time, it
means they must know how to be-

enough trash and recycling contain-
ers for a crowd accustomed to tailgat-
ing before, during, and after the
Partying with a vengeance in pro-
test of the keg ban and tossing cans
and bottles on the ground will only
cause problems for everyone. If

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