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September 17, 1990 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-09-17

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, September 17, 1990 - Page 11



shares tales from

the front

On Sunday, the following letter
arrived to me at the Daily from
Federal Express. It is reprinted in
,, ts entirety. The author: George
j,-"5parky" Anderson, the manager of
the Detroit Tigers.
:Y Dear Mike,
I just had to sit down here and:
c-tell you about the experiences that-
} happened last night (Saturday).
h We played the Yankees as you +I
rriust all know. Let me tell you, I -
heard a good phrase the other day. I
'said, "The Yankees are in town this,
weekend." The reply came back,
"Yeah, the Yankees are in town, but
flD major league team is in town."
c I thought that was pretty good.
. C Them Yankees ain't too good no
.41nore. But what a name for a,
, tanager. Stump. Now, hell, the
y that team is playing, they could Anderson
ve a tree stump for a manager and
pot be no worse.
Hah! A little humor there for ya, Mike. Ya know, this guy don't even
have a fake leg or nuttin like that and they still call himselves Stump.
bon't no matter to me, but you'd a thought he could come up with
,smething else. Like ya know, I'm Sparly. Let's call him Peppy.
} . I like that.
;; Talk about peppy, them new kids I brought up are something. They're
s our future too. Let me tell ya about them. Ley's see Aldred and Cuyler and
then there's my love child, Travis Fryman. Is this kid something or what?
I told my wife on the phone the other day, if I ever have to get married
gain, I'd have a sex change and marry Travis. He's that good a kid.
My wife said she might take me up on the offer.
I guess I shouldn't shoot my old mouth off so much. But it's tough.
They always say I give too much high praise to the kids. Well, I hope that
isn't too high a praise for Travis.

. .

Mike Gill


Anyhow, I want to get to the story.
Like I said, myself, and Peppy - the new name for the Yanks manager
(remember, I mentioned it briefly earlier) and I are managing the game. Now
I lately have been taking advice from upstairs. Like Bo. He's the Tiger's
President this year if you don't know. I feel it's not a bad idea to kiss up to
the head honchos above you. (How do you think Travis got in so good with
Anyhow, I call up there some days and say, "Bo, two-two count, 1 out,
good speed at first. Should I hit and run?"
The answer always comes back, "Just run, damn it."
It's worked. Bo knows his baseball, you can bet that. He's not a big fan
of the hit and run though. He always just says run. I haven't told Peppy
that. It might give him a leg up on the competition.
The other day, one of our rookies, big college football fan, ran up to Bo.
He was dripping at the mouth. "Oh, Mr. Schembechler this." "Oh Mr.
Schembechler that." Bo smiled. Bo said, "What position do you play son."
Now I was about ready to puke hearing all these ramblings goin' on
about a guy who coaches only 12 games a year. And he don't even do that
no more. I do 162 plus exhibitions, playoffs, World Series.
So when Bo asked him where he played I was about ready to crack "Left
Huh! Bet you didn't hear that one before. Anyhow, he told Bo he was an
outfielder, which Bo kinda thinks is the equivalent of a secondary in
football. If the ball gets by the pitcher and infielders - or defensive line, as
Bo would say - the secondary or outfielders got to cover.
So he told him how he's really good doing the relays - you know like
throwing it to the shortstop who then fires it home to get an out? - and Bo
thinks he's talking some kind of double reverse.
Then he asks Bo if he wants to see his arm. Bo says, "What the hell son,
I've been in lockerrooms for all my life. I don't need to see no one's arm."

I had to chuckle. See, the kid meant he wanted Bo to see how well he
could throw. Bo thought the kid was getting intimate with him or
something like that.
The kid told Bo he could throw the ball pretty well too. "That's not
important son. Just be able to run."
So the next game after this brief episode that I've detailed for you, the
kid fields a ball off the wall. Instead of hitting the cutoff man, which I-4tZd
you - he's not bad at - he goes and runs it in.
Well, the old sparkster was fuming. Here's some little dude running the
bases faster than wax in an oven and this kids on his Sunday jog. He then
tackles him and tags him out at the play. Trams and Heath couldn't believe
He got him out though. I thought he was a cocky little SOB, so I
grabbed a hold of him and said, "Sonny, where'd you ever learn how to do
"Bo told me to do it," came the reply. Geez.
Then yesterday, we ain't doin too bad. Around nine o'clock we heard
some yelling way down on the field coming from Bo's box. Now, Mike I
can use my fair share of salty language, but this stuff was hot handed.
Practically after every pitch you'd hear, "What the hell kinda of a call is that
you no good *&A%$#@t"
Well I ignored it, but then it got even worse. The umpires warned me. I
told him I had no clue what was go on. Peppy came over and asked what
was happening too. I told him I had no clue.
Then that ball's hit out to my rookie in left. He gets ready to relay it,
and you hear "Run the damn ball." Well sure enough, he stops and runs it
all the way in. Can you believe it?
Now like I said, I'm all for kissing up. I do it to Bo. But last night, Bo
was out of control. I can't manage like that. He'd even yell "RUN" right out
loud when we had the steal sign on. Gave the Yanks a hint too.
I was mad. Now, I go up and get ready to turn in my resignation to him
because a manager must look like he's in charge to his players.
I said to Bo, "What were you doing up there?"
You know what his answer was?
"Watching the damned football game."
Yeah, sure.
Gotta go. Write Back.

- - - -- - - --_ _- - - - - - -

::Slow start costs kickers

,Jy Jeff Cameron and R.C. Heaton
f aily Sports Contributors

Did the women's soccer team stay out too late
watching their counterparts on the Wolverine football
team lose to Notre Dame Saturday night?
Coach Phil Joyaux said no, but the team's play in
the first half Sunday afternoon could have indicated
otherwise as they fell behind, 3-1, and eventually lost to
Penn State, 3-2.
The Wolverines appeared to be sleeping giants as
they awoke in the second half, and fired shot after shot
at the Penn State net. Alicia Stewart led the way as she
ipped three shots on goal in the last twenty minutes.
"We really, really should've beaten them,"
sophomore Molly Douma said. "We controlled play the
last twenty minutes."
Even though they dominated, Michigan could only
muster one goal in the second half. The score was set
up by a beautiful piss from Shannon Loper to Sandy
Najarian. Lisa Ashton notched the Wolverines only first
half tally.

Joyaux blamed a lack of discipline for the poor play
in the first half.
"Not enough discipline. Not enough thinking. Not
enough talking," he said. "When they work together,
they are capable of beating anyone. But we're not quite
there yet."
Joyaux, in his first season at the helm of the
Wolverines, claimed that the lack of discipline can be
traced directly to the fact that the team has had no
legitimate coaching the last two years.
"We're adjusting to a new style," said Loper, a
sophomore forward. "It's hard, but it's coming together
After opening their season with four straight wins,
the team has dropped their last two, including Friday's
loss to Minnesota. The team is still upbeat and
confident, as they look forward to the upcoming week.
The Wolverines travel to the University of Windsor
Wednesday afternoon and Schoolcraft College Thursday.

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$2,400. All training is conducted at Officer
Candidates School, Quantico, Va. There is no
training requirement during the school year.
Financial Aid.Youll he eligible to
receive $100 a month, nine months a year, for
up to three years.
Flying.Aviation candidates are eligible for
25 hours of free civilian flying lessons during
their senior year.

r. a

Continued from page 9
The victory was encouraging for
a Wildcat team looking to snatch the
Midwest Collegiate Field Hockey
Association title from the University
of Iowa, who bested Northwestern
by only one game last season.
Senich sees a bright outlook for a
team stacked with seven seniors.
"So far, we're building on each
game," she said. "We had a big
coaching change and we've responded
to it really well. But we definitely
have our goal set - to beat Iowa."
Other key figures for Northwest-
ern were senior midfielder Antoinette
Lucas and senior forward Sue Novak,
who each assisted the Senich goals.
Out of action for Michigan was
senior defender Mary Peters, who
broke a finger during the team's trip
to St. Louis last weekend.
'Continued from Page 9
end's competition.
"We had a turnout of around 70
students Saturday, which is a lot
more than the last three years,"
Change-Stroman said. "They're
looking great, too, really picking
things up quickly."
The club will take a break from
serious competition next week.
Saturday's 1:00 p.m. game at Palmer
Field will pit the current squad
against rugby Alumni, including
Michigan President James
Fielder hits
47th homer
DETROIT (AP)-Cecil Fielder
said he was in a slump and he said it
with a straight face.
It's hard to tell because he hit his
major league-leading 47th home run
- his fifth in 14 games - as the
Detroit Tigers beat the New York
Yankees 5-2 Sunday on a combined




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Tuesday, Sept. 18th,
International Center
603 E. Madison St.

3:30 p.m.
'The Washington International
Studies Council
214 Massachsetts Ave., NE, Suite 450
Washington, DC 20002
(202) 547-3275

Officer commissioning programs
are subject to change.
For up-to-date information
ask your Marine Officer Selection Officer.
Accepting applications for aviation, law and women officer programs now.
Call collect (313) 973-7070/7501.

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