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October 03, 1988 - Image 9

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The Michigan Daily, 1988-10-03

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The Michigan Dily - Monday, October 3, 1988 - Page 9

.Reshaping the U.S. Le
- Popular Struggles in ti
/olume Three of The Year
8d. by Mike Davis and Michael
: Paperback/$14.95
If you listen to the Reaganauts
long enough, it becomes easy to
believe that the '80s have brought us
:inot only the "peace and prosperity".
: ,eagan claims they have, but also a
political climate in which few
Americans would disagree with such
'an assessment. As the third volume
'of The Year Left makes clear,
however, "perhaps the best-kept me-
tija secret of the 'decade of the right
trn' is "that the popular left in
North America has undergone a
'genuine renaissance."
The Year Left publishing pro-
.ject, begun three years ago, an-
nually brings together essays from a
variety of leftist perspectives in an
attempt to analyze and debate the
prospects for socialist activism in
"'he Americas. Billed as "socialist
Yearbooks," its snapshots have
offered stirring confirmation of the
revitalization of the left while foster-
'ing an atmosphere in which dis-
- Agreernents about the shape and
'direction of its future can be aired.


The third volume is no exception.
Concentrating on the U.S. and
Canadian peace and labor move-
ments, its 12 essays raise a number
of complicated issues: to what extent
should the left try and reach the
public on its own terms, and how
might it, conversely, challenge pop-
ular ideology without alienating the
people it is trying to attract? How
does one balance an effective organ-
ization with claims of personal
commitment and radical democracy?
How can the voices of people of
color be heard in peace movements
that are predominantly white and
middle class or in labor unions that
are historically sexist and racist?
Van Gosse's essay on the Central
American solidarity movement in
North America and Michael Kazin's
piece on the political language of the
U.S. Labor Movement both argue
that the left needs to be more
sensitive about approaching the
public on its own terms. If most
U.S. citizens disagree with Reagan's

Central Americas fiasco because they
are anti-interventionists, then organ-
izations like CISPES or, here in
Ann. Arbor, LASC, have no
business pushing people to adopt a
position of solidarity with the
peoples of Nicaragua and El
Salvador. And, writes Kazin, if most
United States citizens do not think
in terms of "class," then labor had
damn better phrase its arguments in
a language those citizens will
understand by appealing to their
populist and pro-American instincts.
What such a narrow utilitarian
view fails to account for, however,
are the ways in which such com-
promises affect ends as well as
means. A strictly anti-interven-
tionist strategy makes it difficult to
raise money for the El Salvador
guerrillas or to counter Reagan's
Sandinista bashing. Populistic and
patriotic rhetoric, as Kazin himself
is forced to admit, encourages racist
jingoism. Phrases like "the people"
deny the importance of class,
perpetrating the illusion that all
Americans are middle-class.
Most seriously, this strategy
squashes the possibilities of ima-
gining alternatives and pushing for
change. As John Trinkl notes in his
essay "Struggles for Disarmament in

the USA," such pragmatism would
have made it impossible for the civil
rights movement to imagine it could
challenge Jim Crow Laws and
impossible for the mere handful of
anti-war protesters in the early '60s
to believe that the huge marches of
the late '60s would ever happen.
Trinkl's comments on the dangers
of bureaucratization in SANE/Freeze
reappear as criticisms of "business
unionism" in nearly every essay on
labor in the collection. All reveal
union leaderships turning on their
own people for refusing to accept the
concessionary contracts and "team
concept" strategies - both of which
have become hallmarks of mana-
gerial doublespeak in the '80s.
Depressing as this is, the articles in
question offer an aspiring glimpse at
what democratic rank-and-file un-
ionism could become.
The issue of race brings into
focus one of the central challenges
for both the peace movement and the
future of U.S. labor: the need to
shape their priorities in ways that
address the concerns and encourage
the participation and leadership of
people of color. There will be no
mass socialist movement in this
country unless these challenges are
met, a point well made by the two

best pieces in the volume, Margaret
Fitzsimmons' and Robert Gottlieb's
essay "A New Environmental
Politics" and David Roediger's cri-
tique "Labor in White Skin': Race
and Working-class History."
Fitzsimmons and Gottlieb pro-
pose an environmental politics that
challenges the quality of urban life,
linking its deplorable condition to
industry's ruthless exploitation of
natural resources and of people, es-
pecially minorities. Roediger makes
an impassioned plea that the labor
movement learn to see anti-ra-cism
as integral to worker eman-cipation
instead of continually fore-grounding
Together, these two essays sum
up what is best in The Year Left
project: in their willingness to
challenge rather than passively
accept both popular opinion and
traditional leftist categories, they
bring together movements built
around issues which, like the peace

and labor movements, seem to have
little in common. Most importantly,
their imaginative suggestions for
how women and people of color
might lead the left of the '90s
provides hope that The Year Left 3
might one day be remembered as a
significant precursor of the future
rather than as yet another antiquarian
curiosity from the past.
- Mike Fischer

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Computing Ctr--Cours
noon; dBASE III P
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Processing, 10 am-n
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Career Exploration,
E Hoover: "Orga
Individuals," 8:30 a
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11:30 am, Kelloggt
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noon, Lane Hall C
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Plus Pt 2, 1-5 pm;I
Rm 3001 SEB. Re
Soc Women Engr--Pre-
EECS--Sems, W Rounds
Natural Language P
Hosp Arts Prog--Perf, M
& Asia," 2 pm, Hos
*HRD--Wkshps, "Copin
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Committee for Inaugu
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Univ Lib--CD-ROM inst
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-5 pm; In Rm 4003 SEB: Basic Concepts of Word Aud. 764-1315.
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Biomedical Applications," 4-5 pm, 1017 Dow Bldg.
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im-noon. Reg req. 764-7410. CEW--Women & Sci Wkshp, 7-9 pm, Mich Union Anderson Rm. 763-7225
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Aud. Reg req. 764-2556. 9:30 pm, CEW. Reg req. 763-7080.
g--Mtg for new volunteers, 7-8 pm, Ford Amphi 936- Computing Ctr--Courses, MTS Visual Editing Basic Skills, 1-3 pm; MTS Visual
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ations," 8 am, Towsley Ctr. 763-1400. Soc Women Engr--Pre-Interviews, Conoco, 6-8 pm, 1303 EECS; General
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Sdt Svcs/Inti Ctr--Lunch discuss series, "The Lobby; Official delegates recep, 7-9 pm, Rackham Assembly Hall, invit only.
rsity: Our ISM's defined & explored," noon-1:30 pm, Russian & E Europ Stds--Brown-bag lec, J Burbank & B Rosenberg,
ms 4 & 5 1st fl. "Roundtable: The Current Scene In The USSR," noon, Lane Hall Commons.
p-In Lunch, noon, Mich Union Univ Club. 764-2539. *Dept Rec Sports--Bike repair clinic, 7-8:30 pm, NCRB Outdoor rec 763-
eHosp- -Brown-bag video, "Symptoms & Effects of 4560.
:10-12:55 pm, Child & Adoles Psych Hosp 3rd fl Conf *Women's Athletics--Volleyball, U-M vs Mich State, 7:30 pm, Criser Arena.
, R W Fleming, "Student Unrest-The Turbulent Years," Handbell Ringers--Mtg, 4 pm, 900 Burton Tower. 764-2539.
Rm 165. Indust & Ops Engr--Sem, Y Gerchak, "The Structure of Periodic Review
Sem, "Communicating With Employers," 4:10-5 pm, Policies In The Presence of Random Yield," 4 pm, 241 IOE.
Psychiatry/Psychiatric Hosp--Brown-Bag Video, "Manic Depressive &
Webb, "Design Ideas For Fish Creators," 4 pm, 1046 Depressive Association," 12:10-12:55 pm, Child & Adoles Psych Hosp 3rd F1
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CSMIL--Sem, 3:30 pm, 1301 EECS. 747-4948.
p Alma College Print Exhib, 4:30-6:30 pm, Slusser Amer Assoc Univ Prof--Lec, N H McClamroch, "Is There A Future For
Education In The University," 12:30 pm, Alumni Ctr.
pel--Prayer, study & fellowship, 7:30 pm,. 1511 M-CARE--Orient mtg, noon-1 pm, Hosp Rm 2C224. 747-8700.
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g for college bowl & mini-courses, 9 am-5 pm, UAC. Career Plan & Place--Wkshps, "Sharpening Your Interview Skills," 4:10-5
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ion. 763-4186. 5560.
-Chanting svc, 7-8 pm, 1214 Packard Rd. 761-6520. Handbell Ringers--Mtg, 4 pm, 900 Burton Tower. 764-2539.
rco, "Structure & Function of the Lipophosphoglycans of Sdts Objectivism--Discuss, 7:30 pm, Mich Union Rm 2209. 996-4141.
s," noon, 6423 Med Sci I1936-1149. *Univ Activities Ctr.-Laughtrack comedy, E "Champrella & M Blackman, 10
wn-bag lec, A Feuerwerker, "Doing History in China," pm, Mich Union Univ Club. Reg for mini-courses, 9 am-5 pm, UAC 763-
all Commons. 764-6308. 1107
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Microsoft Word Columns & Tables (Macintosh), 1-3 pm, OCTOBER 6
req. 763-7630.
Interview, Amoco, 6-8 pm, 1500 EECS. 763-5027. United Coalition Against Racism--Mtg, 6 pm, Mich Union. 936-1809.
"Information, Syntax & Semantics;" S Lytinen, "Unified Ctr Japanese Stds--Brown-bag lec, B Leithauser, "Japan as It Isn't: The Writer &
rocessing," 4-5 pm, EECS Rm 1500. 763-9074. the Exotic," noon, Lane Hall Commons Rm. 764-6307.
4 Srirama & Friends, "Classical & Folk Dances of India *Zen Buddhist Temple--Intro Meditation Course, 6:30-8:30 pm, 1214 Packard
p Lobby 1st fl. 936-ARTS. Rd. Reg req. 761-6520.
g With Criticism & Negative Feedback," 1:30-4:30 pm; *Mich League--Classic French, 4:30-7:30 pm, League Buffet.
rt 1:. Grammar-A Modem Review," 8:30 am-noon; "Part GLOW (Gays & Lesbians Older & Wiser)--Mtg, "Lonliness," 7-9 pm,
hts & Responsibilities," 8:30 am-noon, 1111 Kipkee Dr. 1010 Wall St. 764-2556.
U-M-Dearborn--See Oct 5.
ration--Sdt Leadership Lunch, 11:45 am, Mich Union Evolution & Human Behav Prog--Sem, A Lloyd, "Subject Funded Research
Strategies in Primatology," 4 pm, Rackham E Le Rm. 936-2526.
ruct, 5:30-7 pm, Grad Lib Rm 205C. 936-2363. *HRD--3-session wkshp begs, "Heart Disease Prevention, Assessing Your Risks,"
rch Ctr--Colloquium, J Moore, "Design & Synthesis 7-9 pm, 1111 Kipkee Dr. Reg req. 764-7410.
acromolecules," 4 pm, Chem Rm 1300. 763-2316. Committee for Inauguration--Inauguration ceremony, 10:30-11:30 am, Hill
ley & S Swallow, 8 & 10 pm, 637 1/2 S Main St763- Aud; Outdoor publ recep, 11:30 am-1 pm, Ingalls Mall; Sdt picnic, 11:30 am-
3 pm, Palmer Field; Univ recep, 3-4:30 pm, Power Ctr Lobby
reer & Univ Chamber Orchestra, 8 pm, Hill Aud. 763- *Prog Judaic Stds/LSA/Hillel Fdn--Film Good-bye, Columbus, 7 pm, 603
E Liberty. 763-9047.
':30-8:30 am, Hosp Rm 2A201. 747-8700. *Ofc Cont Med Ed--2-day course begs, 12:30 pm, Towsley Ctr.- Reg req. 763-
back pre-trip mtg, 7 pm, NCRB Conf Rm 763-4560. 1400.
cs, C Shipman, "Strategies for the Chemotheraphy of Russian & E Europ Stds--Sem, M Peelman-Fuscaldo, "Career Opportunities In
ions " 7:30 nm: R Rohersnn "T, Frtureof plvm,,,, Russian & East European Studies." 4 pm. Lane Hall Commons.

M-CARE--Orient mtg, 3:30-4:30 pm, Hosp Rm 1H203. 747-8700.
Hillel Fdn--Holocaust Mtg, 6:30 pm, 339 E Liberty. 769-0500.
Career Plan & Place--Intro to CP&P, 10:30-11 am, CP&P; Wkshps: "Federal
Government Job Search," 4:10-5 pm, CP&P; "Medical School Personal
Essay," 4:10-5 pm, CP&P. 764-7460.
Univ LutheraneChapel--Study of Vital Issues, 7 pm; Doctrine Class, 8 pm,
1511 Washtenaw, 663-5560.
Univ Activities Ctr--Band, Soundstage, 10 pm, Mich Union Univ Club; Reg
for mini-courses, 9 am-5 pmn, UAC. 763-1107
Ctr Japanese Stds--Film, Early Summer, 7 pm, Lorch Hall Aud.
Gay Liberation--Brothers coffee house, 8 pm, Guild House, 802 Monroe St.
Tae Kwon Do Club--Mtg, 6-8 pm, 1200 CCRB. Begins welcome. 662-8637.
Anthropol--Colloquium, R Rouse, "Engaging Discipline, Culture & Class Among
Mexican Migrants to. the United States," 4 pm, 4560 LSA.
*AAFC--Films, Crisis: Behind A Presidential Commitment, & The Making of the
President, 7 pm; The Best Man, 9 pm, Nat Sci Aud. 769-7787.
Bio Chem--Sem, V C Hascall, "Metabolism of Cartilage Proteoglycans," noon,
5330 Med Sci I. 936-1149.
CSSEAS--Brown-Bag Lec, R Murphey, "Urbanization & Modernization in the
Context of South Asia," 12:10 pm, Lane Hall Commons.
Computing Ctr--Courses in Rm 3001 SEB: Microsoft Word Review Lab, -8:30-
9:30 am; MacDraw, 10 am-noon; Microsoft Word Advanced Formatting (IBM
PC & Compatibles), 10 am-noon; MTS Basic Skills, 1-4 pi; Microsoft Word
Outlining & Style Sheets (IBM PC & Compatibles), 1-4 pm; In Rm 4212
SEB: Intro to Computing, 10 am-noon; Access & Intro to Large-Scale
Scientific Computing," 1-3 pm; In Rm 4003 SEB: Producing Technical
Documents with TEXTEDIT, 10 am-noon. Reg req. 763-7630.
EECS--Sem, G Rizzoni, "Application of Failure Detection Filters to the Diagnosis
of Sensor & Actuator Failures in Electronically Controlled Engines," 4 pm,
EECS Rm 1301.
*HRD--Wkshps, "Editing Techniques," 1:30-3:30 pm; "Overview of Univ Budgets
& Accounting," 8:30 am-noon, 1111 Kipkee Dr. Reg req. 764-7410.
*ICLE--Wkshp, "How to Prepare for the Flood Arising From the 1987 Act's Thaw
of the 1987 Act's Thaw of the Estate Freeze," 1-3:30 pm, 1020 Greene St.
Reg req. 764-0533.
Sch Music--Concert, Symph & Concert Bands, 8 pm, Hill Aud. 763-4726.
Philosophy--Lec, T Morrison, "Unspeakable Things Unspoken: Afro-American
Presence In American Literature," 4 pm, Rackham Lec Hall 764-6285.
Psychiatry/Psychiatric Hosp--Brown-Bag Video, "CNN Documentary "Peace
of Mind," 12:10-12:55 pm, Child & Adoles Psych Hosp 3rd Fl Conf Rm 764-
Pop Stds Ctr/Bio/Econom--2-day sem begs, "Genetics & Demography," 8:30
am, Rackham Amphi. 763-7143.
M-CARE--Orient mtg, 7:30-8:30 pm, Fuerstenberg Sdt Ctr Rm F2747 747-8700.
Hillel Fdn--Grads & Professionals Potluck, 7:30 pm, Law Quad Lawyer's Club.
Hist/Afroamerican & Afr Stds--Lec, E Foner, "Writing the History of
Reconstruction," 1:30 pm, Mich League Rm D.
Univ Lutheran Chapel--Video & game night, 7:30 pm, 1511 Washtenaw 663-
U-M-Dearborn--Prog, "Sunset Serendipity," 6:30 pm, main entrance Fairlane
Drive. 593-5556.
Folkdance Club--Folkdancing, Intermediate & Advanced Teach, 8-9 pm;
Requests, 9-11 pm, Mich Union Anderson Rm. 747-2156.
Devp &4Reprod .Bio--Poster Day, 1-5 pm, 300 N Ingalls Bldg 11th Fl 763-
Univ Lib--CD-ROM Instruct, 10-11:30 am, Grad Lib Rm 205C. 936-2363.
Univ Activities Ctr--Reg for mini-courses, 9 am-5 pm, UAC. 763-1107.
Indust & Ops Engr--Sem, A Boneh, "Is Chess A Game Of Luck," 4 pm, 241
Political Econ--Sem, H Magdoff, "The Significance of Perestroika," 3:30 pm,
361 Lorch Hall
*Ruthven Planetarium Thtre--Shows: "Star Talk," 11:30 am; "Voyager 2 at
Uranus," 2 & 3 pm, Nat Sci Mus 4th fl, cor--ner Geddes-Washtenaw.
*AAFC--.Fims, The Decline of Western Civilization 11: The Metal Years, 7 &
10:15 pm; The Decline of Western Civilization, 8:30 pm, MLB3 769-7787.
Football--U-M vs Mich State, time TBA, Mich Stadium.
*Rackham/Sch Music/Bus Ad--Perf, "Some Enchanted Evening," 8 pm,
Power Ctr, Supper & dancing, 9:30 pm-mdngt, Rackham. Tickets req.
Kelsey- -Course, D Fisher, "Late Ice Age Hunters in Europe & North America," 10
am, 180 Tappan. Reg req. 764-9304.
Lowbrow Astronomers--Star party, begs at sunset, Peach Mount Observ 434-
*Sch Music--Opera, Sch Music fac, Univ Symphony Orchestra & Choirs, 8 pm,
.Power Ctr Sdt Organ Recital, J Nissen, 8 pm, 608 E William. 763-4726.
Philosophy--Symposium, T Morrison, 9 am, Mod Lang Bldg Aud 4 764-6285.
*Dept Rec Sports--Rockclimbing trip, 7:30 am-6 pm, NCRB Conf Rm763-
Zen Buddhist Temple--Lec, J Bass, "American Buddhist Practice: A Personal
Account," 7:30 pm, 1214 Packard Rd. 761-6520.
Sdt Woodshop--Safety Class for New Shop Users Pt 1, 9-11 am, SAB 763-
Hillel Fdn--Film, To Kill A Mockingbird, 8:30 pm, Angell Hall Aud A 769-
Zen Buddhist Temple--Korean svc, 11 am-12:30 pm; Meditation svc, 5-7 pm,
1214 Packard Rd. 761-6520.
*Ruthven Planetarium Thtre--Show: "Voyager 2 at Uranus." 2 & 3 pm. Nat


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