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October 17, 1988 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1988-10-17

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Page 10 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, October 17, 1988

J Oin
Da ily
:Call1: 763-0379

I _Nivbl

Continued from Page 8
than commercial success, he recorded
Hilaches Del Sol (Threads of Sun-
shine) in 1971, the first protest al-
bum ever to be released on a "major"
label in Central America. Because of
this album's success, Enrique
recorded four more albums with
Godoy recorded the first post-rev-
olution album on the "Ocarina" la-
bel, which became ENIGRAC, the
Nicaraguan Cultural Recording
Company within the Ministry of
Culture. Over the eight-year span,
Louis Enrique has personally pro-
duced and promoted over 14 albums
Enter Grupo Mancotal (named for
a mountain in the northern part of
Nicaragua where the guerrilla com-
mander "El Danto" was killed before
the Sandinistas defeated the Somozan
Government), formed by Godoy in
1979 as the first experimental band
in Nicaragua and featuring Godoy as
lead vocalist and composer.
Mancotal's fifth album, Amando
En Tiempo De Guerra ("Loving in

times of war") is provocative in
scope, undaunted in purpose -
promoting the freedom of our sisters
and brothers locked in the fetters of
imperialism throughout Latin
America - and is just a wonderfully
tasteful album. Listen to the
poignant, cantata-like melody of the
title song, to the graceful "El Tigre
y El Canario" and then listen to the
driving African-based rhythms of
"NicarafricAnico", "Somos Nueve,"
and "Banana" and you will be hmazed
by the musical deftness of these cul-
tural ambassadors from Nicaragua.
They really can't be categorized, ex-
cept to say that their instrumentation
is delicious and their message is
This is not your standard New
Song fare however: this is a fusion
of salsa, North American folk, jazz
and rock. Usual attempts at such a
fusion create a soup of slick unim-
pressive slop, but not here. The fu-
sion appears in humorous and sur-
prising ways, with a strange and
haunting flute line here. The end re-
sult is a very pleasant yet provoking
piece of vinyl, and if they are half as
good live, it ought to be an impres-
sive show.


Fridays in The Daily


The Nicaraguan group Mancotal leads the revolution of 'Nuevas canciones.'


The calendar combines meeting
with other events happening each
calendar, and is open to all Univ
by the Michigan Student Assembi
Tuesday before publication. Ad
assistant, University Record, 41
admission is charged.
Integrity--Lesbian-gay male
House, 218 N Division.6
Tae Kwon Do Club--Mtg, 6:
'Archery--Mtg, 7-10 pm, Colis
Tau Beta Pi/Eta Kappa Nu
Minor Sdt Svs/Int Ctr/C
Diversity: Working with
r1,Mich League Dining Rm 4
Computing Ctr--Courses In
Advanced Excel: Functio
3 pm; Microsoft Word A
t pm; Lotus 1-2-3 Databas
Technology, 1-3 pm; In
Reg req. 763-7630.
Lane. 593-5000.
*HRD--Wkshps, "Speaking
Writing," 2-4 pm; "Prepa
Dr. Reg req. 764-7410.
LSA- -Lec, C Gans, "All Anima
Snakes," 8 pm, Rackham
Sch Soc Wrk/Pubi Pol St
Minorities, Poverty & So
Turner Clinic--Lec, R Szporl
11:30 am, Kellogg Aud.F
Faculty Women's--Drop-In L
Baker/Mandela Ctr--Ctr ope
Nat Resources--Coffee & co
Systematics To Conservati
Ctr N East & N Afr Stds--
International Developme
Commons. 764-3050.
' U-M-Flint--Food donations fi
World Food Day Lec, J K
t Soc Women Eugr--Pre-Intrvi
*OfC Major Events--Concert,
Sch Music--Composers Forum
*Ofc Cont Med Ed--2-day
Complications of Diabete
Guild House--Writers Series,
Intl Ctr--Info on Std Abroad
Sdt Organiz Devp Ctr--Mtg,
Senate Assembly--Mtg, 3:15
Univ Lutheran Chapel--
Washtenaw. 663-5560.
Career Plan & Place--Wksh
Sector," 4:10-5 pm, CP&
4:30-6:30 pm, Payton Ct
Mich Union Welker Rm;
Lec Rm 1. 764-7460
Lesbian & Gay Right O
3100 Mich Union. 763-4
Zen Buddhist Temple--Chan
Tau Beta Pi/Eta Kappa Nu
Archery--See Oct 17.
TARDAA--Mtg, 8 pm, 296 D
Christians In Action--Mtg,
Career Plan & Place--Conf,
Computing Ctr--Courses in 3
am; HyperCard Basic S
Formatting (IBM PC &
10:30 am-12:30 pm; MS
System Utilities, 1-3 pm;
Reg req. 763-7630.
U-M-Dearborn--Lee, J Burke
Mus Thtre. 271-0909.
EECS--Sems, R Lindsay, "S
Internal Models," 4-5 pm
U-M Flint--Wkshp, "Read to
*Flint Comedy Connectio
*HRD--Wkshps, "Grammar
Managment: Principles
8:30 am-noon; "Confiden
req. 764-7410.
Soc Women Engr--Pre-Inter
General Dynamics, 5:15-7
*Botan Gdn--Tours, 12:15-1:
Intergroup Relations--Wksh
8-10 pm, A Lloyd Hall R
Career Plan & Place--Pre-L
Writing," noon- pm,I
Video," 3:10-5 pm, CP

Oceanic & Atmospheric

Calen dar
The University of Michigan
Tau Beta PiFta Kappa Nu--See Oct 17.
,lecture, workshop, and conference announcements Tae Kwon Do Club--Mtg, 6:30-8:15 pm. 2275 CCRB. Begins welcome 662-
hweekoncampus. It is based on The University Record 8637.
ersity sponsored groups and organizations recognized Counsel Svcs--Dissertation support grp, 8:30 am, Mich Union Rm 3100 764-
ly. Items must be submitted in writing by 5 p.m. the 8312.
dress all information to: Marcia Bennett, publications Bioengr--Sem, M Katz-Pek, "University/Industrial Relations: Or How To Start
2 Maynard St. Asterisk (*) denotes events to which Your Own High Tech Company," 4-5 pm, 1017 Dow Bldg.
*CEW--Wkshp, "Career Decision Making: The Step Before the Job Search," 7-
9:30 pm, CEW. Reg req. 763-7080.
Computing Ctr--Courses in 3001 SEB: Banyan Vines Administration, 9 am-5
pm; In 4212 SEB: Intro to Computing, 10 am-noon; Computer Networking
Tech, 1-3 pm. Reg req. 763-7630.
community open house, 8:45 pm, Canterbury U-M-Dearborn.-Film, Red Heat, 7:30 pm, Rec & Organiz Ctr. 595-5390.
665-0606. U-M Flint--Bring or buy lunch for "Jazzfusion," D Kozel, 11:30 am-1:30 pm,
30-8:15 pm, 2275 CCRB. Begins welcome 662- Univ Ctr Brewery; Wkshp, "Read to Succeed," 1:30-3 pm, Univ Ctr Rm 364,
Reg req. Visiting Writers Series, P Taylor, 7 pm, Univ Ctr Kiva; *Chamber
eum (corner of Fifth & Hill). 764-4084. Singers Concert, 7:30 pm, 1509 E Court St.
--Math & Sci Tutoring, 8-10 pm, UGLI Rm 307 Guild House--Brown-Bag Lunch & Discuss, noon; *Beans & Rice Dinner, 6 pm,
802 Monroe. 662-5189.
EW--Lunch discuss series, "The Challenges of Human Values Med--Lec, T Elkins & C Cohen, "When The Interests Of Mother
Our Similarities & Differences," noon-1:30 pm, & Fetus Are In Conflict," noon, Med Sci II S Lec Hall. 936-1484.
4 & 5, 1st fl. Hosp Arts Prog--Fables, songs & games, 2:45 pm, Mott Child Hosp 8th Fl.
3001 SEB: dBASE III Plus, 8:30 am-12:30 pm; 936-ARTS.
ns & Macros, 10 am-noon; Lotus 1-2-3 Graphics, 1- *HRD--Wkshps, "Exploring Alternative Ways of Thinking/Acting," 8:30 am-
dvanced Formatting & Glossaries (Macintosh), 1-4 noon; "Dealing With The System," 1:30-4:30 pm; "Managing Low
es, 3-5 pm; In 4212 SEB: Computing Networking Performers," 8:30 am-noon; "AIDS: Issues & Answers," 3-5 pm; "Exploring
4003 SEB: Monday Programmers' Sem, 7-9 pm. Alternative Ways of Thinking/Acting," 8:30 am-noon; 1111 Kipke Dr
"Community Resources," noon-1 pm, Mich League Conf Rm 6. Reg req 764-
Cassini Ensemble, 8 pm, Henry Ford Estate-Fair 7410.
*ICLE.-Video course, "Drunk Driving Defense Update," 1-5 pm, 1020 Greene St.
With Influence," 1-4:30 pm; "Effective Business Reg req. 764-0533.
ring For Retirement" (faculty), 6-9 pm, 1111 Kipke Intl Ctr--Sdt Abroad Wkshp, 4-5 pm, Intl Ctr. Reg req. 747-2259.
Kinesiol--Lee, B Meyers, "Physical Activity & Other Risk Factors for
Is Are Interesting, Down In The Mud With Uropeltid Cerebrovascular Disease Among Women," 12:10-1 pm, Dent Sch Rm 1033
Amphi. 764-0322. 763-5829.
ds--Lec, G Sandefur, "Divided Opportunities: LSA--Lec, C Gans, "Resolving the Prophet's Problem, The Way of a Snake on a
ial Policy," 4 pm, Rackham E Conf Rm. Rock," 8 pm, Rackham Amphi. 764-0322.
uk, "Soviet Nationalities Ethnicity, Religion," 10- *Ofc Major Events--Concert, M Sosa, 8 pm, Power Ctr. 763-TKTS.
Reg req. 764-2556. Minor Affrs--Sdt orient prog, "Beyond Diversity: Building A Multicultural
unch, noon, Mich Union Univ Club. 764-2539. Community," 6 pm, Mich League 2nd Fl. 936-1055.
ning, 7 pm, 3 E Engr Bldg. 936-1809. Sch Music--Piano Recital, D Kaiserman, "The Nocturne: A Romantic
okies, 3:30-4 pm; Sem, J Craft, "Contributions Of Retrospective," 8 pm, Recital Hall; Concert, Univ Band & Percussion
ion Biology," 4-5 pm, 1046 Dana. 668-7123. Ensemble, 8 pm, Hill Aud. 763-4726.
Brown-Bag Lec, N Kardam, "The Response of Psychiatry--Conf, W Carpenter, "Concepts of Schizophrenia & Diagnostic
nt Agencies to Gender Issues," noon, Lane Hall Considerations," 10:30 am, Child & Adoles Psych Hosp Aud; Sem,
"Conceptual & Methodologic Issues In Negative Schizophrenia," 2:30 pm,
or World Food Day, 9 am-3 pm, Univ Ctr 3rd Fl; MHRI Waggoner Conf Rm 1057. 764-9527.
ozal, noon, Univ Ctr Mich Rm. 762-3431. Russian & E Europ Stds--Brown-Bag Lec, Y Afanas'yev, title TBA, noon,
ew, BP America, 6-8 pm, 1303 EECS 763-5027. Lane Hail Commons. 764-0351.
B Bragg, 7:30 pm, Power Ctr. 763-TKTS. Soc Women Engr--Pre-Interviews, Aerospace Corp, 5:15-7:15 pm, 1303 EECS;
, 8 pm, Recital ]Sall. 763-4726. Lockheed, 6-8 pm, 1311 EECS. 763-5027.
course begs, D Greene, "The Dilemma of the *Botan Gdn--Tours, 12:15-1:15 pm, 1800 N Dixboro Rd. Reg req 763-7061.
s," 8 am, Towsley Ctr. 763-1400. Intergroup Relations--Film/Discuss, Mexican-Americans: Viva La Raza, 4-6
D Dudley & I Reinhard, 8 pm, 802 Monroe. 662- pm, Mason Hall Rm 447. 936-1875.
*Sdt Woodshop--Wkshp, G Venable, "The Making of Small Boxes," 6:30-
Mtg, J Dickson, 4-5-pm, 3231 Angell 747-2259. 10:30 pm, 537 SAB. 763-4025.
4 pm, Mich Union Rm 1209. 763-5900. Univ Lutheran Chapel--Holden Village Vespers, 9 pm, 1511 Washtenaw 663-
pm, Rackham Amphi. 5560.
Prayer, study & fellowship, 7:30 pm, 1511 Career Plan & Place--Wkshp, "Conducting The Long-Distance Job Search,"
4:10-5 pm, CP&P; Employer Presentation: Macy's, 7-8:30 pm, Mich Union
p, "Exploring The Not-For-Profit/Social Change Kuenzel Rm; Employer Presentation: Aetna Life & Casualty, 10 am-4 pm,
P; Employer Presentations: Salomon Brothers Inc, Mich Union Kuenzel Rm; Presentation, Harvard Univ J F Kennedy Sch of
r Rm 1018 & Aetna Life & Casualty, 4:30-6 pm, Government, noon- pm & 4-5 pm, Mich Union Welker Rm. 764-7460.
Presentation, USC Annenberg Sch, 4:30-6 pm, MLB Chem--Sems, P Gong, "ESR Imaging," 4 pm, Chem Rm 1200; D Neckers, "New
Frontiers in Old University of Michigan Chemistry," 3 pm, Chem Rm 1300.
Commission for Women--Mtg, noon-1:30 pm, Rackham E Conf Rm. 936-
Dance Dept--Observ dance class, 2:30-4 pm, Dance Bldg Studio A Thtre. 763-
rganizing Committee (LAGROC)--Mtg, 8 pm, 5460.
186. Men's Campus Club--Social for gay & bisexual male sdts, 911 pm, location
ting svc, 7-8 pm, 1214 Packard Rd. 761-6520. TBA. 763-4186.
--See Oct 17. Black Thtre Wkshp--Black Nativity Auditions, 6-11 pm, Freize Bldg Rm
2518. 764-5627
ennison. 763-0800. HURSDAY
8:30 pm, Mich League Rm D. 973-6675.T
"Pre-Law Day," 10 am-2 pm, Mich Union Ballrm. OCTOBER 20
United Coalition Against Racism--Mtg, 6 pm, Mich Union. 936-1809.
001 SEB: Microsoft Word Review Lab, 8:30-9:30 *Zen Buddhist Temple--Intro Meditation Course, 6:30-8:30 pm, 1214 Packard
kills, 8:30-10:30 am; Microsoft Word Advanced Rd. Reg req. 761-6520.
Compatibles), 10 am-noon; HyperCard Scripting, Archery--See Oct 17.
-DOS for Hard Disk Users, 1-3 pm; Macintosh Tau Beta Pi/Eta Kappa Nu--See Oct 17.
In 4003 SEB: Tell-A-Graf Basic Concepts, 7-9 pm. *Mich League--Greece, 4:30-7:30 pm, League Buffet.
CRLT--Wkshp, "35mm Slide Production," 7-10:30 pm, 109 E Madison 764-0505.
,"Mechanisms of Change," 5-6:30 pm, Henry Ford Computing Ctr--Courses Rm 3001 SEB: dBASE III Plus Programming: Custom
Reports & Screens, 9 am-noon; MacDraw, 1-3 pm; MS-DOS Advanced Skills,
patial Reasoning;" S Kaplan, "Connectionism & 3-5 pm; In 4003 SEB: Basic Concepts of Word Processing, 10 am-noon;
,EECS Rm 1500. 763-9074. Tell-A-Graf-Line Graphs, 7-9 pm; In 4212 SEB: MTS Basic Skills Lec/Demo,
Succeed," 5:30-7 pm, Univ Ctr Rm 364, Res req. 10:30 am-noon; Beginning Microsoft Word Lec/Demo, 1-2:30 pm Reg req.
n, 8 pm, Univ Ctr Brewery. 762-3085. 763-7630.
-A Modern Review," 8:30 am-noon; "Conflict U-M-Dearborn--See Oct 19.
& Practices," 1-4:30 pm; "The Discipline Process," Evolution & Human Behav--Sem, A Logue, "Self-Control In Pigeons &
ce & Self-Esteem," 1-4:30 pm, 1111 Kipke Dr. Reg Humans, Waiting Until Tomorrow For What You Want Today," 4 pm,
Rackham E Lee Rm 3rd Fl. 936-2526.
views, Sanders Associates, 4-6 pm, 1006 Dow; U-M-Flint--Sci Bldg Ded, 11 am, Univ Ctr Courtyd; Bring or buy lunch for Tom
:15 pm, 1013 Dow. 763-5027. & Jerry Parade, 11:30 am-12:30 pm, Univ Ctr Brewery; "Back-To-School
15 pm, 1800 N Dixboro Rd. Reg req 763-7061. Wkshp," 1:30-3 pm, Univ Ctr Rm 364. Res req. 762-3085.
p, "Racism At UM: Attitucinal & Institutional," Regents--Mtg, 1 pm, U-M Flint Univ Ctr Happenings Rm.
ed Carpet Lounge. 936-1875. Guild House--Lec, L Bancel, "Shamanic Journeying," 7:30 pm, 802 Monroe.
aw Day, 10 am-2 pm, Mich Union; Le, "Resume 662-5189.
1250 CCRB; Wkshp, "Practice Interviewing On *HRD--Wkshps, "Enhancing Your Heart Through Exercise & Stress Management,"
&P, (Limit 15), Employer Presentation: National 7-9 pm; "The Art Of Diplomacy: Saying No With Ease," 9 am-noon,
Administration, 7-8 pm, Mich Union Welker Rm "Enhancing Your Heart Through Exercise.& Stress Management," 7-9 pm;

io. CC% 4.QA A.214

Vision Train Prog--Vision Lunch Sem, J Jenness, "Large-Field Rayleigh
Matches of Normal Trichromats & Polymorphism of the Cone
Photopigments," noon-1:15 pm, 2055 MHRI. 764-0573.
Macromolecular Research Ctr--2-day Symposium begs, "Current
Contributions In Polymer Science & Engineering," 8 am, Chrysler Ctr Rm
165. 763-2316.
Univ Lutheran Chapel--Study of Vital Issues, 7 pm; Lutheran Doctrine Class,
8 pm, 1511 Washtenaw. 663-5560.
Career Plan & Place--Employer Presentation: First National Bank of
Chicago, 7:30-9:30 pm, Mich Union Pendleton Rm. 764-7460.
Ctr Chinese Stds--Lec, L Binyan, "The Relations Between Politics &
Economics in China,"8 pm, Rackham Amphi. 764-6308.
Chem--Sem, A Hitchcock, "K-shell Excitation Spectroscopy of Free Molecules," 4
pm, Chem Rm 1200.
Black Thtre Wkshp--Black Nativity Dance Auditions, 6-9 pm, Freize Bldg Rm
2518. 764-5627
Ctr Japanese Stds--Film, Tokyo Story, 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud.
Tae Kwon Do Club--Mtg, 6-8 pm, 1200 CCRB. Begins welcome. 662-8637.
Gay Liberation/Guild House--Brothers Coffee House, 8 pm, 802 Monroe St.
*Mus Art/Minor Affrs--Chamber Concert Series begs, 8 pm, Mus Art 764-
CSSEAS--Brown-Bag Lec, D Khin Yi, "The Role of the Dobama Asiayone in the
Independence Movement of Burma," noon, Lane Hall Commons.
Computing Ctr--Courses in 4212 SEB: Macintosh Basic Skills Lec/Demo, 10
am-noon; Computer Networking Tech, 1-3 pm; In 4003 SEB: Writing &
Customizing TEXTEDIT Macros, 10 am-noon; In 3001 SEB: MS-DOS Basic
Skills, 1-4 pm; Connectivity for Macintosh Computers, 1-5 pm. Reg req
U-M-Dearborn--Film, The Third Man, 8 pm, Admin Bldg Classrm 138 593-
5000. *2-day conf begs, The Mosaique of the Air, The Achievement of
Andrew Marvell," 9 am, Henry Ford Estate Fair Lane. 593-5168.
*U-M-Flint--Play, Working, 8 pm, U-M-Flint Thtre; Film, Rocky Horror
Picture Show, 9:30 pm & mdngt, Univ Ctr Kiva. 762-3032.
Regents--Mtg, 9 am, Regents Rm.
Guild House--Lunch & Forum, J Vandermeer, "Recent Events in Costa Rica,"
noon; Lec, J Warren, "The Decline of the U.S. Empire: The Road Forward for
Working People," 6:30 pm, 802 Monroe. 662-5189.
*HRD--Wkshps, "Financial Administration Of Federal Grants," 8:30-11:30 am;
"Editing Techniques," 1:30-3:30 pm, 1111 Kipkee Dr. "Intro To Univ
Stores," 8:30 am-noon, 3600 Varsity Dr. Reg req. 764-7410.
*Intercoll Athlet--Hockey, U-M vs Chicago, 7:30 pm, Yost Ice Arena.
*Kelsey --Course, J Atema, "A Blast From The Past: Sound Reconstruction Of
The World's Earliest Music," 8 pm, Angell Hall Aud B Reg req. 764-9304.
Lowbrow Astron--Mtg & Lec, P Etzler, "Lowell, Mars, & The Beginning Of
Modern Planetology," 7:30 pm, Detroit Observ. 434-5668.
Sch Music--*Play, Univ Players, Talk Radio, 8 pm, Trueblood; Carillon Recital,
M Halsted, 7 pm, Burton Memorial Tower, Univ & Chamber Choir, 8 pm,
Hill Aud; Wind Ensemble, 8 pm, Rackham Aud. 763-4726.
*Dept Rec Sports--3-day Sleeping Bear Dunes trip begs, meet at NCRB Conf
Rm. 763-4560.
*Eclipse-.Concert, G Scott-heron, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Thtre. 763-TKTS.
*Women's Athletics--Volleyball, U-M vs Illinois, 7:30 pm, Intramural Bldg.
M-CARE--Open house, 5-7 pm, 325 Briarwood Cr. 936-9538.
Philosophy--Lec, D Pears, "The Reductive Argument About Rule Following In
Philosophical Investigations," 4 pm, 2225 Angell Hall.
Ctr S & SE Asian Stds--Brown-Bag Lunch Lec, D Khin Yi, "The Role of The
Dobama Asiayone In The Independence Movement Of Burma," 12:10-1 pm,
Lane Hall Commons Rm. 767-2082.
Univ Lutheran Chapel--Video & game night, 7:30 pm, 1511 Washtenaw 663-
EECS--Control Sem, A W Olbrot, "Robustness of Time-Delay Systems," 4 pm,
EECS Rm 1311. 747-2045.
Chem--Sem, E Munck, "Valence Delocalization & Magnetism: Spin Coupling in
Fe-S Clusters & Novel Clusters with MFe3S4 Cores," 2 pm, Chem Rm 1400.
Nuclear Engr--Refreshments, 3:30 pm; Colloquium, G T Baldwin, "A New
Method For Measuring The Photon Enegry Spectrum for Flash X-Ray
Sources," 3:45 pm, Cooley Bldg White Aud. 764-4260.
Anthropol--Colloquium, J Comaroff, "Colonization of Consciousness & the
Consciousness of Colonization in South Africa," 4 pm, 4560 LSA.
Black Sdt Psycholog Assoc/Psychol/Ofc Minor Affrs--Lec, V Mays,
"Critical Psychological Issues Surrounding AIDS in the Black Community:
1988 & 1991," 2:45 pm, Mich Union Pond Rm. 764-0309.
Black Thtre Wkshp--Black Nativity Auditions, 6-11 pm, Freize Bldg Rm
2518. 764-5627.
*Exhibit Museum Planetarium--Shows: "Star Talk," 11:30 am; "Voyager 2
at Uranus," 2 & 3 pm, Nat Sci Mus 4th fl, corner Geddes-Washtenaw.
*Alum Assoc--Go Blue Brunch, 10 am-noon, Track & Tennis Bldg. Res req.
*AAFC--Film, Sawdust & Tinsel, 7 pm; Brink of Life, 8:30 pm, Angell Aud A.
*Intercolleg Athlet--Football, U-M vs Indiana, 3:30 pm, Mich Stadium.
*U-M-Flint--See Oct 21.
Henderson House--Reunion, 4 pm, 1330 Hill St. 668-6774.
*Hillel Fdn--Perf, Yoram Boker Mime Troupe, 8 pm, Mendelssohn Thtre 769-
Sch Music--*Play, Univ Players, Talk Radio, 8 pm, Trueblood; Concert,
"Contemporary Directions," 8 pm, Rackham. 764-0450.
*Women's Athletics--Volleyball, U-M vs Purdue, 7:30 pm, Intramural Bldg.
M-CARE--health Fair, 10 am-2 pm, 9398 Lilly Rd. 936-9538.
Sdt Woodshop--Safety Class For New Shop Users Pt 1, 9-11 am, SAB 763-
Guild House--Dawntreaders Mtg, 7:30 pm, 802 Monroe St. 662-5189
Zen Buddhist Temple--Korean svc, 11 am-12:30 pm; Meditation svc, 5-7 pm,
1214 Packard Rd. 761-6520.
*Exhibit Museum Planetarium--Show: "Voyager 2 at Uranus," 2 & 3 pm,
Nat Sci Mus 4th fl, comer Geddes-Washtenaw. 764-0478.
Lord of Light Lutheran Church--Worship, 10 am, 801 S Forest 668-7622.
Ofc Minor Affrs/Friends UMMA--Film, Sherpas, 2-3 pm, Angell Hall Aud
D; Discuss of Sherpa People, S Ortner, 3:10-4 pm, Mus Art. 764-0395.
*U-M-Flint--Play, Working, 2:30 pm, U-M-Flint Thtre. 762-3032.


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