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March 11, 1992 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-03-11

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Page 4--The Michigan Daily- Wednesday, March 11, 1992
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Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
764 - 0552

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by Students at the
University of Michigan


Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, an(letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

*Due to the overwhelming amount of letters that have been sent to the Daily, today's page contains only
levers. Editorials will return tomorrow. The Daily encourages responses from its readers. All letters should not
exceed 150 words and should be mailed to: The Michigan Daily, 420 Maynard, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Or via
MTS to: The Michigan Daily, Letters to the Editor.

1t r''c~~a! AILY IcZ.

Eiqualize conditions, not people
To the Daily: acquaintance rape. This would
* I am writing in response to probably be accompanied by some
the Insight "Rape and women's form of self defense training. Now
self reliance" (1/23/92). Mr. with well trained girls, men and
Cohen seemed to be addressing women can walk together in
two issues within the article. joyful bliss.
.First, he states that the public Mr. Cohen also states that
must become aware of friend- women are giving up their
associated rape. I agree that we freedom to walk with male
need to destroy the misconception protectorate. I, for one, don't think
of jBlack men raping white I can stop a knife or bullet any
women. Secondly, he states that better than a women. Mr. Cohen's
men make attempts at "pro- arguments also seem funny
feminism" by offering to walk because I have had a number of
women home. Women, by girls walk me home. Does that
apepting this invitation or asking mean I'm giving up my identity in
for company, are admitting the face of feminist superiority?
physical weakness in the face of Finally, what about women
mole superiority. This is where walking together? Aren't they
Mr. Cohen loses focus and begins giving up their singular freedoms
his rash rambling. to those of a group? Someone is
The articlemay be pertinent to trying to make us all equal. Don't
some cases, yet there are also get me wrong I am all for equality.
ulterior motives which haven't We need to equalize conditions
been sided. First, did Mr. Cohen though, not people. Some men are
ever think about why men and better at things than women and
women offer to walk with each vice versa. The same also applies
other? If he hasn't noticed yet to racial minorities. Give everyone
there is a certain appeal to equality of opportunity, but don't
members of the opposite sex. Mr. hold someone back or restrict
Cohen could very well counter them in order to equate us all. If
my statement by saying that that that is what you want, buy a farm
is.xactly how acquaintance rape and start a commune.
happens. I already answered
earlier though I feel that there is a Kreg Nichols
need to develop awareness of LSA first-year student

Race not an issue
To the Daily:
It had to happen. Someone
was bound to cry "racism" when
Mike Tyson was found guilty of
rape. After all, William Kennedy
Smith was white and was
acquitted, while Tyson was
Black and was convicted. This is
racism, right? Wrong.
t The Tyson trial had nothing
to do with color, and had
everything to do with acceptable
and unacceptable behavior. The
accuser was Black, most of the
witnesses were Black, and the
jury had several Black members.
It is therefore extremely disap-
pdinting to hear Black leaders
denounce the proceedings as
racially biased.
Such unfounded, knee-jerk
acusations lessen the impact of
accusations of real racist behav-
ia, which is indeed a pressing
problem in our society.
So if these foolish leaders
wish for the American public to
sympathize with their cause, they
would be wise not to cry wolf
about racism in the future.
Vince Wilk
LSA senior

If Jeffries, then KKK
To the Daily:
I am appalled that the Univer-
sity, with its carefully delineated
policy on discrimination and
discriminatory harassment, would
allow Dr. Leonard Jeffries a forum
for his vicious racist attacks
against Jews. Why is it that
discrimination and harassment at
my now politically correct alma
mater only applies to students of
color? If Jeffries is welcomed by
the University, why not invite the
grand dragon of the Ku Klux Klan
to speak? Perhaps Ms. Corle
Morman of the Black Student
Union would even introduce the
grand dragon by reiterating her
moving rationalization, "There are
many alternatives to many issues.
There is nothing wrong with
hearing another one."
Linda Goudsmit
Class of '69
Hate Mail
To the Daily:
I hate Macaulay Culkin.
Jeremy Katz
LSA sophomore

Release Kennedy files
To the Daily:
As a member of a generation
just now reaching its mid-
twenties, it is somewhat difficult
for me to understand much of the
resistance to the recent inquiries
which various editorialists,
filmmakers and researchers have
made regarding the assassination
of President John Kennedy.
I, and many others who have
grown up in the wake of
Watergate, the Iran/Contra affair,
the savings and loan fiasco, and
the BCCI investigation, and are
exposed daily to both credible and
incredible investigative journal-
ism through various media
sources, are inured to many of the
most probing and embarrassing
questions which our government
now faces.
This journalistic environment
has helped produce citizens and
future leaders who already have
no illusions about the transpar-
ency of government.
Even though an assassination
theory which indicts key govern-
ment agencies of the time seems
somewhat implausible, when one
takes into account the lengths
government has gone to inhibit
investigations into past impropri-
ety, it does not seem to be a blind
leap of reasoning to pose the
possibility of a coverup when the
alternatives may have shaken the
very foundations of democracy in
the United States. Therefore, it is
encouraging to note recent
agreements to provide more
access to records once barred
from the public.
Even so, one still wonders if
any documents would ever be
released which would seriously
challenge the Warren
Commission's report and threaten
the credibility of those organiza-
tions which released the materials.
I would hope that leaders within
these organizations will realize
that in order to prevent future
problems like the ones we have
seen since the Kennedy assassina-
tion, full disclosure, though
painful in the short term, is crucial
for the health of our democracy.
Patrick J. Dirker
Rackham graduate student
Great Crested Grebe
To the Daily:
We are outraged by the
misinformed claims of Peter J.
Schweinsberg that the Great
Crested Grebe, better known as
the Don Juan of the Grebe
community, would even consider
homosexual pursuits. Its excep-
tional boom-and-bust growth rate
leaves no room for speculation as
to the sexual intent and reproduc-
tive success of these frisky
Anyone versed in the study of
animal reproductive behavior
would know that Desmond
Morris, otherwise known as the
Kitty Kelly of the animal behav-
iorists, has built his fortunes upon
the ruthless slanderings concern-
ing the sexual habits of the animal
kingdom, perhaps in a vain effort
to cover up his own.
You are certainly noble in
your concern toward human
rights, Mr. Schweinsberg, but
what of the rights of the Great
Crested Grebe? Perhaps you
should stick to your musical
endeavors and leave biological
and civic issues to the profession-

Peter Grant, Jr.
Josh Marler
Rackham graduate students

Don't blame Yoko
To the Daily:
Usually, I find your reviews
informative and entertaining. But
your review of Shonen Knife's
album 712 pissed me off. Not
because I am a Japan basher who
doesn't think Asians should be
included in your paper, but
because it is blatantly wrong.
Let me explain. Yoko Ono did
not cause the break up of the
Beatles. Paul McCartney was the
first to leave the group officially
and permanently. He was distrust-
ful of the manager the other three
of the Fab Four had hired. His
wife persuaded him to let her
father and brother be his manag-
ers. They formed Wings (and
sucked bad).
Paul also had quite an ego, and
might have been jealous of John's
attention to Yoko, but I think
greed that thinking that he could
be a bigger star on his own led to
Paul leaving the group, not this
jealousy. All four Beatles and all
of their close friends have denied
that Yoko Ono was the cause of
the breakup of the greatest group
ever, and any real Beatles fan
would have known that. If you
want to blame one particular
person for the split, blame Paul or
Linda McCartney.
If you want to read up on this
matter, try "The Love You Make:
An Insider's Story of the Beatles"
by Peter Brown and Steven
Gaines. They give a detailed
description of the events leading
up to and the actual breakup of
the Beatles. I have read this book
and many others on the subject, so
I know of whence I speak.
Cristy S. Cardinal
LSA first-year student
Passover trivia
To the Daily:
I would like to correct an
inaccuracy in your article con-
cerning refunds being given by
° the University's Housing Division
for Muslim students fasting
during Ramadan. The article
mentioned that "Refunds are also
given to Jewish students who fast
on Passover."
Jewish students do not fast on
Passover; rather, they eat a special
diet during this holiday consisting
of only food processed with
unleavened bread, in commemo-
ration of the Jewish exodus from
Egypt in which the Jews had
insufficient time to allow their
bread to leaven. Many Jewish
students who have a dorm meal
contract are unaware that the
Housing Division offers a refund
opportunity for students observing
this holiday.
Thus, I encourage more
Jewish students to inquire about
this opportunity with the Housing
Evan Albert
LSA senior
Don't Generalize
To the Daily:
In response to Robert Ranen's
letter "Stop stereotyping" (2/5/
92): How can you say fraternity
men have higher grade points than
non-fraternity men? What is it
about a fraternity that you think
makes men smarter?

Project Outreach reaches out


To the Daily:
Your article about the reorga-
nization of Project Outreach
("University Cancels Social
Change Class," 2/5/92) contained
several pieces of partial or
The social change section was
not, as implied, singled out for
cancellation in the reorganization.
In fact, five of the current 10
sections of the course will not
exist in their present form in the
fall.The decision to integrate the
concepts and placements of the
social change section into every
section of outreach was hardly
intended to lessen the historic
concerns of that section.
To the contrary, the intent was
to expose all outreach students to
the critical roles of social causa-
tion and change in working with
all populations and problems of
concern. No placements should be
lost as a result of this process, and

it is expected that new sites will
be added.
The social change section's
special focus on issues and
placements related to racism,
sexism and homophobia will not
be lost in the reorganization.
Instead this focus will be fully
incorporated into the new section
entitled "Race, Gender and
I respect the point of view that
argues that the Social Change
section should have been re-
tained. We have elected, how-
ever, to take this opportunity for a
much broader reshaping of the
entire Project Outreach course.
We will be working very hard
between now and the fall, and
through the fall term, to make the
reorganization a success.
Jerry Miller
Project Outreach Faculty

~~~~1~~ --

State of the President is O.K.

Open letter to Forrest Green
To the Daily: true.
In his "Notes from Under- As far as the Review is
ground" (2/6/92), Forrest Green concerned, either you accidenta
III called the Michigan Review his erred in your column, in which
"own pick for what is truly the case a retraction and an apolog
most regressive, white suprema- are in order, or you succumbed
cist publication in Ann Arbor." your political passions and
Those are strong allegations, opinion carelessly, in which ca
Forrest, and you know, just as you betrayed your paper, your
anyone familiar with the Review readers and, most ironically (gi
knows, that your assertions are your column's emphasis on th
utterly false. "social responsibility" by whic
Although I would delight in journalists are bound), yourself
hypothesizing what you might But then again, maybe you wer
have been thinking - if indeed exactly right, although you did
you were thinking - when you bother to substantiate your claim
wrote so naively about the when you made them.
Review, I will refrain from such You know, Forrest, we at t
conjecture for the moment and Review have long felt that the
instead pose the following cure for stupid, hateful, bigoted
challenge: prove that your speech of all kinds is more, not
allegations are accurate. less, discussion. So here is you r
The Review willprint, . 1,000-word soapbox. Start
unedited, an essay written by you, writing.
of up to 1,000 words, which seeks Adam DeV
to demonstrate that your vile editor in c
twaddle is even approximately The Michigan Re


To the Daily,
I found your article titled
"State of the President" to be
below even your usual lack of
journalistic integrity.
You obviously failed to
properly research the
topic beforehand.
Halcion is a perfectly
fine drug if it is used
Many of the possibl
side effects you listed
do occur but only in a
minute percentage of
the population. For
example, during
research of the medica-
tion it was found that
only 0.5 percent to 0.9
percent of the population suffered
from confusion.
I have to believe that when the
President of the United States
takes any medication, he is under
very close observation by the
finest staff of doctors. I do not
think anyone at the Daily has the
medical, political and personal
knowledge about President Bush
to make inferences about the state
of this country in connection with
Homelessness effects
To the Daily:
Since statisticians cannot, let
me help you find the true home-
less. They can be found in vacant
lots, countrysides, caves, sub-
ways, bus terminals, 24-hour
restaurants, shelters, welfare
hotels and University properties.
In winter such places as sewage
openings and heat ducts of large
buildings provide necessary
warmth. Our own children are
cast out into the streets of
America, due to domestic
confrontations with their parents.
The homeless have been
sterotyped as skid row bums,
drunks and useless parasites of
Our millionaires doubled in
the eighties from 475,000 to
945,000. During a recession,
those that are at the top rung of
corporations are still being paid as
usual and pardon the term,
business as usual. But, in this
process, the poor still get poorer
because all the money is hoarded
tin by t*Iha Ao.t- niu..arnti their

his use of Halcion.
You made it clear that in your
opinion someone with medical or
psychological problems should
not be allowed in a
position of leader-
i ship. If this theory
was applied more
broadly, we could
reach some startling
conclusions. Take,
for example, a
woman on the first
day of her menstrual
cycle, which is often
a grumpy day for
many women.
By your argu-
ment women should
not be allowed to be
leaders or make important
decisions because of that! I think
most of the Daily staff, and
myself as well, would strongly
argue against this idea. I think
that it would be in everybody's
best interest to let the president
and his physicians decide what is
best for him - they ought to
Jeff Blasius
Engineering sophomore
Judge yourself first
To the Daily:
In light of Leonard Jefferies'
campus visit, I wanted to remind
my fellow "hymies" that stereo-
types and bigotry stem from
within our conunity as preva-
lently as they do from outside of
it. I went.to high school with
Khalada Farrakhan (Yes!-Louis'
daughter), who was far more
accepting of me than many of my
relatives would be of her or any
other African American. I feel the
need to remind the Jewish
community to be as critical of
ourselves as we are of others.
Joel Freehling
LSA senior
Dailyis no Review
To the Daily:
I don't read the Daily on a
daily basis. For me, your paper
should take on some other name
like 'I'm going to cafeteria alone
and need some entertainment.'
T Thom n n f thosclaw- ivcT saw a


F 2 I

1 l/G lrnwiruufr IIUVA

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