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December 06, 1991 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-12-06

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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily- Friday, December 6,1991
GWbe £trbian 1Bailt
420 Maynard Street Y
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109 ANDREW K. GOTTESMAN
747-2814 Editor in Chief
Edited and Managed STEPHEN HENDERSON
by Students at the Opinion Editor
University of Michigan
Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.
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Ha f-cocked
DPS fails to prevent crime and protect community


F irst, students were teargassed and maced on
South University. Then, University security
officers drew their weapons on unarmed suspects
and arbitrarily stopped Black women in the streets.
Now, University security officers have reached
new levels of incompetence. While it has done
little to actually prevent crime on campus, recent
Department of Public Safety (DPS) bumblings
indicate that it cannot even respond to crime cor-
A rape occurred in front of Hill Auditorium.
Less than one week later a woman was assaulted in
front of East Quad. The woman at East Quad
reported the incident to the security officer on duty
in her residence hall, yet DPS failed to release its
report to the public, as it should. Furthermore,
according the the East Quad Housing Director,
DPS failed to even notify him of the assault. Either
way, DPS comes off looking mismanaged and
The key to capturing those responsible for sexual
assaults is to release as much information to the
public as possible. The women in Ann Arbor de-
serve to know what to watch for, and have a right
to know if they may be in danger. The only good
that can come out of a sexual assault is new
ihformation that, if properly recorded and evalu-
ated, may help prevent future attacks. But by

failing to file the East Quad report on the summary,
and by improperly responding to the East Quad
assault, DPS has failed to accomplish the bare
minumum expected of a security force. Its irre-
sponsibility shows a disregard for the safety of
women on campus.
By deputizing its campus police force, the
University demonstrated a willingness to heavily
invest in DPS. If the campus had actually become
safer for students as a result, this would be money
well spent.
But there is no apparent connection between
campus safety and DPS - at least not a positive
one. New squad cars and guns have not helped stop
rape on campus.
The fact is, DPS has proven to be more of a
threat to the University community than a protec-
tion. When it comes to harrassing students or
hunting down suspects in Angell Hall, DPS is
always there. But when it comes to the most
serious of crimes, sexual assaults, DPS is all too
retroactive - and ineffective at that.
The University police should better organize its
resources to prevent and fight crime effectively
before it happens. It must also follow up crime with
the utmost scrutiny and concern when it does
occur. Otherwise, the innocent will pay an awful
price for police incompetence.


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student loans
White House and Congress abandon students

T ast month, President Bush finally extended
unemployment benefits to many jobless
Americans. The legislation that the president signed
allocated $5.3 billion and extendedjobless benefits
for an additional 13 weeks. But an undesirable
aspect of this otherwise valuable legislation in-
volves its source of funding. Large portions of the
jobless benefits will come from students through
cuts that cut the federal student loan program.
The provisions require that students over 21
prove their credit worthiness, or face recrimination
by loan officers. Until now, student loans were
guaranteed to any student-no matter their credit
rating. The result will be a reduction in the number
of student loans given to students that need federal
help in trying to finish their undergraduate degrees
gnd graduate programs.
At a time when it is crucial for many students to

receive an education that goes beyond the under-
graduate level, the law will cut down the number of
middle class and poor students who can finish their
college education. This is a shortsighted policy if
the administration is concerned with improving
the nation's role in the global marketplace.
The restrictive student loan language was in-
corporated by House Republicans in the conference
committee to meet President Bush's requirement
that the bill pay for itself, so as not to bust the
Budget agreement. This is utter nonsense. Accord-
ing to the Office of Management and Budget's
estimate, the budget deficit will be $318 billion this
year - $150 billion over the projected budget
deficit. Clearly Bush's demands reflect less of a
concern for the budget deficit, and rather a lack of
concern for key social programs like unemploy-
ment and federal aid to students.

Never forget
To the Daily:
December 7th is here again,
but the ghosts of my past are out
more than ever before. Every year
at this Lime the Japanese Ameri-
can community is reminded of the
deep scars and unjust persecution
which was perpetuated by the
action on this date, and, with this
being the 50-year 'celebration' of
Pearl Harbor, these old wounds
are as fresh and painful as ever.
It was 50 years ago, long
before I was ever born, that my
future as a Japanese American
was changed forever. Because
some 'Americans' could not
differentiate between Americans
of Japanese descent and the
Japanese 4,000 miles across the
Pacific, Executive Order 9066
was issued by President Roosevelt
and, as a result, my grandparents,
along with 120,000 other Japa-
nese Americans (over half-of
whom were born American
citizens) were stripped of their
property and dignity and ordered
to report for 'reassignment.'
For some it meant the burning
days and freezing nights of
Manzanar Relocation Center. For
others it was the hot desert of
Tule Lake. These Americans had
no freedom to choose, as they had
been stripped of all rights and
while some German and Italian
Americans could change their
names, no 'Jap' could hide the
yellow skin and slanted eyes
which labeled them as a distinct
enemy alien.
Even today as a yonsei, a
raging anger burns inside of me,
and I ask the question of how this
could happen in America. The
ghosts of my history haunt me by
urging me to remember and
understand the reasons and results
of internment. But, even as I
grapple with the past, new and all
so familiar specters continue
rising from the east.
Media coverage has played a
great role in bringing back the

memory of the Pearl Harbor
bombing. Most of the coverage is
accurate, and when it pertains to
the remembrance of those
deceased, it is more than appro-
However, as it is important for
us to remember the deceased and
those who courageously survived,
so is it just as important to
remember the120,000 Japanese
Americans who were also
effected. Yes, 'our' boys did die
at Pearl Harbor, but they also died
in Manzanar and Tule Luke.
Britt Teruo Yamamoto
LSA senior
Sincere apologies
To the Daily:
Let me first apologize for the
embarrasing editorial which the
Ohio State Latrine (Lantern) Staff
assembled last week. To say that
it was infantile and absurd would
be a vast understatement. The
only possible excuse for such an
article being written is that
recently our editorial staff was
purged and replaced with less
than adequate (and intelligent)
successors. We are not amused.
Please do not be taken in by
this display of the stereotypical
OSU student. There are some of
us who are somewhat more
intelligent than they portrayed.
Congratulations on a super
game and good luck with the
Scott Boito
OSU senior
Think of others
To the Daily:
As soon as I heard that Magic
Johnson had tested positive for
the HIV virus, I became upset and
terrified, and I just could not leave
my room. We all know that AIDS

lives. However, I never stopped to
think about the ramifications that
the virus had on individuals. I just
paid attention to the statistics
explaining how people suffer and
die and not enought to the people
I painfully learned that my line
of thinking was completely
wrong. This tragedy brought me
to the realization that we all
should be just as concerned with
the rest of our society that has
AIDS as we are aware of Earvin
Through Magic Johnson, I
have gained more insight into the
pains of all the sufferers of the
desease and I hope the rest of
society learns as well. Magic has
dazzled us all on the court. Now
with his notoriety and strength, he
has the opportunity to "assist"
humanity to overcome one of its
most insidious dilemmas.
Steven Jacobson
LSA junior
Don't ban speech
To the Daily:
Catharine MacKinnon's views
expressed at the PC conference
reveal an extreme of short-
sightedness. The damage inflicted
by hate speech has to be weighed
against the damage of suppressing
it. Banning hate speech merely
drives it underground where it
festers and can't be treated.
The merit of allowing hate
speech to be expressed publicly is
that we can easily confront it and
shoot it down with logical
argument. We may never be able
to change the mind of Bradly
Smith or David Duke, but I
believe that in the public confron-
tation between competing ideas,
facist and neo-facist ideologies
can be shown to be irrational and

Copping out
Israel's absence reveals disregard for peace process


yria, Lebanon, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.
Which one does not belong? Although Palestine
is the onlymemberof this group not on the map, the
correct answer here is not Palestine. The correct
answer is Israel. Israel is the only entity listed that
is treating the Middle East peace conference with
little, if any, seriousness.
As the second round of the Middle East peace
talks began in Washington on Wednesday, Israel
held firm to its promise not to attend until the
following Monday. Israel demanded that the talks
be delayed in order to give them more time to
prepare, as if the issues of Palestinian self-deter-
mination and peace have not pervaded Israeli
politics for the past 40 years.
This request is weak at best. What is more likely
is that Israel is attempting to prove that it will not
be maneuvered or manipulated into any agreement
by the United States. However, the peace confer-
ence has no preconceived proposals that Israel
rust accept. The talks have no conditions, which
is what Israel has been calling for all along. Israel
has no problem accepting billions of U.S. dollars,
but it does have a problem accepting the United
States as a participant in peace negotiations. Israel
can't have its cake and eat it too.
What Israel is really showing is that it is not
serious about reaching a permanent solution to the
Palestinian issue, nor is it interested in a true peace
with the Arabs. After decades of claiming that it
would sit down with any Arab nation at any time,

anywhere, Israel is showing that this was an empty
As if all this were not enough to demonstrate
Israel's disregard for peace, last Tuesday the Israeli
government took steps to establish anew settlement
in the occupied West Bank. Although there are
those, including the Israelis, who say that the issue
of settlements is not an obstacle to peace, it is clear
that this is a huge fallacy.
For Palestinians, Israeli settlements on their
land is a key issue. This is just another example of
how the Israeli government is only concerned with
pursuing its own agenda, pushing the possibility
for peace further and further away.
Israel has always depended heavily on its abil-
ity to appear as the victim in the Middle East.
However, Israel is currently on the verge of com-
mitting public relations suicide. It is becoming
increasingly obvious that Israel is not a lone, in-
nocent victim in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Clearly
Israel is able to play the political game with the best
of them..
It does not take much to know that without
Israel there are no peace negotiations. Wednesday's
session lasted only one hour. However, it won't be
Israel who will suffer, or even the surrounding
Arab countries. The true victims are the Palestin-
ians. As Israel plays political hide-and-seek, the
Palestinians continue to live underoccupation,with
the prospect for Palestinian self determination still
in the hands of others.

Jackie Coolidge
Rakham graduate student

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ROTC adheres to written law

by Col. William Gregor
On Nov. 26, the Daily once
again exhorted the University to
eliminate ROTC, and, thereby,
restore equal protection for all.
Although students may hold
whatever opinions they wish
concerning ROTC, the operation
of ROTC on campus and the
appointment of federal officers is
governed by law, not opinion.
By contract, the military
officer education program is an
academic unit of the University.
All students, regardless of their
eligibility for military service, are
permitted to enroll in ROTC
classes for academic credit.
However, eligibility for participa-
tion in military training and
commissioning lies within the
exclusive jurisdiction of the
federal government.
Despite popular opinion most
students are excluded from ROTC
training for reasons other than
nl,..,n-al nnnnn it. Amnna the

committed or are prone to commit
offenses are also ineligible.
Homosexual conduct is a
crime under federal law (10
U.S.C. §925), military law

University has no more control
over commissioning standards
than it does over standards for
admission to practice law or
medicine. It, therefore, seems that


It would be a curious thing for the University
of Michigan, a public institution, to expel this
academic unit for its scrupulous application
of the law.

(UCMJ Art. 125), and the laws of
Michigan. Despite the attention
paid to homosexuals, the most
frequent reason for excluding a
student under this rule is a
student's admission he has used
marijuana. My cadets have also
been warned that they may be
disenrolled for underage drinking.
We make no distinction between
criminal offenses and there is no
legal reason to do so. In this
regard the rules are uniform and
equally applied.

the objection raised against the
operations of ROTC and the
actions of the University is that
they adhere to the law.
Citizens are free to hold
diverse opinions concerning
governmental policy; governmen-
tal units are not. It would be a
curious thing for the University of
Michigan, a public institution, to
expel this academic unit for its
scrupulous application of the law.
The United States is in the
midst of a great military draw-

Nuts and Bolts
- s G~ r
cf -Bme

0 -''1 o 0


by Judd Winick
- ev SANTs ..


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