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March 30, 1990 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-03-30
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The Weekend


First Run Film
Bad Influence
Rob Lowe plays the devil to James
Spader's Faust as Lowe shows
market analyst geek Spader the
seedier side of life. Lowe also
shows that he can work behind the
camera in bedroom sex home-
movies as well as in front of it. (At
Fox - 7:30, 9:45, 11:45)
Blue Steel
Jamie Lee Curtis is a rookie cop
who has the hots for a psycho who
thinks that love and death are the
same thing. Perhaps they shouldn't
go steady. (At Showcase - 2:40,
9:55, 12:05)
Born on the Fourth of July
As big a draw as Tom Cruise is for
some, he's as much a cinematic
plague for others. But his
performancevas paralyzed Vietnam
vet Ron Kovic is the highlight of
Oliver Stone's larger-than-life film.
If for nothing else, go to see him
scream the P-word. (At Showcase
-1:00, 4:00, 7:15, 10:00; Sat. &
Sun. at 2:15, 7:15, 10:00)
Driving Miss Daisy
Elderly Southern woman Jessica
Tandy and chauffeur Morgan
Freeman break down some social
barriers. Adapted from Alfred
Uhry's Pulitzer Prize-winning play,
performed in Ann Arbor last
semester. Strange casting award
goes to Dan Ackroyd as Miss
Daisy's son Boolie, who can't seem
to pick good films consistently to
save his life. (At Showcase -
12:05, 2:20, 4:25, 7:35, 9:40, 11:35)
Enemies, A Love Story
A tragi-comedy set in the years
immediately after World War II
about a man who is emotionally
involved with three women at the
same time: his second wife, his
mistress, and his first wife, who was
believed dead. Sounds like he's
tired! From the Isaac Bashevis-
Singer book, and critically
acclaimed everwhere. (At
Briarwood - 1215, 2:30, 4:45, 7:15,
9:35, 11:45)
Matthew Broderick, Morgan
Freeman, and Denzel Washington
star in this lauded film about the
54th Massachusetts Regiment, the
first Black battalion in the Civil
War. Directed by Edward Zwick, a
producer of thirtysomething. But
don't hold that against him. (At
Fox Village -12:00, 2:20, 4:40,
7:00, 930, 11:45)
Handmaid's Tale
Based on Margaret Atwood's novel,
the near future looks bleak as 99
percent of all women are infertile.
Women who are fertile are kept as
handmaidens for married couples
and this tells the story of one such
woman. With Robert Duvall, Fay
Duhaway, and Elizabeth
McGovern. (At Showcase - 12:10,
2:25, 4:45, 7:35, 9:45, 12:10)
Hard To Kill

Martial arts stud Steven Segal
chops and kicks his way through
the evil men who killed his family.
Don't expect much dialogue.
(Showcase - 2:55, 4:55, 9:25,
Henry V
Kenneth Branagh's adaptation of
Shakespeare is grittier than
Olivier's version but makes an
admirable transition from stage to
film. (At Ann Arbor 1 & 2; call for
House Party
Hip-hoppin' partying that was the
rage at the recent Sundance
Festival. With Kid'n'Play and Full
Force, this high energy comedy is
about one teenager's attempt to
dupe his parents and the police so
he can get to the hottest party of
the year. (At Showcase - 12:15,
2:40, 4:40, 7:45, 10:00, 12:15)
The Hunt for Red October
Sean Connery, a Soviet captain,
hijacks his own submarine and
heads for the U.S. with the whole
world in pursuit. Problem is, the
sub has a new stealth device which
makes it impossible to track (if the
film is like Tom Clancy's novel,
they could always use a bad-
dialogue-seeking device). (At
Briarwood - 11:00, 12:40, 1:40,
3:20, 4:15, 6:00, 7:15, 8:45, 9:55,
11:30; Showcase - 1:15, 4:00, 7:10,
9:30, 12:20)
Joe Versus the Volcano
Tom Hanks learns that he doesn't
have long to live so decides he may
as well jump into a volcano. Meg
Ryan has three different roles but
neither continues her tutorial on
how to fake sex. (At Briarwood -
12:00, 2:15, 4:30, 7:15, 9:30,
11:45; Showcase - 12:20, 2:30,
4:35, 7:25, 9:35, 11:50)
The Little Mermaid
Disney's best cartoon in over a
decade, this fun film is a must for
those with a little bit of the kid in
you. (At Showcase - Sat. &
Sun., 12:35, 5:00; Fox - 12:00,
2:00, 4:00)
Lord of the Flies
Based on William Golding's classic
novel, a group of young American
military cadets get stranded on an
island, so they run around naked,
put pig a pig's head on a stake, and
taunt the fat kid. (At Showcase -
12:50, 3:00, 5:10, 70, 9:40, 11:55;
Briarwood - 11:45, 2:00, 4:00, 7:00,
9:00, 11:30)
Love At Large
Tom Berenger and Elizabeth
Perkins are private detectives who
fall in love while investigating
Anne Archer's philandering
husband. A comedy about love and
something that is large. (At
Showcase - 12:05, 7:20; Briarwood
- 11:45, 2:00, 4:15, 7:30, 9:40)
My Left Foot
Daniel-Day Lewis plays a man
with cerebral palsy who expresses
his creativity and his character
through his left foot. Not the

downer movie you might think;
nominated for five Oscars. (At
Showcase - 12:40, 3:05, 5:15,
7:40,9:50, 11:45; Ann Arbor - call
for times)
Nuns on the Run
Not to be confused with Nuns With
the Runs, this more respectable
comedy stars Monty Python's Eric
Idle as one of two crooks who steal
milions from the mob and hid out
in a convent disguised as nuns. Do
you think it'll have a shower scene
and have them sharing a bed with
female nuns? (At Showcase -
12:45, 2:50, 5:10, 7:25, 9:35, 11:30;
Briarwood - 12:15, 2:30, 4:45, 7:00,
9:15, 11:30)
Opportunity Knocks
Dana Carvey (SNL's Church Lady)
is a con man who masquerades as
an Ivy League snob among the
snobs of Chicago. Isn't that special.
(At Fox Village - 12:00, 2:15, 4:15,
7:15, 9:45, 11:45; Showcase -
12:30, 2:45, 5:05, 7:30, 9:30, 11:35)
Pretty Woman
Romantic comedy where Richard
Gere is a powerful business mogul
who eats up companies for profit;
Julia Roberts is a Hollywood
hooker who eats up customers for
profit. He hires her for a week and
falls in love when she cries at the
opera; she falls in love with him
when he takes her shopping on
Rodeo Drive. Isn't love always like
that? (At Showcase - 12:00, 2:30,
4:45, 7:20, 9:45, 12:15; Ann Arbor
1&2 - call for times)
Rocky Horror Picture Show
If you're a man, wear only women's
lingerie and go see this show; if
you're a woman, wear only
women's lingerie and go see this
show. (At Briarwood - 11:45)
Teenage Mutant Ninia
You've read the comic book, you've
seen the cartoon, you've played the
video, you've bought the dolls,
you've used the condoms, now see
the movie. And Kowabungal it has
real actors. Pass the pizza, dude.
(At Showcase - 12:00, 12:30, 2:35,
4:30, 5:00, 7:15, 7:45, 9:20, 11:25;
Fox Village - 12:00, 2:15, 4:30,
7:00, 9:30, 11:45)
. Friday
(Woody Allen, 1973)
MLB3 7 & 10:30/DBL Med
Early Woody Allen Film has
Woody waking up in the year 2173
after having gone into the hospital
for a minor operation.Film has
some of the funniest slapstick of
' his career. Warning: don't waste
your time
after the film trying to find an
orgasmatron - unfortunately, they
don't exist.

Annie Hall
(Woody Allen, 1977)
MLB3 8:45/DBL Med
IOne of the greatest films of all
time. Tells the story of Woody and
Diane Keaton's neurotic
relationship using such devices as
cartoons, subtitles to show their
thoughts and frequent flashbacks.
Finishes with Woody telling us the
difinitive reason why we fall in
Rate It X
(Lucy Winer and Paula de
Koenigsberg, 1985)
A humorous yet disturbing
documentary which interviews
men across the country about
pornography, including the
filmmakers, pornshop owners, and
drooling, slobbering, greasy porrn-
film goers.
A History of the Blue Movie
(Alex De Renzy, 1970)
A compilation of stag films with
intelligent narration which I'm sure
you won't even notice. Does not
include the classic short by Rob
Lowe, but does include a porn
cartoon called "Buried Treasure."
Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck
Film Extravaganza
MLB3 6pm-2midnight Med $4
For all those students at a loss for a
response when asked "what's
uhose zany cartoon animals, with
guest appearances by the likes of
Elmer Fudd and Foghorn Leghorn.
How could you turn down the bar
for something as mature as this?
Die-hard fans, so they say (is there
a support group for that?) picked
these animated classics that include
"What's Opera, Doc?", "Ali Baba
Bunny," and "Duck Dodgers in the
24 1/2 Century."
(Jason Hwang, 1982)
Lorch 7pm UMASC free
This film takes a look at social
stereotypes of Asian Americans and
their personal experiences with
racism and cultural ambivalence,
affirming the notion that cultural
identity is a matter of personal
choice. Followed by Bittersweet
Survival, a film concerning the
problems facing Vietnamese
Pickles Make Me Cry
(Peter Chow, 1987)
Lorch 8pm UMASC free
Uncertain of Hong Kong's future
after 1997-when rule reverts back
to mainland China, two young men
travel to the U.S. to seek their
fortunes in the American Dream.
The different path each takes
offers insights into the situations of
Asians in America.
Last Year at Marienbad
(Alain Resnais, 1%1)
Aud A 7pm/DBL CG
A beautifully photographed story of
a man who finds himself at a
strange hotel with a beautiful
woman and tries to convince her
that they had an affair there the
year before. Filmed in
CinemaScope, this surrealistic and
mysterious film was an art-house
hit in its day. Hearkens back to
those cocktail parties where you

just can't place the guy with the
Fellini's Casanova
(Federico Fellini, 1977)
Aud A 9pm/DBL CG
Fellini's first movie in the English
language, starring Donald
Sutherland in a stylized portrait of
the Latin lover, tracing Casanova's
sexual history in elaborate detail
from his own extensive memoirs.
This opulent film was made
entirely on studio in Rome, and
won an Oscar for its costumes. The
New York Times called this film "a
mind-boggling, madly extravagant
spectacle... into the wildest reaches
of a genius filmmaker."
High Hopes
(Mike Leigh, 1989)
MLB4 7:30 & 9:30 AAFC
Centering on a young, laid-back
working class couple and his aged
mother and manic sister as shaky
survivers of the Thatcherian
welfare state, this universally
acclaimed social satire gives food
for thought as well as laughs in its
depiction of the confrontation
between our heroes and England's
new, vulgar social climbers and
yuppies. With all the four F's:
fresh, funpredictable, funny, and
Crimes and Misdemeanors
(Woody Allen, 1989)
Mich 7:45 MTF
Conspicuously excluded from most
of the Academy Award
nominations, perhaps because of its
East Coast affiliations, Allen's
latest films confronts issues no less
significant than religious devotion
and the ethics of morality. Martin
Landau turns in a brilliant
performance as Judah, the man
who commits murder and feels no
remorse, a la Crime and Punishment.
Charmingly self-reflexive with
excellent cinematography by Sven
Nykvist of Ingmar Bergman fame,
the latest of Allen's "serious" films
is both funny and intellectually
The XXII International
Tournee of Animation
Mich 5:00 & 9:45
18 shorts premiere in this fun filled
festival of animation, including the
Academy Award winning film
Gates of Heaven
(Errol Morris, 1978)
Hillel 8pm HSC/DBL
Have you ever wondered what
kind of-people use pettemetaries?
Silly question: animals use pet
cemetaries, noteople. At German
director Werner Herzog's challenge
(Nosferatu), Errol Morris directed
this journey into the bizarre realm
of Southern California culture (not
to be confused with Stephen
King's classic, Pet Sematary). A
hilarious meditation on the
American soul and the role that pet
animals play in ourloneliness, this
work revived documentary
filmmaking in the U.S. Take notes
at this one, because Fido could
kick that litter box at any moment.
The Thin Blue Line
(Errol Morris, 1988)
Hillel 9:45pm HSC/DBL
The most controversial docu-drama


1 8 years old and going strong

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A Place to Refresi
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Hours: Tues., Wed., Fri. 9-7
206 South Fifth Avenue, A
(next to the Ann Ar

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In search of Margaritaville
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