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September 11, 1990 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-09-11

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Page 4-The Michigan Daily - Tuesday, September 11, 1990



420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

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Budget priorities?
Students shouldn't have paid for PSC delegation
THOUGH MUCH OF STUDENTS' TU- when most students are away from
ition money is squandered through campus, smacks of hypocricy.
bureaucratic mishaps or short-sighted Jennifer Van Valey, the MSA presi-
funding allocations, budget abuse by ;dent, criticized the University's Board
an elected student government is par- of Regents for using a similar tactic -
ticularly unfortunate. The Michigan approving a private police force while
Student Assembly and the Rackham students were on summer break. This
Student Government erred this summer shows that MSA, like the administra-
when they chose to fund a Palestine tion, is willing to do without the input
Solidarity Committee-sponsored trip to of students in making their decisions.
the Middle East. Student groups, including the PSC,
Though the cause which the PSC should receive student money to pursue
supports - self-determination for their interests through activities on
Palestinians - is laudable, students' campus. Allocating money to these
money can be better spent by furthering groups is among the responsibilities of
programs or events in the campus area. student governments; but in this case,
Allocating $2,000 ($1,000 from each both RSG and MSA acted against the
of the two student governments) to best interest of the students whom they
send two people, one of whom is not represent.
even a student, to the other side of the Students should pay attention to the
world will have little or no benefit to decision to fund a trip of two people to
students at large. Israel and the Occupied Territories. The
MSA's summer budget was proposed delegation was meant to
$10,000, so, the $1,000 allocation serve three goals:
constituted 10 percent of the assem- 1. Establish stronger ties with
bly's spending limit. One would think Birzeit University;
more pressing endeavors - perhaps 2. Meet with anti-occupation and
improving lighting on and off campus human rights activists;
or opposing the University police force 2. Return to campus and report to
- would have warranted the outlay. students.
For an assembly that is still battling Students should attend at least one
financial woes accumulated from past of the presentations by the delegates to
administrations, it is especially ironic hear what they have to say, and then
that money would be so easily doled judge for themselves how wisely their
out to programs which offer negligible money has been spent. For example,
benefits to students. there will be a presentation Thursday at
Even more shameful is the way in 8 pm at Rackham.
which the money was approved. Further, students who believe their
Though nearly 50 students serve on money has been misused by either
MSA, the vote in favor of funding the MSA or RSG should report their dis-
PSC trip was only 6-1. And though the satisfaction to their elected 'student
assembly doesn't dictate when funding representatives.
requests will be brought before it, Only by speaking out can budget
knowingly approving such a contro- abuse, both by students and
versial project during the summer, administrators be curtailed.
C h I e
Anniversary of coup reminds of U.S. actions
SEVENTEEN YEARS AGO THIS seventeen years ago than for the stark
week, a CIA-sponsored coup over- parallels one can draw between U.S.
threw Chilean President Salvador Al- policy in Chile and throughout Latin
lende's democratically-elected Socialist America up until this day. If one
government. Allende himself was mur- changes the names and faces, what
dered because he refused to vacate the happened in Chile in 1973 closely re-
Presidential Palace. During General sembles what the United States did in
Augusto Pinochet's ensuing military Guatemala in 1954, the Dominican Re-
dictatorship, thousands of teachers, public . in 1965, and Nicaragua
workers, priests and students who had throughout the 1980s. In all of these
supported the Alle~nde government countries and many more, the United
were rounded up, tortured, and killed. Statesflouted the self-determination for
The United States engineered this which it claimed to stand in the name of
coup with very specific objectives that the business interests it desired to pro-
had nothing to do with its proclaimed tect.
commitment to democracy, liberty and
self-determination. It supported the As long as it places such interests
coup for two reasons. First, because before the Latin American peoples
large U.S. corporations in Chile such those interests exploit, Washington is
as Kennecott, ITT, and Anaconda were condemned to repeat policies that cost
directly threatened by the Allende gov- millions of dollars, take thousands of
ernment's proposals to appropriate a lives, and flout numerous principles for
larger share of their profits for the ben- which this country claims to stand.
efit of the Chilean people. Secondly, Scenarios like Chile do not go away;
because the tremendous success of they simply rise again in a different
many of Allende's redistributive poli- place and form, for the very simple
cies served as an inspiration for pro- reason that people will always rebel

gressive movements throughout Latin against conditions and governments
America who had also experienced di- like those Washington all too fre-
rectly the unequal distribution, unfair quently supports. As Allende said in
prices, and exploitation accompanying his last radio message, broadcast while
U.S. multinationals and their rhetoric the coup was already in progress,
of "progress" and "development." "social processes cannot be stopped
But today's anniversary is signifi- with crime and force. History is ours
cant less for what actually happened and the people make it."





.:, tt

W J-



PSC delegates

answer critics

By David Levin and
Luis Vazquez
The two of us recently returned from a
delegation to the West Bank and Gaza
Strip which was funded by the Rackham
Student Government, the Michigan Stu-
dent Assembly, and the Palestine Solidar-
ity Committee.
The purpose of the delegation was
three-fold: 1) to meet with student, fac-
ulty, and administrative leaders at Birzeit
University and strengthen sister-University
ties previously established by MSA; 2) to
conduct meetings with Palestinian and Is-
raeli individuals and groups who are active
in the struggle against the Israeli occupa-
tion; and, 3) to educate the University
community on these subjects through pre-
sentations on campus, articles in campus
publications, and presentations in class-
rooms, dorms, and other available forums.
We are confident that we have already ful-
filled the first two objectives of the delega-
Birzeit University has been closed by
Israeli military order since January, 1988.
Our sister-University relationship was es-
tablished as an act of solidarity with stu-
dents who are denied their right to educa-
tion. We are proud that MSA and RSG
remain committed to fighting for academic
freedom and equal rights for Palestinian
students and academics. They understand
that a threat to academic freedom anywhere
is a threat to academic freedom every-
where, including the University of Michi-
David Levin is an LSA senior, a member
of the Daily Opinion staff, and a member
of the Palestine Solidarity Committee.
Luis Vazquez recently received his Mas-
ter's degree from the University and is a
former MSA representative.

Our critics do not share our enthusi-
asm, however. Their condemnations, in
addition to being quite dubious in content,
are extremely premature. We are surprised
that some of our critics have already seen
fitto prejudge the delegation as a waste of
money before we have had the opportunity
to complete our task by conducting educa-
tional presentations on campus.
Those who argue that large amounts of
student government funds have been ill-
spent seem to lack a sense of proportion.
It is not unusual for MSA or RSG to

they are just groping for any conceivable
criticism to levy in order to discredit the
delegation and its efforts to educate people
about the oppression of the Palestinian
MSA's allocation amounts to approx-
imately 1.5 cents per student per delegate
or .6 cents for each of our September
presentations. In comparison, students
who are U.S. taxpayers each send over $15
a year to Israel, an expenditure whose
benefit to members of the University
community is dubious at best.

We are surprised that some of our critics have
already seen fit to prejudge the delegation as a waste
of money before we have had the opportunity to
complete our task by conducting educational
presentations on campus.

spend more than $1,000 to bring a speaker
to campus for one presentation. The two
of us will be giving five presentations on
campus in September alone. It is through
the quality of these presentations, in addi-
tion to what we were able to accomplish
in our meetings at Birzeit, by which the
worthiness of MSA and RSG's expendi-
tures should be judged.
Israel's brutal response to the Pales-
tinian uprising has indisputably revealed
the oppressive nature of the occupation.
As a result, it has become increasingly dif-
ficult to publicly attack those who support
the Palestinian people. Opponents of equal
rights for the Palestinians are thus forced
to resort to disingenuous arguments to.
pursue their objectives.
Given this state of affairs, we must
question if our critics are really concerned
about the issues that they've raised or if

Additionally, in the course of each
minute that we spend debating the merits
of this allocation, the United States gov-
ernment sends over $7,500 to Israel to
help fund its occupation of Palestinian
land. From this perspective, the $2,000 in
student government funds is worth
approximately 16 seconds of our time.
If delegation critics are sincerely con-
cerned about wasted money than their en-
ergy is surely poorly directed. Before any
more of it is channeled into uniformed,
sweeping condemnations of the delegation
and the student organizations which funded
it, critics would be well served by attend-
ing one of our numerous presentations.
Our Thursday night presentation entitled
"Scenes from the Palestinian Uprising" at
Rackham at 8:00 p.m. represents such an

' '41

C ,

Iraq and Vietnam:

By Col. Charles D. Tackett

Let us go down memory lane from
1955, Dwight D. Eisenhower to 1990,
President George Bush. In 1955, General
and President Eisenhower decided, after
some international stress and internal pres-
sures, to send troops into Vietnam. Under
the same principles in 1990 our present
government did the same in Iraq. It is not
strange to me that in 1955 as well as 1990
the United Nations Article 52 was imple-
mented to legitimize the adventure.
Let me move you on to what article 52
of the UN does and does not do for the
American people. Article 52 does not
make us a soldier but as a police officer.
The forces going there should be volunteer
at least. It does not legalize us in our own
nation because it does not declare war.
When we declare a war here all the Veter-
ans rights and benefits known as the G.I.
Bill are automatically in place. Article 52.
of the UN does not put anything in place.
No G.I. Bill, and, as each problem occurs,
it has to be voted on by resolution of need
by Congress. To safeguard our now and
returning men and women, A Declaration
of War has to be put in place. At the onset
of a peace action or conflict, our War
Powers Act of the U.S. Constitution has
no amendments to protect the Veterans.
Our leadership from Eisenhower to
Bush has had around 35 years to take care
of these matters of state and I wonder why
they have not. I feel that they have had
enough exnerience to learn hv Vietnam.

that nation had materialistically. Article
52 versus the War Powers Act does not
take humane care of our returning soldiers.
There is actually no way to, even if the
soldiers needed it a law binding govern-
ment to make sure of rehabilitation back
to civilian life. I feel that it is O.K. to
serve your country only if your country
could treat you in a humane and just way.
Considering the 57,000 who died in Viet-
nam and the over 200,000 suicides later, I
feel that article 52 is not so humane after
all. Article 52 is a police action, not a war
intervention. If we as a nation had paid at-
tention to our own laws, such as our War
Powers Act instead of someone else's, that
would have a better humane end.
Let us take a look at our current eco-
nomic structure and how it ties into Iraq.
When Gramm-Rudman-Hollings said we
would be out of debt by 1991, they were
only blowing smoke. I guess these men
had to inflate their own importance. Their
deception created some of this monster
that has fallen upon us. Look at what we
owe catering to greedy special interest
government and corporate structure. I
would like to add capitalistic ways did this
national damage and not our democratic
ways under a democracy. I guess when a
depressed or recessed nation has money
problems war is the answer and our glut-
tonous greed is easily forgotten along with
the truth.
From 1955 to 1990, about 35 years,
we have had presidents, senators, and

some. All were represented and not the
chosen few rich, poor, nationalities,
knowns, and unknowns. They felt that one
did not have any more virtue, wisdom, in-
sight than another. I am deathly afraid that
our elder Thomas Jefferson's fear of mind
manipulation over each other has finally
I feel like him. "I also have sworn on
the alter of God." Eternal hostility against
every form of tyranny over the mind of
man. We do not need a war in Iraq. We
simply need to get together in harmony as
a united people. Also, instead of our arro-
gance and greedy ways, share this nation
for the humane interest of all. We badly
need to review the old to protect and secure
the new. Our generations ahead of us, if
there is a future, do not need the debt and
greed in which we will leave them. 1 love
and respect all my American friends and
neighbors. Why does everyone seem to
think that is so hard to do?

Daily 'irresponsible'
on substance abuse
To the Daily:
I was very disappointed with the degree
to which The Daily promoted drug and al-
cohol use in last week's New Student Edi-
In light of the fact that the abuise of
these substances claims thousands of lives
each year, some within our own commu-
nity. I felt the flipnant tone of the articles


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