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January 22, 1992 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1992-01-22

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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily- Wednesday, January 22, 1992
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420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editor


Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

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MLK day
Plethora of causes clouds purpose of King holiday

T he road to the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther
King's birthday as a national holiday was
long and hard. At this university, the road was no
less rocky. 1987 marked the first year that classes
were suspended and events and workshops com-
memorating Dr. King's vision were held. Sympo-
siums emphasizing Dr. King's commitment to
civil rights and equality for all Americans -
especially African Americans - replaced ordi-
nary University activities.
Dr. King's dream of racial harmony was at the
focus of his fight and the legacy he left behind. His
message had a large appeal to many oppressed
groups, therefore it is easy to understand why
many link their causes to his.
At the first symposium, the scheduled events
were geared toward broadening the University
community's awareness of racism, primarily against
African Americans. The day's events consisted of
a unity march and other forums directly discussing
the problems faced by members of the University
community. This format was designed primarily
by African-American students.
Dej~a Vu
Ypsilanti night club is protected
D eja Vu, an alcohol-free night club in down-
town Ypsilanti, features nude female dancers.
As a consequence of this fact, Ypsilanti City Coun-
cil member V. Lois Wells has introduced a resolu-
tion to the Ypsilanti City Council which, if passed,
would ban nude dancing in Ypsilanti. Such a reso-
lution is now feasible in light of recent state legis-
lation which allows cities in Michigan to regulate
nude dancing.
The resolution proposed by Wells, the corre-
sponding state legislation, and Barnes v. Glen
Theater, this summer's Supreme Court decision
which upheld the doctrine of community standards
as legitimate censorship, are counterproductive
and go against the spirit of the First Amendment.
The community standards doctrine that emerged
from the Supreme Court ruling suggests that local
governments should have the power to restrict
freedom of expression if that expression is in
conflict with what the local authorities perceive to
be the moral standards of their community.
The community standards doctrine not only
permits violations of the First Amendment, but
blatantly insults the logic upon which the Bill of
Rights was constructed. All the privileges and
immunities provided for by our Constitution apply
to all citizens of this country - not just to citizens
who live in communities that are willing to tolerate
offensive ideas and images. Moreover, it is foolish
to suggest that Deja Vu, which grosses over $1

This year, the University's Office of Minority
Affairs scheduled the events to emphasize the
spirit of MLK day. However, the day lost its
intended focus. In the ever-expanding program-
ming, there were a number of events that, while
deserving discussion, should nothave been included
under the umbrella of the King holiday.
For example, event topics such as "Is Yugosla-
via the future of the Soviet Union?" and "Environ-
mental Justice in Our own Backyard" present no
clear and direct relation to Dr. King or his beliefs.
However noble the University's effort was, it
ended up short-changing both African Americans
and the other groups included in the holiday. More
importantly, it is unfair to the students who fought
for the recognition of the holiday in the first place.
Most events scheduled, whether they pertained
to African Americans or not, included discussions
that were relevant to the University community as
well as the nation. However, taking liberties with
the original intent of the holiday limited its true
purpose: to spread the dream of Dr. King.
by First Amendment
million dollars a year and is patronized by over
2,000 customers per week, is in conflict with the
moral standards of Ypsilanti. Clearly the club has
many patrons who would prefer to keep the club
Additionally, outlawing nude dancing to the
employees of Deja Vu, some of whom are students
at the University, denies them right to earn a living.
Studies have indicated that nude dancers often
come from backgrounds of sexual abuse, or are
forced into their position by some other horrifying
circumstances. Nevertheless, some of these indi-
viduals may have joined that profession out of free
will, and have the right to do so.
Nude dancing is offensive to many religious
organizations and anti-free speech groups such as
the American Family Association. However,
placing religion or family ethics aside, nude dance
clubs such as Deja Vu promote the objectification
of women. Deja Vu is a product of our sexist
society which uses a variety of media for the
degradation of women.
Still, the nude dancing at Deja Vu and other
forms of pornography are merely symptoms of a
larger problem, rather than a disease in and of
Sexism should be fought through education and
rational discourse. To attack the problem through
censorship based on the morality of others is a
violation of the Constitution.

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Hail to the Victors
To the Daily:
The University of Michigan
football team has recently
completed another great season.
And once again, they just didn't
have enough to be the best team
in the country. Will they ever beat
a number one team? Perhaps, if
that team is in the Big Ten
Michigan has dominated the
Big Ten over the past few years
but now it is time to rise up and
learn to compete on a national
level with the top five teams in
the country.
The style of offense run by
Michigan is very simplistic,
although it has definitely im-
proved since some guy named Bo
used to coach here. It usually
follows this scenario: 1st down -
run, 2nd down - run, 3rd down
- pass. Most of the time these
runs are straight up the middle.
If the students, hurling
marshmallows, barely watching
the game notice it, surely the
other team does.
In the Big Ten, this type of
offense works because Michigan
has superior athletes, but against
teams with the same amount of
talent it doesn't, as was illustrated
by the games on Jan. 1 and Sept.
The Rose Bowl loss was just
another one of many for the Big
Ten in the last decade. It was
disappointingto see sucha great
team get humiliated on national
television again this season.
We have some of the best
talent at Michigan - Desmond
Howard, Erick Anderson and
others. But, the play calling

strategies at Michigan have to go.
Ever since I arrived here a year
and a half ago everyone has been
telling me how great the Big Ten
conference is. Maybe the 1-3-1
record in bowl games will
convince people around here that
it is definitely not the best in the
country, yet.
With the arrival of Penn State
in the fall of 1993, the Big Ten
conference will have two teams
capable of winning national
championships. But only one
team that has proven they can win
I hope we all enjoyed
Michigan attending the Rose
Bowl this year because visits may
not come so easily when Penn
State arrives.
Although the season ended in
a disgusting way, maybe next
year the Wolverines will rise up
and prove to the country that they
are capable of winning a National
Championship and not just
another Big Ten championship
with a trip to the Rose Bowl.
J. M. Perrette
LSA sophomore
To the Daily:
Once again we had to read an
anti-German article, Europa,
Europa, (1/16/92), in the Daily.
We, five exchange students
from Saarbruecken, Germany,
were offended and upset by the
way all Germans were labeled as
fascist and racist. Sentences like
"The film digs into the depth of
German racism and eugenicism as

well as fascist propensities of the
Geman psyche," are unacceptable
The article implies that the
Germans try to hide their past.
The vast majority of Germans are
not hiding any part of their
The decision of the German
film board not to nominate
Europa, Europa for an Academy
Award was contested by the
German media. Films about the
Nazi-era have been produced and
shown in Germany as well as in
other parts of the world (Nasty
girl, The White Rose, etc.). The
Nazi-era is also an important part
of mandatory history and political
science syllabi in German high-
We do not deny that extreme
right-wing political groups have
been active in Germany before
and after the German unification.
But no more so than in other
countries like France, Austria and
the United States.
It was not Germany where
student newspapers (including the
Daily) were printing an ad
denying the Holocaust.
We all must not forget our
history. That holds for the
Germans and the Holocaust as
well as for the Americans and the
massacre of the Native Ameri-
cans. Pointing at somebody else
while ignoring your own past is
no way to deal with history.
Soehnke Bartram
Justus Haucap
Silke Hoppe
Joerg Ladwein
Torsten Oletzky
LSA, School of Economics
and School of Business

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Is quality job one?
Americans should buy based on quality, not nationalism

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'r:.:yri':Jro:r.vf.:"::::::: r:::::"r: N rrr. r."r.. rr" "rrr": rr ".. y; yrrrrrrr.a r..rra
:i'}}: :":i': i"}: ii':'}:": i"}' ":"}:1 }t:::::"}{ i":":....hh..... : :"1." " ."J}}:":V." :V" V.": "':
a" "f :: V.VrJr ri-J r:r>. {"r}:"}:iV. i": 1::"}: i"} } l:i : i":":il ............: ". .r!
:>V::Y}:Y: }::i:"}'": ..r'.r .1}'} V:Y:"rr: "VrhV:".V} ": J. "r}:}{ .W."r "..1J N:. "rlr " .h':-"::.V:: rVlr.Y ........"J1hVl Jf .VJNr:V ":r :"",""
SRC represents University students

mplicit in the free market is the freedom to buy,
or not to buy a product based on its quality,
value and ability to meet the needs of the con-
sumer. Without this freedom, capitalist economies
would not function properly.
Lately, since our free market economy has been
experiencing a severe recession, some people have
made efforts to discourage shoppers from making
purchases based on quality._
Itis the consumer's right to buy the best product
available for their money. This is the basis of the
free market. If General Motors can't sell cars, for
example, it is its own fault for not offering products
that the Americans perceive as having the highest
GM does not suffer alone from this situation.
Ford and Chrysler - the nation's other two largest
auto manufacturers - and other industries suffer-
ing from foreign competition have also been hit
hard by the double-edged sword of the free market.
While American auto manufacturers are strug-
gling, the Japanese have been very successful in
satisfying the American consumer. For a few years
running, the Honda Accord, a Japanese car, has
been the best selling car in America.
The question still remains, who is responsible
for the string of failures suffered by the American

auto industry? Honda, Toyota, and other Japanese
car makers now operate plants in the United States.
These plants are run by Japanese management and
American auto workers. Some of these plants are
known to produce cars of higher quality than cars
made in Japan.
If this is true, why then have the same lazy and
stupid workers laid off from the Big Three been
able to make all the Honda Accords world wide
without them becoming lemons as well?
Fatal errors on the part of American auto com-
panies date back decades. In the seventies, the Big
Three consciously chose to build large, gas-guz-
zling cars, rather than the fuel-efficient smaller
ones produced by Japanese counterparts.
The American consumer should be careful not
be forced into any kind of economic nationalism
- or even racism - against the Japanese to "save"
American industries. American legislators should
be wary of protectionist legislation that play's on
xenophobia. But, in all fairness, if an American
product is of equal quality to a foreign product,
American consumer s are encouraged to try the
product made in the United States. But until that
time, Americans will "Buy American" when they
feel the American products are equal in quality to
those of their competitors.

by Michael David Warren,
The Student Rights Commis-
sion (SRC) and I are spearheading
a crusade for campus freedom and
democracy. Since the Daily has
neglected to report on the SRC's
activities, this success may be
The following is a sampling of
our accomplishments and
1. The Warren Commission:
This commission issued a 50-page
report which is the most thorough
and fair investigation of the South
University tear-gassing incident.
The report strongly criticized
the Ann Arbor Police for utilizing
unnecessary and counterproduc-
tive crowd control measures
(including baton sweeps and
teargassing). The report proposed
strong, but reasonable, recom-
mendations to the police, Univer-
sity, City Council and students.
The report altered precon-
ceived notions regarding crowd
control. For instance, Executive
Deputy Hoover recently explained
that the report helped the police
understand that today's student
crowds are out to have a good
time, not riot.
This understanding of crowd
psychology will ensure that such
incidents do not recur. Further-

confusion caused by the Daily's
placement of an editorial about
the JFK assassination directly
belowthe one condemning me. I
am not on the U.S. Supreme
Court (yet), and unfortunately was
not involved in that Warren
Commission's investigation.

powers of the board.
5. Shanty Policy: Last semes-
ter I issued a report condemning
the current Shanty Policy. The
present unconstitutional policy
grants the University unbridled
discretion to censor symbolic
structures. The administration has

I am not on the U.S. Supreme Court (yet),
and unfortunately was not involved in that
Warren Commission's investigation.

2. Student/Police Communica-
tion: We have begun monthly
meetings with Chief Smith and
Hoover to discuss student
concerns regarding police
activity. This is a first. At our last
meeting we extensively discussed
the party patrol, crowd control,
and bicycle theft and registration.
3. Interim Speech Code: An
SRC subcommission, co-chaired
by third-year law student Peter
Mooney and I, is actively investi-
gating the Interim Code's
constitutionality and policy
justifications. A Report, petition/
referendum drive, a public forum
and negotiations will soon occur.
We have revived what had been a
dormant issue.
4. Deputization: The regents
must soon deputize our police.

promised, in the face of SRC
pressure, to quickly address these
6. Union Policy: MSA
representative Joel Martinez
represented the SRC at the
successful Union negotiations
headed by MSA President Jamie
7. Campus Security: Van
Houweing is lobbying for student
concerns before the Civil Liber-
ties Board, the ad hoc conmittee
against police brutality, and'
Campus Security Chief Leo
8. University Democracy:
During a meeting with five high-
level administrators last Decem-
ber, we strongly criticized the
administration for ignoring
student concerns. Based on SRC

Nuts and Bolts



by Judd Winick
cT M Y 5lTrI

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