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April 06, 1992 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-04-06

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Page 4-The Michigan Daily - Monday, April 6, 1992
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420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editors

Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

A N zI/bHO AS7 S J QRY t .
FrNr -H~ E t.JFNi M. y'IF N~cT
JOHN1 4GO-7111ON - i.CKA-tr~eS
F3Ol~d4T A6.,q (A1ST HIM?~

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Students 'taking it to the streets'

I k" / A4P444442 A -

After the Michigan basketball team's victory
Saturday night, thousands of students flooded
South University with cheers, chants and hugs in
celebration of Michigan's advance into the NCAA
the crowd
were Ann Ar-
bor police of-
f i c e r s
- equipped
withthe state-
f-the -art
.tools for Wol-
crowd con-
trol. Because
M* ichigan
fans kept
under control
and the police
avoided con-
frontation, ANTHONY M.CROLUDaily
the celebration went without injuries and with little
property damage. Despite one officer that replied,
"Don't ever touch me again," many officers shook
hands with celebrating students.
The nonviolent celebration was a direct result
of the Ann Arbor Police Department's alteration of
its crowd-control methods. The new policies con-
cformed to suggestions made by the Student Rights
tommission and an internal police report of the
more violent South University incident that took
place Sept. 14.
Keeping this in mind, the police blocked off all

the streets leading to the South University area
Saturday night, allowing the students to freely
move about the street while yelling and cheering.
This was a much better scenario. Thee police
recognized that letting the students celebrate was
more important than allowing unrestricted traffic
flow through South University. Later that evening,
the police allowed the crowd to clear out on its
own, rather than forcing it to do so.
Importing mounted police was anotherimprove-
ment overthe crowd control methods used afterthe
Sept. 14 incident, while making the entire rally
more aesthetically pleasing. On Sept. 14, the po-
lice incited the crowd by using their clubs in an
attempt to clear the streets.
But on Saturday night, as the crowd eventually
dissipated, mounted police paved the way for traf-
fic. Horses are an excellent method of crowd
control because students are far more apt to fling
bottles at shield-baring cops than at passive horses,
which are too large and stupid to get upset.
Additionally, the University attempted to divert
students from the streets by televising the game at
the Track and Tennis Building, which is conve-
niently located on ... um, well, we, like most
students, are not exactly sure where it is located.
Nevertheless, the event drew 25 enthusiastic fans,
a mere 975 under capacity. Perhaps with more
publicity, and maybe some directions, more stu-
dents might have attended. The idea, however, is
sound, and we commend the administration for
taking positive steps to prevent a recurrence of
Saturday night showed that students could be
responsible enough to celebrate without violence.
The police were prepared for escalation while not
being confrontational. We hope police and stu-
dents will exercise such sound judgment tonight
after the Wolverines trounce the Blue Devils.

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1988 Bush campaign on the take?

Rehearse show
before opening night
To the Daily:
The opening performance of
Chess was a credit to the actors
and actresses who obviously put
much time and effort into their
work. The casting, singing and
staging were wonderful, truly
showing what a marvelous
musical Chess can be.
Unfortunately, the audience
was not treated to a final perfor-
mance, but rather a technical
rehearsal which was obviously
The lighting was mishandled,
poorly done and seemed to be the
first run through the lighting crew
had. The actors and actresses did
their best to work around this
hindrance but it still detracted
from the performance. The
beautiful, powerful singing was
constantly buried by The medio-
cre pit orchestra and sound
system. The musicians seemed to
be sight reading parts and many
of the notes were badly mangled.
There are always going to be
first night jitters in any produc-
tion, but it seemed like these were
more avoidable technical errors
than nerves. We invested in a
performance company that
generally produces fine shows
and all we received in return was
an unfinished product.
Despite the problems it was a
great evening. However, it should
be more professionally completed
before opening night.
Jodi Abramson
LSA senior
Matt Pickus
SNR senior
The Daily erred in printing Tracy.
Ore's Feminist Perspective last
Thursday. In addition, Ore is not
the outgoing president of the
Rackham Student Government.
We apologize to Ms. Ore for any
inconvenience caused by the
printing of the article.

To the Daily:
The Michigan Ticket Office
policy for distributing Final Four
tickets is ludicrous. The Univer-
sity is allotted 3100 tickets and
they have chosen to only make
400 of these tickets available to
student season ticket holders.
When we play Duke we again
will be hopelessly outnumbered
in fan support as we were in
As anyone who watched our
game with Ohio State could see,
we had about one-tenth the crowd
support that Ohio State did. This

is not the students' fault. If the
University didn't kiss the asses of
the alumni so much, we might be
a more exciting crowd.
My guess is that basketball-
crazy regions in Durham and
Bloomington will easily send
1000 students. We have an
amazing basketball team, but their
one handicap is the alumni
dominated cheering sections that
sit on their hands all game and
refuse to stand up and join in the
Tareq Rashidi
LSA first-year student

CC demeans women in fight

T he Federal Election Committee (FEC) recently
completed an investigation of President Bush's
1988 campaign which produced strong circum-
stantial evidence suggesting that the campaign
evaded federal spending limitations and know-
ingly withheld evidence from the committee. Evi-
dence contained in the report suggests that the
" -campaign exceeded the spending limit by using the
Vund ForAmerica's Future, a supposedly indepen-
dent fund-raising organization, to pour funds into
the Bush campaign.
Unfortunately, because the FEC was lax insits
duties, it failed to obtain crucial campaign docu-
ments before it was too late. Despite considerable
setbacks, the committee should continue to inves-
tigate the Bush campaign.
The Fund for America's Future was set up in
1985 and was directed by Lee Atwater. George
Bush, the honorary chairman at the time, claimed
the fund had no relation to any future election
campaign. The truth of this statement, however, is
The Fund raised and spent $11 million on the
1988 campaign, yet insufficient records exist indi-
cating how the money was spent. The committee
had many of Bush's top campaign aids, such as
pollster Robert Teeter, and 1988 deputy campaign
manager, Richard Bond, on its payroll. The Fund
also bought voter lists and market research and
office equipment, and sold these materials to the
Tothe Victors go
T he Daily would like to wish the Michigan
basketball team good luck in its final step
toward the national championship. The season has
been one of constant change and excitement, and
one in which the awesome potential of the team has
finally been realized.
The confident rookies have "grown-up" during
the tournament, displaying talent, poise and youth-
ful energy to an entire nation. Jalen Rose's leader-
ship and confidence in crucial moments of games
are abilities that are usually reserved for cagey
veterans. Chris Webber's energetic play and raw
energy, Jimmy King's air attack, Juwan Howard's
post play, and Ray Jackson's clutch defense have
all been inspirational. The patience and discipline
of Eric Riley, Michael Talley and James Voskuill
have made important contributions to the team as
well. The team has gelled into a powerful force.
And one has so much more motivation to root
for victory when the opponent is Duke, those
arrogant Southern boors who have ruled college
Nuts and Bolts

Bush campaign at a discount. This indicates close
ties between the fund and the Bush campaign, and
call into question Bush's statements denying a
relation between the two.
Indications of financial interactions between
the Bush campaign and the Fund were uncovered
during a routine post-election audit of the Bush
1988 primary committee. Auditors reported that
"substantial questions arose as to ... the activity
undertaken by the fund ... In order to answer those
questions, it was necessary to examine the fund
Unfortunately examining these records has
proven to be impossible because Roy Hale, trea-
surer of the fund, said that the records were de-
stroyed during the fall of 1990, and then put into a
nearby landfill. Records for any committee of this
kind must remain available for three years, which
is exactly how long they stayed intact. Given the
close ties between the fund and the campaign, it is
almost impossible to believe that Hale was un-
aware of the ongoing investigation of the Bush
campaign. To knowingly destroy documents re-
lated to the investigation is illegal.
It is disturbing that candidates can so easily
evade spending limits, that the FEC is so lax in
carrying out its primary purpose of enforcing cam-
paign budgets, and that an organization with close
ties to the Bush campaign could destroy critical
documents and get away with it.
the spoils'
basketball for too long. Christian Laetner's scowl-
ing, sneering, and foot-stomping throughout the
tournament has fairly labeled him as a cry-baby
worth booing. Bobby Hurley, pale, arrogant, rat-
like and whiny, will be an additional eye-sore
during the game. More importantly, Duke stole a
close match from the deserving upstarts in Decem-
ber. It's time for revenge. Michigan has beaten
every opponent that it has played this year, save the
Blue Devils.
There could be no more fitting cap to this
remarkable season than for the young rookies to
defeat Duke and take their place atop the college
basketball mountain, just as Zeus slew his father
Kronos to take his rightful place on Mount Olympus
and be crowned the God of Gods.
To the victor go the spoils. And when the
Wolverines have vanquished Duke, when they
have fulfilled their quest to "shock the world,"
Wolverines will take to the streets and celebrate the
beginning of a new era in college basketball.

Final Four tickets for students

To the Daily:
I find it somewhat humorous
and definitely ironic that Conser-
vative Coalition (CC) member
Bill Lowry sees the accusations
of Safiya Khalid to be some kind
of political move to keep CC
from gaining power. It seems
clear to me that his behavior
alone is enough to make many
person think twice about voting
for CC. I am so appalled at both
his hateful and ignorant outburst
and at his refusal to retract his
Lowry says that by calling
Ms. Khalid a "bitch," he was not
being "derogatory toward
women." Instead, he ignorantly
asserts that he was using the term
in reference to "someone who
constantly complains." Funny, I
don't think I've ever heard of a
man who often complains being
referred to as a "bitch."
Whether Lowry will admit it
or not, the word he used is a
charged one that connotes a
certain violent hatred of women.
It is, in fact exclusively aimed at
women and is rightfully taken by
any woman to be not only
derogatory but also a form of
intimidation that runs in sync
with sexism.
With this in mind, I have to
wonder about Lowry's assertion

that he will "stand by the intent"
of his message. Clearly, his intent
goes beyond complaining about
people who complain.
Perhaps there is some truth to
what Ms. Khalid is claiming, that
CC is possibly discriminatory. I
do not think that most people
would have to make a huge leap to
accept her claims in light of this
It seems to me that recently
there has been this trend on
campus of certain politically
active men using petty words and
childish antics to publicly invali-
date what women have to say.
In the case of Lowry, his
outburst is so outwardly hateful,
that I can do longer ignore the
backlash that I am feeling as a
woman with political opinions. I
would not be so bold as to ask Bill
for an apology.
Even if he did the respectable
thing and apologized, how can I
but assume in his own fashion that
it would not be for his own
"political gain?" On a campus
where 50 percent of the students
are reasonably intelligent, self-
respecting women, I think Lowry
and CC should learn a little more
about political savvy.
Mary Morabito
LSA junior



Do not judge
by Rachel Katz


Date: March 21,1992
The day of the Ann Arbor
Pow-Wow, several days after the
anti-Apartheid referendum in
South Africa, three days after the
Jewish holiday of Purim which
celebrates the down-fall of a
prejudiced bureaucrat from fourth
century BCE Persia, who sought
to exterminate the Jews because
they were "different" - four days
after Irish Americans celebrated
their ethnic heritage.
Location: Downtown Ann
Down the street from the Pow-
Wow - one block away from the
theater currently showing
"Europa, Europa."
And what exactly was this
event, so close in time and place
to these displays of diversity? A
demonstration calling for "white
It was a tiny group; it was
hard to take them seriously. Most
of their act consisted of shouting,
"What do we want? White power!
When do we want it? Now!" Not
terribly creative. : . they were
there, and they wanted to send the


based on race or religion
part is that this particular group one. You're Jewish? Sorry, you're
epresents a very small propor- inferior. Muslim? Let's be serious.
ion of Amercans. Yet they are Catholic? Heaven forbid!
selling a message many people That doesn't leave many,
want to hear: it's not your fault people left does it? How dare a
ife is bad. . group of people presume to judge
The blame lays with these a person's character and worth on
'different, un-American" people. their racial, religious or ethnic
Such a message is a threat to all background? For far too long;
Americans. Once you allow one people have lived with the "we-
group to impose its definition of they" mentality. There is nothing
dentity on society as a whole, wrong with the development of
you endow them with a danger- many cultures. It adds to the
ous amount of power. tapestry of the world. And it is
What intrigues me is their healthy to feel pride and comfort
definition of "un-American;" in one's heritage. When this
even their definition of "white." feeling becomes one of superior-
t would be useless, I suppose, to ity, however, it becomes a
emind them of who the "real" dangerous weapon. "We" comes
Americans are. Their placards all to mean everything right, "they"
ead "white power." Clear everything backwards and
enough. But is it? When someone immoral.
across the barricade suggested History cannot be defined
hat the speaker might have solely as a process of white-Black
African blood in him (since or Christian-Jewish-Muslim
Africa was the cradle of human- conflict. All the wars in Western
kind), the guy responded, "No Europe, Shiite-Sunni rivalry,
way. Pure, 100 percent WASP." present-day civil war in Ethiopia
Now this complicates matters. (to say nothing of ex-Yugoslavia),
Anglo-Saxon: Obviously, this and righting in Norther Ireland
knocks out the French, a good all show that it is just as easy to
percentage of Germans (not all of hate someone who looks like you
whom were Saxons), the Irish of professes the same religion if

by Judd Winick

f A44A~I

A *qrdurl UI


MEM1ofA&E. HLYT5 *41P




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