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September 27, 1991 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1991-09-27
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Start your dytebaf tway,

by Andrew Levy
I've heard the excuses many
times before.
"I need my beauty sleep," say
some. What? And get up at noon
instead of 12:30?" say others.
No matter what the rationaliza-
tion, everybody seems to have
some sort of excuse not to eat
But breakfast can be one of the-
most gratifying meals of the day. It
can warm you up on those cool
winter mornings. It can provide
that added lift you need to keep
you from dozing off in that oh-so-
exciting eight o'clock you have.
And it can often give you some-
thing to dip into your coffee.

And all of this can be just
seconds away.
Breakfast is great because it is
so versatile. It can be the quintes-
sential coffee-n-donut, or it can be
the pancakes, eggs, and bacon
production that you got at IHOP
as a young'in. Or it can be some-
thing in between.
The quickest and probably
cheapest option is to head out to
your local convenience store/
White Market/Blue Front type
place (or the residence hall snack
bar for those of you living on
campus) and do some shopping.
Pick up a quart of milk and a
package of donuts, pop tarts, or -
for the health conscious - some
sort of lowfat muffin, and you are
on your way. That simple trip to
the market will net you a week's
worth of breakfasts for less than $5
- and, more importantly, it takes
about two minutes to make.
For those who have, say, 10 or
15 minutes to whip up a quick
breakfast, and who want some-
thing hot, there is a solution for
you too - even if you live in a
residence hail.
My dad taught me how to
make a fried egg in the microwave
when I was eight years old. Of
course, it doesn't quite compare to
an old-fashioned, griddle-fried
egg, but it also takes a fraction of
the time, and is much easier to
clean up. Much easier.
Take a bowl and line it with
butter, or margarine, or something

that stops stickiness. Drop an egg
in the bowl, cover it with a paper
towel, and pop it into the micro-
wave for one minute, or until you
hear a series of pops. Whichever
comes first.
Toast an english muffin, drop
the egg onto it, salt and pepper to
taste, and you have a tasty sand-
wich. Elapsed time: about 5
You can also get things like
microwave pancakes, french toast,

lumberjack stack-o-flapjacks"
pancake special.
While we all love these meals,
it is infinitely less trouble (and
cheaper) to go to the diner than it
is to do this at home. You'll go
through the whole production, and
four or five hours, 40 milligrams of
cholesterol and about 30 dishes
later, you'll be through.
See this week's quick-n-easy
recipe for a 10-minute super

Andrew Levy * Daniel Poux

South University is only around
$4, and if you freeze them imme-
diately, will be fresh when you
defrost them.
Just defrost it in the microwave
(25 seconds on high for each side)
the night before, put on your
spread of choice, wrap it in foil
and toss it in the fridge. Then, on
your way out the door, drop it in
your backpack. Instant breakfast.
Bite-size breakfasts, such as
mini-muffins, trail mix, or fruits,
are worth a try as well. As Dan said
last week, bite-size items are
always easy to take on the go.
Finally, for the less adventur-
ous among us, there's always the
breakfast of champions: cold
From corn flakes to chocolate-
frosted sugar bombs, cereal and
milk is always the trusty friend.
But don't sell cereal short just
because it's familiar. Most cereals
(when drowned in skim milk) are
low in fat and sodium. And even if
you do opt for sugar bombs,
nobody's hung up on sugar
nowadays anyhow.
Breakfast is important because
it sets the tone for the day. If you
have a good breakfast, it rubs off
on the rest of the day. This is not
to say that a microwave fried egg
sandwich will make your Ameri-
can Culture lecture any more
bearable, but at least your stomach
won't be growling while you doze
Just remember this simple
lesson: You are what you eat, so if
you don't eat breakfast, you're

should not have shocked me.
But it did.
At home, I had been safe
hiding-behind piles of statistics
and theories. With them I could
explain the economic and social
traumas of a world thousands of
miles away. But suddenly that
world wasn't a thousand miles
away, it was banging on my car
window. All my theories couldn't
protect me from the eyes of
A special feature intended to
provide students the
opportunity to share
accounts of their travels
hungry children. And I realized
that there is no such thing as a
"safe" distance - that my life is
intimately intertwined with
theirs as long as we share the pain
and yearning for a better world.
I will never forget our visit to
Lake Guatavita. For hundreds of
years before the arrival of
Columbus, the Indians threw



gold figurines into the lake as a
sacrifice to the gods. Not
surprisingly, the lake inspired the
legend of El Dorado, or the cities
of gold, and fueled Spanish
hunger to conquer the continent.
There I met a little girl, who
was not more than seven years
old. She wore a tattered grammar
school uniform and clutched a
small woven bag to her chest.
Standing timidly by the cars
parked along the roadside, she
waited for their owners to return.
We didn't have much money
with us, but what we had we
gave to her. She smiled.
As we drove away down the
hill, she followed slowly behind
us. I was flooded with a desire to
stop the car and run back to her
- to pick her up and hold her and
tell her not to worry because
everything would be okay. It
wasn't until later I realized what
I wanted was for someone to tell
me the same things.
* * * * *
I can't believe it's been almost
three months since I left
Colombia. Now I'm back in
school and busy as ever with
classes and the daily tasks of life,
but the girl by the roadside still
haunts me. Even now, as I
wonder what she is doing, I
realize that her presence never left
Donna Woodwell is an LSA senior
and a Daily news editor.




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and waffles. These are basically
inexpensive - about $3 for a
week's supply, and take less than
a minute to make.
So I've gone through some
breakfast do's. Now, it's time for
some breakfast don'ts.
For instance, the grandiose
mongo breakfasts that I referred to
Yes, we know them well from
dinermenus. The "Saturn-Five-
egg" omelette. The "Hungry

Another don't is prepackaged
breakfasts. Things like "Great
Starts" breakfast sandwiches and
entrees are overpriced, not
particularly tasty, and never come
out right when you make them.
If you have a yearning for these
type breakfasts, save yourself
some money, time, and aggrava-
tion, and go to McDonald's. True
to the four college food groups, it's
faster, easier, cheaper, and better
Of course, there is always
breakfast on the run.
A prime choice is a bagel with
cream cheese or butter. A dozen
bagels at the Bagel Factory on




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2 eggs
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1 I
Follow package directions for cooking pancakes. Coat the inside of a
small microwave-safe bowl with butter or margarIne. Open one of the,
eggs into the bowl. Cover with paper towel and microwave on high for
* 45-60 seconds, or until you hear a pop. Repeat for second egg.
Wrap sausage Individually In paper towel. Cook In microwave on high for ,
I 35-40 seconds for each sausage. If you are making the bacon, wrap strips I
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"You are what you eat, so if you don't eat
breakfast, you're nothing"

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September 27, 1991


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