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October 01, 1990 - Image 4

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-10-01

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Page 4 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, October 1, 1990
Utie M~idhigan Bfl aug
420 Maynard Street
Ann Arbor, Michigan 48109

T E criANwIN


Editor in Chief

Opinion Editor

Unsigned editorials represent a majority of the Daily's Editorial Board. All other cartoons,
signed articles, and letters do not necessarily represent the opinion of the Daily.
Doing too little
Proposal to cut funds to El Salvador isn't enough
THIS WEEK, THE SENATE APPRO- y Damas continues to point his accus-
priations Committee will vote on a pro- ing finger at army helicopters "sowing
posal that would cut in half the $82.5 terror" among an innocent population.
million U.S. military budget to El Sal- Last week, the respected indepen-
"vador. Citing massive human rights dent human rights monitor Americas
abuses and the Salvadoran govern- Watch, in one of its harshest condem-
ment's consistent failure to redress nations of the Salvadoran government
them, Senators Christopher Dodd and ever, confirmed the archbishop's as-
Patrick Leahy introduced their proposal sessment. Issuing a study of nine no-
hoping that it could somehow curb the torious examples of the Salvadoran
abuses of a government that has re- government's human rights abuses, it
,ceived more than $4.5 billion in U.S. stated flatly that "despite a decade of
;funds over the last 11 years. promises to bring to justice those re-
But it can't, because the Dodd-' sponsible for gross violations of hu-
Leahy bill barely begins to address the man rights in El Salvador, the impunity
problems it claims to solve. Even as of military officers and death squad
Salvadoran President Cristiani was members suspected of the killings re-
lobbying against any aid cut during a mains intact."
four-day visit to Washington last week The Senate debate about cutting aid
- while being praised for his sincerity represents less of a promising first step
by senators from across the political than a tempest in a teapot. Not only
spectrum - the Salvadoran air force does the Dodd-Leahy proposal leave
finished yet another month of horrific half of the government's military aid
human rights violations by bombing intact, but it also does nothing to slash
the community of Las Vueltas in El the hundreds of millions of so-called
Salvador's Chaletenango province. "non-lethal" aid which Washington
Several people were wounded; 16 gives El Salvador every year - even
houses were destroyed. though more than 74 percent of this
The Salvadoran military continues to supposed economic aid indirectly funds
justify such collective punishment, the government's war against its own
much as it has for the past decade: if People.
guerrilla sympathizers are hiding If the Bush Administration were se-
among the civilian population, you riously concerned about peace in El
must get rid of the civilians so that you Salvador, it would cut off of all aid to
can find them. Or, in their own some- the Cristiani regime until it engaged the
what more blunt analogy, you must FMLN - which continues to prove
drain the sea to catch the fish, both willing to talk and flexible in its
drai thesea o ctch he fsh.position - in genuine, substantial dia-
Nobody can accuse their "drainage logue. Instead, as FMLN commander
operations" of inefficiency. Over the Ana Guadalupe Martinez asserted after
past 11 years, the Salvadoran military the fifth round of failed negotiations, it
is responsible for more than 75,000 is clear that the govemment delegation
civilian deaths. But the sea is still full "isn't here to negotiate, its here to buy
and the guerrilla army - the "inthr ongtae t eet u
Farabundo Marti National Liberation time."
bMN )-s ntion'lytileato io'For as long as the Bush Administra-
Front (FMLN) -- is not only still at tion and Congress are more willing to
large, but also continues to enjoy the debate cosmetic changes in their Sal-
support of the majority of the Salvado- vadoran policy than pursuing substan-
ran people. tial change, 4hey too are buying time -
Meanwhile, the human rights abuses time with which to satisfy their grow-
mount, making it increasingly difficult ing chorus of critics that they are hu-
for a money-strapped Washington to manitarians and that they mean busi-
justify a policy that is clearly failing ness. But for now, the only business in
and, moreover, causing the Bush Ad- El Salvador is business as usual: more
ministration severe embarrassment. killings, more repression, more terror.
Though Cristiani, Bush the Pentagon, Unless Washington stops stalling
and the State Department blame the and confronts the increasingly horrific
FMLN for both El Salvador's civil war ramifications of its Salvadoran policy,
and the failing negotiations supposedly that precious remaining time in which it
designed to end it, El Salvador's might still influence El Salvador's fu-
courageous Archbishop Arturo Rivera ture appears to be running out.








'U' cops would be harmful to women*

By Dawn Paulinski
Women on this campus are afraid. We
are afraid because it is not safe to walk
home alone at night, and we are afraid be-
cause it is not safe to be home alone at
night. We are afraid because men feel free
to objectify and harass us both day and
night. And we are afraid because the ad-
ministration on this campus is not con-
Women on this campus had to stage a
sit-in in order to force the University to
create the Sexual Assault Prevention and
Awareness Center (SAPAC). The adminis-
tration has never initiated programs to im-
prove lighting on campus. These and the
emergency phones have only been put up
in response to student demands.
So now the University wants us to be-
Paulinski, a School of Education senior,
is a member of the Feminist Women's
Union and the Daily's Opinion staff

lieve that they are suddenly interested in
the safety of women. They claim that arm-
ing and deputizing campus security offi-
cers is going to help alleviate the harass-
ment and danger faced by women.
Conveniently they ignore the fact that
90 percent of all rapes occur in the home,
not on the street. Conveniently they ig-
nore the fact that University campus secu-

structively to women's. demands for
groups like SAPAC, the University will
respond by calling their security officers in
order to intimidate and arrest us. The secu-
rity officers are an unwanted threat and a
use of money that could be better spent on
improved bus service, lighting and educa-
In the past, the only way to force thO

The security officers are an unwanted threat and a
use of money that could be better spent on improved
bus service, lighting and education.

rity officers have repeatedly been accused
of sexist and racist harassment of students
and workers. Conveniently they ignore the
fact that women on this campus do not
feel these armed security officers will
make the campus a safer place.
These security officers will, in fact,
present a greater danger to women on
campus..Now, instead of responding con-

University administration to respond to
student demands has been direct action. We
need to convince the administration we
will not be ignored.
We can not allow them to play cA
women's real concerns to implement a
policy that further endangers women on
this campus. The first step is to make our
presence and outrage felt.

GOP tries to recruit Dave Barry as VIP

I --It





N' S


By DaveBarry
Those of us who care deeply about
America's future will be alarmed by the
continuing efforts of high-level Republi-
cans to recruit me as an influential national
The method they're using is direct mail.
As you may recall, several months ago I
reported that I had received a letter from
U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, inviting me to join the
Republican Senatorial Inner Circle, a pres-
tigious group open only to those Americans
who met the rigorous entrance requirement
of forking over $1,000. Sen. Dole's letter
said that for an additional $285, I could go to
Washington for a "closed door briefing"
with "key Washington officials," PLUS
attend a dinner-dance with President and
Mrs. Bush.
Needless to say, I was severely tempted,
because when high-level Republicans get
together, they definitely know how to "party
down" to their favorite "rap" tunes:
I'm from the G-0-P,
and I know how to DANCE,
Ido the bunny hop in my lime-green PANTS.
I know how to boogie, I know how to JIVE,
I got a statue of a jockey
at the end of my DRIVE.
Feelin' so good, momma, feelin' so right;
Think I might fold my S&L tonight.
Unfortunately, I was busy with various
other obligations, such as washing my dog,
and Inever got around to joining the Repub-
lican Senatorial Inner Circle.-So you can
imagine my surprise when, several weeks
later, I got a letter from ANOTHER Repub-
lican U.S. Senator, Don Nickles. (True
anecdote: President Reagan once referred to
Sen. Nickles as "Don RICKLES." This
caused much amusement because of course
Don Rickles is not a senator. He is our am-
bassador to Iraq.)
Sen. Nickles' letter invited me to join an
even MORE exclusive group called the
Presidential Roundtable, which is "made up
of men and women, just like yourself, who
have tremendous faith in the future of our
nation and years of experience to share with
our leaders."
This came as news to me, because almost
all my years of experience involve trying to

think up new booger jokes. It's hard to
picture our leaders wanting me to share this
with them.,Or even necessarily to shake
hands. But as Sen. Nickles says, "I wouldn't
extend this invitation to you if I did not feel
you were qualified to become a member."
What they are looking for, in the way of
qualifications, is five grand. But it sounds
like a heck of a deal. As Sen. Nickles ex-
plains: "... the Presidential Roundtable
operates much like a a private club - a club
whose members meet, talk and dine with
some of the most important people in the
world... Presidents, U.S. Senators, Cabinet
Officers, White House Officials, and some
of the most important people in America
today." Forexample, they'replanning a golf
outing with former President Gerald "Look
OUT." Ford,a possible appearance by for-
mer President Dick "Dick' Nixon, and (I
swear I'm not making this up) "an elegant
dinner at the Watergate Hotel."
Quite frankly, this sounds like more fun
than I would be able to stand without the aid
of prescription drugs. I was giving it some
senous thought when I got a letter from
ANOTHER Republican U.S. Senator, John
Heinz, urging me to act quickly on Sen.
Nickles' offer. "I hope you
are making plans to join us,"
he says.
By this point I was begin-
ning to wonder whether these
Senators had anything to do
in Washington aside from try
to get me to be in exclusive
clubs with them. I was half-
way expecting them to start
sending me sweepstakes-
style letters with pictures of
Ed McMahon telling me I
might have already won a
Valuable Prize, such as a five
function LCD wristwatch or
a working Stealth bomber.
"How desperate are
they?" I was asking myself.
"How low are they willing to
This is when I got the let-
ter from Vice President
Quayle. I am still not makinf
this up. "Dear Mr. Barry,'
the Vice President begins. "It
gives me great pleasure to

inform you that at the last meeting of the
membership committee of the Republica*
Senatorial Inner Circle, your name was
placed in nomination by Senator Connie
Mack and you were accepted for member-
The Vice President also states that
"Arnold Schwarzenegger, George Shultz,
Sam Walton, and other distinguished Ameri-
cans have already joined the Inner Circle."
Now I am really concerned. I am won-
Does this mean I owe them money?
Can high-level federal officials
FORCE me to be in their club?
Could I possibly be appointed to the
CABINET via direct mail?
If I don't respond to them, will I hear
from an even HIGHER-level official, in fact
the most powerful Republican on the planet?
Namely Arnold Schwarzenegger?
These are some of the questions I'm
pondering as I await their next letter. Mean-
while I've started reading the non-comics
sections of the newspaper so I'll be prepared
in case I wind up in charge of the foreigr
policy. Also I'm in the market for some
lime-green pants.

f OTuba MdagewcS.Ic


Law groups condemn racist flier

To the Daily:
We join in condemning the racist fliers

'Caption was offensive
To the Daily:
Your depiction of the refugees in JorO

elsewhere. May these words meant to di-
vide our community serve only to

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