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September 19, 1986 - Image 17

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The Michigan Daily, 1986-09-19
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RAPE kicked the dog and choked the
goldfish. He was that kind of guy."
Continued from Page 7 All his life, Belcher has felt
His father was an alcoholic who insecure around women. That's not
"beat up everybody in the family, surprising-to some degree nearly
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all menfdo, but they'ie -riot alf
rapists. So why did he do it?
"The opportunity to have my
way with her," he says. "I could be
in control. No rejection. Rejection
didn't matter. It didn't matter; I had
control. Whether I was appealing
or not didn't matter, I had control.
How far we go, I had control."
The fear of rejection and a fragile
ego were at least partially
responsible for Belcher's crime.
Ultimately, of course, it's Belcher
himself who is responsible.
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"Db't mirsunderstand whatI'in
saying here. I hope you guys don't
print this wrong, because I feel for
the victim. If I could change it, I
would. If I could take it all back, I
would. But I'm going to be a
victim, too, for the rest of my lfe,
because no matter where I go, no
matter what I do, this is going to
be hanging over me. My life will
never be the same again. Ever."
Until he raped Lisa-the first
and only time he ever raped, Belcher
claims-he was continually lying
to himselftabout his self-image.
When he gets out, Belcher says, he
will be able to deal with women "a
whole lot better than before. I
won't be so damn scared of them."
Quite a paradox: A rapist being
afraid of women.
"It wasn't like I hated women
so every time I had a chance I was
going to jump on one," he says.
"That's not the case."
For Belcher, the attitudes that led
him to rape his next-door neighbor
may never be completely gone,but
the weekly group therapy sessions
he has been attending at Jackson
State Prison seem to have tempered
them. For the first time in his life,
he says, he is able to be completely
honest with himself.
He says he would kill himself
before he would rape again.
"If a guy's been living a lie his
whole life, and every time a
situation came up where he couldn't
handle it he'd put on another mask,
and when that one was worn out
he'd put on another one, and when
it got too tough he got drunk. If a
guy's lived his whole life like that
and never faced anything, and he
faces something as serious as this,
and was totally honest-not with
everybody else but with
himself-he's got to be better off.'
Continued from Page 9
was a hitch. Tom called this "the
tough part"-separating the
returnables by brand out of their
random order.
Later I got to take apart the
lights and wipe layers of dust off
the fixtures. At another point I got
to clean up after a baby who spit up
a yellow liquid.
I also learned that when one of
the managers asked for help with
some task, that meant that he or
she would watch you do it and offer
much-needed supervision. When I
was asked to carry liquor upstairs,
Tom would say things like "Looks
heavy," or "Careful."
I never did get the pomotion,
but there's no reason to get caught
up in that money-status thing. I
grew this summer. Someday I'll be
a foodrunner. I've got all the tools
now. It would be a real shame to
waste them.

Continued from Page 9
Calloway, Jack Benny, I like
D: How did you become such a
J: I made myself a legend. I built
myself up... kinda hard to explain.
You know, I got no education. I've
never been inside a college. I never
been inside a school. So I can't give
up now. I'm my own teacher. I
taught myself, whatever I want to
D: What do you do for enjoyment?
J: Dance. Go to bars and dance
with three or four girls at once. I've
danced at (Mr.) Flood's (Party) and I
took the contest, first prize. Took it
at Dooley's. When I get on that
floor it's like a ball of fire.
D: Who would you say is most
influential for you?
J: The college student. They're my
friends. I love them. I love to be
around them. They're nice. I help
them and they help me. I help them
with their schoolwork. And when
they got a paper to write I help 'em
with their paper. I show them how to
write and relax themselves...
Everytime I help them they get A's
and B's, good marks.
D: How do you help them?
J: I already know the answers.
They pop up like the guitar comes to
D: Did you ever read books?
J: I never could read. I ain't got no
education. I play by ear.
D: How have students changed in
30 years?
J: Never change... 60s don't bother
me. They're like '86 to me.
D: What's your message for college
J: Keep on pushin'. Keep goin'.
Don't give up. I didn't give up so
why should they give up?
D: Do you have friends all over
J: Friends everywhere. I love to
make friends and be with 'em... I
don't remember their names. I
remember their faces. Faces are more
important to me than names. 'Cause
I meet 2,000 people, I sign 2,000
autographs a day.
D: That seems like a lot of
J: Nah, it never bothers me none.
D: Do you like your popularity?
J: Yeah. But I don't let nothin'
bother me. I don't get excited over
nothin'. And I don't let nothin' go to
my head. I don't let fame go to my
D: You work for Ann Arbor Music
J: Yeah, and when I get ready to
leave I just tell 'em, "See you
tommorow." They can't say
anything 'cause I got too much
seniority. When I'm there I do my
work. I'm the carrier, I clean
refridgerators, load 'em, unload 'em
and carry 'em to rooms. I support my
own habits. I work for what I want.
D: What are your habits?
J: I love to enjoy myself... I'm a
free spirit person.

Sean & Madonna's

'Shanghai Surprise'



By James Sanford
production, "Shanghai Surprise"
was becoming something of a
running gag in gossip columns
around the world and stars Sean
Penn and Madonna were the butt of
the joke. Given this kind of
publicity, you might think the
Penns would have toiled day and
night to make sure their first film
together was a critic-proof
masterpiece, a celluloid slap in the
face to their critics. Ironically, their
finished product stands as a virtual
invitation to their detractors to get
out the whips. Even the Sean-
Madonna faithful are going to have
trouble finding kind words for
"Shanghai Surprise." The best that
can be said is that it might play
better after a few Singapore Slings.
The setting is 1938 Shanghai.
Penn plays Glendon Wasey, an
obnoxious American neer-do-well
selling glow-in-the-dark neckties in
the Orient. Through a series of
meant-to-be-amusing circum-

stances, he is coerced into helping
missionary Gloria Tatlock
(Madonna) in her search for
"Faraday's Flowers," a huge cache.
of opium hidden inside a shipment
of artificial roses. Good-hearted
Gloria desires the drug not for her
personal use, but to ease the
suffering of wounded soldiers and
sailors she's been tending. Locating
the flowers turns out to be a tedious
task, not only for our hero and
heroine, but also for the audience.
"Shanghai Surprise" is a comedy
without any laughs, a mystery
without any suspense, an adventure
without any action, and, to put it
simply, one of the year's biggest
Typical of the film's "wit" is
Wasey's constant teasing of his
virginal sidekick by calling her
"Miss Padlock." Another knee-
tickler comes in Wasey's repeated
bumping of his head on car doors.
And everyone will be rolling in the
aisles during the sequence in which
the opium hunters, having taken an

accidental dip in a fish tank, make
wisecracks about each other's
smell. Chortle chortle.
Although he first captured the
public fancy as the cheerfully drug-
dazed Spicoli in "Fast Times at
Ridgemont High," Penn shows
nary a trace of his comic talents
here. As played by him, Wasey is
an abrasive, graceless thug, and
when "Miss Padlock" finally opens
her doors to him, viewers can only
suppose it was the lack of
Occidental males that made her
commit such a foolish act.
Madonna, who made a more than
auspicious debut in last year's
"Desperately Seeking Susan,"
seems to be desperately seeking
direction here. She never finds any,
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and the result is a flat, amateurish
performance of an insipidly written
character. She doesn't sing a note,
either, leaving the soundtrack
vocals to executive producer George
Harrison. Time has been unkind to
the ex-Beatle in more ways than
one, based on the evidence presented
here: Not only does his self-penned
title track include such crude lines
as "you could have been kinder /
and shown me Asia Minor," he also
delivers his dreadful ditties in a
thick, eerie voice which brings to
mind that of a ghost with post-
nasal drip.
Director Jim Goddard gives the


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and m
Clothing With A Flair


Sean attempts to defend his wife from the viscious attacks of film critics
everywhere: 'Shanghai Surprise' is major turkey.

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