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December 04, 1991 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-12-04

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Page 4-The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, December 4, 1991
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420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editor

Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.
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Weekend protests address Hudson's anti-union policies

O verThanksgiving weekend, the biggest shop-
ping weekend of the year, the United Auto
Workers (UAW) picketed Hudson's department
stores across the state and urged a boycott of
Hudson's products for its refusal to recognize the
Westland Hudson's employees vote to unionize
and to protest the undo pressure Hudson's has put
on workers who are active in unionizing other
Hudson's locations. Hudson's egregious conduct
necessitates full support of the UAW-led boycott.
The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB)
has ordered the company to start bargaining with
union representatives, but Hudson's has refused.
Hudson's is contesting this decision and hoping it
will be overturned. Eighteen months ago, the
Westland store voted tounionize, but Hudson's has
refused to recognize the union since the vote.
Hudson's claims that this is a one-store issue,
and that an across-the- board boycott is unjust. But
employees at several stores claim company-spon-

sored intimidation has kept them from joining a
union. Hudson's desperately wants to keep its
employees from enjoying the right to collective
Employees claim Hudson's has mistreated them
by the useof restrictive pensionplans and increasing
sales quotas. By refusing to abide by the decision
of the NLRB, Hudson's has admitted that it is
willing to do what it takes to keep unions out of it's
Unions provide workers with a unified voice
that allows them to petition for fair wages, decent
insurance, pension plans, and other demands. By
denying workers their right to unionize, Hudson's
has effectively silenced that voice.
The UAW led boycott calls on consumers to
reject Hudson's labor practices and purchase
holiday gifts elsewhere. This boycott should be
supported until Hudson's amends its despicable
practices and recognizes the Westland union.

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Living wills
New act allows patients and families to exercise their rights

Hospitals nationwide are now required by the
Federal Patient Self-Determination Act,
passed in November 1990, to ask all admitted
patients if they have a living will, and to provide
living will materials to those patients over 18 who
lack one. This is a giant step toward affirming
every person's right to determine under what
conditions they would not want their lives to be
artificially sustained.
The living will and the health-care proxy are the
best methods by which the sick can plan for their
future hospital care, in case the conditions prevent
them from making clear decisions on their own.
The living will explicitly states when they wish
to be removed from life support. These conditions
have been known to include persistent vegetative
state with no foreseeable recovery, coma, inability
to relate to the outside world, and so on. The health-
care proxy, on the other hand, assigns a person -
usually a spouse or close family member - to
make the decisions concerning the patient's treat-
ment, and removes culpability from the individual
should the patient die.
Less than 20 percent of Americans have some
form of living will. A major reason for this is that
many Americans do not wish to think about death
in advance, if ever.


Bush too libi
Reactionary policies key new ca
s the presidential campaign swings into full
gear, the first signs of dissent within President
Bush's own party are emerging.
Today in Louisiana, David Duke is expected to
announce his intention to seek the Republican
nomination for president in a number of Southern
primaries. Next Tuesday, political commentator
Pat Buchanan is expected to join the Republican
While it is encouraging to see that the president
will not run unopposed in these primaries, these
candidates are products of a distinct retreat to
reactionary politics among many Republican voters.
Duke, a former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux
Klan, has made a career of campaigning in Loui-
siana. In the past three years, he has run success-
fully for the Louisiana House of Representatives,
and unsuccessfully for the U.S. Senate and Loui-
siana governorship.
Throughout all of these campaigns, he has
promoted fundamentally racist policies under the
guise of "equal rights for all." These so-called
"equal rights" include the end of employment and
education affirmative action policies and "welfare
reform" that would disproportionately hurt Blacks.
Buchanan, on the other hand, does not have a
past in the Ku Klux Klan. His name does not carry
the stigma of Duke's. But his belief in similar
policies for"equality" has led observers to dub him
"David Duke without the hood." This comparison

There are signs, however, that this sentiment is
changing. There have been increasing numbers of
people who are purchasing graveyard plots earlier,
as well as those executing earlier wills and life
insurance policies. To complement this trend,
people should plan forthe possibility of falling into
a coma or vegetative state due to some unfortunate
accident, and make sure that hospitals and their
loved ones are instructed on what steps to take if
there is little hope for recovery.
Living wills can help to avoid situations like the
ones in which Nancy Cruzan and Christine
Busalacchi found themselves. It took five years for
the family of Nancy Cruzan, rendered comatose
from a car accident, to be finally removed from life
support. Most recently, the father of Christine
Busalacchi was permitted to have his now 21-year-
old daughter to be removed from life support after
her 1987 car accident, leaving her in a vegetative
People can now affirm their right to execute an
advance health care directive by having the ma-
terials given to them when they are admitted to a
hospital for any reason. This enables people to be
informed of their rights, so they have the true
freedom to decide for themselves how their lives
should be run.
ndidates' platforms
is not without merit.
Last year Buchanan received a great deal of
publicity for a series of anti-Semitic remarks that
appeared in his syndicated column. He has con-
sistently advocated the termination of need-based
welfare programs, appealingto the same group of
voters targeted by Duke.
These voters, once silent, are now responding
to campaign tactics used by more "traditional"
Republicans in the 1988 and 1990 races, with
advertisments that were blatantly racist.
President Bush's infamous 1988 "Willie Horton"
campaign advertisement deserves its bad reputa-
tion for legitimizing the use of racial undertones to
win votes.
Jesse Helms, in his 1990 Senate campaign, ran
an advertisement that blamed minorities for
mounting unemployment in the recession-plagued
Meanwhile, Duke and Buchanan are trying to
portray these "establishment" candidates as too
With some analysts predicting that Buchanan
will capture up to 35 percent of the vote in New
Hampshire, it is likely that these hateful policies
will gain attention on national television at the
Republican National Convention next August.
Unless a credible candidate emerges for this
party, the Republicans will continue to suggest
19th century solutions for 21st century problems.

Ad not logical

To the Daily:
The defense of the Daily's
decision to print the malicious
Oct. 24 advertisement appears to
be founded on two key points:
1. The Daily has the constitu-
tional right to print such and
2. The Daily, as well as all
newspapers, have a duty to print
the controversial, in addition to
the more traditional points of
The advertisement in question
is not controversial. It is just plain
malicious slander. Controversial
opinions are so called because
they challenge the existing
dogma. But even controversial
opinions have, at least, some
semblance of a logically derived
argument and a modicum of

No debate
To the Daily:
Is there really any case to be
debated on whether the Holocaust
It is certainly beyond compre-
hension that less than fifty years
ago, 6 million innocent people -
men, women and children,
friends, neighbors, doctors,
students, enough people to fill
Michigan Stadium 55 times -
died at the hands of the Nazis
simply because they were Jewish.
However, it happened. We
must never forget. Claiming that
it's not true - that all docu-
mented evidence is propaganda
and lies - insults the intelligence
of the University community.
Responding to these claims
creates and fuels this "contro-
versy." There simply is no debate.
Let us not pretend there is
some question about historical
fact by filling the pages of the
Daily with discussion. This
"debate" belongs in the National
Enquirer, not in our student
Jeff Marx
third-year Music School

credibility. Not gainsay, not bull,
but credibility.
If some other neo-Nazi zipper-
head placed an add which claimed
Afro-Americans are intellectually
inferior, would you print it? If
some idiot from the Flat Earth
Society placed an add which
claimed the space programs of the
U.S. and U.S.S.R. were and are
hoaxes, would you print it?
The answer (I hope) to both
questions is no. Neither of these
points of view have any credibil-
ity. Such garbage, including the
Oct. 24 advertisement, does not
belong in this or any other
newspaper, or anything period for
that matter.
Yes, it may have been legal
for the Daily to print the adver-
tisement. But was it wise to do
so? I think not. Journalists are
rightly protected by the Constitu-
tion. However, they must exercise
judgement and not hide behind or
abuse these rights.
It is most sad that the editors
of the Daily saw fit to reduce the
intellectual level of their publica-
tion to that of the Weckly World
News. I can only hope it is but a.
temporary aberration.
Stuart Weinstein
LSA postdoctoral fellow
Enough, already!
To the Daily:
Enough is enough! Let the
issue die already. Every time I've
come across a Daily in what
seems like the last month or so,
there's invariably a letter or two
condemning or supporting
(mostly condemning) the Daily
for it's decision to run the
Holocaust Revisionist advertise-
ment a few weeks ago.
I for one have heard enough
from you people. Fine, we all
understand all the viewpoints
from both sides. I tend to agree
that it was a bad decision on the
Daily's part, but the debate has
gotten ridiculous. You are beating
a dead horse. Forget about it. It's
in the past. And the issue has

certainly been given enough
attention already. Let it die.
Dan Sibthorp
Engineering senior
Think again, Daily
To the Daily:
Terrible editorial, another
Daily disaster. Sorry, but kicking
ROTC off campus doesn't solve
any problems but it does hurt an
even greater number of students
in the process. Why don't you ask
Congress to make the changes?
We can't do a damn thing about it
and kicking us out won't change
that fact. Trying to cure the
disease of intolerance and not the
.symptoms (ROTC policy) may
actually achieve something.
Andrew Mutch
Engineering sophomore
CC is petty
To the Daily:
We were walking through
Angell Hall early on the first
morning of the MSA elections
and saw one of the Conservative
Coalition's (CC) campaign fliers
which stated, "Exterminate the
Radicals." So, CC, since you've
offered us death by your hand, we
challenge you to stand by your
word. Come on, we dare you!
We think that it's pathetic that
CC has nothing better to do than
to make idle, violent threats.
Now we know what you mean
when you say, "We Deliver." If
you delivered anything, it was
pettiness, complacency, and
Ben Sandier
LSA junior
Monya Schmidt
LSA junior


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Zionist Day celebrates state of

by John Blow
For nearly three years now, I
have been a co-chair of Tagar,
and each year we have held Proud
to Be a Zionist Day, and submit-
ted a letter to the Daily by way of
announcement and explanation.
Who knows, perhaps this year
we'll have a first and the Daily
will actually print it.
I have puzzled for a long time
over how best to explain our
support for Israel in a manner
which everyone could understand,
what it is to feel exhilaration at
Israel's achievements, to share in
the sorrow of each tragedy, to
marvel even at her very existence.
There is a sense of awe here, in a
nation which has faced so many
wars and would be annihilators,
and yet which has come out of it
all without giving up her own
sense of moral right, and her own
commitment to peace.
Throughout history the Jews

November 1945, when hundreds
of Jews were slaughtered in a
wave of pogroms in Libya:
shopkeepers burned alive in their
stores, beaten to death, still others
thrown from rooftops and

and historic right to the land of
their forefathers, to the land
where they have maintained a
continuous presence for over
2,000 years. It is the belief that
the Jews are entitled to a sover-

There is a sense of awe here, in a nation
which has faced so many wars and would be
annihilators, and yet which has come out of
it all without giving up her own sense of
moral right, and her own commitment to



And it was not so long ago,
that day in June, when 254
travellers from the holy land were
taken hostage. The non-Jews were
released, and 96 Jews separated
out for massacre.
But there was one major
difference this time, for the year
was 1976, not 1942, and the place
was Entebbe, Uganda, not a
Euronean Rheno. This time there

eign nation alongside all other
nations, that the Jewish people.
must take their own destiny into
their own hands.
Today, we commemorate
Proud to Be a Zionist Day, a day
to stand up andsbe counted, Jews
and non-Jews, secular and
religious, liberals and conserva-
tives. It is a day to express our
mutual pride, admiration and

Nuts and Bolts
C H R (S 0 U Y O U N G L L A ?



by Judd Winick
M .t +arNiM 7HaTsr

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