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November 13, 1991 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-11-13

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Page 4-The Michigan.Daily- Wednesday, November 13,1991

~be£tb~ju aiI

. 420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109
Edited and Managed
by Students at the
University of Michigan

Editor in Chief
Opinion Editor


Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board.
All other cartoons, signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.

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MSA elections

Candidates should do more to inform their constituents

W hen students vote in the Michigan Student
Assembly (MSA) elections next week, most
will likely vote for the party whose flyers they've
seen the most. Little attention will be paid to who
the individual candidates actually are, and even
less attention will be paid to what they stand for.
The lack of informative debate and the lack of
visible campaigning on important issues doesn't
give students the opportunity to choose acandidate
based on solid platforms of real campus issues.
This scenario is not surprising to anyone who
has recognized the pattern of MSA politics over
the past several years. Those who follow the MSA
elections have come to expect the open disregard
for the constiuents displayed by the candidates.
For all of the political posturing the parties engage
in, and for all the empty claims made in party
flyers, there is seldom any enlightened dialogue
among the candidates.
The last two MSA elections have focused on a
choice between conservatives and, to quote a Con-
servative Coalition (CC) campaign flyer, "the same
old radicals." The only true campaigning has been
at the party level. Students are bombarded with
flyers around election time pitting one party against
another. But the candidates - the people we elect
-- hide behind the reputation of their party.

Where is the debate? Faced with an electorate
so apathethic that less than one fourth of the
students vote, it is especially important that all of
the candidates let students know where they stand
on critical issues facing the campus. This year's
batch of candidates has failed to do so.
And it is equally -important that students know
where the individual students stand. Simply voting
for a party bloc ignores individual differences
among the candidates, and prevents independent
candidates with original ideas from being elected.
How, then, should this situation be remedied?
The MSA election comiittee should schedule
debates for the candidates, and allow.student input
in the process. Names of candidates, rather than
party slogans should be included in election adver-
Using student apathy as an excuse not to properly
campaign on campus issues is faulty reasoning.
Why should students be interested in a race for
which the .candidates don't find interesting -or
important enough to-hold a debate?
There is plenty of room for reform in MSA. But
if the assembly is going to be a responsible .and
dependable student government,' the candidates
have the responsibility to make an attempt to let
students know who they are and what they think.

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Blood drive
Students should engage in blood battle with OSU

T he University blood drive, sponsored by Al-
pha Phi Omega Service Fraternity, pits the
Michigan community against Ohio State Univer-
sity (OSU). This blood drive is one of the most
successful events put on by a campus student
group. The drive, which runs annually, is an. in-
valuable service to the community. Students and
other community members coordinating the event
will dedicate eight hours a day over the two weeks
in addition to all the time it takes to prepare for the
But -it is important to note that the blood drive
functions as both a service to the donors as well as
the recipients. Donors receive valuable health in-
formation about their blood type and are tested for
diseases such as AIDS. At the same time, area
hospitals will benefit from the blood drive, receiv-
ing 25 percent of the blood collected from donors.
Alpha Phi Omega encourages students to give
blood on a regular basis. From November 11-22,
there will be blood drives at all the dorms on a
rotational basis. .
Blood is always in demand, and any contribu-
tion is helpful. College students are often targeted
as a good source of blood because they are by and
large healthy and young and therefore they harbor

fewer health risks than other potential donors when
giving blood.
One of the drive's greatest aims is to get donors
to continue giving blood on a regular basis -
something many people do not consider. It is
important that, in the face of the current AIDS
crisis, volunteers understand that they cannot get
the disease when donating blood if necessary pre-
cautions are taken.
Despite the fears of diseases spread by proce-
dures involving the exchange of blood, such cases
are extremely rare. Thus, donating blood is an
entirely safe practise.
Students who have yet to give blood are advised
to go to the drive and speak with a counselor about
any fears they may have.
While it is true that we live in a society which is
plagued by the risk of AIDS and other diseases,
giving blood is a necessary service that has rela-
tively few dangers.
Giving blood is something that takes very little
effort but makes a big difference. The organizers of
this year's Blood Battle and the members of Alpha
Phi Omega, in addition to everyone who takes time
to donate blood should be commended for their

Daily hypocrisy
To the Daily:
Thank God for Jon Chait. So
far as I can tell, he is the only
member of the'Daily staff who
has had the guts to say that the
editor-in-chief was wrong. Of
course that article got stuck in the
weekend section where fewer
people read it I am sure. His
article expressed my' opinion on
how hypocritical Andrew
Gottesman is better than anything
I could have written, so I will not
repeat what he said.
I am still incredibly disap-
pointed and ashamed at the
actions, or non-actions of
Gottesman. He refuses to admit
that by letting the Daily publish
the anti-Semitic advertisement
two weeks ago, he is condoning
such trash. Instead of standing up
for the Jewish people as might be
expected of someone who is
Jewish, he has only defended
himself. He should step down, but
because nobody on the Daily staff
wants to ruin Andrew's resume,
there is no internal pressure.
Because the Daily is not respon-
sible to its readers (free drop),
there is no external pressure.
Hillel and other Jewish groups
should refuse to advertise in the
-Daily. This is the only way
(besides these useless letters) to
express dissatisfaction. The issue
is not the business staff for they
have apologized for their actions.
The issue is that Gottesman has
said he would publish that ad
I have had members of the
Daily staff tell me that they wish
this would just go away and
people would forget about it. This
is what normally happens when
controversy hits the Daily, after a
week, everybody forgets and.no
harm done. Bradley Smith wants
people to forget the Holocaust, I
will not, and I will not forget the
Daily's repulsive acts of-the past
two weeks.
Let me finally say that the
Daily is not justified by the fact
that the Duke student paper
published the same ad. They are
equally wrong, and almost worse
in that they specifically decided to
run the ad.
I ask you again to live up to

your responsibility, stop hiding
behind weak arguments and admit
you were wrong. I will continue
to write letters to the editor
concerning this issue until
Gottesman is out (not that I.
expect him to have the integrity to
step down, soI hope elections are
Michael Schmeltzer
LSA Senior
Smith fools Daily
To the Daily
You carried a letter by
Bradley Smith (11/11/91). I
'wonder why he is the only one on
the page not-identified. Did you
know he was the author of the by-.
now infamous CODOH ad? He's
a clever man: he sounds reason-
able, cloaks himself in first
amendment language and argues
for conversation. As you may
know by now, I have been
outraged and vocal about my
objection to the Daily's publica-
tion of the ad and its shamefully
confused responses following the
I would be happy to discuss
this further with you or your staff,
but I really would like to know
why Smith wasn't identified,
particularly in light of responses I
know you have chosen NOT to
print of late.
Smith has used you quite
cleverly. I'm sorry the Daily
wasn't as clever.
Anita Norich
Not my poem
To the Daily:
What a treat to read John
Morgan's review of the.Third
Coast poetry reading (Monday,
Nov. 11) and find, precisely
quoted, line breaks and all, a
poem I never wrote. If John is
realy so desperate to be published
maybe you should tell him about
the Barbaric Yawp-Michigan's
literary magazine. I'd rather see
him publish a poem like "Mon-
tana" there under his own name
than in the Daily under mine.
Matt Rohrer .
RC senior

Print Top 25 poll
To the Daily:
- Please print the Associated
Press Top 25 poll every week.
Many students are interested in
what happens to the teams other
than those in Top 5. We like to
follow what happens to our
competition and in other confer-
ence as well.
Deena Maron
Sarah Yantn
LSA first-year students
To the Daily:
Well, it's about time. It's
about time people started to tell
the truth around here. So maybe
it's also about time that the
Thanksgiving Controversy get a'-
free and open debate. Frankly, I
am fed up with all those turkeys
whining at us every year. The
plain fact is: Nobody eats turkey
on Thanksgiving! Nobody!
Now I'm not saying turkeys
have it easy. No, turkeys struggle
like allnthe rest of us, sometimes
tragically so. But all that business
about thousands, even millions, --
being eaten - well, that's just so
much gobbledygook. #
The reality is - and my uncle
who is a serious scholar some- ,
where west of the Mississippi can
vouch for this - the reality is that
all these years we've been eating
pork. That's right, pork! Pork
that's been chopped up, pro-
cessed, and dressed up to look
like turkey. Not a real turkey - a
Mr. Pigg~y turkey.r.
So, that's the truth, scholars.
And from now on I hope that
readers of the Daily will be able
to spot and smell and know a pig
when they see one.
Denton Ford

Krista inach t

Germans ,demonstrate regret for
his past weekend marked two important anni-
versaries in Germany. It was the second anni-
versary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the 53rd
anniversary of Kristallnacht. The fall of the Berlin
Wall was a quintessential symbol of German
reunification. Kristallnacht was a quintessential
symbol of German anti-Semitism.
Kristallnacht, German for Crystal Night, was a
night in 1938 when Nazis and other Germans
rampaged Jewish neighborhoods. They brutally-
massacred and beat Jews, while destroying Jewish
businesses and synagogues. The night was named
"Crystal Night" because of the shattered glass
which covered the streets where Jewish storefronts
had been vandalized.
This weekend's dual anniversary was hauntingly
ironic since many people fear that Germany's
reunification may become an impetus to anti-
semitism. Fortunately however, the behavior of
the German people during the weekend allayed
many of these fears. German Neo-Nazis had
threatened to celebrate the anniversary of
Kristallnacht by attacking Jews and foreigners.
Very few such attacks occurred. Instead, 100,000
Germans, in 30 cities, turned out to protest violence
against foreigners, and to. mourn the victims of
This show of humility and penance by the
German people is a welcomed surprise. Germany

night of anti-Semitism.
has a long history of racism and xenophobia. Anti-
Semitism can be traced back to early German
philosophy and folklore,'including Kant, Wagner,
and the Grimm Brothers'.fairy tales. Kristallnacht,
and the Holocaust for that matter, were by no
means aberrations in German history.
Until recently, there have been few indications
that racist attitudes have changed in Germany. In
1976 astudy conducted attheUniversityofCologne
concluded that two thirds of all German people
held subtly anti-Semitic views, while the other one
third were blatant anti-Semites. Last January, a
poll in the New York Times indicated that Israel is
the country with which the greatest number of
Germans would like to cut all diplomatic ties.
More recently, the country has been plagued by a
series of attacks on immigrants by neo-Nazis.
Members of the Bundestrag, Germ any's parliament,
have responded to the attacks by trying to restrict
immigration, rather than dealing with the real
problem of xenophobia and racism.
In light of Germany's past record, the events of
the past weekend were refreshing. The only un-
fortunate note was that Chancellor Helmut Khol
did not seize the opportunity to speak out against
German anti-Semitism, as he has in the past.
Nevertheless, the world- can now be hopeful that
racism is on its way out, at least in some sectors of
German society.

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by Thomas Marcellus

. We applaud the courage of
The Michigan Daily in agreeing
to publish the "politically incor-
rect" advertisement by the
revisionist Committee for Open
Debate on the Holocaust. At the
same time, though, we were sorry
to see a number of false and
misleading statements in.your
editorial "Holocaust Revisionism"
It is not true, for example, that
revisionist historians "write off
evidence...as a Jewish con-
spiracy." If you can provide even
a single example of this, we
would be happy to see it. It is, in
fact, the defenders of the orthodox
Holocaust story who routinely
'ignore the copious evidence cited
by Revisionist historians such as

historian readily acknowledges
the catastrophe that befell
Europe's Jews during the mael-
strom of the Second World War.'
It is the extent and nature of that
catastrophe that is in dispute, as
even informed anti-Revisionists
The loaded phrase "to deny
the Holocaust" is more appropri-
ate in denouncing heretics than in
a sober and rational dispute about
perhaps the most emotionally
loaded chapter of history.
Moreover, the essentially propa-
gandistic nature of the term
"Holocaust" is indicated by the
fact that it was all but unknown
until the late 1970s, when a.major
media campaign impressed it on
the public.
Contrary to what some
individuals quoted uncritically in

migrate to Madagascar or some
other Jewish national state.".
Your editorial approvingly
quotes Elie Wiesel, who is on
record as a hate-monger. In his
book Legends of our Time, this
dedicated Zionist wrote: "Every
Jew, somewhere in his being,
should set apart a zone of hate -
healthy, virile hate - for what the,
German personifies and for what
persists in the German."
Incidentally, Wiesel's own
harrowing wartime experiences,
including his internment in
Auschwitz, cannot be reconciled
with a program or policy to
exterminate Europe's Jews. His
memoir, Night, actually serves to
discredit the generally accepted
Holocaust story.
As your editorial and accom-
panying Daily news articles make

Nuts and Bolts
MME age cEP. r



by Judd Winick
. - OMN

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