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March 19, 1990 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1990-03-19

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Page 2 - The Michigan Daily - Sports Monday - March 19, 1990
Michigan Sports
A compilation of Michigan sporting events and
information for the coming week.
Monday, March 19
No events scheduled
Tuesday, March 20
No events scheduled
Wednesday, Marchd21
Men's Tennis vs. Western Michigan, 2:00 p.m
Thursday, March 22
Wrestling in the NCAA Championships at College Park, Md.
Men's Swimming in the NCAA Championships at Indianapolis
Friday, March 23
Men's Swimming in the NCAA Championships at Indianapolis
Women's gymnastics in the Big Ten Championship at Varsity
Wrestling in the NCAA Championships at College Park, Md.
Women's Tennis at Rollins, 2:30 p.m
Saturday, March 24
Men's Swimming in the NCAA Championships at Indianapolis
Wrestling in the NCAA Championships at College Park, Md
Women's Gymnastics in the Big Ten Championship at Varsity
Women's Tennis at South Florida, 2:00 p.m
Women's Track at Washington University
Baseball at Ball State
Sunday, March 25
Baseball at Ball State
IM Fraternity Top 20
Here's a. look at total points
after the foul shooting event
Fraternity (Letters) Points Previous
1. Sigma Phi Epsilon (AE) 841.3 1
2. Delta Tau Delta (ATA) 832.6 2
3. Alpha Epsilon Pi (AEIl) 788.2 3
4. Alpha Delta Phi (A0A() 750.5 4
5. Evans Scholars 724.7 7
:6. Alpha Tau Omega (ATO) 721.5 5
7. Sigma Alpha Mu (EAM) 720 6
8. Sigma Nu (EN) 714.8 8
:9. Beta Theta Pi (BOI) 669.8 10
10. Phi Gamma Delta (DWA) 642.6 11
11. Delta Sigma Phi (A() 616.8 12
12. Zeta Beta Tau (ZBT) 593.7 9
13. Phi Delta Theta (FAO) 555.7 13
14. Phi Kappa Psi (IKP) 552.4 16
15. Chi Phi (X(D) 544 15
16. Kappa Sigma (Ks) 508.2 17
17. Sigma Alpha Epsilon (RAE) 506 14
18. Pi Kappa Phi (IK) 479.8 18
19. Triangle 434 19
20. Phi Kappa Tau (IKT) 418.5 20
Sports Monday
Senior E ditors

Steven Cohen
Eric Lemont
Night Editor
Matt Rennie
Assistant Night Editors
John Niyo
Al Lin
Photo Editor
Jose Juarez
Answer to Sports Monday Trivia
Philadelphia, 1980

Cq'&,4: 4'air & $CSa'6azzk, r 'e4ll

Atlanta Hawks assistant and former Michigan
standout talks of the art of coaching and the NBA

Cazzie Russell played basketball
for Michigan in 1964-66. During
that time, Russell led the Wol-
verines to three Big Ten cham-
pionships. He currently ranks
fourth on the Michigan career
scoring list. Today, he is an
assistant coach for the Atlanta
Hawks. Daily Sports Writer Matt
Rennie spoke with Russell recently
about his life in basketball.
Daily: Did you always know you
wanted to stay in basketball?
Russell: No, not particularly. I
really never thought I would coach.
It started in the CBA. People were
saying, "You should coach. You
work with people." My forte is
teaching. I enjoy teaching the game
because I understand what the game
is all about.
So I went to the CBA, and the
first year was successful in terms of
winning the championship and being
named Coach of the Year. That was
encouraging because I understood
what it takes to motivate players and
what players need to work on. If you
play the game in college, high
school and for 13 years in the pros
and then coach for six, you got to
have a pretty good knowledge of
what's going on. If you don't,
you've been asleep.
I never really set out to say my
goal is to get into the NBA as a
coach. But when I started coaching
in the CBA and began to work with
players, I felt that I could motivate
and give something back to the
game.The Lord has placed me in a
pretty good position here.
D: Do you have ambitions to be
a head coach in the NBA someday?
R: Well, I don't know how to
really answer that. I think as an
assistant, yes, you'd like to go to
the top. You've reached the pinnacle
of success, that is, when you get to
the NBA, you can't go any further
than that. We all like to think that
we become astute enough to warrant
going to the top, but it's not like
I'm biting my nails. If that happens,
if God willing, I'll get there.
D: When Bill Frieder left Mich-
igan last year to take the Arizona
State job, your name was mentioned
by the media as a candidate for the
job. Would you like to return to
Michigan someday?
R: Yeah, as a matter of fact, that
thought had crossed my mind and
then as I watched Fish win the
national championship, I said to
myself, "They got to keep this guy
because he's come in under a lot of
adversity and done a good job."
I don't know if Michigan would
extend itself that far, but maybe in
time we'll see. A lot of questions
come up, whether or not Michigan
would be willing to accept a Black
coach. I don't know, a lot of people
have tossed that at me. I have not
gone into details on that.
What are top universities looking
for? Are they looking for a guy who
can teach and motivate kids and
make young men, make more than
just basketball players? Or are they
looking for a guy who can just
recruit guys and bring them in? You
got to make up your mind what you
want to do.
One of the things that I heard was
that I couldn't recruit. What are you
talking about I can't recruit? I know

people in all areas of the United
States and ballplayers. The fact that I
played the game I'm sure, if the kids
don't remember, maybe their parent
might remember. I'm not saying
that's a prerequisite for getting a kid,
whether or not they remember me.
That's not my thing.
My thing is to sell my
institution to the ballplayer, that we
can give you a good, solid education
and plus, I can get you ready. I can
get you ready for the pros. If I can
use that to motivate a kid, that's
fine. What has to happen is that a
kid has to feel like he's going to be

the difference between recruiting a
player and recruiting a coach? Race
shouldn't come in. How about
abilities? How about whether or not
a guy can do the job? You're not
going to say that's why you picked
the guy, because he's white or
Black, at least I hope you're not.
You're going to base it on what the
guy's record is or what you think
potentially he can bring to your
D: Do you think to be a success-
ful coach you need to have played
the game?
R: I think you look at your great

areas. We feel very blessed that the
NBA is being run pretty good from
the top, and we don't have to worry
about those things.
D: Do you think the NBA's drug~
policy is effective?
R: I think it's to protect the
players. I think it's rookies wheire
they have random testing I think
it's only fair because drugs is the
enemy trying to kill these ball
players. That's all drugs will do.@
Drugs will destroy your body.
If you ask anybody who knows
anything about the word of God,
they'll tell you the same thinig.
Jesus tells you that in John 10:10,
that the enemy comes to kill, steal,
and destroy. People have got to
understand it's not God bringing
drugs and AIDS and all that stuff on
people. We've got to get out of that.*
That s not God. He said, "I'll come
that you might have life and have it
more abundantly." If He said that,
why would He turn around and bring
sickness and disease? That doesn't
make any sense.
Your body is holy temple. It's
something that God has given you
and the devil is just trying to get
you to destroy it. Anything that
takes control of you is bad.'People,
think they can take drugs and get off
of it- no, no, my friend.
Random testing is good. I think
you have to do that in order to save
the sport because you got to put
some fear in these guys. Something
has to be done. Guys say, "Why do
'What are top
universities looking
for? Are they looking
for a guy who can
teaCh and motivate
kids and make young
men, make more than
just basketball
players? Or are they
looking for a guy who
can just recruit guys
and bring them in?
You got to make up *,
your mind what you a h i
want to do'at.
- Cazzie Russell
you invade my privacy?" No, you
lost your privacy when you started
missing practices and missing
planes. We can't have that. They got
to make sure they stay tough on it.
D: What does the future hold for:
Cazzie Russell?
R: I'm going to put that trust in
the Lord, wherever He places me
because the Lord says He will give

you the desire of your heart. I do thet
chapel here and I teach a Bible study,,
so if I sound like I love the Lord; -
do. It's not a feeling of just sitting
here worrying because I don't have.
to do that.
Now if I decide to maybe be ai
NBA coach or maybe go to college.-
I don't really know whether I want
to pursue the professional or go oE
college, but I know I like boll
positions. I enjoy teaching them
game. We'll just wait on the Lora,
and see where He places me.

a good player. So you go and get
kids that you think can play in your
program. That's how you handle
Listen, there's no mystery out
there what you have to do to win in
college. I've been around long
enough to know that I know the
game. I know what to teach. If your
inside game is tough, people are
going to play a zone. Now you go
get yourself some outside shooters.
It's a chess game, that's what
coaching is. You always want to
stay one move ahead of everybody.
Plus, you want to know what your
team can do, its strengths and its
weaknesses. Then, you try to work
on the weaknesses and eliminate
them. You work on your strong
points, and you have a game plan
and an alternate.
D: You mentioned race as a
factor when it came to getting the
Michigan job. Do you think that's
an obstacle for Black coaches in
today's game?
R: I would hope not, but I'm
sure a lot of people are small-minded
enough to think about that. What's

coaches, like Johnny Wooden, he
played. That gives you an inside on
how to handle players, how to
motivate. You got to find out what
makes players click. You go to baby
some players. You have to do what
ever you can do to keep the spirit
good, to keep the guys with a
winning attitude. Make the game
fun. Enjoy the game, but yet work
D: What do you think of some of
the current Michigan players'
chances in the pros?
R: I can't venture to say. I've
seen them a couple of time on the
tube, but not enough to say,
"Vaught is going to go because of
this or Rumeal because he does
this." I would have to scout them
four or five times in order to be fair
in my assessment.
D: Why hasn't the NBA suffered
from the same problems that
currently afflict major league
R: I think basketball has learned
from other professional sports as to
what it can do. Both sides have
learned to give and take in certain


Women gymnasts lose balance on
beam, finish third at Michigan State
by Sarah Osburn
Daily Sports Writer Central Michigan was second at meet. "We're scoring almost 182


After her team's loss to MSU and
CMU, one could easily get the
impression that Michigan's wo-
men's gymnastics coach Beverly Fry
was not happy.
"We gave the meet away, we
absolutely gave it away on the
balance beam," said Fry after the
team's third place finish at the
Michigan State invitational on
For the second meet in a row the
balance beam was the gymnasts'

183.3 and Michigan was third with
Michigan defeated Central earlier
this season by over two points. The
difference for Michigan in the first
meet was a strong exhibition on the
balance beam.
The Wolverines started out the
meet solidly with a "six for six"
performance on the vault. All six of
the vaulters pulled scores of 9.0 or
better for a total of 46.2.
The unevenbanrs also went

points counting 5 beam falls." She
plans on trying several different
training techniques to help conquer
the teams balance beam problems.
"We are having an intersquad
meet on Wednesday, we have a real
judge come in and score the girls so
it will be like a real meet,"explained
Fry. "We are also just going to do
more numbers, (multiple beam
routines in practice)."

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