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September 30, 1991 - Image 7

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-09-30

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, September 30, 1991 - Page 7
Hawn, Heard explore
*the Art of Deception

dir. Damian Harris
by Marie Jacobsen

H ow do you know when you have it all? Adrienne
aunders (Goldie Hawn) lives a storybook existence.
f 1cr charming, successful husband Jack (John Heard)
worships her. Her five year-old daughter Mary is cute,
bright and well-behaved. And her glamorous career in
the New York art scene is endlessly promising. It
seems almost too perfect to be true.
And, of course, it is. When Jack's Volvo explodes
and he is apparently killed, the fairy tale comes to a
sobering end. Grief-stricken, his wife struggles to glue
together the shards of her former life, only to discover
that none of the pieces fit together. As the confused
Xdrienne attempts to reconstruct her world, she finds
just how dangerous blind love can be as she uncovers a
sinister series of chilling charades.
Although Deceived's "it-could-have-been-me" sto-
ry line instantly hits home, it is Hawn's superb
performance that captures our attention and brings it
all to life. Completely discarding the ditzy, cute-and-
helpless demeanor that characterized Private
Benjamin, Overboard and Bird On A Wire, Hawn

evokes the talent she displayed in Cactus Flower which
won her an Academy Award in 1969. Her Adrienne is
intelligent, competent and engaging - a woman who
could easily be your sister, cousin or best friend. When
her life crumbles into a harrowing world of lies, infi-
delity, blackmail and murder, Hawn refuses to let
Adrienne become a victim of her appallingly terrible
After a good performance as nice-guy dad to
Macaulay Culkin in the mercurial home Alone, Heard
is unable to match Hawn's indomitable performance. .
Once his role moves beyond playing Hawn's loving,
dedicated spouse, he is buoyed only by clever lighting,
well-designed sets and heart-gripping entrances that
pepper the film. While easily overlooked in the initial
half of Deceived, this flaw later becomes all too ap-
parent - Boogey Man Jack seems like a fairly decent
guy who merely forgot to take his medication one
morning, not a psychopath out to kill his "bereaved"
Billed as a psychological thriller, Deceived 's
biggest hang-up is making that "psychological" part
really work. We never understand why Jack ravages his
career and family. His neurotic explanation that he wast
only doing what everybody expected of him simply
doesn't fit, and saying "Well, these things just hap-t
pen" doesn't quite do the job either. Although we do1

Will the real Jack Saunders please stand up? Goldie Hawn and John Heard star in the "gripping psychological
thriller" Deceived. John plays Jack, who isn't really Jack, or maybe he is, or maybe he's Kenneth Branagh.
dip below the surface to explore Adrienne's psyche, blind trust is a very scary thing indeed.
screenwriter Mary Agnes Donoghue fails to establish
the crucial reason for Jack's dementia. Nevertheless,
Deceived succeeds in its discomfiting assertion that DECEIVED is playing at Showcase.

%ontinued from page 5
easy. You have to have a lot of
fuckin' smarts and heart, brains and
soul to get there. And we have that,
or we pretend to.
AP: Favorite new bands?
CK: Oh, I like Sepultura. That drum
player's fucking insane. I don't
know, I don't know. I don't like
most of it. Most of it's too fucking,
*ou know, clones. It's all like
clones of my friends.... I don't
listen to a lot of it. I've been doing
it for a while, right, in a band, and

'Cause it took a lot to earn the kind
of freedom we so fucking blatantly
squander, and the rest of the world
is dying to get anywhere near. So, I
don't know, I think they all suck. I
hate other bands.
AP: What inspires you?
CK: Nothing. I'm not inspired.
AP: Why aren't you inspired?
CK: 'Cause I just don't believe in
things like inspiration. I think
that's a name people put on a partic-
ular combination of chemicals hap-
pening in their body. If I have a good
meal or, you know, if somebody's
playing with my dick or something,
then I'm inspired. But I think it's
all just chemical reactions. It's like,
why is the sky blue? Why do we
perceive blue as blue and why did we
name it that? Uh-oh, we're getting
far out here.
AP: How does Arizona fit in your
CK: Like a square hole in a round
AP: Do you still live there?
CK: Yeah.
AP: What about Erma Bombeck.
What do you think of her?
CK: She gives good head.
AP: Are you sick of your brother?
CK: Yes.
AP: Why?
CK: 'Cause he reminds me of
Derrick, who I'm also sick of. All
right, now we're getting into some
good shit here. He's a weasel, he's a
talentless little weasel, and I'm
tired of carrying both of those guys
on my coattails.
AP: What is your relationship with
them? Do you see them when you're
not touring?
CK: Master-owner.
AP: Is it anything like Chris and
Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes,
where Chris, as Curt, always does
the talking and is the face man, and
you, as Rich, are stuck in the
background, never allowed a

CK: Curt, nah. Curt writes all the
songs... generally, and, I don't
know, nah, I'm a vocal little guy or
whatever. We have a fine relation-
ship. I don't know what those guys'
AP: What do you think of the Black
CK: They're a pretty good imitation
of things that happened fifteen years
ago. I don't give a crap about them. I
hate other bands. I hate that kind of
shit, especially. I hate these fuckin'
soul things, like that. Uh, God, fuck
'em. U2, all these fucking posers,
people who are using Catholicism
just to make big bucks. I don't care. I
don't give a shit about the Black
Crowes. I've never heard 'em, I have
no idea. I don't give a crap. They
look like fuckin', you know, some
cheesy fake. They look like the skin

of another, some other good band.
They look like the skin of the
Allmans or Lynyrd Skynyrd or
whatever they're supposed to be.
It's all special and gussied up.
They're all gussied. Everybody's so

CK: No, I hate Seventies arena rock.
AP: ZZ Top is Seventies arena rock.
CK: I hate ZZ Top.
AP: Since when?
CK: I always have.
AP: Does Curt like them?

'I fucking hated going to high school with all
these other stupid morons who grew up to be
a bunch of bald Republican warmongering

up. That and the Grateful Dead
connection... We hate both of those
bands as much as we hate everything
AP: A lot of Deadheads like you.
What do you think about that?
CK: I hate them.
AP: Why?
AK: 'Cause I hate everything. No,
arena rock, I never really liked arena
rock, but I do think ZZ Top's a
pretty cool band, and I think the
Dead are pretty good, and Deadheads
or whatever. I mean, I think it's
whatever, it's fine. I don't give a
fuck what people do. Deadhead,
whatever, if somebody wants to
consider themselves a Deadhead
that's their business. If they want to
come to the show, that's fine, I
don't care. Seventies arena rock
See PUPPETS, Page 8-

nicely appointed.
AP: In your previous clips, it seems
like you like arena rock, Seventies
arena rock. Did you ever aspire to be
an arena rock band?

CK: No. We hate everything.
AP: Then how come stories for the
past ten years have said that (you
CK: People were making that shit

I.-r - -I

yOu see all these people trying to
make it. It's such an American thing,
and it has so much to do with money
and with being a fuckin' weasel that
I've been driven away from it. I
never got into it in the first place.
I mean, I got into the Meat
Puppets, not some shitty-ass rock
sand. And I fucking hated going to
'high school with all these other
stupid morons who grew up to be a
bunch of bald Republican warmon-
gering rednecks. I never liked rock
back then, and I still give a shit
about it. I still think it's a bunch of
fuckin' middle-class, spoiled, ego-
pigs having their way with some-
body else's fucking blood and guts.

By comparison, any sin you've
committed is garden variety.
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and minority reports). Sponsored by Cooperating Campus Min-
istries. Co-leaders: The Rev. Virginia Peacock, Episcopal Chap-
lain, Canterbury House; The Rev. John Rollefson, Lutheran Cam-
pus Pastor, Lord of Light Lutheran Church. All are welcome.

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