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October 23, 1990 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-10-23

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The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, October 23, 1990 - Page 5

Celebrate 'Daily Editorialist Appreciation Week'

W I thought that for this column I would,
as required by law, express concern about
the dangerous and volatile Persian Gulf
Situation. But seeing as we recently ob-
served several important holidays, includ-
ing Eating Disorder Awareness Week, it
would only be fair to discuss that also.
As you know, Iraq invaded Kuwait this
summer, displaying flagrant disregard for
international laws; its soldiers raping,
looting, and even, according to some re-
ports, taking the front seat of a car with-
out calling "shotgun." President Bush re-
sponded by deploying troops to Saudi
Arabia and forging an international block-
ade of Iraq.
Chait is an LSA first-year student.

Our strategy is to starve Iraq into sub-
mission, hopefully before the entire U.S.
military has been killed in helicopter
Recently, the Persian Gulf standoff has
taken some exciting new turns. President
Bush announced that Saddam Hussein
might be tried for crimes against human-
ity. Hopefully Hussein will hire a lawyer
and try to beat the charges, because then
we might see some interesting legal
commercials during the TV 50 late-night

Hi, I'm attorney Bob Pondscum. Did
you slip and fall recently? If so, you
probably were laughed at, and are a com-
plete dork. But if you have been accused
of invading a tiny, defenseless nation and
using poison gas to murder thousands of
innocent people, you could use the help
of an experienced attorney. Call my of-
fice for free legal consultation.
So, as you can see, the Persian Gulf
Situation is indeed dangerous and volatile.
But of even more immediate concern is
Eating Disorder Awareness Week, pro-
claimed on flyers posted right outside the
West Quad Cafeteria. If one were to list
ways by which a cafeteria could attract
students to eat there, posting "Eating Dis-

order Awareness Week" flyers right outside
the door would rank very low.
Unfortunately, I was unable to devote
my full energies to attending the various
Eating Disorder festivities because that
week we also celebrated Sexual Assault
Prevention Awareness Week and Pride,
Awareness, and Commitment Week. The
highlight wasBlue Jeans Day, where stu-
dents demonstrated support for the gay
community by wearing blue jens, the
only apparent alternative being to Freeze to
Based on the number of students wear-
ing blue jeans that day, student tolerance
of the gay community is extremely high. I
look for support to climb even higher next
year, on Shoe Day.

This situation is just one more reason
that I'm proud to be a student at the Uni-
versity of Michigan. Sure, we may have
Preacher Mike and Deane Baker and ugly
shanties which command us to "Free
Southern Africa NOW!" (O.K! I'll skip
my Bio lecture and go free Southern Africa
But by God, anybody can declare a hol-
iday if they want to. That's why I declare
this week to be Daily Editorialist Aprecia-
tion Week. If you feel that this column
deserves serious consideration for a
Pulitzer Prize, you can register your sup-
port by attending the next home football
game. I'll let you know how many votes I

Don't use jeans to
show gays support
To the Daily:
I'm appalled by the fact that
blue jeans were chosen as the sym-
bol of support for the Oct. 11 cam-
pus wide show of support for les-
bians and gays "Awareness: Sup-
port the basic rights of lesbians and
gay men" (editorial, 10/10/90).
The article says "we" should not
condemn those who don't wear
jeans as homophobic, because they
may not have known about blue
jeans day. What about the people
who unwittingly wear jeans not
knowing their symbolism for the
I wear jeans every day. If I
wouldn't have read the Daily, I
wouldn't have known about blue
jeans day. And just like any other
day, I would have put on my jeans
and left, not knowing that I was
showing support for something I
don't agree with.
The symbol should have been
something less common. Some-
thing everyone would have to con-
sciously choose to wear, not some-
thing done inadvertently. This
would eliminate anyone unknow-
ingly supporting or condemning a
cause they knew nothing about.
The second thing that angers me
is the liberal part of the student
body's hypocrisy. Ever since I
stepped foot on this campus I have
been told that I have to be open and
accepting to other peoples' opin-
ions, ideas, and beliefs.
Why is it that as soon as I ex-
press my opinion I'm branded as an
ignorant, narrow-minded homopho-

bic by the liberal students? Where
is their respect for my opinion? The
point is, it's not there, even though
they demand my respect for their
I don't believe in suppressing
gays and lesbians, contrary to what
the Daily says of all people who
choose not to wear blue jeans on
blue jeans day. But I also don't be-
lieve in what they do. And no mat-
ter what the Daily says, I am enti-
tled to my opinion.
Mark Pern
Engineering first-year student
Childish fan broke
MSU car window
To the Daily:
I would like to take this oppor-
tunity to congratulate the unknown
Michigan fan who single-handedly
upheld the honor of the University
of Michigan on Hill Street Saturday
night by punching out the window
of my daughter's car.
This bold, post-midnight assault
upon a Cutlass heavily armed with
a MSU Student Parking Pass must
certainly avenge the gross injustice
heaped upon so prestigious a Uni-
Just so you know that this brave
effort was worth the personal risk
you took, the MSU student you
targeted has been a U of M season
ticket holder for over ten years, and
rooted for both teams that after-
noon., Even= though your picture
may never hang in the University
of Michigan Hall of Fame, perhaps
it may one day adorn the Post Of-
fice Wall, where it properly be-
longs. Bruce J. Finsilver

Nuts & Bolts strip
was inappropriate
To the Daily:
Once again the Daily shows its
recklessness in producing a so-
called ethical paper. Judd Winick
chooses a totally inappropriate fo-
rum to discuss issues regarding an-
tisemitism. The paper did not use
sound judgement when it put his
"cartoon," Nuts & Bolts, along side
Calvin & Hobbes.
If the intent, aS it appears, is to
create strong reactions, you have
certainly achieved that.
Joe Miller
LSA senior
Editor's note: The opinions pre-
sented in signed editorials or car-
toons do not necessarily reflect the
opinions of the Daily.
Having disabilities
doesn't make a
student 'disabled'
To the Daily:
In the article titled "'U' encour-
ages disabled to buy notes"
(10/16/90), the Daily chose to use
the word "disabled" to describe all
students with disabilities.
Students with disabilities are not
in any way unable (or disabled) to
do the things they need. All that is
necessary for students with any type
of disability are certain modifica-
tions that enable them to complete
necessary tasks.
In 1989, Services for Students
with Disabilities officially changed
their name from Disabled Student

Services, to focus on the student
rather than the disability.
I am in no way criticizing the
authors of the article. This is a very
common misconception that I feel
is long overdue in being cleared up.
Emily Singer
CSA junior
Founder, The Learning
Disabilities Society
Arming cops can
help fight crime
To the Daily:
I am very bewildered about the
outcry of protest concerning a cam-

pus police force. This issue is ob-
viously another good idea bent all
out of shape by screaming liberals
on the campus who are aching to
make a political boxing match out
of every small controversy.
Why are people so keen on por-
traying the campus police as some
oppressive Stalinist regime? Those
people will be here to protect us,
not "keep us in line." Slogans such
as "Obey the rules and you won't
get shot" are unfounded and ridicu-
, .
It is obvious that this issue is a
carry-over frohm the still unsettled

gun-control debate. Maybe guns
don't stop rape, but officers on the
streets protecting ussand carrying
them certainly pose some factor of
I, for one, would feel quite a bit
safer knowing we have some extra
protection on our streets. Public
safety is quite overworked as it is.
People should wake up and real-
ize that not every action proposed
by the regents is an effort to op-
press the student body.
Howard Scully
LSA sophomore

1 i l1 R

No Guns!
No Cops!
No Code'
Students Rights/Activism Week!
October 23-26

October 23:

7:30 Graduate Student Organizing:

Past and Present

I .

KV r'

at Rackham-E. Conference Room. Representatives
from Temple Univ., UC Berkeley, U-M GEO

October 24:

6:00 Howard Zinn

Student Activism:

Challen ing


the Knowledge Factory at Rackham Lecture Hall
7:30 Student Power in the Nineties at Rackham-E.
Conference Room

October 25:

October 26:

1:00 Rally for Student Rights!

No Guns No Cops

No Cade.

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