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October 11, 1991 - Image 3

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-10-11

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Throne of Blood!
Another Japanese period film, this one is
Kuros a's adaptation of Maceth into 16th
century Japan. Admission FREE
(Akira Kurosawa, 1957)
Lorch 7:00
The classic of the French New Wave aboutan
ultra-cool French drifter (Jean-Paul Belmorido)
and his American girlfriend.
(Jean-Luc Godard, 1959)
MLB 4 7:00
* - - * - -
That Man From Rio
Jean-Paul Belmondo again, ina popular French
James Bondesque thriller.
(Philipede Broca, 1964)
MLB4 .8:40
See where the band got their name - by the
director of Faster, Pussycat, Ki! KW! and
Beyond the Valley of the Dods.
(Russ Meyer, 1965)
Aud A 80& 9:45
Sting makes his acting debut in this rock 'n oll
drama-inspired by the Who's album
(Franc Roddam, 1979)
MLB3 7:30
The Wail
Not as pretentious as you expect - andthe music
is good.
(Alan Parker, 1982)
MLB 3 9:45
* * * 'r .
Jungle Fever
Essential Spike viewing, and much better than Mo'
Better Blues.
(Spike Lee, 1991)
Mich Th. 700

eNmI Ib
SCto ber 11l- 7
The Miracle
Puzzling yet beautiful film featuring the work of
cinematographer god Phillippe Rousselot.
(Neil Jordan, 1991)
Mich Th. 9:40
The Cook, The Thief, His Wif, and Her Lover
Fascinating, repulsive film from one of the world's
.greatest directors.,
(Peter Greenaway, 1990)t
Aud A 700 & 9:15
The Dead Zone.
A Cronenberg double feature begins with this
adaptation of a Stephen King novel, starring the.
perennially weird Christopher Walken.
(David Cronenberg, 1983)
MLB 4 7:10
.* . . . . .
Dead Ringers
A profoundly unpleasant film featuring a great
dual performance by Jeremy Irons. Essential
viewing for all you twins out there...
(David Cronenberg, 1983)
MLB4 9:00
The most commercially successful venture by the
director of The Long Goot'e, Ac~abe 5 Mrs.
All, and other nmsterpieces. Yes, the movie came
(Robert Altman, 1970)
The Wl
YesI You can see Alan Parker's masterpiece at Miw
locatons this Saturday night! Or see ittwice in a
(Alan Parker, 1982)
MLB3 800
once make the essential step of recognizing that
the plot is fundamentally silly. By the director of
Athered Sates and Gair of the White Worm.
(Ken Russell, 1975)
MLB3 8:00

The Wo dofApu
Thethird part of Satyajit Ray's transcendent Apu
trilogy. And it's FREE!
(Satyajit Ray, 1959)
AudA 7:00
High Fidelity
A FREE film presentation in conjunction with the"
Guameri String Quartet's appearance on Tuesday.
The film is a documentary look behind-the-scenes
at the inner workings of a quartet
(Allan Miller, 1989)
MLB 3.3:00
3: ****
Dr. Sewes Nigh
Over an hour and a half of films by the late master.
Admission FREE.
Aud A 10:00
The Garden of the Finzl-Conlnl
Hillel'sT prof-fenrd"series - films chosen by
your favorite prof - begins with this haunting
film chosen by Ralph Williams. Oscar winner for
best foreign film:
(Vittorio DeSica, 1971)
. Hillel 8-30



Y7 gtih


Ot tt''A

1iv uorV.10

11 L-----

r +


Alb VJM nE11 4IrSOA4 V~VAflE
UOS W %IU 4 ,14SANE r'TLE,



Barton Fink (R)
John Turturro and John Goodman star in the latest
style-over-substancecomedy from the makers of
Rasing Arizona You could do a lot worse. (At Ann
Arbor 1 & 2, Sat/Sun/Tues:12:20, 2:40, 500,
7:25 9:45; all week; 5:00, 7:25,945).
Dead Again (R)
Support Ken Branagh one more time ...he may make'
Much Ado About Nothig with the proceeds. (At
Briarwood:10:00, 12:05, 2:15,4:30, 7:15, 930.
at Showcase: 12:05, 2:25,4:35, 725,9'40;
Deceived (PG- 3)
Goldie Hnm actually succeeds in shaking her
flighty Private Bergarnin image in this decent
thriller with John Heard. (At Showcase: 12:25,
2:45, 5:05, 7:40, 955, 12:15)
* 9 9 *9 **
Erest Scared Stupid (PG)
The brilliant string of films from Mr. Varney
BY 1 DD pp IC

. ' .

: .

C~prtfTZN btX TIS.
VisTA, BAqt
M .
continues when he accidentaiy releases a
treacherous trolnon Halloween. (At Showcase:.
12:20, 3, 5:15, 7:30, 9:30, 11:30)
The Fisher King (R)
Director Terry Gilliam (Brazil) presents a
commercial but nonetheless satisfying redemption
drama that packs some brilliant moments, as well
as fine performances from Robin Williams and Jeff
Bridges. (At Briarwood: 10, 1, 4, 7, 9:45,12:05,
at Showcase: 1:15, 4:15, 7:20,10-05,12:35)
Frankle and Johnny (R)
Michelle Pfeiffer and Al Pacino star as they
world's best looking waitress and cook in a
romantic comedy from Garry (Pretty Woman
Overboard) Marshall. (At Showcase:12:10, 230,
4:50, 7:15, 9:45, 12:10; at Briarwood:10, 12:15,
2:30, 4:45, 7:15, 9:50, 12)
* . . . * -
Freddy's Dead (R)
This film promises to be the last in the series.
With Mr. and Mrs. Tom Arnold. (At Showcase:
1:10, 5:25, 9:45,11:40; at Fox Village: 9:30)
My Mother's Castle (PG)
Boy do those French crank out sequels fasti The
PG follow-up to the G-rated My Father's Glory
promises tons more fun than the first. (At Ann
Arbor 1 & 2: SatSun/rues:. 12, 2:20, 4:45, 7,
920; all week: 5, 7:25, 9:45)
. . 9 * . .9
Necessary Roughness (PG-13)
Possibly the best football film since that First &
Ten series on HBO. Though there's a great
football bit in MA'8H, over in the campus cinema
section... (At Briarwood: 10, 12,05, 2:15, 4:30, 7,
9:15,11:30; at Showcase: 12:15, 2:40, 4:55, 7:30,
9:50, 12:00)
101 Dalmations (G)
Pure pleasure, and still probably your best bet.
One more time - CruellaDe Vi, Cruea De Vd...
(At Showcase: 12:30)
. . . . . .9
Paradise (PG-13)
Don Johnson and Melanie Griffith team up in a
sentimental drama that looks way better than
Chery 2000. (At Showcase: 12:35, 2:45, 5:00,
7:35, 10:00, 12:20)
Ricochet (R)
Affable John Lithgow (Harry and the'
Hendersons)is cast against type as a
L ecteresque killer challenged by one good cop,
Denze Washington. Yes, t does suck. (At Fox
Vilage: 5,7:15; at Showcase: 12:55, 305,5:20,
7:45, 955, 1205)
R - - . 9 -e
Robin Hood: Prdpce of Thieves (PG-13)

At Z BAK =Mr
offnlo! SE FALL-N
f ruAE:THE SE L!
10.00, 1.'0,00 70,9:0,1155
Sow~r4 WKly A A
Field over -one more smash week YouW waited
this long, why not wait to see it at the Michigan
Theater, October 20 at 6.30, (At B iarwood:
.Rocky Horror Picture Show
See Nhe Won campus instead... (At Barwood:
Fri & Sat 11:30)
Shattered (R)
Tom Berentger stars as an amnesiac in another one-
word-past-participially-titled mystery, this one
without Goldie Hawn. With Bob Hoskins and Greta
Scacchi along, it might have some merit.. (At
Showcase: 12, 2:20, 4:30, 7:25, 9:35, 11:50; at
Briarwood:10:15, 12:30, 2:45, 4:45, 7:30, 9:30,
. . . . - 9
Shout (PG-13)
John Travolta tries to climb out of has-been status
with this musical about the liberating power of
rock 'n' roll. By the first week's box office figures,
it doesn't look good for him. (At Fox Village:5, 7,
9:45; at Showcase: 3:30, 7:50)
Suburban Commando (PG-13)
Even wrestling writers admit Hulk Hogan can't act.
(At Fox Village: 5, 7:15, 9:30; at Showcase:12:45,
2:55, 5:10, 7:35, 925,;11:15)
.The Super (R)
Joe Pesci (Raging Bull, Easy Money, GoodFellas,
Home Alone) adds to his consistent body of work
with this Trading Places wanna-be about a
slumlord forced to live in his slum. (At Bnarwood:
10:15, 12.0, 2:45, 4:45, 7, 9, 11:30; at Showcase:
12:50, 2:50, 4:45, 7:45, 9:35, 11:45)
Terminator 2: Judgment Day (R)
'Say... that's a nice bike.' (At Showcase:2:05,
4:40, 7:20, 10:05, 12:35),
The Taking of Beverly Hills (R)
'The world's richest city is about to become the
victim of the ultimate hostile takeover, unless a
football star and a corrupt cop can put-a stop to
it: Yeahl Wiseguy Ken Wahl stars. (At Showcase:
12:40, 2:35, 425, 7:40, 9:40, 11:35, at Fox
Village: 5, 7, 9:45)

JoAnne Viviano examines the two Hill Street institutions - Hillel and the
Chabad House - which serve both Jews and non-Jews alike. See Page 4.
Katherine Metres demolishes popular stereotypes about Islam in this look at
Muslim students on campus. See Page 5.
The famous and infamous Michael "Preacher Mike" Caulk shares his thoughts,
experiences and beliefs with Weekend staffer Lisa Bean. See Page 6.
Jesse Walker provides a glimpse at the small but growing Pagan movement in
Ann Arbor and on campus. See Page 7.


Special Religion Issue
Special Issue Coordinator - Jesse Walker

Brad Bernatek interviews a student who is an atheist for anything but
arbitrary reasons. See Page &



A Message to the
Welcome to Weekend's special report on religion
ranges from campus preachers to practicing Witches.
comprehensive, this issue, we hope, will spotlight so
people deal with issues of spirituality.
A few words should be said about what this issuei
every faith represented on campus - space prohibits
the most common forms of religious expression - w
educate people, not tell them what they already knov
the most archaic practices at the University of Michig
religions (and one non-religion) featured here is a rea
although in some cases the strength of that force may
And now some comments about what this issue is.
It is an attempt to explore five currents of theolog
Judaism, evangelical Christianity, Paganism, and .ath
well-established or rapidly growing on campus, and t
our local culture. The articles on Islam and Paganisr
spending much of their space simply explaining a foi
alien to most Michigan students. Neither piece, how
topic's place on campus. The Judaism article takes a
rather than explaining.the Jewish faith, the article ex
institutions that provide services for Jews.
The articles on evangelical Christianity and atheis
focus of all, each one zeroing in on a campus figure v
(or non-faith) well. For evangelical Christianity, that
known, which is what one would expect of an evange
atheism, that figure is a typical student far from the i
surprising, since it is a philosophy that stresses indivi
mass mobilization.
We hope that this issue will spark both conversati
--The Sty

rr r
r y f :

k I;
//4 x. t

/i 1
PRY THE 13A7Hfk0Ol%
100{ AFTER 'ttbuI/
bW*RJA 1/'
-N ' WH?

TORN OVE.., ,/4
j. ff

"Nuts and Bolts," "Roger's Thesaurus" and "Tram to Nowhere" provide a secular
respite from the rest of this issue.
Jonathan Chait has up and run away. If you have any inkling of his
whereabouts, please drag him back here so that he can dash something off for
next week's issue. (It will be your loss as well as ours if you don't)
The Weekend List
If it's worth your time, it's probably in the List. Of course, it might not be.
Cover pioto by Doug Kanter.




Weekend Editor-Gil Renberg
Weekend Associate Editor-Jesse Walker
Editorial Assistant -Jonathan Chait
Staff-Lisa Bean, Scott Chupack, Andrew Levy, Craig Linne, Dan Poux, M@Pulliam, Antonio Roque
Special Sections Coordinator-Beth Halverson
Sales Manager-April Rassa
Assistant Sales Manager-Shannon Burke
Weekend is published by The Michigan Daily almost every Friday. Copyright 1991. All rights reserved unless you perform
three Hail Marys and an act of contrition (visiting Canossa wil do). Items for the Weekend List must be submitted at the
latest by the Friday before publication. List submissions and letters can be dropped off at the Daily or mailed to us at:
420 Maynard Street
ArmArbor,N 4894
(313) 764.055

Attention, Fiction V
Weekend is planning a special iss
student fiction. We are now accel
submissions. Stories should not e
attention span of the average Wi
reader; if you have trouble gaugi
for 8000-13000 characters.
Stories may be submitted at the I
Daily, second floor of the Student
Building, 420 Maynard, 48109. iA
responsible for returning manusc
Jesse or Gil at 764-0552 for furth4


The Arz
Friday: Joanne Brackeen All-Star Quartet, jazz
piano. Saturday: The RFD Boys, bluegrass.

October 11, 1991


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