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January 23, 1987 - Image 11

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The Michigan Daily, 1987-01-23
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M.-imped-unreasonably during her
junior and senior years.
Laura is from Muskegon, and
Continued from Page 9 says that Ann Arbor is a very
expensive town. "Everything is
Laura has found many problems higher in Ann Arbor, especially
with the University's office of clothing. It's such a big
financial aid, while she was discrepancy. It's amazing.
struggling to pay tuition. She said "It's a little disheartening to go
she could not meet the financial to school here when you have
expectations the office had for her. people in October planning which
The amount of money she was resort they'll go to in Colorado for
required to earn during the summers spring break... There is a lot of

,.. - ..
:;: , , , .
r ^ _
" - ,
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wealth around here, and it push
prices up. I worked in Ulrich's a
restaurants and stuff. You ha
people who come in a lot and don
look at prices.
"You get a little bitter."
Steve Counselman w
beginning his sophomore ye
when he was forced to drop out
school because of financ:
problems. This is the fourth ter
he's taking off from school to wo
for tuition money. Counselm
said he registered for courses for t
first term of his sophomore ye
but when the classes began h
name was not on any of the roste
He had a $500 hold credit on h
account, which he thought had be
taken care of during the summe
and his financial aid had not be
processed. He checked with t
registrar and discovered that he w
not even a student anymore.
"That left a real bitter taste
my mouth," Counselman said. I
dropped out of school to work.
said to hell with it and decided
stand back from it for a while to g
the money back to get in." He
now a stockman in a grocery store
Counselman comes from t
Upper Peninsula, an area financial
strapped and economical
depressed. He said he had problem
adjusting to the University and An

es Arbor coming from a small, guys," Counselman said. "I was an
nd impoverished town. arrogant overbearing ass. I've
tye "I should have been more careful mellowed out a lot. Life has been
n't with how I spent money freshman put in perspective for me. I've
year. I was overawed by the place. I never failed in anything - in high
was a country kid, a hick... This is school, I cake-walked through.
as an expensive town to live in, the Failure is good for the soul."
mar cost of living is high. I still don't He-echoes the feeling that many
of know how to spend money." students who work to support
ial He said when he came to school themselves express: "Even though
rm his mother was unable to carry a I'm not in school, I'm still
irk job that could sent him to school expanding my horizons. I think I'm
an and his father was unemployed. a better person. I've suffered.
he "He's always felt bad about not Leaving school was one of the
ar, giving me money for school. I hardest things I've ever done. I'm a
his don't like asking for money. I'm better person for it. I haven't had
rs. pretty independent," Counselman my parents or the University
his said. protect me."
en It's been tough, emotionally and A friend stops in the room and
er, even physically, he said. In the asks to borrow $1.50. Counselman
en beginning, he did not have a house pulls out two dollar bills and hands
he and was staying illegally in his them over. He says he does not
vas friends' rooms in the dorms. He consider himself poor. "I could
said one of the toughest things for never do this a year ago," he said.
in him to do was to sell his music "It feels good."
He tapes so he could have some cash. Many other students at the
"I "One of my pride and joys in life University are also working their
to was my tape collection. There came way through school although they
get a time when I was selling my tapes may not come from backgrounds
is back to a used tape and record store. that are as financially disadvantaged.
e I loved my tapes like brothers and Residential College sophomore
he sisters. I sold them so I could get Beth Wesolowski said she has had
lly food to eat. I lived out of cans. I'd to move out of the dorm and drop
ly buy jumbo ravioli cans and eat out out of school winter term in order
Ms of them for days. to work to earn money to cover
nn "I was like a lot of freshman tuition. She does not receive

VOL. 5, NO. 13

]I the MfIidPan B tigq




"One a penny, two a penny, hot cross buns!"
Ooh, remember? Tongues as loose as
Mother Goose. And then you really had one,
and felt grown up.
A hot cross bun, and a cup of coffee... Mother
always said you'd be more than a little shaver
once she stopped making your coffee: half milk
and a ladle of sugar.
You may be asking yourself--"Has Ramona,
the Corner Market Coffee Lady,
swung wide the Door of Sentimentality?"
Yes, it"s true. Call it love. Call it nostalgia.
Call it a hot cross bun and a cup of java.
Ramona knows what's good. And so do you.
Come for yours at the Corner Market.
As I always say, If you haven't been to the
Corner Market lately, Honey, you haven't been
to market!

The University of Michigan Housing Division
The Housing Division is looking for well-qualified candidates to serve as resident staff
members in Residence Halls. We specifically are looking for students interested in:
-Serving as positive academic and group living role models 4
-Fostering a spirit of community
-Developing and strengthening leadership, communication and group skills and
-Developing programs for a diverse student population.
Sunday, January 25, 1987 - 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.
Tuesday, January 27, 1987 - 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Representatives from the Housing Division will be there to provide information and
answer questions regarding candidate qualifications, selection processes and job
expectations. Applications are available only at these meetings.
An Equal Opportunity, Affirmative Action Employer
n a - t
L N7MiE ._'.v--
P. 9 5' *

financial aid, but she, and not her
parents, is responsible for paying
her entire tuition. "I'm taking this
semester off because I owe tuition,
room, and board from last
semester... I cannot register with
this debt and if I did, I could not
remain registered," she said.
Wesolowski said that she worked
25 to 30 hours a week while going
to school last term, and the
workload caused her to fail two out
of three classes she took. She said
the times she worked often
prevented her from socializing with
her friends, but she says she feels
better having worked for her
education than having received a
free ride from her parents.
Fetterman said he has learned
tricks to get by when the money
isn't available. Rent is major
"I knew I wasn't going to have
the money for a while, so I gave
him (the landlord) a check that I
knew would bounce. By the time it
got back to him, I knew I would
have money to pay him the cash,"
he said. "You learn to play a lot of
tricks like that. At the end of most
terms I had a hold credit on because
I didn't pay all the tuition. I'd write
a check to the hold credit the day I
had to register and it would go
through. Two days later the check
would bo'unce, but I'd be registered
Richardson also finds herself
struggling to get by. The choices,
she says, are not always easy.
"In my situation you would
really have to plan down to the last
penny. I don't do that. I have to
live with not having food in my
refrigerator and not going to movies
Friday nights. I just have to live
with it."

Weekdays 7:30 a.m.-
Weekends 12 noon- 7
Michigan Union, gr
Bring in this ad
the purchase of
EXP. 2115/87

"12 midnight
ound floor

for 1/2 off 1 cup of coffee with
a hot cross bun.

Plus: XTC

'Critical Condition'

Interview: Leo Heati


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