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October 23, 1989 - Image 5

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The Michigan Daily, 1989-10-23

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The Michigan Daily - Monday, October 23, 1989 - Page 5

Many college students find escape in comic books

by Roberto Sanchez
It's three o' clock in the morning.
You have a paper due tomorrow and
haven't started it yet. What do you do?
Panic? Pound your head on the desk? Nope.
Simply open up a comic book and say,
"This looks like a job for Superman!"
Perhaps escapism is the reason for the
popularity of comic books on today's col-
lege campuses. Comic book devotees might
pick up the latest copy of Spiderman and
imagine they are moody superheroes who
can climb into professors' offices and turn in
{ late papers without being noticed. Or per-
haps they can pretend to be the Swamp
Thing and get lost in time, avoiding the need
'to write the damned thing in the first place.
Whatever the reason, comic books boil
down to big business. Readership is esti-
imated at 100 million in the U.S alone. DC
Comics' "Superman" was selling about
200,000 copies monthly in 1988, and Mar-

vel's "The Uncanny X-Men" close to
What is it about comic books that makes
them so popular? "People read comics for
the same reason they watch TV," said David
Blanchard, an employee at Dave's Comics in
Ann Arbor. "They're entertaining."
Others, like Rackham graduate student
Gary Kibble, are lured by the appeal of
"wish fulfillment... heroes do things that
people wish that they could do."
What turns a person into a comic reader?
After all, there are plenty of cheaper forms of
entertainment. Affiong Udowolf, a Markley
Food Service supervisor, said she started
reading comics in high school as a way of
"getting away from the books." Twelve
years later, she still reads comics, although
she is not a collector. "I just read them and
dump them," she said.
Others, like first-year engineering student
Tim Sonacki, got started through friends

who read comics. "They showed me the de-
gree of effort that people put into them," he
The comic rose to popularity in the U.S.
around 1890, as a result of a newspaper war
between the New York Journal and the New
York World. To increase circulation, the two
papers began printing colorful strips in their
Sunday editions. These soon became very
popular, prompting the release of comic
strips in other newspapers.
The stnd-alone comic book appeared as
early as 1911, but did not become big busi-
ness until the Great Depression, around
1930. Since then, it has become a part of
American pop culture. The superhero comic
has taken a special place in myth making,
evidenced by the widespread fascination with
characters like Superman, Batman, Wonder
Woman, and Spiderman.
While the comic book has long been a
popular form of entertainment, its popularity

has seen a large increase in this decade. The
books have also grown more sophisticated.
The readership has grown up in recent
years. Once aimed at a young kids, the
comic book now reaches readers who average
20 years old. Many of these comic followers
are college students, who have more money
to spend than the traditional audience.
Today's comic book deals with more ma-
ture themes, and is more intellectual than its
predecessor. Comics like Art Spiegelman's
Maus, which narrates the struggle of Jews in
Nazi-occupied Poland, deal with real world
issues that had never before been tackled in
the comic genre.
Others include Heartbreak Soup, by the
Hernandez brothers, which describes the tor-
mented lives of the people of a small town
in Mexico, and Alan Moore's V For Ven-

The characters, too, have evolved. Super-
heroes now show more depth than in the
past. Frank Miller's Batman of today is no
longer a silly vigilante in grey tights, but a
tragic character struggling with a disturbed
psyche in a corrupt world. John Byrne's re-
make of Superman modified the story to fit
the demands of the 1980's, transforming
Clark Kent from a nerdy, shy underachiever
into a suave competitive reporter, and mak-
ing Lois Lane into a successful and self-
willed journalist.
Use and Read
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detta, which
in the '90s.

looks at life in a fascist Britain

of The University of Michigan
The k Calenda binu moesn, kactur, wo*.o and cosferena awsowemvnaa
witAohev.ntshV"Rei meach wek on cw enps ssbaed mo 1b. Uwuitybd
Calendarand open toaUUvnbsarsy-aredaadrsmnisiameognied
by dae Mihigan Student Assemby. ems mt be manited in writig by S pm Ahe,
Tusday before pmi Aicion. M direu all igraato. to Anne Beeky, Pubications
AsisanrUnivmity Rae d, 412MaynadStee. Anaseris(')de uno utse
*A" adYU58OR is c rei
Canterbury House-Lesbian-gay men's community open house, 8:45 pm, 218
N Division, 665-0606.
Shorin-ryu Karate-do Club-Karate (beginners welcome), 7:30-8:30 pm,
CCRB Small Gym, 747-6825.
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 7-8:30 pm, 2275 CCRB, 677-
Stf Benefits-Annual Health Insurance Open Enrollment, 9 am-5 pm, Rackham
Main Lobby, 763-1214.
Arch & Urban Plan-Lecture, "Architecture, Planning and the Political
Process," H B Gantt, 8 pm, Chrysler Aud, 764-1300.
*Matthaei Bot Gdns-Courses beg, Botanical Pressing, E E Weatherbee, 1:15-
3:15 pm; Terrarium Plantings, C Baillie, 7:30-9 pm; Bot Gdns, 998-7061.
Career Plan & Place-Prelaw Day, 11 am-4 pm, Mich Union Ballroom;
Researching Organizations and Employers, 4:10-5:30 pm, CP&P Rm 1; 764-
*Comput Ctr-Classes: Intro to Comput, 1-3 pm, 611 Church St; Word Print
Merge (IBM PC and Compatibles), 10 am-noon, 3001 SEB; Reg req 763-3700.
Extension & Cont Educ/U-M Flint-Wkshp cont, "Improving Your Oral
Presentation," A Storey, 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Univ Ctr Mich Rms, 762-3200.
*HRD-Wkshps: Writing for Business, 1:30-4:30 pm; Preparing for Retirement
(faculty), 6-9 pm; 1111 Kipke Dr Reg req 764-7410.
*ICLE-Course, "1989 Drunk Driving Defense Update," 1-5 pm, 1020 Greene St
Reg req 764-0533$% Math-Lecture begs, "Mathematical Fluid Dynamics:
The Interaction of Nonlinear Analysis and Modem Applied Mathematics," A
Majda, 4:10 pm, Angell Hall Aud C, 764-0335.
Ctr Near East & N Afr Stds-Brown-bag lec, "Black Athena: Greek Origins
in the Ancient Near East," P Machinist, noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 764-
Phi Delta Kappa-Lecture, "Futurism In Education," D Holister, 7-8 pm, Mich
Romance Lang-Lecture, "The Revolutionary Louvre Museum," A McClellan, 8
pm, MLB Lec Rm 2, 764-5344.
Tech & Soc-Seminar, Technology and the Environment," W Kuhn, 3:30-5 pm,
1005 Dow, 936-2920
Chem-Inorganic seminars beg, "Geometric Control of the Electronic Structure of
High Tc Superconductors," J K Burdett, 2 pm; "Clues to the Mechanism of
High To Superconductivity in the Copper Oxides," J B Goodenough, 3 pm; "S-
Channel Theory of Superconductivity," T D Lee, 4:15 pm; Rm 1640.
Engr-Seminar, "Technology and the Environment," J Burchfield, 3:30 pm, 1005
HH Dow Bldg, 936-3383.
Tau Beta P-free tutoring in all lower level math, sci, engr courses, 8-10 pm,
UGLi Rm 307.
Sex Assault Awareness Wk-Wkshp, "Acquaintance Rape Prevention for
Men and Women," 8 pm, Alice Lloyd Hall, 763-5865.
AAUP-Video, Adam Kulakow, 7 & 9 pm, Nat Sci Aud
WCBN/Lesbian & Gay Radio Collective-Talk show, "Closets are for
Clothes," 88 3 FM, 6-6:30 pm, 763-3500 or 3501.
Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry-Study/discuss, 8-9 pm, Mich Union,
662-0663 or 761-6362.
Iranian Sdt Cultural Club-Non-political, non-religious mtg, 7:30 pm, Mich
League, 662-8933.
Shotokan Karate of Mich-Karate (beginners welcome), 8:30-10 pm, CCRB
Martial Arts Rm.
LaGROC (Lesbian & Gay Men's Rights Organizing Committee)-
Mtg, 8 pm, Mich Union Rm 3100, 763-4186.
*Zen Buddhist Temple-Intro Yoga & Breathing Class, 7:30-9 pm, 1214
Packard Rd, 761-6520.
Univ Council-Univ Council mtg, 10 am-noon, 2002 LSA, 763-5082.
Chem-Colloquium, "A Unified View of Bond-Breaking, Solvation Dynamics and
Electron Transfer," S Mukamel, 4 pm, Rm 1640.
*U-M Cheerleaders-Homecoming/Friends party, "Juice," 8:30 pm, Rick's
Cafe, all invited, 761-4781.
Ctr Chinese .Stds-Brown-bag lec, "Snowy Day Near Xanadu: The Legend of
Feng Tzu-chen," J I Crump, noon- pm, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 936-1603.
CRLT-TA wkshp, "35MM Slide Production," 6:30-9:30 pm, 109 E Madison, reg
req, 763-0162.
*Comput Ctr-Classes: MTS BAsic Skills, 1-4 pm; Beginning Word, Part I
(IBM PC and Compatibles), 1-5 pm; Word Print Merge (Macintosh), 10 am-
noon; 3001 SEB Reg req 763-3700
Career Plan & Place-Targeting Not-For-Profit Organizations, 4:10-5 pm,
CP&P Conf Rm; Employer Presentation: United States General Accounting
Office, 5-7 pm, Mich Union; Employer Presentation: Cigna Corporation; 764-
*Extension & Cont Educ/U-M Flint-Wkshp, "Managing Multiple
Priorities," P I Griffith, 8:30 am-4:30 pm, Univ Ctr Mich Rms, 762-3200.
Inst Humanities-Fiction reading, "The Library of the Barbarians," C Newman,
4 pm, Rackham W Conf Rm, 936-3518.
U-M Flint-Spotlight series, "The Pirates of Penzance," 7:30 pm, Crob Theatre,
Ctr Human Growth & Development-Seminar, "Evolution and Social
Relationships: Insights from Field Studies of Primates and Dolphins," B
Boardman Smuts, noon, CHGD Commons 10th level.
German Lang & Lit-Lecture, "German Literature and European Culture in the
Schools and Universities of French-Speaking Black Africa," A B Sadji, 5:10
pm, Rackham Amphi.
Med Ctr-Health Night Out prog, "Clearing the Air About Allergies & Asthma,"

G M Sanders & W R Solomon, 7:30-9:30 pm, Kellogg Eye Ctr Aud, 764-
*HRD-Wkshps: Writing It Right: Mechanics, 8:30 am-noon; Developing a
High Performance Team, 9 am-noon; The TIAA-CREF Savings System, 1:30-
4:30 pm; 1111 Kipke Dr Reg req 764-7410.
International Ctr-Lecture, "Jews and the Land: Historical Links to Land and
Religion," T Endelman, noon, Intl Ctr, 662-5529.
Indian-Pakistani Amer Sdt Council--General mtg, 6:30 pm, Mich Union

Univ Hosp-1:45 Jazz Ensemble, Community High, 2 pm, Univ Hosp Lobby
1st fl, 936-ARTS
Law Sch Federalist Soc-Debate, Civil Rights Policy: The 1988 Supreme
Court Term, 7:30 pm, Hutchins, 764-9037.
Spark Revolution Hist-Discussion, The State, 7-8 pm, MLB 122.
Biopsych-Colloquium, "Usefulness of Determining in vivo Pharmacological
Constants," J Woods, 12:30 pm, MHRI Rm 1057, 761-7936.
Inst Humanities-Brown-bag lec, "The Didactic Paradigm of Kitsch in Late
Victorian Literature," K Kietlinska, noon- pm, 1524 Rackham, 936-3518
Lord of Light Lutheran Church-Bible study, 6:30 pm; worship, 7:30-8
pm; 801 S Forest at Hill St, 668-7622.
Shorin-ryu Karate-do Club-Karate (beginners welcome), 8:30-9:30 pm,
CCRB Martial Arts Rm, 747-6825.
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 7-8:30 pm, 2275 CCRB, 677-
Women for Guatemala-Talk, R Robles, Guatemalan labor leader involved in
Coca-Cola strike, 7 pm, Mich Union Kuenzel Rm, 769-1298.
BioEngr-Seninar, "New Microencapsulation Systems for Bioprocessing," H
Wang, 4-5 pm, 1017 Dow Bldg.
*Matthaei Bt Gdns-Course: Hiker, Late Fall, 9-1 am, Bot Gdns, 998-
Chem-Seminars beg, "Use of Chiral Ketals in Synthesis," J D Lee, 4 pm, Rm
1640; TBA, C Enke, 4 pm, Rm 1650.
Comparative Lit & Engl-Lecture, "Thinking Media: Culture and
Communication in the Work of Armand Mattelart," T Brennan, 8 pm, Rackham
W Conf Rm, 764-0112.
CRLT-TA wkshp, "Using Writing to Teach Something Else," 6:30-9:30 pm,
109 E Madison, reg req, 763-0162.
*Comput Ctr-Class: Beginning Word lec/demonstration (Macintosh),7-9 pm,
611 Church St; Course of Action Basic Skills, 8:30 am-12:30 pm, 3001 SEB
Reg req 763-3700.
Career Plan & Place-Interview lecture, 6-7 pm, CP&P Lib; Employer
Presentation: Annenberg Sch of Communication, 3:30-5 pm, MLB Rm 2011;
Employer Presentation: Rand Corp 4-5 pm, CP&P Conf Rm; 764-7460.
CEW-Series cont, "Career Decision Making: The Step Before the Job Search," 7-
9:30 pm, CEW, reg req 998-7080.
Engr-Seminars, "Advances in Solid and Hazardous Waste Management," E A
Glysson, 12:30 pm, 185 Engr IA Bldg; "Technology and the Environment,"
W Weber, 3:30 pm, 1005 HH1 Dow Bldg; 936-3383
*Eclipse Jazz-Concert, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, 7:30 pm, Power Ctr,
*HRD-Wkshps: Dealing with Troubled Employees, 9 am-noon; Shaking the
Superwoman Syndrome, 8:30 am-noon; Personal Financial Planning, 5-7 pm;
The TIAA-CREF Savings System, 1:30-4:30 pm; Women: For Your Safety-
Adventure Spirit Training, 5:30-9:30 pm; 1111 Kipke Dr Reg req 764-7410.
MEAM-Seminar, "A Model for On-Board, Real Time Nitric Oxides Evaluation on
Spark Ignition Engines Through Cylinder Pressure Data," G Rizzo, 4 pm, 2315
GG Brown.
*Mich Union-Musical begs, "The Mystery of Edwin Drood," 8 pm,
Mendelssohn Theatre, 763-TKTS.
Psychiatry-Seminars, "Social Phobia: Psychopathology, Assessment and
Treatment," S Tumer, 10:30 am, CAPH P2321; "Anxiety Disorder Research," S
Turner, 2:30 pm, HMRI Waggoner Conf Rm; 764-9527.
Med Sch-Research forum, 11 am-2 pm, Furstenberg Sdt Std Ctr, 763-1296.
Ctr Russian & E Euro Stds-Brown-bag lec, "Back in the USSR: Reflections
on a Summer Visit," G Barinova, noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 764-0351.
Sdts of Obectivsm-Business mtg, 7:30 pm, Dominick's Restaurant, 996-
SWE-Pre-interviews, Caterpillar Inc, 5:15-7:15 pm, 763-5027.
Tech & Soc-Seminar, "Technology and the Environment," W Weber & T Dunn,
3:30-5 pm, 1005 Dow, 936-2920.
Tau Beta Pi-free tutoring in all lower level math, sci, engr courses, 8-10 pm,
UGLi Rm 307.
Univ Lutheran Chapel-Choir rehearsal, 7:30 pm; Holden Village Vespers, 9
pm; 1511 Washtenaw, 663-5560.
Mus Anthropology-Lecture, "The discovery, excavation and study of
Jiangzhai prehistoric village settlement," G Q Ming, 4-6 pm, Nat Sci Mus Rm
4518, 764-0485.
German Lang & Lit-Discussion, Christiaan Hart-Nibbrig, 4:30 pm, MLB 3rd
fl Conf Rm.
Sex Assault Awareness Wk-Brown-bag discuss, "Friends Helping Friends:
How to Support a Survivor of Sexual Assault," noon- pm, South Quad W
Lounge; Film, Men's Lives, 8 pm, Mich Union; 763-5865.
AAUP-Chapter mtg, 12:15 pm, Mich League Mich Rm
Shotokan Karate of Mich-Karate (beginners welcome), 7:30-10 pm, CCRB
Small Gym.
Lesbian Gay Male Prog-Massage therapy classes for gay/bisexual men, 8-
10 pm, 1402 Hill St, 662-6282.
*Zen Buddhist Temple-Intro to Zen Meditation, S Murray, 6:30-8:30 pm,
1214 Packard Rd Reg req 761-6520.
CRSO-Brown-bag lec, "The Political Economy of Health," M Heirich, noon-1
pm, LS&A Rm 4051, 764-7487.
Mus Anthropology-Brown-bag lec, "Travels in Central Australia," H Wright,
noon-1 pm, Nat Sci Mus Rm 2009, 764-0485.
MacTechnics-HyperCard Special Interest Group mtg, 7:30 pm, 1303 EECS,
Chem-Seminar, "The Electronic Spectra of First and Second Row Diatomic
Molecule Transition Metal Oxides and Nitrides," T M Dunn, 4 pm, Rm 1640.
*Comput Ctr-Class: 4th Dimension Demonstration, 1-3 pm, 611 Church St
Reg req 763-3700.
*Cont Med Educ-2-day course begs, "Critical Clinical Issues in the Care of
the Elderly," M Terpenning, Towsley Ctr, 763-1400.
Engr-Seminars, "Feedward/Feedback Control of Non-Linear Processes," &
"Invernes Finite Elements-Modeling of Phase-Change," P Daoutidis & N
Malamataris, 11:30 am, 1017 H H Dow Bldg; TBA, H Benoit, 4 pm, 2150 HH
Dow Bldg; 936-3383.
U-M Flint-Debate, "Would tougher mandatory sentences for drug-related
offenses help curb drug abuse?" & "Should U S military forces be used in
combatting the drug crisis?" 8 pm, International Inst, 762-3351.
*HRD-Wkshps: How to Make That Supervisor Notice You, noon-1 pm, Sch Bus
Admin Rm 1270; Resume Purpose & Formats, noon-1 pm, Mich League Rms 4
& 5; Writing It Right: Punctuation, 8:30 am-noon; New Policies and Special

Cases the U Wants You to Know, 8:30 am-noon; Preparing for Retirement
(staff), 1:30-4:30 pm; Women: For Your Safety-Adventure Spirit Training,
5:30-9:30 pm; 1111 Kipke Dr Reg req 764-7410.
Sch Info & Lib Stds-Convocation, "Culture and Scholarship in Nigeria," B
Olabimpe Aboyade, 1:30 pm, Rackham W Conf Rm.
*ICLE-Course: 1989 Fall Faculty Series, 1-3:30 pm, 1020 Greene St Reg req
Ctr Japan Stds-Brown-bag lec, "Mt Fuji Through the Ages: From Sacred

Romance Lang-Lecture, "Three Revolutions in Medicine," R Maulitz, 4 pm,
Taubman Ctr Rm 3201, 764-5344.
Sch Music-Masterclass & recital, Claude Delangle, 6-9 pm, Sch Music Recital
Hall, 76400594.
SWE-Pre-interviews, Sanders Associates, 4:30-6:30 pm, 1010 Dow; Hewlett
Packard, 5:15-7:15 pm, 1001 EECS; Anser, 6:30-8:30 pm 1301 EECS; 763-
Tau Beta Pi-free tutoring in all lower level math, sci, engr courses, 8-10 pm,
UGLi Rm 307.
Univ Lutheran Chapel-Lutheran doctrine study, 7 pm; Handbell rehearsal, 8
pm; Study on Reading Greek, 8:30 pm; 1511 Washtenaw, 663-5560.
Vision Lunch-Seminar, "Saccades in Progressive Supranuclear Palsy," W
Comblath, 12:20 pm, 2055 MHRI, 764-0573.
Sch Music-Performance, U-M Choir, 8 pm, Hill Aud, 764-0594.
King/Chavez/Parks Visit Prof Prog-Colloquium, "The Boulder Model:
Past, Present and Future Status," S M Turner, 8 pm, Mich League Henderson
Rm, 764-6333.
Sex Assault Awareness Wk-"Survivor's Speak Out," 8 pm, Mich Union
Ballroom, 763-5865
Lesbian-Gay Male Prog-Mtg, "Black Gay Brothers United," 8 pm, Mich
Union Rm 3200, 763-4186.
Shorin-ryu Karate-do Club-Karate (beginners welcome), 8:30-9:30 pm,
CCRB Martial Arts Rm, 747-6825.
Tae kwon do Club-Mtg (beginners welcome), 6-8 pm, 1200 CCRB, 677-
Folkdance Club-Intl folk dancing, 8-9 pm, teaching; 9-11 pm, open request
dancing; Mich Union Anderson Rm, 663-3885
History Art-Lecture, "Henri Vever: Islamic Art and the Politics of Taste," G
Lowry, 4:30 pm, Angell Hall Aud D.
Anthropology-Colloquium, "Automony and Heteronomy in Kahua Ritual: A
Short Meditation on Huaulu Society," V Valeri, 4 pm, LS&A Rm 4560.
EECS-Seminar, "An Algorithm for Detecting the Collision of Moving Objects:
Time Optimal Control Revisited," E G Gilbert, 4 pm, EEC 1200, 747-2045.
*Women's Athletics-Volleyball, U-M vs Univ of Minnesota, 7:30 pm,
Varsity Arena, 763-2159.
*Comput Ctr-Classes: MS-DOS Basic Skills, 1-4 pm; Macintosh Basic Skills,
1-4 pm; Word Outlining and Style Sheets (IBM PC and Compatibles), 9 am-
noon; HyperCard Basic Skills, 9 am-noon; 3001 SEB Reg req 763-3700.
Career Plan & Place-Employer Presentation: Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette,
noon-1 pm, Mich Union Pond Rm, 764-7460.
Engr-Seminars, "Feedback Linearization by Generalized Sampled Data Hold
Functions," Y S Hung, 12:30 pm, 114 AEB; "The Development of the Hughes
HS-601 Communications Satellite," A D MacLellan, 3 pm, 107 AEB; "Bridge
Analysis by Micro-Computers," B Bakht, 3 pm, 2355 GG Brown Lab;
"Civilian Applications of Directed Energy Weapons Technology," T Andrade,
3:45 pm, White Aud; 936-3383.
Evolution & Human Behav Prog-Lecture, "Sex Differences in 'Sharing' and
Their Association with the 'Division' of Labor Among Modern Hunter-Gathers:
An Ache Example and Speculation About Some Evolutionary Implications," K
Hawkes, 4 pm, Mason Hall Rm 429.
*ICLE-Course: Alternative Billing Methods: Relief from the Hourly Rate, 9 am-
noon, 1020 Greene St Reg req 764-0533.
Ctr Japan Stds-Mizoguchi film series, The Life of Oharu, 7 pm, Lorch Hall
Aud, 764-6307.
Lesbian-Gay Male Prog-Benefit Dance, 9 pm, Nectarine Ballroom, 763-
Mus Art-Lecture, Near Eastern Art, G Lowry, 4:30 pm, Angell Hall Aud D, 764-
SNR-Serninar, "Selected Tidal Stream Transport," G Arnold, noon, DANA Rm
*Pharm Cont Educ-Lectures, "Cancer Therapy: Options in Clinical
Oncology," 8:45 am-4:30 pm, Rackham Amphi, 764-8053.
*Univ Music Soc-Concert, Pinchas Zukerman & Marc Neikrug, 8 pm, Hill
Aud, 764-2538.
Ctr South & SE Asian Stds-Brown-bag lec, "The Structure of Early Modern
Southeast Asian History: A Theoretical and Comparative Schema," V
Lieberman, 12:10 pm, Lane Hall Commons Rm, 764-0352
Univ Lutheran Chapel-Fellowship & videos, 7:30 pm, 1511 Washtenaw,
HRD-Single Parent Support Group mtgs beg, noon, HRD Conf Rm. Pound House
Children's Ctr-Benefit book sale begs, Borders Book Store, mention Pound
House to cashier during a purchase and PH receives 21% for children's library
Shotokan Karate of Mich-Karate (beginners welcome), 3-5 pm, CCRB
Small Gym.
*Exhibit Mus-Planetarium shows, "Autumn Stars," 10:30 & 11:30 am; "Earth
Visitors," 2,3 & 4 pm; Exhib Mus Planet, 764-0478.
*Women's Athletics-Volleyball, U-M vs Univ of Iowa, 7:30 pm, Varsity
Arena, 763-2159.
*Matthaei Bot Gdns-Course: In-Between Seasons, 10 am-noon, Bot Gdns,
*Dance Dept-Performance, Phoebe Neville, 8 pm, Studio A Theater, 763-5460.
Hillel Found-The Maxwell Street Klezmer Band, 8:15 pm, Irwin Green Aud,
Lesbian-Gay Male Prog-Alumni Assoc reception, 8-11 pm, Alice Lloyd Hall
Blue Carpet Lounge, 763-4186.
Lowbrow Astron-Public Star party/open house, sunset (cancelled if sky not
clear), Peach Mtn Observ, 434-2574.
Kelsey Mus-Course, "Frames of Reference: Authenticating Antiquities," R V
McCleary, 10 am, Kelsey Mus.
*Univ Music Soc-Concert, New England Ragtime Ensemble, 8 pm, Power
Ctr, 764-2538.
*East Quad/RHA-Dance & movies, "The Halloween Thing," 8 pm-2 am, East
Wels Lutheran Campus Ministry-Worship, 10 am, 1360 Pauline, transport
provided, 662-0663 or 761-6352.
Iranian Sdt Cultural Club-Coffee hour & Persian classes, 4-6 pm, 3050

Frieze Bldg, 662-8933.
Lord of Light Lutheran Church-Worship, 10 am, 801 S Forest at Hill St,
Zen Buddhist Temple-Meditation Svcs, 5-7 pm, 1214 Packard Rd, 761-6520.
Chess Club-Mtg, 1-5 pm, Mich League, 764-0940.
Canterbury House-Holy Eucharist, 5 pm, St Andrew's Episcopal Church;
dinner, 6 pm & program, 6:45 pm, 218 N Division, 665-0606.
*Exvhit Mus-a1ntar,umshows- "Earth, Visitors." 2.3 &Y4 nm Exhib Musq



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