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October 29, 1991 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-10-29

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Page 2-The Michigan Daily- Tuesday, October 29, 1991

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Israeli officials protested to the
United States that they had been
taken by surprise by a decision to al-
low the Palestinians a full opening
speech in addition to the speech by
the Jordanian delegation's leader,
instead of sharing the time on
"This would connote as if they
were a separate national entity,"
Shoval said.
Ashrawi, asked whether she took
this as recognition that the
Palestinians are a separate entity,
she said: "Yes, I think so."
Prime Minister Yitzhak

Shamir's closest aide, Yossi Ben-
Aharon, said the Palestinians were
trying "to project the image of a na-
tion in the making."
Israel agreed to attend the con-
ference only if the Palestine
Liberation Organization were ex-
cluded, and the Palestinians partici-
pated in a joint delegation with
In Jerusalem, Shamir rebuffed an
appeal from the opposition Labor
Party for a freeze on settlements in
the West Bank and Gaza.
On Sunday, a PLO official,
Farouk Kaddoumi, said the talks
would not continue past the opening
days unless Israel stopped building
on the territories it seized in 1967.

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But Steve Serkaian, spokesperson
for Democratic House Speaker
Lewis Dodak (D-Montrose), said
Engler is sending mixed signals
about the program.
"On the one hand he calls him-
self the education governor, but he
won't support this program,"
Serkaian said. "They have not an-
swered whether any contracts will
reopen for next year and they have
downplayed the program's liabil-
Serkaian said one of the reasons
Engler is opposed to the program is
because it was created by former
Gov. Jim Blanchard.
"Engler has his own political
agenda, so obviously he is opposed
to this program since it was estab-
lished under Blanchard," he said.
"Engler should put people on the
board who support the program.
Right now all of them are against
Richard Kennedy, President of

Government Relations for the Uni-
versity, said no one is disputing the
validity of MET.
"No one is arguing that it is not
a good idea. The question is whether
there are sufficient funds collected
to make good on the current con-
tracts," Kennedy said.
Serkaian said the crucial issue is
whether tuition caps will be im-
plemented at universities.
Kennedy said it is inappropriate
for a financial program like MET be
dependent upon tuition increases.
"Tuition should be driven by
making the lowest costs possible at
the universities. It is wrong to tie
tuition to MET contracts,"
Kennedy said.
Truscott said the program's in-
tegrity is being damaged by Demo-
cratic state legislators.
"This is not a political issue, but
by the Democrats saying that the
Governor is trying to make it one
sheds light on their own political
agenda," he said. "It is a real

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He said, "I think it's regrettable
that we can't always get quorum
but there's not a lot the whole as-
sembly can do about it.
Representatives have to realize
they've made acommitment.
"But on the other side, the pri-
mary reason we're at school is to
learn. I don't know on the whole
how pressing some reps.' reasons
were for not attending the last two
weeks. We as representatives should
do our best to try and plan ahead."
Green echoed Kight's thoughts.
"In fairness to our representatives,
they are students as well. I suspect
that we will have quorum (today).
The vast majority of people on the
assembly right now are people who
usually show up," he said.
Rackham Rep. Amy Polk said
that the failure to meet quorum last
week may have helped to preserve
the original intent of a resolution
she sponsored to have the
Environmental Issues Commission
placed on the student ballot for

elections. The assembly was consid-
ering an amendment to eliminate the
Peace and Justice commission before
representatives realized they lackec
a quorum.
Unless a special meeting of the
Election Board is called, Polk's res-
olution must be passed by the as-
sembly today in order to receive
board approval in time to modify
MSA election ballots.
Because the assembly was unable
to pass anything last week, there
will not be enough time before elec-
tion deadlines to pass a proposal
mandating student approval of
MSA fee hikes.
Kight maintained that students
were ultimately responsible for se-
lecting committed representatives.
"Voters just have to be a little
more aware of the people they're
voting for," he said.
This term's assembly elections
are scheduled Nov. 19 and 20.
Candidate applications to run are
due today at 5 p.m. Candidates plan-
ning to run with a particular party
must be listed with the party by
5:30 p.m. today.

SEAR CH Cook added that all three candi-
dates have 15 to 20 years of experi-
Continued from page 1 ence in student services positions at
of the candidates. major institutions.
"Students seemed to be pretty The position has been held on an
unanimous that one of the candi- interim basis by Mary Ann Swain
dates was not as good as the other who is also associate vice president
two," she said. for Academic Affairs.
SHARPTON to wear as a symbol of opposition to
Continued from page 1 "Basically, we feel the
Sharpton and Stewart will each University shouldn't be spending
speak, after which audience members funds on him," Shanker added.
will have two hours to ask ques- Joseph Kohane, Director of the
tions. Hillel Foundation, also disagreed
Sharpton's controversial reputa- with UAC's decision to bring
tion stems from his involvement in Sharpton.
racially charged incidents such as "I think Sharpton has an edge of
the Tawana Brawley rape trial and sensationalism that pulls people
the recent violence between Blacks apart, rather than bringing them to-
and Hasidic Jews in Crown Heights, gether," Kohane said. "I would have
Brooklyn, as well as the Hawkins liked to have heard someone who is
case. less of a divisive personality, like
While supporters say he speaks Andrew Young or Jesse Jackson, or
for those who are the victims of Angela Davis, who gave a great
racism, his detractors call him a speech here recently.
demagogue who exploits racial ten- "These to me are Black leaders
sions for his own ends. that build bridges, not pull people
The national controversy over apart," he added.
Sharpton is reflected on campus. However, Bernstein defended the
LSA junior Mark Bernstein, chair of decision to bring Sharpton. He said
Viewpoint Lectures, said this is a the controversy surrounding
good thing. Sharpton was no reason not to invite
"Reverend Sharpton represents him to the University.
problems our society must deal "People complain that he is con-
with," Bernstein said. "He is a man troversial and radical just becaust
who stirs up emotions, whether for this is a man who wasn't educated a.
or against. When you're talking Cambridge, who doesn't wear a bo.
about Al Sharpton there is no mid- tie, who is right from the streets.
dle ground. What's wrong with bringing some-0
"But I think we can take all the one like that?" he asked.
energy and emotion from this event "I don't support a lot of the
- and there will be a lot - and things he says, but I support his
funnel them into a positive prod- right to speak on campus," he added.
uct," he added. Reaction among other students
However, not everyone shares to Sharpton's visit was also mixed.
Bernstein's view. LSA junior "Basically, I think a controver-
Wendy Shanker is part of a group sial speaker like Al Sharpton will
called Open Your Eyes which has spark a lot of debate on campus,
planned actions in opposition to which is good," LSA sophomore
Sharpton. Brandon Spurlock said. "Overall I
"We think he (Sharpton) takes have respect for the man because he
tragedy and makes it into propa- stands up for what he thinks is right
ganda to pit whites against Blacks, and I have respect for anyone who
Blacks against Blacks, Jews against stands up for what they think,
Blacks, et cetera ... He spreads whether I agree with it or not,"
hate," she said. LSA sophomore Andrew Dorf
Shanker said the members of disagreed. "He's an opportunist, ba-
Open Your Eyes plan to hand out sically. He pokes his nose into
sheets before the forum listing ac- things that aren't his business.
tions by Sharpton they disagree "The fact is, he's not a re-
with, as well as questions for audi- spectable leader. And I'm from
ence members to ask Sharpton and Brooklyn, so I know what goes on,"
black and white ribbons for people he added.
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An Open Forum on Important Issues.

" Presentations from both Reverend Al Sharpton
and Moses Stewart, the father of Yusuf Hlawkins.
" The honorable Bernard A. Friedman, US District
Judge, will moderate the speakers.
The above to be followed by questions and comments from the audience.
*lt is NOT a protest.
It Is NOT a march.
It is NOT a rally... Rather it is an evening of
discussion, a time to hear and be heard.
Don't sit home and wait for the news to happenl You too can be
a part of it by joining in the forum. This promises to be one of
the most significant happenings on campus we will all be
there watching as some of the most important issues of
America are hashed out.

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