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November 25, 1992 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-11-25

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The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, November 25, 1992- Page 7

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War is dirty,
people are victinis
To the Daily:
In his letter "Muslims suffer in
Bosnia," (11/18/92) Mr. Ozdemir
presents a one-sided view of the
situation in Bosnia by talking about
the atrocities against the Muslim
Ozdemir forgets that it is war
that is dirty, not Christians or
Muslims. It is war that makes
monsters out of people. Muslims
rape and kill too. Take a look at
Turkey's cleansing of Kurds -
Turks are Muslims, Kurds are
Muslims. It's all part of the
"game." Ozdemir should call for a
demonstration against the war in
Bosnia, not for arms to be given to
one or the other party.
As far as the United States is
concerned, Yugoslavia does not
appear to produce any oil like
Kuwait, so why bother? The United
States did not intervene to stop
Turkey's brutal 1974 invasion of
Cyprus - internationally con-
demned by numerous U.N. and
Security Council resolutions,
leaving 5,000 Cypriots dead and
2,700 missing - because Cyprus
produces oranges, not oil.
So, Ozdemir, let's try to get rid
of war, not people.
Constantine Kyriazis
Business School graduate
Protect free speech
To the Daily:
While Edward Donnelly ("Ban
Def Leppard," 11/16/92) worries
that Def Leppard' s music will lead
to the "diminishing morals of
today's youth," letters like his make
me worry more about the intellect
of today's youth not their morals.
How anyone can base an argument
on something they have not heard is
beyond comprehension.
Mr. Donnelly claims to have
read the lyrics but has no idea in
what context they are used. He has
ot even bothered to listen to the
;hdbum. Besides, where is the
connection that this type of music
leads to any deterioration of
Furthermore, once one starts
banning a fairly mainstream and
uncontroversial act such as Def
Leppard, why not ban half of the
songs on the radio? Maybe if we
are lucky we will get to listen to Pat
Boone all day on every station.
What ever happened to free speech?
My wish for Donnelly is that he
wakes up one day and realizes what
a wonderful thing our Constitution
Although I may not agree on
everything that goes to print or
record, I still respect people's right
to say what they want. People like
Donnelly are the type that institute
speech codes and student codes of
conduct. It is up to the rest of us to
make sure that these "morally
enlightened people" do not infringe
on our rights.
Jason Mendelson
LSA senior
Friends, Romans
To the Daily:
I enjoyed Jonathan Chait's
column on term limits ("Friends,
Romans, countrymen," 11/12/92),
as I do all his columns, but I believe

there were a few misprints.
Julius Caesar was murdered in
44 B.C.E., not 33 A.C.E., and his
attackers used swords, not spears.
(These were short swords, because
the Vikings hadn't invented steel
yet, and everybody had to hide
them under their togas.) According
to Plutarch, he was stabbed 23
times, not 57, but it was enough
that many of his assailants inadvert-
ently wounded each other through
trying to stab one body so many
times. Augustus was the first
Roman Emperor; Caesar was a
Dictator-for-Life. And, there wasn't
really anything new about term
limits for Dictators, since in the
early years of the Republic, many
Dictators were appointed to solve
specific problems and stepped
down when they had done so.
Samuelsa Pollack
Nuclear Engineering graduate

Phone call part of violence

To the Daily:
In a letter I wrote to the Daily
("Stop using language demeaning
to women," 11/17/92), I questioned
why men choose to insult other men
by calling them slang and deroga-
tory words for women or for sexual
acts performed on men - such as
pussy or cocksucker. The insult can
be as simple as calling another man
a woman.
I quoted a man I had recently
heard say to another man, among
other things, "stop being such a
fucking woman." I said that this
behavior is destructive and hateful,
and I urged men to speak out
against misogyny. I stated that so
often when women speak out they
are attacked or ignored.
The next day I received a phone
call in response to my letter. The
man, who chose not to leave his

name, said he read my letter, and
just wanted to say, "Stop complain-
ing like such a fucking woman."
This man felt threatened enough
by my letter to take the time to look
up my phone number and make the
call, and in his attack, he confirmed
some of what I had written. I spoke
out against misogyny, and was
attacked for it. Harassing phone
calls like this are one very small
part of the tremendous violence
committed by men against women
which intends to silence us, to stop
our "complaining," and to keep us
powerless and afraid.
I will not stop speaking, and I
urge all men and women who care
about human rights to speak out
with me.
Eileen Nehme
Public Health graduate student

Basketball, special favors

To the Daily:
Once again, the National
Collegiate Athletic Association
(NCAA) has applied its double
standard which favors traditional
college football and basketball
By allowing five U-M basket-
ball players to maintain their
eligibility in spite of a number of
rules violations regarding summer
camp appearances and compensa-
tion for charity appearances, the
NCAA has invoked its typical two-
tiered approach to dealing with
major college sports.
While the Michigans and Notre
Dames are permitted by the NCAA
to play above the rim, the rest of the
schools are repeatedly whistled for
goaltending as they unsuccessfully
attempt to follow the arcane NCAA

Similar violations have been
uncovered at a school which the
NCAA considers less important to
its economic well-being (such as
the University of Illinois), not only
would the NCAA have ruled the
players ineligible for part or all of
the season, it also would have
unleashed a full investigation of the
program in an effort to uncover
other minor violations which could
lead to major sanctions.
The NCAA routinely conducts
such witch hunts to maintain the
image that it is properly policing
major college sports programs. In
fact, the NCAA is simply protecting
the old guard from close scrutiny, at
the expense of any school that dares
to compete with the traditional
collegiate powers.
James LaFave
Ann Arbor, Ml

Judge not,
lest ye be judged
To the Daily:
Chip Joyce's letter ("Can't have
cake and eat it too," 11/17/92)
demonstrates the very type of
thinking it tries to criticize.
If Joyce allows himself to make
irrational, unsubstantiated assump-
tions about what Christians believe
and why, then why can't Christians
base their beliefs on "feelings" as
he feels they do?
Christianity is based on histori-
cal fact, and many of its claims can
be and have been supported by
well-reasoned argument. St.
Augustine and Thomas Aquinas are
two well-known rational philoso-
phers within the church, and the
scientists Pascal and Gauss were
both sincere Christians.
Certainly none of these people
can be seriously accused of not
thinking critically. It is reasonable
to believe that at least as many
Christians think critically as do
people of other religions.
In response to Joyce's claim that
Christianity's morality is arbitrary
- it cannot be denied that people
have committed amoral acts "in the
name of God." However, it would
be contradictory to say that a
perfect God approves of such
rebellious actions.
Far more evil has been done
without intent to please God or any
claim to His blessing. God recog-
nizes human rights - He made
In seeking to follow God's will,
Christians have spearheaded many
movements forwarding human
rights. They did so not just because
they "felt" like it, but because God
called them to think and reason
about how His love should manifest
itself in a fallen world.
Sarah Harger
LSA sophomore
University leaves
smokers in the cold
To the Daily:
Why doesn't the University
provide easy chairs, infrared
heating devices and ashtrays for the
members of the staff who still
smoke - out in the cold (i.e. on the
steps of Angell Hall)?
Maxwell Reade
Mathematics Professor,

To the Daily:
On the evening of Nov. 14 at
approximately 11:00 p.m. I was
waiting for my ride on the steps of
the Union after getting off work at
the Mug. I had put my book bag on
the middle of the ledge between the
streetlight and the building. Several
Black men walked up the steps into
the Union. Two of them stopped.
The bald one stooped to tie his shoe
and his friend in a white jacket
waited for him. The one in the
white jacket looked at me and held
his stare. I looked back and then
turned to look for my ride. When I
looked back, he was still looking at
me. I got the impression he was
looking at my ill-fitting, bright
green ski cap. The bald one got up
and started for the Union, mum-
bling something to his friend. He
turned to me and said, "Isn't that
"I didn't hear what you said," I
He smirked and continued. They
both stopped at my book bag and
looked at it, talking to each other.
One of them asked, "Is that your
I answered, "Yes it is."
The one in the white jacket
proceeded to kick my book bag into
the wet grass. He then turned and
proceeded towards the Union door.
I said, "What the hell did you do

Why did you start a fight?

that for?"
The bald one said, "You
talking to me? I didn't do it."
I said, "No, I'm talking to your
They both just walked into the
building. The one in the white
jacket never even turned around.
My ride pulled up and I left.
I just have one question: Why?
Why the hell did you kick my
book bag off the ledge? What the
hell was your problem? I don't
know who you are so I don't know
what I did to piss you off. I don't
remember saying anything other
than "I didn't hear what you said,"
and that was to your friend. You
had no right to pull a stunt like
that. Was it the color of my hat?
Was it the color of my skin? Many
people think I look Italian. I'm
actually Filipino Irish, if it makes
a difference. I got no explanation
from you. All I got was a wet book
I went home confused that
night. I'm only annoyed that some
jerk kicked my books off a ledge
with seemingly no provocation.
I'm angry because the jerk didn't
have the decency to look at me
and tell me why he did it. I think I
deserve an answer buddy!
Nicolas Baban
Public Health gradaute

Defending Pro-life advocates

To the Daily:
I would like to defend the Pro-
life letters that have been written by
other Pro-lifers as well as myself.
In the letter "Our rights, our
bodies," (11/17/92), the authors talk
about "simplistic regurgitation of
previous opinions." I cannot see the
biological fact that a pre-born
child's heart begins to beat as early
as seven weeks as a simplistic
regurgitation, or the fact that at
three months all organ systems are
present and functioning.
Pro-lifers do not want rights to
your bodies. Is it so hard for you to
see that your freedom to swing your
arms ends when you hit me in the
face? We want to protect the rights
of the pre-born child.
The letter also says, " ... and a
lifetime taking care of an unwanted
baby with no support from the
consenting partner." This totally
contradicts what the authors talked

Libertarians know politics

about in the paragraph above. The
authors said, "Nonetheless, abortion
is a women's issue."
With this contradiction, the
authors clearly point out that the
care of a pre-born child, as well as
the care of the child after birth, is a
responsibility that should be in the
hands of both parents.
The authors also talked about
"an unwanted baby." It is a well-
known fact that the most important
purpose of sexual intercourse is
reproduction. I do not see how two
so-called consenting partners could
call a result of their action as an
unwanted thing. It is also a fact that
no contraceptives are 100 percent
effective, so two consenting
partners should be thinking more
about the life they could be creating
and be prepared to take responsibil-
ity for their actions.
Mike Suhy
LSA first-year student

To the Daily:
After a couple years of silent
membership, I attended a meeting
of the Ann Arbor Libertarian
There was the intellectual type
with round glasses, the small
business owner with social senti-
ment left over from the 1960s and a
few crazy types who just seemed to
be looking for direction to their
People often laugh when I tell
them my belief in this theory. This
laughter is often the product of
misconceptions about Libertarians
that must be rectified if they are
ever to succeed as a third party.
The popular perception of a
Libertarian is someone who
supports the overthrow of the
government and society based on
total anarchy. Sure the party
contains Anarchists but that is the
extreme wing of the party. This is
no different than having radical and
reactionary extremes in the two
party system.
The philosophy of the party
contains all the altruism and social
justice of liberalism with the
conservative reality that capitalism

is the most efficient means of
creating wealth. Certain aspects of
capitalism must be curbed to
protect certain individual rights
from its indifference.
The fundamental purpose of
government should be to provide
essential elements of life that
wouldn't be produced by private
industry otherwise. Education
would be the foremost provision of
the government. From here it is up
to each individual how and where
to run with the ball.
The Libertarian party is the third
largest party through the last
election. The answer lies in cutting
back governments social and
economic control of liberty.
The Democrats and Republicans
subsist on providing people half a
loaf of freedom. The former
guarantees social equality at the
cost of free enterprise, the latter
guarantees free enterprise at the
cost of social equality.
The time has finally come for
both social equality and free
enterprise to recreate the power and
prestige of America.
Kreg Nichols
LSA sophomore

I . _______________________ _..I

Dear new assistant account executives,

Take street harassment seriously

To the Daily:
Thank you so much for printing
Natosha Morris' letter ("Street
harassment is serious," 11/10/92). It
perfectly summed up many feelings
that I had myself upon reading
Michelle Thompson's letter ("Don't
speak for all women," 10/19/92) -
however I had been too mad to
even respond.
I had gotten a lot of feedback
from my letter ("A letter to a tall
blond guy," 9/29/92) consisting
mostly of appreciation from friends,
a few prank phone calls and a
personal letter from the true "blond
guy" explaining what had really
been a case of bad timing on his
part. He asked me why I had
directed my anger at him and not at
the men who had said the infamous
line "Mmm... they's some nice
looking shorts you have on."
I explained to him, girls
growing up in today's society learn
about street harassment quickly. At
first, one is flattered to get any
attention, however it quickly
becomes a nuisance and at other
times seems very threatening and
never complimentary, as Thompson

To clear the air once and for all,
I was very angry at the "blond guy"
and less at the other men because I
have learned to ignore such sexist
comments and to proceed with
whatever I am doing.
The comments are usually not
worth retort.
The blond guy then came by
with a smile, which I misunder-
stood as laughter since I had just
noticed the position of my shorts.
Comments I can deal with, but no
one had ever laughed at me - thus
my attack on him and not the other
more deserving culprits.
Let me take this opportunity to
apologize to Thompson for includ-
ing her in the very large group of
women who do not appreciate
degrading leers and jeers when we
are going about our daily business.
I, like Natosha, am a young lady
who doesn't appreciate these
comments and if Thompson
considers the objection of it as
"feminism," then I carry that label
with pride.
Julie Robinson
LSA junior

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