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April 19, 1985 - Image 10

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The Michigan Daily, 1985-04-19
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Best Responses



The cover photo of "The Rock" was taken by DailyP
photo editor Dan Habib. Artistic illusions were ac- Out and about Pages 15-18 To see a film Pages24-25
complished by Mr. Habib and his crew of able-bodied Check out the Happenings section when making It's been quite a year for campus cinema. Our
helpers. vour plans for the u comin week. The staff comniled movie edit rRB .R T t nll nd hic it Jh


Eat, drink and be merry Pages 3-5
The best of the food is presented on these pages.
From Best Popcorn to Best Place to Take the Folks,
Ann Arborites clue each other in as to the "creme de
la creme" of the eateries.


y Fla p.l..S1V1 *A'.. AjGt1t,,A AA5 C A p I a ltA II via..t
Cinena and Entertainments sections and the Eats &
Drinks page are Weekend's handy guide to the busy
University community.

*1'VV A' UIt' -y I ll L. DUIJ a li'111 adssoCae s J IlUa
Bilmes offer their "Best and Worst" list based on the
year. Groan along with them as they go over the
biggest disappointment, worst theater, etc.
What's news? Pages 26-27
Daily editor Tom Miller has poured over the past
year's Daily issues to find the best and worst of news
events. Read his choices here!

It's your

business ..--

... when you chose the best Ann Arbor businesses.
This category runs from Best Record Store to Best
Clothing, and includes everything in between.
Let the good times roll Pages 10-11
Where do you go for a good time? Our voters go to
many of the campus bars, depending on what they
want to do and what they're looking for. This year's
winners of "The Best Fun" categories are presented
here; you may be surprised!
Campus life Pages 12-14
Life at the "U" is good and bad, as we all know. The
Best and Worst of our days in Ann Arbor are presen-
ted here.

Best to read Page 19
Weekend's book reviewer Andy Weine has gone
over many of the notable book releases of the past
year. From non-fiction to poetry, the best book list is
The sounds at the scene Pages 20-21
The past school year witnessed a number of notable
concerts and events. It was hard to narrow them
down to fit these pages, but we did it!

What a sport

Pages 28-30

Best nonexistent things

Page 22

Weekend Associate Editor John Logie compiles a
detailed list of those few things Ann Arbor doesn't

No doubt about it, Ann Arbor is a sports-minded
town. With so many University sports, there's bound
to be a number of "Bests" and "Worsts." There are
some honorable categories, some a bit less so:
nonetheless, Jeff Bergida and Tom Keaney of the
Daily sports staff have graciously compiled the Best
of Sports.
What a bunch of clowns Page 31
Those of you who are voters must know the tem-
ptation to respond in a humorous way to categories on
your Best of Ann Arbor ballots. Fortunately most of
you restrained yourselves, but here are the best
responses from those voters who let it all hang out.
Weekend is edited and managed by students on the
staff of the Michigan Daily at 420 Maynard, Ann Ar-
bor, Michigan Daily 48109.
Weekend, (313) 763-0379 and 763-0371; Michigan
Daily, 764-0552; Circulation, 764-0558; Display Adver-
tising, 764-0554.
Copyright 1985, The Michigan Daily.

Friday, Apr il19, 1985
Vo IIIssue 24
Magazine Editors ....................Paula Dohring
Randall Stone
Associate Magazine Editors .......... Julie Jurrjens
John Logie
Joshua Bilmes, Neil Galanter, Debbie Gesmundo
Diane Melnick, Sarah Rosenberg, Joyce Welsh
Arts Editors........ ..............Mike Fisch
Chris Lauer

Associate Arts Editors
Movies ............................Byron L. Bull
Music .............................Dennis Harvey
Books ................................Andy W eine
Weekend Marketing Coordinator......Miriam Adler
Sales Manager................ Dawn Willacker
Sales Representatives:
Steve Friedlander, Debby Kaminetsky, Cynthia
Nixon, Leslie Purcell, Jenny Matz, Kathleen
O'Brian, Meg Margulies, Mary Anne Hogan,
Sheryl Biesman, Mark Bookman, Leigh Schlang,
Peter Giangreco

Worst Interpretations
We thought that we were being fairly
straightforward when we printed the
ballots. We still got several responses
that indicated someone was simply not
following directions. For example, one
clever soul decided that Ann Arbor has
no reasonable delicatessen worthy of
his sophisticated New York palate, so
he graciously provided us with the
name of his favorite back on old Long
Island - "Ben's". A fat lot of good
that'll do us. Another charming con-
tributor thought that Taco Bell ranks as
an omnipotent culinary experience
worthy of nomination in EVERY
SINGLE category on the ballot. Narrow
creativity is better than no creativity at
all. Several voters thought that we wan-
ted to know some of their most intimate
secrets, such as their Best Burger en-
try, the infamous "Bacon Double
Cheeseburger at the MUG." Frankly,
we don't care what you eat, it's where
you eat it that is headline material.
Another consumer lists in the best Gifts
category - "Clothes." Just stop and
think about it for a minute . . . he/she
was not joking, nor was the clever
response in the same category -
"flowers." Fascinating.
Worst Grinds
The classes end on Friday and then
the fun starts. Not for some people, ap-
parently. "The UGLi' was a
moderately common answer to Best
Place To Be On A Saturday Afternoon.
The UGLi is, understandably, a place
where you must be on some after-
noons, but is it really the Best place To
Be On A Saturday Afternoon? Has this
university been overrun by pre-meds?
Best Wit
Ah, college humor is still alive and
well and living in Ann Arbor. The best
proof of this was one respondents
nomination of General Dynamics for
Best Subs. Unfortunately, they'll
probably never win. We've heard that
they're overpriced and that they never
deliver on time.
Best Cheater
Must to everyone's surprise-well,
sort of-at least one econ student is
looking at his neighbor's papers. He's
cheating. At least that's what one
ballot reported. The question: Best
Copying. The answer: The guy who
sits behind me in econ. For shame. But
wait, don't lose all faith in humanity.
There is at least one honest student out
there. When asked the same question,
he wrote in "I never cheat." Ah,

UGLi: The grinds were there just last week


Special Supplement Contributors:
Photo Editor ............................Dan Habib
Photo Staff:
Alise Block, Carol Francavilla, Scott Lituchy,
Brad Mills, Kate O'Leary, Matt Petrie, Andi
Schreiber, Darrian Smith, Stu Weidenbach
Asst. Sales Manager ..........Mary Anne Hogan
The Best of
Ann Arbor
-HE PUBLIC has spoken. Weekend responds.
After tabulating hundreds of ballots, we feel
confident in reporting the Best and Worst of Ann
Arbor. Thank you for making the Third Annual
Best ofAnn Arbor issue possible.
-Magazine Editors

Cle┬▒hritligrn Di l
Best of Ann Arbor


Best Everything Store
Stop-n-go sweeps the polls with
nominations in many (well, three)
categories. Who would have dreamed
that your friendly, neighborhood corner
market would be considered best place
to go when you're drunk, best video ar-
cade, and best florist? But a more
pressing question is does Stop-n-Go
even sell flowers? And if it doesn't,
what was it that the person who voted it
best florist gave to his Formal date?
And would he be interested in buying
some swamp land in Southern Florida?
Worst Feeling
Many students reflected upon the un-
pleasantness of overindulgence in their
answers to Best Place To Go When
You're Drunk. That eerie feeling called
"the spins" has probably plagued most
of us at one time or another, but where
do we go when they strike? "The
bathroom" and "the porcelain god"
were common, and fairly discrete an-
swers. Congratulations go to residents
of Frost House in Markley Hall who
have eliminated the euphemisms and
have established a "vomitorium" on
each hall.
Worst Orthographers
Maybe some of those select few who
feel the best place to be on a Saturday

afternoon is the UGLib should tune into
reality for a while and get some hands-
on experience in life. Get out of your
study carrels and seethe places you've
only heard of and haven't the slightest
notion of how to spell (as some of your
ballots indicate). Some of the in-
teresting, more phoenetic variations of
traditional spellings were Bivojac,
Bivoac, Bivoyak, Bivovac, Bivoac,
(Bivouac), Dully's (Dooley's), and
Bennatton's (Benetton). But by far the
award for the most exotic spelling .of a
local business has got to go to the in-
dividual whose active imagination gave
us the Ghandi Dancer (Gandy Dancer).
Well dun.
Worst Cynic
What would Freud say? He surely
would have called one respondent "a
manic depressive with a death wish."
Apparently unhappy at U-M, the
student's response to Best Place To Be
on A Saturday Afternoon was "out of
town." Further confirmation came in
response to Best Day of the School
Year; "no day" was the cynic's an-
swer. Finally, the Best Place To Go
When You're Drunk was "driving."
Free psychological couseling is
available through the University.

Best I
It looks
having s
want to
sexual ac
answers v
day afte:
answers r
to Bed-N
people arl
Not eve
this years
Expert gr
dozens of
returned m
polling pl<
disputed c
Tough luce
Paula Do
Sarah Ro
and Georg

All ballots must be received by April 5 to be considered.

BestBurger _
Best Pza
Best Subp -- --_
Bat Ice (ream - __
Bast Popcorn--
Bat Fast Food
Ba>t lxi - --
Bet Oriental Food
Best Breakfast Spot
Best late Nighl Fits -
Best Place To Take The Folks
Best Place To Take A First Date
Bast Bar Atmosphere
Bat Dance Bar
Best Happy Hour'
Best Thurwda, Night Spot-_-
Best Local Band _
Best fideo Arcade_

Best Hen's Clothing Store -___ _
Best %omen (lothing Store
Best Shoe Store
Best Bookstore
Bast florist-
Best Gifts
Best Coping
Best liquor Store --
Best t sed Record Store
Best Record Store
Best Barber Hairdresser
Best Travel Agent
Best Place To Be On .A
Saturday Afternoon
Horst Lecture Hall Or Auditorium
Best Day Of The School tear
VHorst line to w~ai In
Best Place To Go % hen ioure Drunk
Horst % alk Between Clases -

You can make your garden the best in Ann A
own bedding plants. These plants are grown
by our experienced growers. Our plants come
of Annuals, Perrenials, and Vegetables and
late May, just in time for planting. See ya soor

Please complete to prevent ballot disqualification:
All ballots should be returned to The Michigan Daily,
420 Maynard St., or to designated ballot boxes

2 _ . Weekend/riday, April 19, 1985 ... ._ .

i_....- - Weekend/Fri

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