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March 25, 1987 - Image 2

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The Michigan Daily, 1987-03-25

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Page 2 - The Michigan Daily - Wednesday, March 25, 1987

RD urges student involvement

Compiled from Associated Press reports


(Continued from Page 1)
because some residents were being
just a bit too loud.
"It's hard to get the best of her,"
he said.
As a Couzens RD, Hackel was
concerned about the racist flier
incident last February, in which a
student slipped a facsimile of an
Ohio hunting license, declaring
"open season" on blacks, under the
door of a lounge where some black
students were studying
"I was very upset that in my
home that would happen.It really
bothered me. It pissed me off," she
"Anybody who wants to can
hold any view they want. I think a
lot of people hold very bizarre
views and very incorrect views, but
they are entitled to hold them," she
"But when they start inflicting
themf on somebody else, they start
threatening somebody else -
which is what that flier was
Think You're Pregnant?
Free Pregnancy Test
Completely Confidential
Family Life Services
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interpreted as."
HACKEL said she admires the
student involvement in the
demonstrations that are fighting
racism on campus. "I think what
people have decided is that they're
not going to let it go by anymore. I
think that's what all these protests
are about."
Hackel supports the United
Coalition Against Racism, but not
BAM III because its members seem
to exclude non-blacks in their
demonstrations. To her, that is
exactly what they are fighting
Her door is covered with anti-war
posters, several Far Side cartoons,
and a "random creative work of the

week." She believes people should
keep an openrmind when it comes
to controversial issues. Still,
people have regularly torn fliers
advertising gay/lesbian organi -
zations off the board.
"I try to make my bulletin board
pretty bizarre. I try to put up the
strangest things I possibly can -
just to make people more aware of
College, Hackel said, is as a
place to get an education in life, not
just in classroom subjects.
"So many people come here and
they read what they're supposed to
read, and they study what they're
supposed to study and then they
leave. I don't think that's what you

get an education for. You've got to
learn something and not just spit
facts back out. That's why I put
bizarre things up on my bulletin
board, too."
One of the privileges of being an
RD is a large apartment. The walls
of Hackel's room are papered with
bookshelves stacked two rows deep,
and its closet contains a small
mushroom farm.
But the center of attention is the
Kaypro computer on her desk where
she writes. "It can keep up with
me; typewriters can't. The little
ball just can't spin fast enough,"
she explained.

Dems. favor housing millage

(Continued from Page 1)
the $4 million will be used. "There
is no site, no builder, and no
backing for the millage," said
The three candidates then turned
their attention to the issue of crime
in Ann Arbor.
Pierce said Ann Arbor has a
relatively low number of robberies
as compared to other U.S. cities.
He attributed the city's increased
crime rate to the increased poverty
level throughout the United States.

Campbell was grilled on his
solutions to the crime problem in
the city. He wants to increase
police visibility in high crime areas
by hiring more officers. He
supports enlarging the police force
to allow quicker response to calls.
Epton drew applause when he
said the police programs in the city
need to be better organized and that
the city needs to look at problems
in Ann Arbor instead of blaming
them on people who come in from

Mickey moves
PARIS (AP) - Mickey Mouse
and the Magic Kingdom are coming
to Europe, under a contract Premier
Jacques Chirac signed yesterday for
a $2 billion Disney theme park
outside Paris.
The world's fourth Disney park
is to open in 1992 on a 4,400-acre
site in rural Marne -la-Valee, 20
miles east of Paris.
"We think France is the ideal
country to welcome
EurodisneylanO," Michael Eisner,
president of the Walt Disney Co.,
said at the signing ceremony.

Iranian speaker warns U. S.
NICOSIA, Cyprus - The speaker of Iran's Parliament said
yesterday that Americans around the world would be in danger if the
United States launches an attack in the Persian Gulf, where U.S. Navy
forces have been strengthened.
Hashemi Rafsanjani also renewed Iran's offer to intervene with pro-
Iranian Shiite Moslem kidnappers in Lebanon for the release of
Americans if Washington returns an estimated $5 billion in Iranian
assets frozen in 1979.
The United States says Iran has deployed anti-ship missiles in the
Strait of Hormuz, the 40-mile-wide southern gateway to the Persian
Gulf through which 20 percent of the non-communist world's oil
This has revived fears that the Iranians will try to close the strait.
Opponents of Contra aid
fail to shut down filibuster
WASHINGTON - Senate opponents of aid to the Nicaraguan
Contras failed again yesterday to shut down a filibuster and move
toward a vote on a six-month halt in military assistance to the rebels.
The vote was evenly divided, or 10 votes short of the 60 needed to
end a filibuster.
Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd (D-W. Va.) said another
attempt would be made today and possibly yet another on Thursday. "It
depends on how much gain we make," he said.
A first attempt to choke off the filibuster failed on Monday, with 46
senators favoring it and 45 voting against it.
Female prison guard killed
JACKSON, Mich. - A female prison guard, apparently working
alone, was killed yesterday and at least two prisoners were questioned
after her body was found in a stairwell at the State Prison for Southern
Michigan, officials said.
Inmates in the prison's maximum-security Central Complex were
confined to their cells after the body of Josephine McCallum, of
Lansing was discovered, said Corrections Department spokesman Jim
He said at least two inmates had been segregated from other inmates
and were being questioned in the guard's killing, the second in
Michigan prison history. The death was being treated as a homocide and
as an isolated incident, Curran said.
He said a food-service employee found the woman's body at about
8:20 a.m. near an auditorium in the prison's Central Complex.
New therapy provides hope
for victims of brain cancer
SAN DIEGO - A new form of therapy is providing "some hope"
for the first time for victims of the most common form of brain cancer,
which until now has been quickly and relentlessly fatal, a researcher
Among the 60 patients who have received the experimental therapy
so far is Dick Howser, who resigned as manager of the Kansas City
Royals baseball team this winter after attempting a comeback following
Doctors are unsure whether they have cured anyone with the new
approach, but some of their patients are still alive long after such
victims usually die.


What independent
suspension does for
your BMW, Kaepa
does for .your foot.




,, p;. _..

C :. ..




- The independent back half,
the upper vamp, supports the -
arch, instep and heel.

- Full collar and collar lin-
ing deliver cushioning
and support of entire
rear foot area.

Molded insole with energy absorbing
insets improves overall fit. Removable
arch cookie gives superior support
~~for high and low arches.

Conscience-stricken citizens
contribute copious cash
WASHINGTON - It was a banner year for guilt in 1986. Just ask
the U.S. Treasury.
Ameircans who believed they had defrauded the government
voluntarily sent in $380, 949.49 last year, an al-time high for the
"conscience fund," set up to allow people to repay Uncle Sam for
everything from twice-used postage stamps to old Army uniforms.
James Madison was in the White House when the Treasury
Department fund was started back in 1811 with a payement of $5 sent
in by am anonymous donor who wanted to make restitution.
Over the years, $5.7 million has been received. The donations last
year were up almost 50 percent from the previous year. The total was
boosted by one contribution of $50,000 which arrived by check without
any note of explanation from someone in Missouri.
"This afternoon I found the enclosed coin (10 cents) on the
pavement. I am unable to determine who the owner is," wrote one
exceptionally scrupulous individual.
If you see news happen, call 76-DAILY.
01 he 3ic1)igun Butt~
The Michigan Daily (ISSN 0745-967 X) is published Monday through
Friday during the fall and winter terms. Subscription rates: September
through April-$18 in Ann Arbor; $35 outside the city. One
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New Kaepa pillar sole be
adds to comfort and play- L.. Interchangeable Snap-In
ing traction. The traction Logos TM are available in
pads increase durability a variety of colors.
and cusoningatheel Midsole is EVA with lightweight, high energy
polyurethane foam slugs that supply excellent
shock absorption for the life of the shoe.

The K-100 SonterraTM for men.
The K-110 FinesseTM for women.

If you look at the photo closely, you'll
see that the Kaepa shoe's upper is actu-
ally two independently moving parts.
Each part is secured to your foot by a sep-
arate lace.
This solves the problem of conventional
athletic shoes, which may fit perfectly when
you're standing still, but distort when your
foot flexes, pinching down at the top of
your foot and bulging out at the heel.

When you move your foot, Kaepa's two
parts move like a body joint, smoothly mim-
icking your foot's flexing action.
The result is quicker, easier, more precise
footwork. And comfort that doesn't stop
when you start moving.
Kaepa makes shoes for tennis, aerobics,
fitness, and basketball.
So whatever your sport is, there's a Kaepa
that'll give you a $30,000 ride.

44 Kaepa.

Say "Kay-pa"

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