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November 19, 1991 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-11-19

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The Michigan Daily- Tuesday, November 19, 1991 - Page 3

There are 38 candidates running
for the 25 seats open on the Michi-
gan Student Assembly. Both parties
- Conservative Coalition and Pro-
gressive Party - have 15 students
running on their tickets. Eight can-
didates are running as indepen-
dents. The following responses re-
garding student concerns were
0given by candidates interviewed
last Saturday.
What is the issue you would fo-
cus your efforts on if you are
Roger De Roo
Rackham - Progressive Party
"I worked hard with Parking
Operations and got a new commuter
parking lot on North Campus.
Other things I'm going to be work-
ing on is the Union policy. Another
one, which is not quite talked about,
is the fact that the U-Club was a
good place for students to gather
and unwind and have a good time and
come up with good and bad ideas on
napkins and all sorts of fun things
and it isn't anymore. North Campus
doesn't really have a bar and it needs
one. So I'm going to work on the U-

"I'm already working on getting
more money to student groups but
while on the assembly I'd also like
to help on the Student Rights'
Commission. One of the issues of
particular interest to me is the in-
terim speech code. I would like to
work to see what changes we can ef-
fect because I don't believe in a re-
straint of free speech."
Christopher Thiry
School of Information and Li-
brary Studies - Independent
"One of my main goals is to be
seen and heard as a representative of
the School of Information and Li-
brary Studies and to be really in
touch with the people I represent
and try to get their concerns ex-
pressed on MSA and deal with the
issues they would like to see dealt
Felicia Tripp
LSA - Progressive Party
"I would like to concentrate on
the environment and the academic
issues - just the challenging and
questioning. There's more money
given to research. Education very
much interests me because I want to
be a teacher and there are problems
at the University level. I think edu-
cation is crucial. You shouldn't have
to wait four years until you're a
graduate student to get an educa-
Robert Van Houweling
LSA - Independent
"What's most important to me
is that the assembly start to pay at-
tention to the students and what
they want and give them more
choice, for example, referenda that
will allow people to choose
whether they want to keep each
commission separately. Students
showed their dissatisfaction with a
number of commissions in the last
election and they don't have the
chance to reassess them this election
because they're not on the referenda.
More than just referenda need to be
on the ballot, but a complete pro-
posal to make the committees -
more particularly the commissions
- more accountable to MSA on a
daily basis and the students on a
more overall basis so that students
can continually check them."
What do you think MSA's re-
sponse should be after incidents
like the teargassing on South
Ken Bartlette
"The problem with MSA is that
a lot of times it's a reactionary pro-
cess and we get blamed for not fol-
lowing through fast enough on
these issues. MSA should represent
all students and be an organization
that can facilitate all students' in-
put. For example, with South U., I
think we should advise the students
on their rights and if they need or-
ganization, help them organize to
correct the situation."
Sejal Mistry

Club and extending it to North
David Hoard
LSA -Independent
"MS A should have three very
important goals for their top prior-
ity this term. First of all, the stu-
dent assembly needs to build credi-
bility. They need to build a positive
image which is receptive for effec-
tive change and they must concen-
trate on a more efficient use of re-
sources. As a group, the MSA needs
to define its limits and establish
some reasonable goals to accom-
plish the next term."
Michael Oduro
Business - Progressive Party
"In terms of the B-School, I
would like to see more flexibility
in terms of students' first year, such
as selecting our professors, having
more recent alumni visit the school
©n an informal basis so we can learn
about companies, and having more
parking spaces for students. Also,
,we should have the opportunity to
offer more electives and have more
professors teaching them."
Steve Stark
LSA - Conservative Coalition

"I was very impressed with;
what the Student Rights' Commis-
sion (SRC) did. The responsibility
was delegated to the SRC, it was
publicized everywhere, they had
student forums. The committee was
comprised of only three people.
They did as much as three people can
do. I'm disappointed in the student
reaction and upset that they're not
more interested in getting involved.
Instead of criticizing, students
should find avenues to do something
about it."
Dave Sisson
Eng. - Progressive Party
"What the SRC has done so far
hasn't been enough. We should be
doing more - dialogue with people
involved, protests, and pressure
from outside groups."
What role do you feel MSA
should play regarding the Union
Access Policy?
Jennifer Collins
Social Work - Independent I
"MSA should be fighting the;
Union Access Policy every step of1
the way. I think students and the,
public have a right to be in the
Union, anytime."
Tobias Zimmerman
LSA - Progressive Party 1
"There needs to be a Union pol-
icy of some sorts. The way that the
current one was implemented was
grossly negligent by the adminis-
tration. MSA's job is to ensure the
administration doesn't take advan-
tage of the student body and impose
their wishes on them arbitrarily."
There have been efforts re-i
cently to reform MSA by stream-I
lining five commissions into one
all-encompassing committee.I
What is your reaction to that
Corey Hill
"Consolidating all the commis-
sions into one commission would be
horrible because all the commis-
be sacrificd by consolidation."may
fr a vofe of thhe studdent boy. Al
MSAexit to look out for student
dents shoud e e to hole,
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Students' opinions were mixed
about the effectiveness of MSA, al-
though many tended to be pes-
simistic about the assembly's

"They're pretty ineffectual.
There's nothing concrete that
they've done," said Marc Minikes,
an LSA senior. "I'm going to make
an effort to vote because the admin-
istration is usurping too much
power and students don't seem to
have a voice in anything."
Some students are upset with
MSA due to personal experiences
they have had with the assembly.
"I just think it's just something
people do to put on their resumes.
Every year it's a battleground and it
just seems a little childish," said
LSA junior Laura Bodell. "I'm a
little biased. I was on the crew team
and we didn't get any money from
them. I've seen a lot of other groups
not get money too.".
Other students involved in orga-
nizations are upset with the actions
of MSA as well.
"Personally, I think MSA isn't
doing anything for the minorities on
nn r. io" . ; - vn un ....:.,

dum question. The Peace and Justice
Commission is at best redundant
and at worst it focuses on foreign
policy and issues and that's a waste
of representatives' time and the as-
sembly's resources. There are a lot
of student organizations that exist
already that deal with very sensitive
foreign policy issues and students
can decide for themselves whether
they want to join them. MSA funds
organizations of that sort already,
regardless of their political out-
Leilani Nishime
Rackham - Progressive Party
"I think that would be a big mis-
take. The commissions need to be
there. It's a way for students to have
some sort of power in the govern-
ment and the way the school's run."
What is your reaction to
MSA's budget allocation pro-
Brent House
"Perhaps the students should
have a say when so much of their fee

set the priorities for MSA and de-
termine themselves which issues
they feel are relevant. Personally, I
would vote against the Peace and
Justice Commission if I got to vote
on it as a student in a ballot referen-

longer. I was one of the people pri-
marily responsible for that. I
thought it was unbelievably fair
given the track record of the Ann
Arbor Tenants Union with their
misuse and abuse of MSA money. I
think a 50 percent cut was justified.
They got their board operating now.
If they're deemed to be more re-
sponsible then maybe they'll be
given more money."
Lyda Ness
LSA - Progressive Party
"It seems that there isn't much
communication between MSA and
what students want. There was an
Alcohol Awareness Week that was
allocated $3000 and had a meager at-
tendance. In terms of the AATU, we
don't go to this little U-M nation.
We are members of the Ann Arbor
community, as well as students, and
I think we have a responsibility to
that community."
John Vandenburg
Eng. - Independent
"I agree with suggestions that
room allocation could be improved
by making the application form ask
primarily objective questions: How
many students? What activities are
you planning? When the NEED Ser-
vice came to MSA, it was a lot of
personal animosity between both
sides. I would like to see MSA op-
erate without regard to personal-
Allen Wu
Rackham - Progressive Party
"That issue, in particular the
Student Legal Services, should be an
individual part of student organiza-
tion, and should not have to go
through yearly changes in the bud-
get of MSA. That should be a stu-
dent service provided by the Univer-
sity. The tenants union is a liitle
different. The tenants union has
done a lot for student rights on
housing issues and I think their bud-
get should be kept full and intact."

What is your reaction to the
current election?
Curtis Laitinen
Architecture - Independent
"We're still getting the same
partisan squabbling and arguing. It's
petty. It's the same of what we've
seen in the past. That hinders the 'ef-
fectiveness of MSA and compro-
mises are going to have to' be
reached. It might be an advantage if
more independents were to be
elected. Then you wouldn't have a
majority and there would have to-be
comprimises with people whose
views were more in the middle."
Jeffery Traurig
"I don't feel that many students,
especially first-year students, know
what MSA is, and do not realize the
important function that MSA plays
in everyday campus life. I would
have liked to have seen more issaes
brought forth such as 24-hour i-
braries, better student and adminis-
tration relations, and the necessity
for all groups to have a rightto
their own agenda."
All photos by
Doug Kanter

is given to groups
like AATU (Ann
Arbor Tennants'
Union) and Student
Legal Services. Stu-
dents are becoming
more concernedwith
what the MSA does.
I think most stu-
dents were im-
pressed with the
changes the current
assembly has tried
to make."
f Andrew Kan-
Business - CC
"MSA has been
mismanaged for so
long. I think that
we've done a 180 de-
gree so far. We've
made tremendous
progress and we're
going to make
progress. It's al-
ready better. Stu-
dents shouldn't be
concerned as to their
money going to
strange places any

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Union 8:30 am to 10:10 Pm.....9:00: am to.8 55 pm
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Law 10:45 am to 2:40 pm none ....
Dnatirst es ur e11:3>0 am tr 5 p o e::::::::..:::::"... ":
toentistry...............1:0a to :5 pmnone..........:.::::::::: '
f ..Couzens..... 4:15 pinto 5:55 pm nn
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M~~~ oerc ;~p...... 40.pm.......... .. to94".

Daily staff photographer Kristoffer Gillette should have received
credit for the football photo on yesterday's front page.
What's happening in Ann Arbor today


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Time and Relative Dimensions in
Ann Arbor, weekly mtg. 2439 Mason, 8
Greek Recycling, mass mtg. FIJI
House, 707 Oxford, 7:30.
Students Against Driving Drunk.
Union, Rm 2209 A&B, 7 p.m.
Housing Rights Coalition. MLB B137,
Public Relations Student Society of
America, student chapter. 2050 Frieze,
6 p.m.
Christian Science Organization.
League, ask at front desk for location,
"Adopt A School," volunteer organiza-
tion. Union, Wolverine Rm, 9:15.
"The Role and Challenges of Vehicle
Operations at Ford," Henry Nickol.
1200 SECS, 4-5:30.
Safewalk, night-time safety walking
service. Sun-Thur, 8 p.m.-1:20 a.m. and
Fri. and Sat. 8 p.m. - 11:30 p.m. Stop by
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walking service. Sun-Thur 8 p.m.-1:30
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Kaffeestunde, German coffee hour,
every Tuesday. MLB 3rd floor conf rm,
ECB Peer Writing Tutors. An-
gell/Mason Computing Center, 7-11.
Church Street, 7-9.
U-M Swim Club, Tuesday workout. IM
Pool, 6:30-8:30.
Women's Rugby, Tuesday practice.
Mitchell Field, 5:45-8 p.m.
"Workers of the World Unite in the
Second International," SPARK
Revolutionary History Series. MLB Rm
B122, 7-8.
Noche Tipica, Puerto Rican cuisine.
Trotter House, 8 p.m.
The Yawp literary magazine is accept-
ing applications in 7629 Haven.
Emerging Leaders Program Group
Leader applications available at
SODC, 2202 Union. Applications due
Nov. 22.
Career Planning and Placement.
Prudential Life Insurance Co.. emplover

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in the
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Advantages of predoctoral study at
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* Individualized study in interdisciplinary, interdepartmental environments in
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* Opportunity to work with any of over 275 research scientists on a broad range
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