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November 22, 1991 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-11-22

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Page 4 -The Michigan Daily- Friday, November 22, 1991
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420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109,
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editor

Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.
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Rose Bowl Parade celebrates historical tragedy

W hen the Wolverine football team clinched a ]
W slot in the 103rd Tournament of Roses, no
one knew the team would end up promoting out-
dated and racist notions. No one knew that the
brilliant parade before the game would be about
historical distortion. But the theme had already
been chosen. The Grand Marshal had already been
This year's theme, Voyages of Discovery, her-
aids, among other great discoveries, the 500th
ahniversary of Christopher Columbus' encounter
With the "New World."Observers of the parade
will be greeted by two Grand Marshals at the front
of the parade instead of the customary one. The
first, appointed Oct. 8 by the Pasadena Toumament
of Roses Association, is Crist6bal Coldn, the 20th
direct descendant of Columbus.
The Association appointed the second Grand
Marshall, Congressman Ben Nighthorse Campbell
(b-Colo.), several days later in response to pres-
sure form the media and outraged citizens.
* Campbell is the only Native American in
Congress, and his position is one Native Americans
can be pround of. But you do not have to be a
o u
Read it and weep Buckeyes, if yc
n the eve of this historic Michigan-Ohio State
clash,we Daily writers aren't going to descend
into the trough of petty acrimony. (If Buckeye
students know what that means). Instead, we'll
begin with pleasant conversation.
So, Coach Cooper. How's recruiting going?
Elvis Grbac. Ricky Powers. Brian Townsend.
Qtis Williams. All these players escaped from
Ohio and headed north in search of a college
education, as did ahost ofother Michigan standouts.
Including that No.21 guy who plays wide receiver.
And who can blame them? Michigan has all
those things that Ohio State can only dream of.
Admissions standards, for example. To become a
student at Michigan, you need to rank in the top 5 1
percent of yourhigh school class, score well on the
ACT, and be involved in avariety ofextra-curricular +
aletivities. To get into Ohio State, you need a pulse.I
The job of the Ohio State admissions director is +
to determine whether the applicant is respirating.
'the first step in this process is to put a mirror in+
front of the applicants mouth. If it fogs up, con- I
gratulations - you're a Buckeye. This process is
incredibly effective - Ohio State has accepted +
W rongagain

history scholar or a Native American, whose an-
cestors were murdered and enslaved by Columbus
and his crew, to know that Campbell is only a token
and the entire fesival is a hoax.
We were all taught as children that Columbus
made a brave and daring voyage accross the At-
lantic. We were also taught that this land had not
been previously settled by civilized people. But we
were not told that Columbus' "discovery" of
America lead to the subsequently murder, rape,
and disease to the natives who had long lived
without the sting of the sabre or the curse of
alchohol before their land was "discovered."
Journals kept by crew members of the Nina, the
Pinta and the Santa Maria describe savages in the
new world. They saw them as animals and treated
them like animals. They beat them and killed them
and kept them as slaves.
We were taughtlies and these lies do not deserve
celebration. The anniversary of death and tyranny
and genocide of an innocent people might be a
moment to commemorate and remember and
mourn, but not with marching bands, not with
music and certainly not with football.

More than Magic
To the Daily:
I am somebody. I am dead, but
refuse to die
My numbers get larger every day,
even as you read these words
I am dead, but no one cried
"Why not me?" I wonder why. I,
too, had AIDS but no one cried
To save me wasn't worth it, I
One more faggot got what IT
But now one of the powerful got
it too
A lovable superstar, we all can
no one stood for me on Arsenio
I was number 847 in the year of
our Lord
But he wouldn't have me livin'
next door
My father forgot my name, erased
"that disease" forever
If I were Magic, they would have
had a parade
But I was a non-millionaire, with
no insurance
and the emergency room got cold,
waitin' eight hours or more
Magic'll get encouragement,
friends and AZT galore
You know, my mother forgot my
name, wouldn't come near my
My final rest was in my tears and
urine on a cold floor. Alone.
I was but one, and we are but
Friends, support and press
we never got any. "Nigger wasn't
careful," were the last words I
And no one stood up on Arsenio
and applauded us
They say he was brave for sayin'
what he said
but my bossand "Christian"
friends would first rather have me

then their hand to me lend
Now they comin' by thousands
sayin', "we were there all along."
Unconscionable hypocrites, I
won't let 'em sing my song
the suddenness of their tune
unsettles me
On each newsstand, every corner,
from Detroit to Hong Kong
his bravery was heralded. I, too,
was brave
And Arsenio didn't do the
Bojangles for me
So when you sleep with T-shirt on
("price of Magic's trading cards
have gone up 25 percent")
don't ever forget that some
unidentified, one-less-faggot,
unsuperstar, weren't-careful-
(And my family fogot my name)
....well, we still dyin' one by
Michael Monkman
LSA senior
Daily insensitive
To the Daily:
You would think, after several
weeks of intense debate in this
community, the Daily would
exhibit a greater sensitivity
toward those who have been
offended, worried and pissed-off
by the Daily's printing of the
Holocaust Revisionist ad.
Apparently that is not the case.
Personally, I was sickened by
the numerous uncoordinated
excuses put forth by the Daily and
worried by the justification of the
Opinion Page editor, Stephen
Henderson. Sorry, but freedom of
speech does not include yelling
fire in a crowded theater.
Or to adapt this to your weak
analogy, I have the right to swing
my fist until it hits you in the
face. Swinging a fist is not a

crime. Hitting you in the face is
In today's Daily (11/6/91), I
read a top ten list by Kim Yaged
entitled, "Top 10 reasons why
Holocaust Revisionism has not
appeared in the music of Politi-
cally-Correct artists." In addition
to not being funny (and I can
laugh at just about anything), it
continues to show the lack of
sensitivity the Daily shows
towards Jews.
In this list there are innuendos
to Jewish stereotypes (i.e.
Corporate Sponsorship, for some
reason, has been unavailable).
What are you trying to say?
In addition, saying that PC
musicians know the Holocaust
didn't happen, even in a kidding
manner, only brings up the hurt
and anger that more people have
written to you about in the past
two weeks. I've been actively
reading the Daily for eight years
and never have I seen such a
response to the bumbling idiodicy
of this paper, no small feat.
The Daily would never run an
ad that denies the plight of Blacks
and the existence of slavery. If it
did, I would highly doubt it would
print the "Top 10 reasons why
Blacks were never owned by
whites," two weeks later.
I won't bother to give any
examples. I feel bad enough for
drawing the analogy.
Jonathan Greenberg
University Alum

ou can
less than 10 percent of the cadavers who have
But beyond these criteria, football players
choose Michigan because of its gridiron success.
Sure, Michigan is no Air Force, but it has lost only
two of its last 31 Big Ten games.
Moreover, Michigan will play in its third Rose
Bowl in four years this Jan. 1. The last time Ohio
State played in the Rose Bowl, John Cooper's
daughter was posing for Highlights instead of
The only way Ohio State can win tomorrow's
game is if the Ohio State athletic department gets
smart and fires Cooper before the game. Actually,
that's not such an unrealistic possibility.
However, we at Michigan are fully behind
Coach Cooper. After all, it's nice to have an auto-
matic victory at the end of the season. This year,
Coopersensed that he mighthave an outside chance
to beat the Wolverines for the first time in his
career, so he promptly decided to spot us tailback
Robert Smith.
We always knew Ohio State players had no
class, but we never knew it was a team rule.

;":. .}4 ,{.;".,vf1}.{;.7}vYr}7v.{ v ,r,.,n.Y 4 Y'n{n Sy
.,.{h"',S';h'e.. r{ :{.{f."7:;{:.ti.., ..}.},:v <r ::v7YS'.1 4 .47r,'r".ihV. ,"},' "haZ:; } r,?.V .S:A.V. .-:1.tV.%VVt.k' . "f...... .
:S" . "n ti",. "". "y1r'} n~Y:; {":. .4 . .}.:"..":n 1 ' \y 4 :..4n,,.h VittA 1 n h AS :1{ :"y" .'7 ".' ,.{.nynWA : ., f: 'N
';':ti1.:r:".471:" ".44.fn "'7.'" r.{"i'7: ':Lti7.y.{'14} .irl:i'.V r.".1'. . Y" ,. . . . . ..:V "'AVv}/t.r 1 Jr''^WAr '{' .{.{Y.;.
r{.$n ?,K}" ;{ o ;o:"{ .4 p.4.".".4""7:.}yr .1',' ,4............" ? t } .:. r: 'y, 4'} ; "y$.S r,":S Y'f'". ,. ; 5 r 47{::
°" :}," Yi :"'r,'.' ' }:fi: ',..{ {7;5 n"*** 'S*x*ar** .,7Y '{, +' . .*i*y* '4 ,r;". r r.:1 J. .. "W tiAV . 'f' .
D ati ly c o m p o u n ds:7:'' itsi: e r r o rs.}"":47} iri+?' }{{" r~. . rd' } ,}'i: .: ..4.n .n .r.7 . :..r , v. "y"" ,:"" 1,"{7; Y .}Jrr44."' r} :,,4 4o};" ${":a

The Daily is granting space in
its pages, for free now, to people
who, were they in positions of
power, would probably endorse
policies that would again force
Jews into concentration camps;
and where Jews are persecuted
other vulnerable minorities are
not far behind.
It is unbelievable that the
editors of the Daily would print
an Insight column authored by a
notorious anti-Semite who directs
an institution entirely devoted to
1) denying that the Holocaust was
as horrifying as its victims say it
was, and 2) resurrecting the
reputation of Adolf Hitler and
Nazism. This same organization
has links to white- supremacist
groups and to the Populist Party,
which ran David Duke for
President in 1988.
The Jewish community, and
every Holocaust survivor and
child of Holocaust survivors that
we have spoken to, who has
called us in fear and dismay, has
expressed bitter outrage at the
Daily's continuing practise of
publishing the platforms of
Kohane is the director of the
Hillel Foundation

persons and organizations whose
goal is to serve as apologists for
the genocidal policies and actions
of Nazi Germany.
The Daily may have the right

the numbers etched in green ink
on her arm in Auschwitz. She lied-
about the murder by the Nazis of
her father, mother, brother and
sister. She lies and the Revision- ti

The Daily is giving respectability, equal time,
to groups that seek to exonerate the Nazis!

Jush fails to comprehend the state of American economy

to publish what it wants, but it
does not have the obligation to
print everything. That it sees fit
to make available even its Insight
column, prime space, to voices
whose purpose it is, in the view of
so many in the Jewish commu-
nity, to create a climate that is
physically injurious to Jews, leads
us and others to begin to wonder
if the Daily's editorial staff does
not feel somehow. that these anti-
Semites have, after all, a legiti-
mate position to air, a valid point
to make.
To put it even more bluntly:
the Daily is giving respectability,
equal time, to groups that seek to
exonerate the Nazis! Exonerate
not just anyone, mind you, but the
Nazis, with their claims that
Jewish suffering was not so bad.
One million babies were not
starved and murdered. Six million
did not die. My mother lied about

ists have a legitimate position
when they would tell you that the
reason why I do not today have
any extended family to speak of
on either side, is because eight
uncles, three aunts, three grand-
parents died of accidental or
natural causes between 1941-45.
The Daily must surely realize
by now that even if it has the
right, it is under no obligation to
print scandalous lies designed to
provoke pained Jewish responses
such as this one.
By granting Thomas
Marcellus, director of the infa-
mous and racist Institute for
Historical Review, access to its
Insight column, the Daily is
turning itself into a forum for
open debate on whether the
Holocaust really happened. It is
also turning stomachs with its
tactic of hiding behind the First

M onday, President Bush told the country, "So
it's not like we're dealing with a totally bad
oconomy." Certainly, President Bush is not refer-
Oing to the United States economy. It is possible
that Bush would like to have the country believe
his distorted view of the economy. The fact is that
the economy is failing. The recession is far from
over and America is still hurting.
} In addition to his inane comment on the state of
tPe economy, Bush told America that "Interest
rates are down. Personal debt is down. Inventories
are down. Quality...is going in the right direction,
up, and exports are up."
These statements, however, must be taken in
context, and not looked at in the deceptive manner
used by President Bush.
Bush may be referring to recent congressional
attempts to lower the interest rates that credit card
companies can charge cardholders. If so, the inter-
tst rate decreases to which he refers will only
benefit those who can afford to carry credit cards
+- the rich.
Inventories are down, but only slightly. In fact,
inventories rose .6 percent in September and have
tot dropped significantly since. In addition, ex-
ports are up, but gained a mere four percent over
the last four quarters -- not very impressive.
A good measure of quality can be found in the
sales on cars and light trucks, one of the largest
domestic industries. If quality were on the rise, as
the president would have Americans believe, the
$ales on cars and light trucks in this country would
not have declined by eight percent. In addition,
industrial production would not have been stag-
nant since July.

Another indicator that quality is not very high is
our widening trade deficit. Our quality does not
seem to be attracting many buyers. While President
Bush may hope to calm the fears of the American
public by presenting an optimistic outlook on the
nation's economy, he must also recognize when to
be realistic. He needs to be responsible; to point out
that there are problems and implement measures to
help the economy.
There are initiatives the President can take,
despite his recently false statements. He can follow
Representative Rostentowski (D-Ill.), in pressing
for tax cuts on the middle-class, which would stir
them into increasing consumer spending.
In addition, Bush could raise the taxes of the
richest one percent of Americans. This would
generate increased government revenue to provide
for more spending on the recently debated modi-
fications to welfare, food stamps, and unemploy-
ment benefits.
Another measure is taking the $1 billion of the
Pentagon's defense budget to be converted to So-
viet humanitarian, and spending it on domestic
programs here in the United States. Better still,
Bush could call for increased cuts on an already
bloated military budget and use that money to fund
the infrastructure, education, and poverty programs
that will provide morejobs and improve this country.
The economy could be healed, as well as building
up our national infrastructure.
The President cannotjust sit hands-off, denying
that a problem exists. There are many ways he can
help to build the strong American economy he has
deluded himself into believing we now have. Then,
perhaps we will have a totally good economy.

Buckeyes to batter Big Blue


by OSU Lantern edit staff
Saturday is the big day. The
Buckeyes travel north to annihi-
late the Wolverines.
The bad news is the game is
being held in Michigan. The good
news is, the Buckeyes are tough
and can survive anything; even a
weekend in a state that's broken
in two pieces.
No doubt the Michigan fans
and players are reluctant to visit a
state with so much to offer. That's
O.K. Beating the poop out of a
Wolverine team in its own
stadium is more fun anyway. But,
just for the sake of argument, let's
look at the factors that weigh so
heavily in Ohio's favor.
Michigan. A school with
colors exactly like those of the
Cub Scouts. Actually, the colors
make sense, because the Wolver-
ines are a team that plays like the
Cub Scouts. Of course, maybe
they chose blue so it would match
The editorial staff of the Ohio

the color their faces turn from the
Siberian cold they have up there.
Maize, on the other hand, sounds
too much like what mice run
through for a morsel of dry
Ann Arbor. What kind of a
name is that for a city? It sounds
like an advice columnist. At least
Columbus has a dignified ring to
it. Say it as a complete name and
it really has dignity, as in,
"Columbus, Football Dominance,
Ohio," See, it screams "dignity."
Politics. Ohio gave the nation
four presidents. Michigan's most
recent contribution to the presi-
dency was Gerald Ford. Need we
say more? And remember, he was
a Wolverine football player.
Wolverine. As mascots go,
these animals must be one of the
smelliest. They are vie little
creatures with nary a shred of

intelligence, let alone dignity.
Location. Michigan is cold.
Besides, look at a map and it's
obvious that Ohio is holding up
the state of Michigan. It would
never make it without the support
of the Buckeye state.
Tail-gating. Everyone in the
Big Ten knows the Buckeyes win
this contest hands down. There
isn't a bonfire in existence big
enough to make Michigan
suitable for outdoor parties.
But, we're on our way up
there anyway to whip the snot out
of you Wolverines. So be ready to
take your medicine with some-
thing resembling manhood. It
would, after all, be mighty
embarrassing for a national
television audience to see all you
whiny wolverine pups bawling
your eyes out late in the fourth



Nuts and Bolts

! S TAt?


by Judd Winick

T - H-E


i i


C{ 1n 1 sslnrs fZsn nftianrfF


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