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October 27, 1986 - Image 8

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The Michigan Daily, 1986-10-27

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Page 8 - The Michigan Daily - Monday, October 27, 1986

The solution to

your midterm

By Seth Flicker
It's over, folks. I hate to say it
but you're finished. Or at least
almost all finished. The excitement
and adventure are gone.
Mid-terms are over.
The consequences are tough: no
late, late nights at the library, no
cramming a term's worth of
statistics into one night, no more
speed reading Tolstoy an hour
before the big exam. The post-mid-
term boredom is setting in. "What
to do now" you ask.
Don't worry. This six week
interim until finals can be the most
exciting part of your year at
Michigan. There're frat parties, late
nights at Rick's, quiet nights at the
Ark. There is more to life than

socializieg, though. Films are the andStan
Great Escape, and the most reliable summer
sorce of entertainment on campus. missed.
This week is the perfect time to growing
catch a flick: it's raining and with an
you're still getting over the respectiv
"excitement" of mid-terms. On top and Rob
of that, some of the finest modern Jeff Go
and classic films are currently being starring'
shown. that you
First of all, now is the time to Of the
catch up the summer's biggest hits. unusual
If you haven't seen Aliens, do so Peggy
now. The sequel to Ridley Scott's Kathleen
classic Alien, this flick stars who get
Sigourney Weaver returning to the her past
planet where she just came from to starring
help the government get rid of a Newman
family of parasitic beasts. sequel to
Ferris Bueller's Day Off Trave

d By Me are two other
block-busters not to be
They are the typical
-up movies but spiced up
added flair by their
ve directors, John Hughes
Reiner. The Fly, starring
ldblum, and Top Gun,
Tom Cruise are two others
may want to catch.
e fall releases, there are an
amount of fine films.
Sue Got Married stars
n Turner as the lucky soul
s another chase at reliving
t. The Color of Money,
Tom Cruise and Paul
n, is Martin Scorese's the
The Husler.
ling to Briarwood can be

tough and, if you are not going to
Tuesday bargain night, first run
films prices can be a little steep.
Not to fret. The film groups on
campus have come up with some
really fine stuff this week. My
Beautiful Laundrette, the English
hit about a Pakastani who restores a
run-down laundry business, is
running tonight.
John Huston fans will thrill this
week. The African Queen, the
classic about Humphrey Bogart and
Katherine Hepburn on a deadly boat
ride through Africa, will be shown
tomorrow, while Key Largo plays
Wednesday.If you are sick of those
high-budget, trendy, block-busters,
then the Roger Corman (the king of
low-budget) double feature is right

up your alley.
Friday is Halloween and there is
no better way of starting off this
holiday then by taking in A n
American Werewolf in London, The
Hunger, Harold and Maude or the
first-run films Trick or Treat and
Deadly Friend. Saturday night the
campus film group Cinema Two
kicks off its artist's series with the

prize-winning film The Mystery of
Picasso, check listings for time and
There is no excuse to miss out
on these screen gems. Taking in a
film is a great substitute to
studying. The loss of mid-term
cramming is depressing. Don't
worry, though, you'll get over it.




ft r

ANN ARBOR 668-1551 " YPSILANTI 434-6120 o HOWELL 548-2832

You can listen to any of the medically accurate tapes listed below, FREE,
in the privacy of your home, by calling TEL-MED. Ask the TEL-MED operator for
each tape by its number. TEL-MED service hours are Monday through Friday,
9 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Saturdays, noon to 8 p.m.

Backaches, 37
Foot Care for Those with Poor
Circulation. 22
Headaches, 35
Leg Cramps & Aches, 47
Lumps & Bumps of Arms & Legs, 46
Neck Pains, 201
Slipped Discs, 194
Alcoholism: The Scope of the
Problem, 942
Drinking: Is It a Problem? 943
How AA Can Help the Problem
Drinker, 946
So You Love an Alcoholic, 945
To Drink or Not to Drink? 944
Amphetamines & Barbiturates
(Up & Down Drugs) 136
LSD, 134
Marijuana, 137
Narcotics, 138
Arthritis & Quackery, 131
Arthritis & Rheumatism, 127
Bursitis, 129
Gout, 126
Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) 519
Plastic Surgery for Rheumatoid
Arthritis of the Hands, 1037
Brain Damage Recovery, 725
Epilepsy, 125
Meningitis, 238
Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 825
Stroke & Apoplexy, 26
Bronchial Asthma, 576
Chronic Cough, 581
Dust Diseases. 580
Emphysema, 13
Hay Fever, 90
Bone, 520
Brain, 522
Breast, 6
Childhood Cancer, 189
Colon & Rectum, 180
Hodgkin's Disease, 184
Larynx, 523
Leukemia, 192
Lung, 179-
Mouth, 524
Prostate Gland, 176
Skin, 185
Stomach. 525
Thyroid, 190
Uterine, 186
Breast Cancer: Patient
Rehabilitation, 178
Breast Reconstruction
After Surgery, 1029
Cancer: The Curable Disease, 181
Cancer's Seven Warning Signals, 183
Drugs That Treat Cancer, 187
Mammography, 526

Pap Test: What Is It? 182
Patient Services & Rehabilitation, 177
Radiation Therapy, 188
Babies: Things To Do With
Your Baby, 5015
Babies: Touching & Crying
Needs, 5016,
Babies: What Can They Do? 5014
Should I Keep My Child Home
From School? 226
Speech Problems, 232
Stuttering & Other Speech Defects, 43
Thumbsucking, 48
Tics: An Outlet for Anxiety, 81
Basics of Infant Feeding, 5007
Bottlefeeding, 5011
Breastfeeding, 881
Breastfeeding: Beginning, 5009
Breastfeeding: More
Information, 5010
Breastfeeding: Preparation During
Pregnancy, 5008
The Young Child's Eating:
Pleasure or Problem? 403
Appendicitis: It's Still With Us, 78
Baby Teeth: How Important
Are They? 310
Chicken Pox, 229
Childhood Cancer, 189
Cleft Lip & Palate, 230
Croup, 225
Cystic Fibrosis, 236
Earache, 73
Hearing Loss, 21
Inoculations, 239
Little League Elbow, 1083
Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
(Small Child or Infant) 102
Mumps, 224
Muscular Dystrophy, 381
Pinworms, 75
Reye's Syndrome, 5005
Rheumatic Fever, 20
Scoliosis, 1168
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome
(SIDS) 262
Taking Baby's Temperature &
Giving Medications, 5013
Teething, 263
Whooping Cough, 237
Car Seat Safety, 399
Guidelines for Infant Safety, 5017
Medicines in the Home: Can They
Poison Your Child? 3
Sports Tips for Youngsters, 1082
Diabetes in Children, 233
Diabetic Diets, 609
Foot Care for the Diabetic, 22
Breakfast: Why Is It Important? 603
Diet Tips for Dental Health, 304
Guide to Good Eating, 604
Low Salt Diet, 601
Snacks, 608
Trace Minerals: How Important? 602
Vegetarian Diet, 599
Colitis & Bowel Disorders, 199
Diarrhea, 630
Diverticulosis & Diverticulitis, 662
Gallbladder Trouble, 631

Hemorrhoids, 4
Hepatitis, 162
Laxatives, 219
"Normal Bowel:" What Is It? 2
Peptic Ulcer, 196
Contact Lenses: Facts &
Fallacies, 473
From Hearing Loss to
Hearing Aid, 450
Glaucoma, 9
Hearing Loss From Noise, 451
Pinkeye, 85
Animal Bites, 118
Bee Sting, 121
Bee Sting: It Cpn Cause Death, 195
Bleeding: Severe, 91
Burns: Chemical, 123
Burns: Thermal, 101
Choking, 111
Cuts & Lacerations of the Skin, 1031
Electrical Shock, 93
Fainting, 108
Head Injuries, 98
Heart Attack, 107
Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
(Adults) 103
Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation
(Small Children & Babies) 102
Poisoning by Mouth, 96
Sprains, 99
Tetanus Shots to Prevent Lockjaw, 17
Angina Pectoris, 30
Atherosclerosis & High Blood
Pressure, 29
Checkups for Health & Heart, 27
Chest Pains, 65
Cigarettes & Heart Disease, 21
Heart Attack: Decreasing the Risk. 28
Heart Attack: Early Warnings, 63
Heart Attack: First Aid, 107
Heart Failure, 72
Hypertension & Blood Pressure. 25
Bedridden Patients, 165
Bedridden Patients: Exercise, 167
How To Take Temperature, Pulse &
Respiration, 168
Medical Supplies for the Home, 166
Prescription Medicine, 171
Flu, 38
Hepatitis, 162
Meningitis, 238
Pneumonia, 7
Shingles, 124
Sore Throat, 70
Viruses: What Are They? 40
Emotions After Childbirth, 882
Feelings Involved in Becoming
a Parent, 5006
Children: Pre-Planning, CL 76
Coping With Stress, CL 38

Death and Dying, CL 84
Depression: What Is It? CL 431
Depression: How to Deal With It,
CL 432
Parenting Skills, CL 77
Recognizing Suicidal Potential,CL492
Suicidal Crisis, CL 491
Understanding Grief, CL 85
When Should I Seek Help for
Personal Problems? CL 11
Dental Costs Can Be Cut, 318
Dental Insurance, 317
Medical Insurance, 430
Medical Costs: Can They Be Cut? 19
Medicare, 155
Tel-Med: What Is It? 429
Anemia, 34
Anemia (Sickle Cell) 566
Fever: What It Means, 61
Hypoglycemia, 565
Varicose Veins, 191
Abdominoplasty, 1035
About Plastic Surgery, 1034
Blepharoplasty: Correction of Saggy,
Baggy Eyelids,1032
Breast Reconstruction
After Surgery, 1029
Breasts: Cosmetic Surgery, 1030
Chemical Skin Peeling for Facial
Cosmetic Body Surgery, 1036
Face Lifts, 1040
Hair Transplantation, 1042
Microsurgery & Replacement of
Amputated Parts, 1038
Otoplasty: Plastic Surgery
for the Ear, 1033
Plastic Surgery for Rheumatoid
Arthritis of the Hands, 1037
Plastic Surgery for Scars, 1044
Rhinoplasty: Plastic Surgery
for the Nose, 1041

Seat Betts for Safety, 150
Ski Season: Are You Ready? 41
Sleep for Health, 122
Smog Alerts, 1095
Homosexuality: Gay Men, 5001
Homosexuality: Lesbians, 5000
Masturbation, 174
Sexual Response: Female, 898
Sexual Response: Male, 1050
Canker Sores & Fever Blisters, 309
Itching Skin, 518
Lice: Pubic, Head, & Body, 52
Psoriasis, 82
Ringworm, 80
Scabies, 517
Shingles, 124
Cigarettes & Heart Disease, 21
Gimmicks to Help You Quit
Smoking, 699
Marijuana, 137
Reducing the Risk, 695
What Do You Get Out of
Smoking? 698
Abscessed Teeth Can Be Saved, 312
Bad Breath: What Causes t?314
Brushing Teeth Effectively,.302
Dental Plaque, 303
Dentures: What You Don't Know
Can Hurt You, 313
Fear of the Dentist, 323
Flossing Your Teeth, 301
Gum Disease: Seven Warning
Signs, 307
Malocclusion (Crooked Teeth) 305
Selecting A Dentist, 319
Tooth Replacement: Why &
When? 308
Toothache: What Not To Do, 311
Toothpaste: How to Choose? 321
Wisdom Teeth, 306
X-rays: Really Necessary? 315
Blood in the Urine, 1140
Kidney & Urinary Tract
Infections, 1141
Kidney Stones. 77
About VD, 8
AIDS, 571
Gonorrhea, 16
Syphilis, 15

Before or After
The local band Before or After will be headlining at Rick's American
Cafe tonight. The band plays a mixture of 'danceable, European-flavored
new music.' Pictured above are (left to right) John Rivard, Jim Stewart,:
Bob Brunsden (drums), and Bryan Kane. Showtime is 10 p.m. with a $2




(Continued from Page 7)
another (usually about relation -
ships, although the band is also
politically conscious), and can get
just plain heavy handed in spots
(with lines like "I sat there
watching as you turned the
screws"). Luckily their playing
usually transcends these flaws,
kicking them into a more attainable
groove. The morbid lines of
"Sometimes (I Just Can't Get Used
to It)" are lifted out of the murk
with a strong, shuffling melody
(where did the angst go, one asks).
Angst also get very inventive on
"I Oblige," with a Doors-ish texture
straight out of "Riders on the
Storm" and whooshing seascapes.
And Paul Simon's "Richard Cory"
is Angst at their best, teasing guitar
lines playfully giving away the
band's sense of humor, as on the
kooky feel of "127 Years."
Angst may not sound like what
one would expect of a band with
their name, but underneath their
songs show a whole lot of
justification, sometimes just too
starkly. There's just this nagging
feeling that something isn't quite
congealing...like the two wave -
lengths are sort of crossed at times.
Perhaps next time around they'll try
a record of love songs...Nah.
-Beth Fertig

The Wild Stares
Tricking the Future
Birth Records
Here w.e have another little
powerpop from Boston. Lots of
dissonent, dissident, primitive
guitars. We have the boy next door
singing. And a couple of friends in
the basement playing around.,
Young and pretty new to all of this,
they have a pretty little EP,
Tricking the Future, and it really
does look nice. It looks Pro
fessional, even.
There is real hope for them when
they just accept their fate. "Look
Me In The Eyes" is a great angry
guitar droning wail. The words just
sputter and spit, and whirl around iiq
indignation. It's not profound, of
sensitive... thank God! Just pissed:
"The Great Barrier" is good for
those same reasons. They know
they're not the Great Com
municator, so they just bang away
on those dissonent guitars. Maybe
they're trying to be significant
about East Germany, but it's so
obtuse that it works. And "Babies
Falling" starts off in a bad way, and
develops into a tidy sort of grey
ballad. This guy has frustration in
a big Way and yet avoids falling
into those deep, dark holes of
Frustrated Songwriting. It's won -
derfully tedious, it has nice
basslines, altogether a pleasant
Three out of five successes ain't
bad. However, they do try to reach
greatness on the other two songs,
' and 'these fail. They're just not
angry enough. At one point in
"Perfect Bash," the lead singer asks,
"Why do you wanna be here at all?"
I have to wonder myself. They
sound genuinely bored. Teenage
ennui. Who cares, really? This
stuff is much more redeeming than,
say, the new A-Ha LP or the
Shaggs, but they need a bit of
time... and maybe a bit more talent.
But not a bad effort.
-VJ. Beauchamp

Abortion, 24
Am I Really Pregnant? 12
Birth Control, 54
Birth Control Pills. 55
DES: Long Term Effects In
Pregnancy. 527
Diaphragm, Foam & Condoms, 58
Early Prenatal Care, 5
Infertility, 68
Intrauterine Devices (IUD) 56
Miscarriages. 66
Nutrition In Pregnancy, 606
Rhythm Method, 57
Tubal Ligation, 53
Unplanned Pregnancy: Where
to Get Help, 32
Vasectomy. 1
Warning Signs in Pregnancy, 67


(See Cancer Listings for
Related Tapes)
Caring for Yourself After
Childbirth, 883
D & C: Why It Is Sometimes
Necessary, 74
Emotions After Childbirth, 882
Hygiene for Women, 39
Menopause, 173
Menstruation, 884
Pap Test: What Is It? 182
Toxic Shock Syndrome, 885
Vaginitis, 31

Camping: Health Hints, 1081
Cockroaches, 160
Hypnosis, 159
Poisons in the Home,10

TEL-MED IS FUNDED IN PART BY: Beyer Memorial Hospital " Catherine McAuley Health Center (St. Joseph Mercy Hospital and Mercywood Hospital) " Chelsea Community Hospital " McPherson Community Health Center "
Saline Community Hospital " University of Michigan Hospitals " Veterans Administration Medical Center " Washtenaw United Way " Washtenaw County Medical Society.




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Graduate School
Waltham, MA 02254
Yes, I'd like to learn more. Please send me
infomnation on the following prograus:

" Five distinctive programs offered: " M. S. in Accountancy
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I am interested in:

LI Full- time study




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